NEW ALEX COLLIER INTERVIEW – Robert Potter – Victory of the Light with Guest Alex Collier – June 25th, 2015

Great news! Alex Collier was interviewed by Robert Potter from Victory of the Light on Pyramid One Network Radio on June 25th, 2015.


Robert Potter Victory of the Light with Guest Alex Collier 06-25-2015 Part 1 by Pyramid One Network Radio on Mixcloud


Robert Potter Victory of the Light with Guest Alex Collier 06-25-2015 Part 2 by Pyramid One Network Radio on Mixcloud

Also Available At YouTube

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44 Responses to “NEW ALEX COLLIER INTERVIEW – Robert Potter – Victory of the Light with Guest Alex Collier – June 25th, 2015”

  1. arizona says:

    I want this AI system down. I want the gangstalking to stop. I want organic dreams. I want the govt to acknowledge and pay the targeted individuals around the world who have endured
    Directed Energy Weapons and Voice to skull . I want the chemtrails to stop. I want real food. I want the school system to stop dumbing down the children. I want the truth about Methane and if it is a real threat to humanity. I want black ops to fall. Targeted individuals endure the secret pain on this planet while the satanists walk around in a cloud. Hows that for waking up. We are the ones that are the true heroes on the planet right now. Secret weapon for secret war. You want the you go. So yes, you could say the “light workers” are suffering.

  2. Kylie says:

    I’m absolutely thrilled to hear from Alex again, I’m so glad he is feeling better. Thank you Rob for allowing us listeners to hear from the great A man. I must say however, I am utterly disappointed that Alex was not allowed by Rob to talk more. The human race needs Alex and his messages from the A’s more than ever! We cannot, we MUST NOT waste time! Please keep this in mind Rob. I don’t mean to sound harsh but I could cry. I’ve waited so long to hear new information from Alex, I hope we get another chance soon. ✌

  3. Sam says:

    Im glad to hear from Alex but the host is horrible. Hopefully a better host could interview Alex soon

    • Jagan McTavven says:

      Yeah I am kinda appreciative that he went through the trouble to do so, but I think that intro was a bit tacked on and He took almost a half hour to introduce Alex in the start, and he did most of the talking too Alex just replied to things ..ANyway maybe next time around?

      • Jagan McTavven says:

        Oh and hopefully later he can approve the audio too to many fade in and outs, but I enjoyed it otherwise

  4. Steve says:

    Thanks for the new interview, as stated – a good interviewer ‘listens’ not talks – but I appreciate you doing this anyway. I agree SP & AC interview or ‘chat’ could be interesting.

    Glad to hear you’re ok Alex. I watched “Jupiter Rising” and man – I think the The Wachowskis’s owe you some major credit Alex.

  5. JJohn says:

    Alex is great. You know, perhaps he agreed in advance with the radio host about the Jesus talk. Frankly, that is the weakest place of the Andromedan perspective, and will stop many people from accepting it. So may be, just imo, Alex wants to give a broader view, that is including not excluding Jesus in it. (Moreover, we all don’t know much of Jesus himself who didn’t write a line).

    The broader question of the A’s involvement is however, where are they, why don’t they already come, as promised several times 2013, and so on. Now we are in the midst of 2015 and you see Alex is not as strong as before and none of us is like before 15y. There is a breaking point after which a new generation with completely new mentality will be the author of the earth’s destiny. Should that breaking point be reached, do the A’s think so? I’d like if Alex reads here, to simply ask them the many questions that we care about. Let it be two-way communication! It is clear the humanity can’t stand up from its knees alone, after being pushed so hard by regressive ones for so long. We need help, and those above should know it.

    • SOF says:

      “It is clear the humanity can’t stand up from its knees alone, after being pushed so hard by regressive ones for so long. We need help, and those above should know it.”

      Exactly. We are doing what we can to withdraw from the system but as long as I am stuck in a system where I am pretty much stuck without money, there is no way I am going anywhere, and most of the methods of making money are at some level exploitative and have Karmic repercussions.

  6. tg says:

    There’s Nothing Wrong With You:

  7. David Welsh says:

    A great message at the end, yes find your sacred space. I started a year and half ago and have found mine.

    A link to my notes.

  8. Alloces says:

    Very sad the host is so indoctrinated with Cheebus and his rez-erection story and failed to engage Alex Collier on his life and topics. Lay off the bowls and learn to ask questions succinctly without interjecting your flawed belief system into your show.

    All the Masks of Yahweh, Enki, Cheebus, are the same family control system and when you fail to visit the paleo-ancient civilizations and spoon feed yourself with 2,000 year old Cheebus dogma you are doomed to that belief system.

    1/3 of the interview was Alex and even he is suffering from platitudes and detachment from the specific (and multiple) ET agendas. Few people even mention that the 4,400 TV show used the nae Jordan Collier as an obvious nod to Alex’s work in the 1990s. Hopefully Alex can get some decent interviewers on his doorstep soon.

  9. Sita says:

    I love Alex Collier. This interview was billed as an Alex C interview – yet it was taken over by Potter – very disappointing. We want to hear Alex talk, yet he got little opportunity while you were going on & on. In an hour + interview, I bet Alex got to speak about 20 minutes, total.

    We don’t tune in to hear anyone but Alex. Succinct questions & comments are great – an interviewer does have a place. This was more a friendly chat between them – doesn’t qualify as an Alex interview with me. Not interested in Potter’s views.

    Sorry – not meaning to be nasty – but you’ve gotta know this. You deserve to hear this perspective. Meanwhile, thanks to him for giving Alex his personal support and having him able to at least say a little something to us.

    PS It’s okay not to post this. I just want Potter to be aware that we don’t tune in to hear him.

  10. tg says:

    p.s if you want to hear very interesting perspectives on “jesus” listen to jay essex & tanaath’s info on same. theirs makes the most sense to me…
    re metaphysical gatherings as with this mt. shasta deal: it’s been stated by very reliable “friendly” off-worlders that the GFL use their shill on earth to get people to gather & meditate so that they (GFL) can use & abuse the crowd’s energy! so beware.

  11. tg says:

    i am 60 yrs young, and not once have i heard one group of “friendlies” (you know those who are supposed to be here to help earth-humans… like the andromedans…) who have taken responsibility for ALLOWING the draco-reptilians, greys, etc. to keep abusing humans on earth as well as the earth herself! and i’m certainly NOT buying their “non-interference policy” since the stupid things was put in place – and has been changed since! – by very irresponsible off-worlders. how can earth-humans know how great the earth truly is in comparison to other worlds when we (excluding the dark ones on earth, including some andromedans who have sided with them) have been denied most means of comparison (i.e. traveling the stars, being thrown back into our bodies during sleep, etc)?
    alex, i used to like listening to you, but lately i can’t believe that you allow yourself to be so duped by the GFL who potter appears to support! wow!
    TOTAL irresponsibility on all parts.

    • Sita says:

      Yes, I’m with you on the group prayer/meditation warning re the GFL – on them taking the offered energies.

      One way the dark side works is to shape-shift and imitate well known Light Beings. When someone shows up saying he/it is St Germain or Jesus, don’t just buy into it, people – please! Be on alert – go into your inner being/Heart & get the FEEL or vibe of the being. Challenge them, too! If it is truly Jesus or whomever, they will not mind – they will be totally understanding. I recall challenging one of them once & being truly amazed at the irritation & anger it felt – so surprised to be challenged. THAT is no true Light Being – but how will you know if you just believe? We are not the sheeple nor the sleeple. It’s okay to challenge even the holy ones. They know our challenges – how hard it is, here.

      The dark ones also suck up our energy when they get us together in groups. So, although yes, great GOOD can be done that way – more often it is ppl being too gullible, too trusting by far – not realizing it is not the holy ones to whom the group’s energy is going, but dark parasitical ones who lost access to their direct connection to Source (thru their own free will actions).

      I also agree that associating Alex’s name with these GFL types that was is very irresponsible. It runs the risk of actually eroding support for Alex. Robert Potter is not acting like he is alert & aware, IMO.

  12. Constantine says:

    I believe that it will be enlightening and useful for Alex to watch the next video by the famous and controversial Dr Hammer about the emotional source and cure of cancer

  13. andronicus says:

    I’ve been waiting for the next input from the big man for ages, but this radio host takes an age to finish asking every damn question. Virtually all the radio hosts covering phenomenon like this are just as bad. They should grow up and approach the topic with some degree professionalism, because some of this stuff is serious.

    It’s good to see you are still with us, Alex.

  14. Stuart says:

    Great to hear from Alex!
    Simon Parkes has mentioned wanting to interview/talk to Alex Collier, more than once. Now THAT would be an amazing interview!!!

  15. Constantine says:


    (From the Blog )

    This introspective approach to the evolution of the human consciousnesses both of mortal personality and immortal soul, is not religion, although it shares some of its qualities and it is neither mysticism or apocryphism either. It can be considered though an enhanced metaphysical humanism.

    Some of the simple axioms or principles on which it is based are

    1. The reality of the world is not exhausted by he observable and known by sciences so far, physical reality. There area invisible realities too of which we have mainly only subjective inner experiences rather than external observable awareness by the senses .

    2. Humans existences are not only the visible mortal body or mortal personality but mainly the immortal human soul consciousness and immortal human divine spirit.

    3. The mortal part of the human being is much benefited if it is in meditative communication with his inner and by far more rich and experienced immortal existence e.g. with the immortal soul as it is united with the collective field of the other souls. But the immortal part is in benefit too with such persistent and continuous link with the mortal part of the existence. Few are the cases, that a greater distance between the immortal soul and the mortal personality is preferred.

    4. As immoral souls we have being incarnated many times in may different physical bodies, and possibly different planetary civilizations, other than earth and so it may be in the future. And for some human existences sometimes in different frequencies invisible physical realities, rather than the visible physical reality.

    5. It is a basic part of the nature of the human existence to evolve fast, and eventually live in higher frequency invisible but physical realities. This is done both individually and collectively as civilizations.

    6. The physical life was initially a divine and sacred spiritual creation by many spiritual creators in higher physical invisible realities before it was brought by lowering its frequency billion of years ago, by the “founders”, to the visible physical reality in which it went on evolving and being self-creating.

    7. There is no-one entitled to intervene or mediate between a mortal human personality and his inner immortal soul and divine spirit, other than the human existence itself. The same between the human being and the spiritual creators of physical life. A human existence is and as it evolve it eventually becomes more a spiritual creator of physical life.

  16. Tom says:

    OMG are we talkin about Jesus, soooo disappointing and shame on you HaRRY Potter for wasting what could have been a great chance for people that waited for years, for years to hear this man.

  17. Dave Powell says:

    Hi Alex, love your messages; however, one thing in particular disturbs me.
    You have said that the Palladian’s are your friends. Well that is what doesn’t seem quite right. They must have known that placing the messages with you and your mission to spread the word might place you in hard ways. Now friendship to me means that we look out for one another, and that does not appear to be the case here.
    That’s my take, I hope to hear more new stuff, if they return.
    Dave Powell
    PS another thing that bothers me is your financial existence, which is your business and I respect that, but…
    You should be able to sustain yourself and family with your knowledge and talents. Therefore, a membership site along with other suggestions made you by people that you respect and trust.
    They are good suggestions, and I am positive there are more opportunities that will present themselves in time.

  18. Jagan McTavven says:

    Absolutely glad that he’s back in the zone…Now just a hope of light to get back in the thick of battle for the entire field and his family back and everything will be in balance once again Many wishes to him and his family Love and Light always! And I agree about The statement above not to criticize but the GFL? What’s up with that and Gilliand? That was two opposing sides to Collier? Not that I haven’t studied under both, but it made it sound like Alex was on board with this? Curious people would like to know?

  19. HenChi says:

    Glad to hear that AC is well.

  20. Brian Onley says:

    Good to see you back my friend.

    Stay well, take it easy, and know you have minions. 🙂


    Brian O

  21. MM says:

    Out of a whole hour of interview 20 mins was about rob, 20 mins was about religious nonsense and 20 minutes was about the real stuff that is happening in the here and now that so many people want to hear about.

    40 minutes wasted on Rob’s ego and his religious fantasies. I concur with the previous comment…..Rob Potter needs to wake up!

  22. Sy says:

    So happy to hear from Alex. Here is the link if anyone is interested in going to hear Alex speak:

  23. qpax says:

    Has to be one of the worst interviewer yet. Apart from that its great to see alex active and kicking ass.

    I consider him a hero for still standing despite the road this info leads.

    Great work alex, great work. Hope to hear news from you again. It’s always refreshing hearing updates from you because of your way of speaking the truth.

  24. tg says:

    robert potter, you need to WAKE UP! immediate red flags in your intro: cobra, galactic confederation, gilliand and your gathering at shasta.

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