Quantum Healing Systems – Interview with Alex Collier, Ron Giles and Will Barney – PLUS – Special Friends and Family Offer from QHS!

Our Talk with QHS Ambassadors: A New Beginning

We chatted with Will Barney, Alex Collier, and Ron Giles, who are QHS Ambassadors. They helped us understand things better and made everyone feel hopeful. This talk was uplifting and vital in these challenging times. Feel free to share it with others.

Will Barney, Alex Collier, and Ron Giles are three amazing people who dedicate their lives to helping others. They work towards improving health, healing, and the world with plenty of good things.

  • Alex Collier is a writer and speaker. He's good with words and has a message that everyone will enjoy. Alex has an incredible memory and has spent his life exploring and learning about our world and space. Listening to him is enjoyable.
  • Ron Giles also writes and speaks. He's in charge of the “Love Won Society,” which he started thinking about over six years ago. Ron has had ideas about a significant positive change for a long time. The “Love Won Society” is about creating a world with more good things, and many people are excited to help make it happen.
  • Will Barney is a speaker and writer who focuses on the RV GCR. He teaches many people about the significant changes happening in the world and the chances for some people to lead these changes.

Will, Ron, and Alex all love helping make our world a better place. You can watch the interview below:

Alex Collier is offering a special deal to join QHS. They are reducing their yearly membership fee. Quantum Healing Systems, a technology they are studying, is made possible by Divine Scripture, a Nonprofit Private Member Association.


Usually, it costs $1200, but now it's only $400 until January 1, 2024. This lower Annual Subscription Fee will be your Legacy Membership for years to come! A priceless Gift!

Join many others as we learn about the importance of frequency in Quantum Healing Systems. QHS projects use special Quantum Twine Wave Effect™ frequencies in:

  • QTWave®
  • QTW-HHS – Home Healing System
  • QHR – Home Replicator
  • And more exciting things are coming!

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    • Myra Teate
    • February 3, 2024

    By the way… I am no longer a part of Love Won Society and have destroyed both Safe Keeping Receipts
    Myra Teate

      • James Harkin
      • February 4, 2024

      We don’t know what ‘Love Won Society’ is and cannot assist you with this.

    • Myra Teate
    • February 3, 2024

    I paid $400 to QHS in April of 2023, after watching a video that Ron Giles Love Won Society was endorsing/promoting…for a healing device and supposedly membership. To this day., Feb. 2 2024…I STILL have not received the healing device after sending multiple emails about it to Ron and also to QHS. I have not received any benefit from the money I sent you. Today, let it be known that I expect a full refund immediately. I believe I have been deceived. I would appreciate a call from you.
    Thank you,
    Myra Teate
    (Personal details redacted)

      • James Harkin
      • February 4, 2024

      QHS is not Alex Collier, please direct your enquiries to QHS: https://support.quantumhealingsystems.org/

    • Richard Joy
    • November 21, 2023

    I have tried for several days to sign up for the Quantum Healing System and the site is not responding. Help, as I am anxious to join.

      • James Harkin
      • November 25, 2023

      You can purchase here: https://quantumhealingsystems.org/christmas-gift-acollier if you have problems please use the support desk: http://support.quantumhealingsystems.org/

  1. Reply

    Thank you for information and guidance. Would the QFS interfere with my heart pacemaker?

      • James Harkin
      • November 20, 2023

      Please contact QHS directly with regards to your enquiry: http://support.quantumhealingsystems.org/

    • Judith G
    • November 18, 2023

    I am a part of LWS and also started listening to the treasure that Alex is and I am new to Will but my excitement for our future (now) is inexplainable. Thank you Tracee & Ron for spreading the news of QHS. I can afford to join now and I will continue to share my/our truth and joy with all I meet. Love and thanks to you all. 🥳💟✝️🌎

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