Alex Collier – Question and Answer Webinar 40 – July 21, 2023 – VOD


Alex hosted his 40th *LIVE* Question and Answer webinar on July 21, 2023. The webinar was just over two hours and 32 minutes in length. This webinar included a 26-minute monologue; Alex answered questions throughout the remainder of the webinar. Hosted by James Harkin from and the former radio host for Wolf Spirit Radio JayPee. Alex presented great insight into what is happening in this world and beyond. The webinar was hosted on Thursday, July 21, 2023, at 2pm Eastern Time.

In just over two hours and twelve minutes, Alex answered 39 questions. Some of the questions had multiple parts, so Alex spent time answering these questions thoroughly. Due to character limits in the description, here are the top 15 questions that have been paraphrased and as voted up by webinar attendees:

  • What significant event may happen in March/April 2030, and why was humanity targeted to be controlled?
  • Do the Andromedans have any information to share about thinking holographically to help speed up our awakening?
  • As the frequency of the planet rises will we continue to see the 3D holographic overlays be removed from our consciousness?
  • Is there an event in 2030 that the Alliance is preparing us for?
  • Are the whitehats aware of the release of GMO mosquitoes affecting humans?
  • Do you believe that NESARA/GESARA will be implemented once SCOTUS rules in favour of the Brunson case?
  • Who are the men in black? Are they human, AI, ET or just secret government agents?
  • How can a temporal war end since past points can be changed?
  • What is the quickest and safest way to enlighten children and protect them from negative energies?
  • What is the real reason so many people around the world have autism?
  • The James Webb Telescope revealed that our universe could be over 27 billion years old. Is that true?
  • Did the Reptilian races originate from another universe within the multiverse?
  • Do some of us know each other on a soul level, and is that the reason why we follow certain teachers?
  • What is happening in Canada? Is there a Canadian speaker that could help us understand what is happening?
  • When did the Orion Wars occur on Earth's linear timeline, and were the Star Wars movies based on this galaxywide war?
  • Can we go back or forward in time to meet with ourselves, and if that is possible, would that change anything in our current timeline?
  • Do you know of any physical, mental, spiritual or emotional effects people may experience because of the increasing frequency on this planet?
  • And many more!

Funds from this video stream will be given to Alex Collier, and help us bring your Alex Collier regularly. Please do not miss this fantastic opportunity to see Alex Collier on video stream and, of course, provide him with some income.


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    • Douglas Carpenter
    • July 27, 2023

    It appears that I may miss the opportunity to purchase a ticket to the webinar on the 28th as I had the previous webinar. The endless loop I get into trying to buy a ticket is mind numbing. A complete waste of time and if their is a reason I will never attend another webinar it is this. I am not at all optimistic about this as it appears to take a lot of talent to create this nonsense and likely you are constitutionally unable to sell me (as well as others) a ticket. I would like to think it is my lack of skill, talent or intelligence in this but I am very doubtful this is so.
    I would love to purchase a ticket!
    Will you please find a way that I can accomplish this?

      • James Harkin
      • July 27, 2023

      If you are purchasing through Brighteon, please follow the instructions here: please also use an Internet browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you still have problems accessing Brighteon after following the instructions I just shared please contact their support at:

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