Alex Collier – Doomed Secret Colonies On Mars – 1994

Alex Collier – Doomed Secret Colonies On Mars – 1994

Doomed Secret Colonies On Mars

I want to thank all of you for coming. It's really nice because if it weren't for you coming, we wouldn't be coming up here. And at the same time I want to thank you personally for coming here and allowing me the space to share this with you, so that I don't have to carry it any longer by myself. And I don't have to put the family through craziness either because of not knowing what to do with a lot of this information. And that's what it is, its information. The purpose of the lectures is to inform you specifically of the extraterrestrial intervention and of our development, and the development of mankind from virtually the beginning. To kind of give you an overview of the crisis of our own evolution that we are in, even though some are not aware of it yet. And it's interesting how Mars really ties into this. The things that I have learned about Mars are just absolutely fascinating. And in many respects it is a real mirror for us.

So, without further adieu, what we will do is that we will get into it. I just want to say that this information is for you to do with what you need to do with it. Nobody has all of the answers, but collectively we all do have the answers. And we are only going to get it all if we all start communicating with each other. Everything is moving in that direction, even those people who are totally against this. Or whose reality is 9 to 5, Wall Street, CNN news, that's OK. Because whether they realize it or not, they are being pushed along as well. It's just that they are at the back of the bus, while some of us are up at the front driving the bus. That's the difference. Mankind has been fascinated with Mars ever since time began. The red planet, or god of war as many different cultures and litanies have forth towards our neighbouring planet. I myself had my interest peaked when hearing of the rumours of a colony on Mars built by Earth humans. The story of Mars that has been shared with me from the Andromedans is both compelling and quite fascinating. It is also a story of planets that could pass for sisters in many ways including its apparent history, which I will share with you tonight. The planet Mars is in fact a member of our solar system. Not like Venus or our moon, or some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. It actually was originated here, formed here and is here. It is 6.1 billion years old. The inner sun, which all planets have, or had, is burnt out. So the inside, the very hollow point of Mars is cold, dark and wet. The surface appears to the desolate sandy and windy, that's because it is. But Mars is changing, and it has been changing for the last 30 years. The Andromedans say that Mars is actually getting closer to the Sun every three years. The windstorms of 200 mph are becoming fewer and fewer. Every year the polar caps, the North and South Pole are showing more of a change of seasons.

The technology does exist today for Mars to sustain human life as we know it today. In other words they can make it very similar to what we have here using the technology that they have. Many extraterrestrial races have this. In fact, one of the oldest races in many respects our nemesis race, the Orion group and the Draconians, were actually the leaders at one time in this particular biological engineering, and genealogical engineering. According to the Andromedans, given the correct coordination of events in technology areas of Mars could become fully habitable for human life in only 20 years. Mars offers us this possibility. Also one of the moons of Saturn, Titan offers us this exact same possibility.

Mars has had a past very, very similar to Earth. It has had a history of colonization and life. Mars was the first explored and colonized planet in our solar system according to Moraney, one of the Andromedans. Now as the ET's were coming in to our system they stopped at Mars first. Mars had an ocean, it had atmosphere. It was also in a very different place to where it is now. It had plant life and some very, very basic lifeforms. These lifeforms didn't solely evolve on the planet, but were brought to Mars and the Earth 809 million years ago by traders, explorers, and miners. They came from Alpha Draconis, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Lyra, Pleiades, Zeta Reticuli, and Sirius. Predominantly those groups. There have been some others that have passed through here, but those groups have predominantly really worked our solar system. For minerals, ores, biological samples, all kinds of different things. And every time they came, they always left something behind. Whether it was a plant, or an animal or something. Some of the lifeforms that have been and will be discovered on Mars are exactly identical to lifeforms we have here on Earth.

Space travel has existed in our galaxy for 4.4 billion years. So there have been races for over 4 billion years traveling in our galaxy and just playing Johnny Appleseed, literally. According to the Andromedans these earlier space explorers and engineers brought organisms and lifeforms with them as they were exploring other systems. They also seeded these lifeforms along the way. The fossil records of Earth and Mars apparently show that most lifeforms have very little actual evolution. They have here almost fully formed. In other words they were suddenly there, just like man. We almost just suddenly appeared in our form today. That's because every time the ET's, whoever they were coming through here, they were always doing a little tinkering along the way. Because that's what they do, they tinker with whatever it is. They try to make it better, or make it more their own.

According to Vasais, if you were to look at our geological history and the different periods of development of life on the planet, it is identical to Mars. And we will discover that if it ever comes out, or if civilians from Earth get there and it is not this top secret space program. That is an indication of the visitations by biological engineers in extraterrestrial form. Every time they cane here, they tinkered. They brought the dinosaurs here, they brought the primates here, they brought plant life, mammals, everything was brought here from somewhere else. And then other races would come in, following behind, and tinker and try to make it better. One of the best examples of that is us. My understanding is from the Andromedans that the primates were created by the Draconians. Monkeys, they are from somewhere else and the Draconians brought them here. They tinkered with them. They genetically changed them just enough so that they could thrive on Earth, and apparently on Mars for a time. Then other civilizations came in and tinkered more with

The Earth was mined for gold and other minerals. The ET's themselves didn't want to go in the holes and do it. They didn't want to go into the mines, so they tinkered with us, little by little until we are now fully formed to where we are today. But they did such a good job, some of these ET races, that some of the other races and I'll get more specific here, the Draconians and Orions were very threatened by our ability to think for ourselves and to create for ourselves. So they stepped back in after creating the original primates and they took away some of our DNA strands. They took them out of us. Which is why all of us are still searching for what is, and wondering where the hell it is. Knowing it is in here but just elusively not being able to touch it just yet. A lot of it has to do with the DNA.

The Andromedans have stressed that Earth and Mars were biological and genetic experiments. The different periods of lifeforms reflect the genetic seeding of organisms on our planet and Mars. The sudden appearance of fully formed reptiles, birds, mammals etc, indicate the seeding and colonization of Earth and Mars by the different extraterrestrial groups mentioned earlier. The primates or monkeys were brought to Mars and then to Earth by the Draconians and Orion explorers. They were genetically created in laboratories on their space arks or motherships or whatever you want to call it.

What happened to Mars? Apparently 69.3 million years ago a very large planetary asteroid came through our solar system, and was also pulling with it a lot of debris. This asteroid, from what Vasais told me, was so magnetically powerful, that as it came through Mars and Saturn; what it did because of Mars size, it ripped Mars from its original orbit and pulled it out 19 million miles further within 24 hours. As the asteroid was coming through, Mars was apparently moving this way, and it just pulled it out of its orbit 19 million miles. Which of course devastated anything that was on it. It's atmosphere, the lifeforms etc. This cosmic war devastated Mars and the lifeforms that were in existence on it. It also caused Mars to pole shift three times in as many days. Just picture if you can this happening to the Earth. For something that literally rips us from its orbit, we are being pulled this way. But as we are being pulled towards this magnetic thing, the Earth is rolling like a ball towards it. Moving water, dirt, sand, everything. That's what happened to Mars. Mars was moved into its new orbit which is where it is today.

All of these little marks here which we will talk about just a little bit later with the exception of the blues, but even the blue areas, these are ruins of civilizations that had existed on Mars where life was thriving just as it is thriving here. But we are talking about millions and millions and millions of years ago. At the same time that this was occurring to Mars, apparently one of the pieces of debris that was in the tail section of this asteroid broke free and somehow just went off on its own and was captured by the Earth's gravitational pull. Apparently it hit the Earth, this asteroid or this comet, whatever you want to call it, hit the Earth somewhere around Central America in the Atlantic Ocean causing the planet to do a pole shift as well. It hit it so hard. This was 69.3 million years ago. According to the Andromedans this is what killed off all the dinosaurs. This was going on at Mars and on the Earth at the same time except Mars really……………. Thank goodness or we wouldn't be here talking about it today.

Our pole shift was a complete………… That's how hard it hit. Which means it moved everything. All the oceans, some of the continents, everything moved in a very short time. Its filled our atmosphere apparently with so much dust and clouds that it created our ice age, our last ice age.

Moraney has said that the Martian atmosphere was devastated, but the Earth's atmosphere was intact and only required time to clear. Mars however would take tens of millions of years to be able to harbour the most basic life organisms again. And apparently there is life there in some way shape or form other than us. There is life there again. According to the Andromedans, Mars also had dinosaurs on it. The ruins of them have been found by the teams that are there, and eventually we will hear about it ourselves when things start to become more open. When we start to explore it ourselves. They've also said that along with vegetation, lifeforms etc., that the Martian ocean, which was 2000 feet at its deepest point, is completely trapped inside the surface of the planet itself, underground, all underground. It was just sucked in. It was fresh water.

The Andromedans also say that Mars has been inhabited off and on for 3.8 billion years. They also add that there are ruins all over Mars. Much of the ruins are buried under the sands of Mars as well. You had 60 some odd million years of sandstorms, just covering things over and over and over and over again. It's like the Gobi desert. It is an excellent example of what is going on here. Underneath the Gobi desert there is ruins, tremendous ruins from a very sophisticated city that existed during the time of Lemuria. It's there, and it's still there, buried under hundreds of feet of sand.

Most of us have heard about the Cydonia region of Mars and the discovery of the city, the face and the pyramids. There are also more ruins in the Cydonia region that haven't been found yet according to the Andromedans. They say what we have found there is just the tip of the iceberg. The Egyptian word: Al-Quhria means to conquer. It also means Cairo, which is the capital city of Egypt. The root of this Egyptian word is: Al-Qahir. This word means Mars, and it has been in the Egyptian language for thousands and thousands of years. Strange coincidence.

Mars also offers us a look at a world whose atmosphere was destroyed by cosmic events. We could create the same desert planet and atmosphere if we continue to pollute the planet. Look at your maps. If there is anybody that does not have a map……… I realize the printing is small, but a really good Mars map is next to impossible to find. I have taken the liberty of marking the places that I am going to the talking about here on the map. So when the lecture is over and you want to come up and mark it with your own pen then that's fine. These are the areas that I am going to the talking about that are marked here. This is not the whole planet. There are other things that have been explored or photographed that simply have not seen the light of day, and probably won't buy the governments.

We are going to talk about the some of the ruined areas, and I will tell you where they are, what's there, our old they are and exactly the information that I have here is exactly the information that I have. The area known as Tharsis Ridge contains ruins of an ancient city approximately 69 million years old. Utopia Region, that this large area here; these two significant areas here holds ruins of an ancient city that is again 69 million years old.

These are the Latin names that we give to them. I can't even pronounce their names for them, so I didn't even bother. This next area that we are going to deal with is right here, this blue area. It is also called Eve. It is called: Vallus Mariners, or Mariners Valley. It hides the ruins of an ancient Lyran city hidden under hundreds of feet of sand. It is approximately 113 million years old. This is the largest of the Lyran and later Pleiadian ruins. There is a vast network of underground tunnels and caverns under this area. In other words this is a very large canyon here, a valley. And all through in here, in this area here, they say there are huge caverns and tunnels.

Q: Did these people die, or were they invaded?

A: No they've all left when they knew what was happening. Some of them actually came here, but they didn't fare much better. But save your questions for the end.

This is where the Earth base Eve is located. Now I am going to describe to you what they have told me is there. It is a vast complex originally built millions of years ago that was reactivated with the help of the Greys for the Earth world government. In other words, the Greys brought them there, showed them what to do and assisted them in reopening it, reactivating it. It stretches over and area of 118 miles, and is in some areas three levels deep underground. In other words the underground base of Eve covers and area of 118 square miles. It houses approximately 300,000 human beings. The deepest portion is 6200 feet with complete support systems as they would have if they were up on the surface. It's exactly like walking around here inside. That's how sophisticated the technology is now. It has four openings to the surface. Two are compressed elevator type shafts, and two are pressurized hanger type entrances complete with elevators. If you are flying a ship, you fly into the hanger. The hanger closes, you are pressurized, and then you are brought down into the living quarters. If you are walking around on the surface, it's the same thing. You walk into an elevator, it pressurizes you, and then you are taken down in to the…….. Much of the hardware taken to Mars came from the Moon first via Russia and Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean. And if you haven't heard about that, that's in an earlier lecture. Some of the machinery was taken by the Greys and the Orion group for the Earth's black government. They helped us for whatever their reasons. They helped create this and make it work. This facility houses most of the 300,000 Terrans that are on the planet. Now we are talking about………here, this area here.

Hellas Planitia, or for those of you who prefer to speak English; The Plains of Gold. This is the location of the Earth colony Adam, along the Western ridge of the mountains.

East of this area is called Hellas Puntas Montas(?SP) That's this area here. This is where the Andromedans say Adam is located. This area here, the Plains of Gold used to be a very large fresh water lake. And all that water is still sitting underneath the sand. There are three domed structures that are built into the mountain range there. The largest of these three domes stretches 2.6 miles. I haven't been there, this is what they've said. And if you think about the fact that the gravity is 1/8th of what it is here, then it is very easy to build something and not have to worry about it falling down. The other two are approximately one mile each as well. All three domes are built into a triangular pattern. The largest of the domes’ is a military complex. The 2.6-mile dome is a military complex. All three domes are connected by underground tunnels, and all three domed cities are connected to Eve using three separate underground tunnels as well.

This is Adam, and this will be Eve. There are three domed structures here, built into the mountain range, and here is Eve. Each of the domed structures is connected to each other by a tunnel. Each one of these separate domed structures is connected to Eve separately as well. My understanding is if there is ever problems in one tunnel or two tunnels, there is always a way home no matter what happens. If there is a problem in all three tunnels, I don't know about that. I guess they will probably wish they were back on Earth. Underneath the largest of the domed structures apparently comes up like this. It is built 1000 feet into the surface of Mars itself. Now they said underneath the mountain range where Adam is located, they also have another connecting tunnel. They built this tunnel and area specifically so that they can reach this other area that I am about to tell you about. And apparently what they have found is a huge series of underground caverns that they can connect with under the military area that is approximately seven square miles. Seven square miles of caverns underneath this mountain range right here that's connected to the larger dome. They don't have any idea what's in that seven square mile area because of the technology that the Orion's have, they can't see in to what is there. They don't know what's there. There is a force field, a shield where the Andromedans and nobody else can see what is going on in there. So this is all underground here. This was there, it has been there. They just tapped into it, and then of course there is the other domed structures as well.

Q: So what are those, those aren't military?

A: They haven't said. My guess would be that one would be scientific and one would be engineering.

Tempe Terra, that the area is here. It's the purple area here. In March 1989, the Russian Phobos took pictures of motherships landing on the surface of Mars. It also took pictures of one of the scout craft shooting at the Phobos just before it blew up.

Comment from audience: It showed a cigar thing on the photo with a big shadow on it and that was the last one before it blacked out.

That's one of them. There is also another one that was 250 square miles that also had landed on the surface. This is a very old ancient Orion base from their old colonial days that has been fully reactivated. This base is over one million years old and is completely underground. This particular base, the one we are talking about here stretches sixty-four square miles underground. I don't want to tell you anymore, oh God. It goes five levels deep. The first floor is 900 feet below the surface, and its deepest is 8500 feet. That is the fifth level or the bottom of the fifth level. It is apparently fully operational as of June of 1994. It contains the 2111 scout craft, Orion and Draconian scout craft. What we call UFOs at this particular base. There are over 100,000 Orion group and Draconian troops there right now along with 300,000 Terrans, us. The Andromedans are real specific when they say troops. They didn't say aliens, they didn't say beings, they said troops.

The Cydonia region, ruins were the last base that the Pleiadians, Lyrans, and Sirians had on Mars. When our solar system fell to the Orion group, which was approximately 317,000 B.C., and that base was partially destroyed in the attack. Now I am going to go back and do a little history. The first Martian landing by the NSA black government was in March 1959. The black government sent three craft from the Moon to the area known as Cydonia. There was a total of 29 military and scientific personnel in all that went on this first expedition there. The fortress area in Cydonia housed the craft and the workers while Eve was being reopened with the Greys assistance. I don't know any more than that, as to how they did it I don't know. It was completely refitted for Earth life. The construction for this was performed by a very select group trained on the Moon. The personnel were recruited from the Army Corps of Engineers, naval engineering units, the Bechtel Corporation, A.A. Matthews Corporation, the Robbins Corp., PSI Corporation, and scientists and engineers from J. P. L. They are just real specific. I ask them specific questions and they give me specific answers. I didn't ask for social security numbers. All of the personnel of this project have virtually no family and have been wiped off all records or references to their existence on Earth. Birth certificates, diplomas, drivers licenses, income tax records were seized and erased. This was carried out by the Ultra, and The Blue Moon Unit inside the NSA. Ultra is one of the top-secret units in the NSA, which the CIA just found out about two years ago. That's how secret it is, when the CIA can't find out about it. Alpha one and Alpha two units; now the Alpha two unit according to the Andromedans actually are MJ-12. But all of us get hyped up about MJ-12 as the leaders of the government. Apparently they are at the bottom rung of this ladder. So that's how little we really do know. That's Alpha two; investigated and recruited the personnel for this particular mission. This was done all on the premise that the Earth was going to self-destruct due to pollution, population and our quickly disappearing natural resources.

Bases were completed in 1968. Very little information is available regarding the day-to-day activities of the base occupants. The Andromedans have said that the Black government will do anything to maintain secrecy of this matter. In March 1989, 30 years to the month of the landing on Mars, a group from Orion and Draconis invaded the Martian colonies and all communication between Mars and the Moon have ceased. In other words the Black government is no longer talking to their buddies on Mars. There is no communication. The trap was laid, and now it has been sprung. Some of the greatest minds and talents on the planet, on our planet, are now stuck on Mars. We can't help them, and they can't help us. To do what they did is a phenomenal feat. Whether they did it behind our backs or not, it is still an incredible feat. And they could have helped us to do other things. Maybe apply some of that technology here. Well now we are both totally cut off from each other.

Q: How many people are on Mars?

A: There is approximately 300,000.

The Phobos and American probes were sent to discover what could be observed on Mars. They are gone, they are destroyed, they are history. They are no longer flying. They are nothing but pieces of scrap metal. NASA only at its very highest levels knows about Adam and Eve and the lunar bases. They do know. They also understand the power and motivation of those in the loop of world government power. In other words they can't rock the boat because they have nowhere to go, so they have to play the game. So on one level………. ………… …………, and on the other level it isn't. So you have to decide for yourself which end of the stick you want, really.

In the last lecture we talked about the Moon, and all of the military hardware that is on the Moon………. ………..because not even our government wants 100,000 Orion or Draconians coming here, because basically there is no game at that time. At least there is some mobility with the Greys. The Greys don't like the Orion's or the Draconians either because they have been controlled and genetically manipulated by these two races for hundreds of thousands of years. The pyramids on Mars: There are 22 in all. Many of them are smaller, but there are 22. They were built by those beings from the constellation of Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Rigel; those known to us as the Orion group. Many different people have their different theories on what they were for. Yes they do look like a shape of a constellation and a few other things. But their most significant purpose was to stabilize the rotation of the planet. All plants have a wobble. Some are worse than others. The planet that we live on, in one year our North Pole moves, instead of just being in a small little circle like this on its axis, it wobbles as much as 74 feet. And its wobbling more and more all the time. Which is why you are seeing a tremendous change in our weather patterns as well. Not to mention that the electrical magnetic field, the grid system of the Earth is starting to short out because of pollution and negativity. The pyramids are built to stabilize the wobble. They act like weights on a tire. Many pyramids on Earth that will be found, and also on Mars are not just built on the soil like this and come up. Underneath is another pyramid that is built down into the Earth, and the upper half which we see is built on top of it. So it acts like a magnet of some sort, or like a dual weight. That is what the Andromedans tell the was the purpose for the pyramids, and they are everywhere. They are all over the galaxy. The Pleiadians have built them, the Andromedans, the Orions; everybody uses them because they are simple and it works, and they last forever.

Are there any questions. (Note: The audio from the audience in many cases I could not understand. My suggestion to you is to review this Q&A on the tape and see if you can understand them more than I could. Sorry , JP)

Q: Basically at this point the Black government should be a little bit aware that these guys that they have made their alliances with aren't too friendly anymore…

A: The are definitely aware of that.

Q: So basically all that they've done is aimed their weapons on the Moon at them? Isn’t that enough to break their contract? ………………?

A: Yes it is. As far as I know it is, and in my opinion it is. Then what? Okay, you have the light forces sitting out here. You have Mars, which is in a bad way right now, and you have the Earth. In between you have Orions, Draconians and Greys before the good guys even get to us.

Q: The Greys are not the good guys?

A: They’re not but right now, or at this moment they are the lesser of the three evils. Only because they want to be free from the Orions and Draconians as well. Now imagine how much the Greys have controlled us. Imagine how much the Orion and Draconian group have controlled the Greys. Imagine where you have to be on a conscious level to deal on that kind of a level with a race that is so far technologically advanced.

Q: Is it possible that the Orions and the Draconians are not as bad as what we perceive by the mindset of the Greys to brainwash Earth people into believing them. If they went along with them and when they were absolutely told not to tamper with these things because they were of a higher purpose, and by doing it they have brought the wrath of the ones that are the guardians of this technology which you can't even penetrate. Even by Greys technology, military technology, this one area you have your third dome. What's the purpose, why are all these craft there? Maybe they have a future purpose of which is strictly by whatever the philosophy of those societies that left them there for some future purpose, and by Black government and CIA and all of this tampering with it now they are not…………………

A: Great question and great dialogue. To answer your question simply, the answer is no. The Draconians are not the good guys, neither are the Orions. The 57,000 years ago, our DNA was manipulated by a group of Lyrans and Pleiadians. We had 12 strands in our DNA. The Draconians fearing the fact that we could evolve higher than they could, came down and genetically manipulated for the last time. This is the last time we have been manipulated, took 10 strands of our DNA out. Which is why we have two now.

Q: How did they take them out?

A: They genetically started with the females, and genetically took the DNA’s out so any offspring after that point would only have two DNA. Two strands as opposed to the twelve. So I have asked. I am real specific. We've had other human races, human being races from other systems coming in here saying you've got to watch your………..big time.

Q: You said it was the Pleiadians, Andromedans……?

A: The Andromedans, Sirians, they all had problems with the Draconians. This is forever, this is not something new. It has been going on for hundreds of millions of years.

Q: So in the war of March 1989…….

A: It wasn't a war, it was an invasion.

Q: The invasion of 1989, the Greys where there with the U. S.?

A: No I am not aware that they were.

Q: They helped then put up the bases though…….

A: The base was completed in 1968.

Q: With the help of the Greys. Are the Draconians considered the same as the Greys?

A: No. The Greys are a renegade group of Reticulans who 890,000 some odd years ago got involved in the Orion wars, and they themselves were captured and conquered as a race by the Draconians and Orions. They themselves were  genetically altered to the point that they cannot reproduce, which is why the Greys are here trying to strengthen their bodies, and genetically dealt with us so that their race can continue. At its present course, they will perish, they will become extinct in a matter of I think they said 1750 years. They are going to become extinct. That's one of the reasons why they are here.

Q: (I cannot understand this question at all)

A: Yes, definitely. Most of the advanced cultures do it. They can take two or three motherships, put them on the surface of a planet. We'll use our own, and hide it in our oceans, and magnetically ground themselves to the planet and hold it in its present position. Can they detour asteroids and things, yes definitely. They definitely have the capabilities to do it. Will they is another story.

Q: By the time that the asteroid came to Mars couldn't they control its path?

A: I don't know. I honestly don't know. That was almost 70 million years

Q: Last week you talked about…..(I cannot understand this question due to
low audience voice)

A: No I haven't done that or got verification on that. That's something I will do, and as I soon as I get it I will offer it. I also wanted to add something, last week we were talking about something and I mentioned that there were 23 major galaxies in our system. Well I want to clarify that. According to the Andromedans there are 23 galaxies where they have had contact with life there, evolving life. But there are hundreds of thousands of galaxies that are yet unexplored. But they are aware of 23 galaxies that have evolving life in it that there has been communication with.

Q: What do the Orions look like? They come from Alpha Draconians, the Greys and the Orions…….. (again, I cannot understand the audience due to low audio levels)

A: I don't have a really good picture. We are working on that. Some are full reptilian. What I mean I reptilian is that they look like a lizard. Very tall, the 7 ½ to 8 ft. some of them get as high as 12 to 13 feet. They can weigh up to as much as 1000 pounds. They are incredibly quick, they are incredibly psychic. They have the reptilian eyes or the cat eyes. They are carnivorous or vegetarians, it all depends on how long it's been for them. They are arid animals, desert animals. They prefer the desert. They are warriors. Some of the other Orion groups are half human half reptilian. In other words they may look human with the same features but they have a reptilian skin. Some of them are very human, but they will have Grey features. There's a lot. The Orion group, their big thing was genetics. That's really their forte and then they learned how to fight. But their real forte was genetics. And they genetically alter and tinker with everything that they get their hands on. They make it their own. There is a book where somebody says that we have reptilian brain or something…….. Barbara Marciniak’s book, whatever it is called, (Bringers of The Dawn), in there it makes reference to the reptilian part of our brains. But that came from the original primates that were created by the reptilians themselves. That's where it comes from according to the Andromedans.
Q: Was the Jupiter comets we saw back on July 16th to 21st orchestrated, or was that a natural phenomena?

A: That was a natural phenomena.

Q: ……..that six comets hit the exact same spot as it rotated every eight hours. It came down in the exact same spot.

A: If that's what they are saying. My understanding is that they didn't hit the exact same spot.

Q: There’s a green laser (again the audio is to low)

A: I really don't have an opinion, I am just telling you that it was a natural phenomena. That's all I know beyond it.

Q: Do you think our government gave us adequate coverage of that?

A: Absolutely not.

Q: What happened?

A: I think that there is a lot of stuff going on around Jupiter that they don't want anybody to know. They know that the Pleiadians, Andromedans and other races have a very large base on Ganneymede and Emos. They absolutely know it. The Greys know it for a fact as well. And it just so happens that if you want to do some investigation, you look and see where Ganneymede and Emos were when the comets were hitting. And I guarantee that they were on the other side, which is where the Voyager is, or whatever it was taking the pictures, was on the exact same side.

Q: So in essence, in one sentence you are saying it is possible that they were directed, and in the other sentence you are saying that you do not know……………

A: What was directed? That our military was?

Q: No, not necessarily…………..

A: No, my understanding is it was a natural phenomena. That's all I know about it. The reason we didn't get the coverage that we could have had is because the military had another agenda. Which was not to let us know what was going on, on the other side. Like what was there. They are probably taking pictures of other things other than the comets. Why go that far to just take a few pictures of this.

Q: Why did the reptilians crossbreed with the humans?……….. (I cannot understand) Why did they do that?

A: Ownership. My understanding is when the Andromedans talked to me about the Greys; one of the best ways to control a race is to control its reproduction. If you can control how it reproduces, you can control the race. So they genetically altered them just enough that they could not go out and reproduce on their own.

Q: You say that some of the Orion group are part reptilian and part human.

A: Yes

Q: Why did they do that……………?

A: I’m sorry I don't know. Why do they mix like that? My understanding is from just what I told you is ownership. They try to make everything their own by genetically mating with it. By changing it and altering it which is exactly what they are doing with us. We don't look anything like them. We don't look anything like them, yet they came here and they genetically took 10 strands of DNA out of us, out of our basic biology, to keep us in control.

Q: You’ve also said in a number of occasions that the human form is considered to be very……….

A: Yes, it is like a universal body part.

Q: That might be another reason that……………..

A: Well they actually limited us by taking out the 10 strands, they didn't need………..

Q: …….for themselves…………………..

A: That could very well be, they are pretty………… in fact they are………….. Well, the human body is much more functional. We can adapt to a lot more different things than their particular body types can. And we can reproduce
faster as well.

Q: DNA……………………. one generation to the next?

A: I don't know, that is not my forte.

Q: Why did the Russians send Phobos up when they……..? I mean they knew what was going on there, why would they…….

A: They didn't really know for sure. That's a good question. The Russians don't trust us. They don't trust the NSA or the United States, so they decided we'll send that up and see what happens. Let's go look for ourselves. And it had shades of Bay of Pigs, the whole thing all over again. I believe that the reason why they sent it. They sent the first one, then they sent the second one. It was on the launch pad already. They sent them both up there. When both of those came down then the United States said wait a minute. So then they tried to send one up as well. And you know what happened, they were all blown up. They were blown from the surface of Mars.

Q: I would think that when they shut the satellite off there was a reason why they shut the satellite off.

A: Well that's what they’ve said. Are you talking about the first one?

Q: No the latest one of August 31st last year.

A: You mean the American one. How do you know it was shut off?

Q: Because they had transmissions up to a point that when they shut it in sequence, it shut the transmission off. And the company that launched it………………… told that satellite immediately upon launch, where NASA didn't have any control over it. When it came back on it was already preprogrammed………… the launch……………… is the one that launched it. If you look at the day just before, a NOAA satellite went out also. And I think that they switched channels from there. The satellite actually didn't go offline, it's just the data was kept from us.

A: Well that's not what I've been told. I've been told that they were destroyed and that's all I know. I'm not out there to see for myself. They said it's gone, it's been blown up. Maybe one day we will know. If they start showing us pictures and things like that, then maybe. But if we never see anything then I'm going to have to believe these guys, they are up there. You know, they are in the trenches literally. Trying to figure out a way to help us.

Q: Do you feel that they could be misleading you?

A: No, they never have.

Q: What would be their……… of the way in which your countering meaning concepts and information that's out in these subjects. Is it possible that they can infiltrate even you who they know that you trust to give different erroneous information. Is it possible as a question.

A: Why come 2.2 million light years to talk to some guy on a planet that's killing itself. For a joke? It doesn't make any sense, why bother? And it's not the information that, I mean everybody has their own opinion. You don't have to take any of this home with you. You don't. But I do want you to take one thing home with you if nothing else: According to the Andromedans we have 41 years worth of oxygen left in our environment. You take that home with you if nothing else. 3500 years ago the oxygen content was 35 to 38 percent. Right now it is less than 17 percent.

Q: The plankton which creates it is dying.

A: That’s true including the oceans, they are all dying. Once it hits below 15 percent we start to suffocate. So you take that with you if nothing else. And that's not erroneous information you know. Why bother?

Q: (I cannot understand this question at all)

A: My understanding is that you cannot get anywhere near it. You can't even fly over it.

Q: (I cannot understand this question at all)

A: I don't know Steve. Hey if you can arrange the tickets and you want to go, I will go with you. I'll carry the luggage. I'm open for an adventure. (Comment from the audience): ………………Philippines…………. that was the theoretical base where they could launched all of their activities from the Indian Ocean. That's why that base was there. By outward appearance……… from what they say.

Q: Did there used to be another planet where our asteroid belt is. The day ever talk about that, where the asteroid belt is?

A: Yes they have and that's very controversial and I'll just put it out there. You know of the story about Maldek being destroyed. They actually say that Earth used to be the planet that was there. But that asteroid belt was actually a part of what belongs in our Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Very few planets have the geological shape and trenches and oceans like we do. It's very rare and that's what they've said. That the asteroid belt used to be a part of Earth.

Q: Is there enough water on Mars to support the whole planet with life?

A: Yes. That's not the problem. That was………….. the atmosphere.

Q: (I cannot understand this question at all)

A: It is possible, they've said it is changing. That there is definitely life there.

Q: Do you think that that might have been engineered?

A: It is very possible. But again I am not there. I have not been there in this life.

Q: You mentioned before, and I haven't been to any of the other lectures, you said that the light forces are here. Then there were the reptilians, the Orions and they were on Mars and they were…………. That it was very difficult for the light forces to come in because of all those forces…..

A: I was, as far as en masse and………… like that, yes. It's not something where they can just come in and suddenly just surround the planet. Because it changes a lot of things. No. 1: It changes us. It changes our belief systems and it's immediately changes our own evolution, even though it is already being manipulated. But when you think about the population of the planet, and how small of a percentage actually believes there is life out there is very, very significant. I can't speak for the service to self and regressive groups. The Progressive groups want us to evolve very much on our own. They want us to ask for help. They want us to exercise our own freewill. They want us to ask for ourselves what kind of the world we want to live in; what kind of people we want to be; and what kind of a race we want to represent ourselves to be. And even more importantly than all of that, they want us to learn to live with our home, which is our planet. That's their most important thing. My understanding is they are trying very carefully to maintain that balance with all of those criteria. At the same time, not trying to intervene where it is going to spark some kind of a………. or exchange. Because we are right in the middle of it. And if 98 percent of the planet doesn't have a clue that there is life out there, suddenly there is this war going on; with Mars, with the Moon. With this and ships crashing into the atmosphere, people are going to……………. Just like that. A lot of people just aren't ready for it. They are not ready to learn that their creators…, that we were genetically created to be workers, and that our religions were created to a degree to manipulate. A lot of people are not ready for that. They're just not.

Q: I have a question about the DNA because from other sources……… this is the first time I have heard anything about UFOs. I am not really into that. And my question is that from other sources in the last five or six years, I’ve heard that there is another DNA, that we are evolving a third DNA.

A: That’s right.

Q: OK, now my question is, supposedly we had 12. Now that's interesting because to me there is a connection between the 12 planes. You also mentioned that a 12th plane is opening up and they don't know what's………….OK, so what I am wondering is have they mentioned, the Andromedans mentioned to you this evolving of the third DNA? And can we get that all 12 by ourselves without direct manipulation?

A: As far as getting that the 12 I don't know. The only information that I have about the other one is that because of this energy that is moving across the universe, and which is coming in our direction from our galaxy, from the black hole, which is emanating energy; what is happening is our DNA is being stretched so that it is making room for another one. And this is all happening on a spiritual, etheric energy level. This is not something that occurs with the natural evolution in a lifeform. This is something that is coming from a completely different part. So some other source, God, whatever you want to call it, the Isness, is doing this. And it is affecting everybody, everything. Even the darker forces. They're feeling the changes as well.

Q: What I am saying is from what you are talking about, the interesting thing for me is, it took me a while, in the first lecture I am talking about; I'm trying to get to combine this, as far as you are talking about the spiritual aspect and that how people aren't ready for it. I'm trying to get ready for it, to see how it fits in because there is still room for all this other stuff to be true, but yet you see the other spiritual aspect of it. You just sort of open our minds to that part of it, we can get that message out to other people. So they won't freak out. I am respecting, this may be in another lecture, I don't think we are going to get to it but usually you say it is in the next lecture. Is there a time frame that they have sent in there, because of other sources that I have heard, from psychic sources, is that within two years there is going to be no doubt that this exists and they will be among us. So I would wondering if you……… that's one reason why I came to this lecture series is to find out. And I am wondering if they have said anything?

A: Within two years? Last October we were told within three years. So we are within two years. I have also been told that the very first mass sighting of ships that we will be seeing in the United States would be our own. They will be ones that our government has actually built. They will not be aliens, but they will be our own.

Q: You talked about hundreds of thousands of ships that sat in areas on Mars. Do you have information to give, do you discuss that 2100……..

A: 2111 are apparently on Mars right now in this area here.

Q: Alright, George Adamski said that at one time from the Venus aspect of it, do you remember George Adamski?

A: I know very little. I have heard his name.

Q: He said that he had looked up and seen literally like we would see bomber squadrons of UFO craft flying. There would be 144,000, there was just a tremendous amount. So I am not surprised when you would have clusters like that and then having someone with a difference on record as having seen in our skies these things, objects in massive arrays of flight patterns. But, I don't know. You said 2111. A; That’s the numbers they gave me. They are real specific. One thing is for sure; we will all know at the same time. We will all have a front row seat. We are all going to see it together.

Q: But they will be ours?

A: The very first ones we see will be ours. And I was told the very first sightings would be in the area you mentioned, Area 51. Because that is the most controlled area by the government and the Greys. They have that area so sealed up that nothing could go wrong there. Folks, thank you very much.

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