Alex Collier – The Adventures Of Captain Denar – 2012

Alex Collier's NEW book The Adventures Of Captain Denar is not yet published, it is scheduled to be published some time in 2012. However, please visit the following link to leave your Name and Email Address to be kept up to date with the latest news and updates on The Adventures Of Captain Denar.

Alex Collier - The Adventures Of Captain Denar

 The Adventures of Captain Denar Film Project

For those who wish to participate with the development of the film project, “The Adventures of Captain Denar”, in any capacity, contact the Dragonnfly Team at Also, if you want to be kept updated, please submit your details at:

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    • FeDu
    • August 24, 2022

    How can we download the book The Adventures Of Captain Denar – 2012? the link is not working.

      • Alex Collier dot org
      • August 24, 2022

      That book was never published. However, you can download Alex’s published book ‘Defending Sacred Ground’ here:

    • Foxy Lord
    • January 14, 2019

    hey so did u ever fionish the movie or book adventures of captain denar!
    funny i feel more comfortable actually meeting aliens then i do watching a movie about them because i know for a fact it will temporarily warp my perceptions on things and maybe tell me some stuff id rather just get threw the source directly not filtered threw some guy called darryl or whats there face.
    ps id love to meet you if ever possible i literally have photos of spacecraft i get off and on. ur awesome! u where one of the first pepole i listein to that and bashar of darryl ankar after 2012 that truely helped awaken something inside of me that was true magic! anyone want to talk 318-995-4284
    ps we are already a intergalatic society just mostly is the 1% that have access to this no i dont mean the cabal i mean those that have the inner knowing of moreso all is possible and live it more and more in physcality in there own unique way!

    • Paul
    • January 10, 2019

    2019, I’m still hoping humanity will awake before it’s too late. The Reptilians are pushing so rapidly the Transhumanist agenda. The movie Terminator is a true prophecy! We will be the only ones to destroy ourselves; we must never let the Greys/Reptilians through Artificial Intelligence to take over our nuclear armament. We are divine humans that were not meant to merge with AI, they want to take over our SOULS!

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