October 2012

Alex Collier – Interview & Presentation Transcripts 1994-2011

I have been fortunate to have received the transcripts of many lecture presentations and interviews that Alex Collier has carried out since 1994 that are not featured as videos on the site. A guy called Alex contacted me and said he had many transcripts saved via the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine in .pdf format. He also provided me with the URLs to those files. I have spent the past 8 hours reformatting them for the website and here they are…

Alex Collier

Alex Collier ET Overview – 1994

Alex Collier Domed Secret Colonies On Mars – 1994

Alex Collier Contact With Andromeda – 1995

Alex Collier 4th & 5th Density – 1995

Alex Collier The Andromedan Council Update – 1996

Leading Edge Research Interview With Jon Robinson Letters From Andromeda – 1997

Alex Collier At The Star Family Conference – 1997

Alex Collier At The Star Knowledge Conference – 1997

Alex Collier's Follow Up Lecture – 1997

Leading Edge Research Interviews Alex Collier – 1998

Alex Collier On The Art Bell Show – 1998

Alex Collier A Declaration For Terran Involvement – 1998

Alex Collier On Coast To Coast AM – 1998

Alex Collier On Sightings On The Radio With Jeff Rense – 1998

Alex Collier Andromedan Update 1 – 2001

Alex Collier Andromedan Update 2 – 2001

Zenetae.com Interviews Alex Collier 1 – 2001

Alex Collier General Lecture – 2001

Alex Collier At Global Sciences – 2002

Zenetae.com Interviews Alex Collier 2 – 2011

I hope you enjoy these transcripts. If you know of any other transcripts or videos that would benefit followers of Alex Collier, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will add them to the list.

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