The Earth is Hollow Inside – The Longest Kept Secret

Alex wanted me to share this video about the hollow earth with you all. Please comment and let us know what you think…


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  1. paula dews says:

    I’ve seen this video before – for what I believe – the earth is not a ball but flat with a glass dome over
    it – I have some of the glass – some pieces of the dome
    are found in Libya – call “libyian glass” second what
    you said in one of your webinars ” most everything they
    told us is lies” – also the earth has a ice wall around it – see game of thrones – this is my first time on
    earth – I also volunteered to come here – after the
    last wwII- I have listened to you speak since 1994
    and have seen all your webinars – thankyou – but
    I also believe there is a spiritual war – I see
    it clearly now – the fallen ones can’t make you
    do anything you don’t want to – but these humans
    here are persuaded by them – to go to the dark side
    this earth trip has not been easy for me – but I
    am strong in mind – please do not say anything
    to the military about me -I am a female older now
    will be 72 this year – hanging in there for my
    fellow humans and the lovely earth – you cannot
    miss me I have golden eyes when out in the sun
    take care of yourself we are all one
    live long and prosper

  2. Nikki Salas says:

    Interesting . There seem to be a few theories about this. It would be great if alex was able to ask the A’s for further info.

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