Alex Collier, Michael Jaco and Jenny Lee – Michael Jaco’s Personal Meeting Room – 17th June 2022

Alex Collier was live via video stream with Michael Jaco and Jenny Lee today, June 17th, 2022 for an hour. Enjoy.

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Alex Collier – 24th *LIVE* Question & Answer Webinar – June 17, 2022


    • MJ
    • June 19, 2022

    Yes, Q said, “We are saving Isreal for last”

    • Love
    • June 18, 2022

    As a free will is playing out, look to whom is Demanding an Armegeddon Scenario ? Why is Israel the most all injected persons? Why would that be a chosen outcome ?

    • leah burchett
    • June 18, 2022

    When we made it past 2012 without blowing our planet up it was our 5th go at it and we made it. Four other times we tried and failed. In one or two of them we were further along than we are now. Amazing. But we’ve been lied to since heaven knows when and we must have our true history up to present day. Amen.

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