Alex Collier with David Rodriguez and Laura Eisenhower – The Soul War and the Traps Within and The Eclipse – April 4, 2024

In an engaging session, David Rodriguez engages with Laura Eisenhower and Alex Collier in discussions ranging from celestial phenomena and global crises to profound spiritual awakenings. They touch on the year's pressing issues, including election anxieties, potential threats from cyber and biological attacks, and the implications of government and deep state manoeuvres. Moreover, the conversation takes a profound turn into personal and collective ascension, emphasizing the importance of heart-centred action and unity amidst misinformation and societal division. This discussion is a thought-provoking journey through the challenges and transformative potentials of our current times.

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The discussion hosted on features Laura Eisenhower, Alex Collier, and the host, delving into a myriad of speculative and thought-provoking topics ranging from current celestial phenomena, potential global crises, and deep state actions to philosophical and existential questions about humanity's place in the universe and individual spiritual journeys. The conversation navigates through speculations on solar eclipses, potential cyber and biological attacks, the role of the National Guard, rumours of a comet hitting the sun, and broader cosmic events potentially affecting humanity. It also explores the influence of deep state and white hat operations, the concept of psyops, and the impact of these events on society's psyche and global stability. Furthermore, the dialogue touches on individual spiritual awakenings, the importance of living from a place of heart rather than ego, and the concept of ascension in the context of cosmic and earthly changes.

Potential Global Crises and Celestial Phenomena

  • The panel discusses the upcoming election year and signs in the heavens, including solar eclipses.
  • Speculation about possible cyber-attacks, NASA's activities, and cometary impacts on the sun.
  • National Guard mobilization and Homeland Security's warnings about a biological attack.
  • There were rumours of drastic actions by the FBI towards major corporations and banks to prepare for extended lockdowns.

Deep State, Psyops, and Government Actions

  • Insights into the deep state's influence and the government's creative responses to maintain an upper hand.
  • Discussion on various rumours circulating about potential crises and governmental preparations.
  • The role of the National Guard and FAA's flight restrictions around the time of an eclipse.

Spiritual Awakening and Ascension

  • Examination of personal and collective spiritual awakenings amidst global crises.
  • The significance of living from a place of heart and serving others.
  • Discussion on the importance of awakening to a broader consciousness and the impact of cosmic events on human evolution.

The Role of Misinformation and In-Fighting

  • Observations on how misinformation and in-fighting within awakening communities can detract from the collective mission.
  • Personal reflections on the challenges faced when public figures are mislabeled or attacked based on their views or associations.


The conversation on with Laura Eisenhower and Alex Collier covers a broad spectrum of topics, from imminent global and cosmic events to humanity's more profound spiritual journey. It underscores the complexity of navigating these times, highlighting the importance of awareness, personal growth, and unity in the face of misinformation and division. Through speculation, philosophical inquiry, and personal testimony, the discussion paints a picture of humanity at a crossroads, with the potential for significant transformation and ascension.

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    • Terry Merrill
    • April 7, 2024

    I just watched a new Youtube by Dr. Michael Salla about all the hoopla around the eclipse, particularly the 3 planned rockets toward the eclipse. He suggested that there are secret space vessels in the area of the sun that are normally 100% invisible but MIGHT become visible during the eclipse. For plausible deniability, they will fire 3 rockets in that direction and declare the visibility simply from their rockets not from UFOs!

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