Alex Collier, Simon Parkes, Jim Nichols & Tolec – Ever Beyond Wolf Spirit Radio Roundtable – Sunday March 27, 2016




with JayPee




Sunday March 27, 2016
3pm PDT – 6pm EDT – 11pm BST






This Roundtable *WILL NOT* Feature A Question and Answer Session!


Please also check out their blogs:

Simon Parkes
Of The Progressive Antids & Reptilians

Jim Nichols
Fellow Student of the Aldebaran Conspiracy

For The Andromeda Council

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    • thetimeisn0w
    • March 28, 2016

    how odd – haggieshakradio was well promoted as streaming the round table and had stable sound throughout

    • Jason
    • March 28, 2016

    Believe it or not I had a hard time to try to access the show, first it was there than it was not, I really wanted to listen to it but I hope everything got recorded

    • Connie S.
    • March 27, 2016

    I was able to listen to Wolf Spirit Radio from about 5:40 PM Eastern time, then when it was time for the roundtable, all went silent then nothing but database errors for both the Wolf Spirit site and the Ever Beyond Radio site. Can’t get anything at all. Anyone else having problems or success? I sure hope an audio file will be available afterwards.

      • Alex Collier dot org
      • March 27, 2016

      Hi, please try the following link. Wolf Spirit Radio and Ever Beyond Radio did not understand the situation with regards to the number of people trying to access the show:

        • Connie S.
        • March 27, 2016

        Thank you. I was able to get on around 6:40 with some perseverence.

      • Hello Goodbye
      • March 27, 2016

      I was listening, then all of a sudden, the show went off. I cannot get back in on any site suggested.

      (EDITOR: Try:

    • Sita
    • March 27, 2016

    Hey – just tuned in to JayPee’s site ahead of time – only to find it playing under the round table logo, with Tolec and Jim Nichols. It’s surely not yet time for this, at least according to the posting – should be a 3 PM Central, where I am.

    Leaves me a bit confused. Am I missing something? The closing music is playing, now, as I type – @ 12:45 pm Central.

    (EDITOR: The live roundtable will be available at 11pm BST. 3pm PDT/6pm EDT.)

    • mason
    • March 26, 2016

    Unfortunately I will not be able to listen live. Will there be a playback made available, either for charge or for free?

    Everything wolfspiritradio does is much appreciated. Mason.

    (EDITOR: The show will be available at when I am given the archive.)

    • gnak
    • March 26, 2016

    alex finally meets with simon

    cant wait to hear this talk when it becomes available

    1. Reply

      Yeah same here.

      Could you visit my site one time please, thanks.

      My Ultimate journey is finding out who I really am,
      our soul purpose in this universe/earth and why.

      I also been told that I was once a Pleiadians Overlord, Many people have looked up on me for my bravery, I guess I got caught on the wheel of karma on earth and that’s why I am here and try to get out of it and I also one thing for sure, this will be my LAST time on earth, I will NOT look back, I will only look foward, but I will never forget this planet and all experiences I had during the time on earth and what people have done for me.

      Its time to go back to the source of all creation, My soul needs eternal resting, I just about had it, everything, My final chapter is coming, and I have never felt so alive until now, thank god this will be my last.

      Thank you everyone for everything and to my family as well.

      DimensionalVortex(ET Wanderer/Star Fighter/Very High possibility of Pa Taal(Due to first hand experiences During my awakening process/Worst Kundalini experiences Ever known to mankind(less then 78-100 people in the entire world has gone such experiences)

  1. Reply

    I’ll defin’t look into it, Many thanks to all those listening and participating in the radio show.

    Always be at one with Creation/Universe:


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