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Alex Collier with Mel Carmine of XRPQFSTeam – “This will be the last monetary system for planet Earth!” – April 2024

Navigating the Quantum Financial System: A New Frontier for Wealth

In a recent intriguing discussion, Alex Collier, a seasoned observer of societal and financial shifts, shares profound insights on the transformative changes anticipated with the advent of the Quantum Financial System (QFS). This system promises to redefine our understanding of wealth and its distribution, marking a pivotal evolution in financial transactions.

The QFS is not just another financial trend; it's a revolution poised to correct the imbalances of traditional banking systems. Envisioned to operate independently of existing banking infrastructures, it utilizes blockchain technology, ensuring that individuals retain exclusive control over their assets. This paradigm shift offers a more secure and transparent way to manage financial transactions, where banks and governments cannot access personal funds without explicit consent.

During the conversation, Collier highlighted the unique aspects of the QFS, emphasizing its potential to eliminate the pitfalls of conventional financial systems, which have long been manipulated to serve the interests of a select few. The Quantum Financial System is designed to democratize wealth, offering a beacon of hope for a more equitable societal distribution. It aims to educate and empower individuals on managing newfound wealth responsibly, ensuring it contributes positively to societal development.

Interestingly, Collier's narrative was not just about the financial system but also intertwined with his personal experiences and broader societal observations. He shared anecdotes from his life, reflecting on moments of significant personal risk that stemmed from his openness about such contentious topics. His encounters with intimidation and subsequent support from unexpected quarters, like former law enforcement and intelligence officers, underscored his revelations' controversial yet vital nature.

Collier's Quantum Financial System (QFS) discussion went beyond theoretical concepts. He delved into the practical implications of this new system, cautioning against the euphoria of newfound wealth and advocating for wise resource management. He critiqued the current system's tendency to create illusory wealth, arguing that even a child could recognize its unsustainability. This emphasis on practicality makes the QFS more tangible and relevant.

The conversation also addressed the broader implications of adopting new technologies like the QFS. It's seen as a critical step towards a future where financial freedom is accessible to all, free from the shackles of debt and undue influence. Collier passionately argued for the necessity of this shift, not only as a financial imperative but as a moral one to eradicate the ‘cancer' of corruption and greed plaguing our current systems. This vision of societal transformation should inspire and motivate us all to learn more about the QFS and its potential.

As we approach this monumental shift, the dialogue with Alex Collier serves as a gateway to the transformative potential of the Quantum Financial System. It urges everyone to educate themselves about this new technology and prepare for a future where wealth can be a tool for positive change, not just a means of control. In this context, engaging with platforms that offer accurate information and guidance on navigating these changes becomes crucial. This call to action encourages readers to be proactive in their learning and preparation for the Quantum Financial System, ensuring they are not just witnesses to history but active participants in shaping a just economic future.

For more information regarding Mel Carmine's work, please check out his Rumble channel.

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Alex Collier with David Rodriguez and Laura Eisenhower – The Soul War and the Traps Within and The Eclipse – April 4, 2024

In an engaging session, David Rodriguez engages with Laura Eisenhower and Alex Collier in discussions ranging from celestial phenomena and global crises to profound spiritual awakenings. They touch on the year's pressing issues, including election anxieties, potential threats from cyber and biological attacks, and the implications of government and deep state manoeuvres. Moreover, the conversation takes a profound turn into personal and collective ascension, emphasizing the importance of heart-centred action and unity amidst misinformation and societal division. This discussion is a thought-provoking journey through the challenges and transformative potentials of our current times.

You can watch this FULL interview for free here:


The discussion hosted on features Laura Eisenhower, Alex Collier, and the host, delving into a myriad of speculative and thought-provoking topics ranging from current celestial phenomena, potential global crises, and deep state actions to philosophical and existential questions about humanity's place in the universe and individual spiritual journeys. The conversation navigates through speculations on solar eclipses, potential cyber and biological attacks, the role of the National Guard, rumours of a comet hitting the sun, and broader cosmic events potentially affecting humanity. It also explores the influence of deep state and white hat operations, the concept of psyops, and the impact of these events on society's psyche and global stability. Furthermore, the dialogue touches on individual spiritual awakenings, the importance of living from a place of heart rather than ego, and the concept of ascension in the context of cosmic and earthly changes.

Potential Global Crises and Celestial Phenomena

  • The panel discusses the upcoming election year and signs in the heavens, including solar eclipses.
  • Speculation about possible cyber-attacks, NASA's activities, and cometary impacts on the sun.
  • National Guard mobilization and Homeland Security's warnings about a biological attack.
  • There were rumours of drastic actions by the FBI towards major corporations and banks to prepare for extended lockdowns.

Deep State, Psyops, and Government Actions

  • Insights into the deep state's influence and the government's creative responses to maintain an upper hand.
  • Discussion on various rumours circulating about potential crises and governmental preparations.
  • The role of the National Guard and FAA's flight restrictions around the time of an eclipse.

Spiritual Awakening and Ascension

  • Examination of personal and collective spiritual awakenings amidst global crises.
  • The significance of living from a place of heart and serving others.
  • Discussion on the importance of awakening to a broader consciousness and the impact of cosmic events on human evolution.

The Role of Misinformation and In-Fighting

  • Observations on how misinformation and in-fighting within awakening communities can detract from the collective mission.
  • Personal reflections on the challenges faced when public figures are mislabeled or attacked based on their views or associations.


The conversation on with Laura Eisenhower and Alex Collier covers a broad spectrum of topics, from imminent global and cosmic events to humanity's more profound spiritual journey. It underscores the complexity of navigating these times, highlighting the importance of awareness, personal growth, and unity in the face of misinformation and division. Through speculation, philosophical inquiry, and personal testimony, the discussion paints a picture of humanity at a crossroads, with the potential for significant transformation and ascension.

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Alex Collier with Dani Henderson – Earth and Solar System Update – March 30, 2024

In a captivating and enlightening 45-minute conversation on Dani Henderson's YouTube channel, Alex Collier, known for his extensive experience as an Andromedan contactee, shared invaluable insights into the realm of extraterrestrial life and its implications for humanity. This discussion, framed within the dynamic backdrop of the cosmos, invites us on a journey through time and space, shedding light on the profound legacy and potential of human civilization in the galactic community.

Alex Collier, who has dedicated over three and a half decades to public speaking and sharing his encounters with the Andromedans—beings of the fifth-density from the constellation of Andromeda—provides a narrative that is not just about extraterrestrial contact but also a reflection on humanity's place in the universe. The Andromedans, as Collier describes, are entities of love, intelligence, and sensitivity, devoid of ego, embodying what humanity could aspire to become.

The story begins in Collier's childhood in Michigan, where his extraordinary experiences unfolded. His interaction with these fifth-density beings revealed the existence of a collective effort spanning multiple dimensions to ensure the evolutionary success of humanity, a species endowed with royal DNA. This narrative challenges the isolationist perspective that has dominated human thought, suggesting instead that we are part of a vibrant, interconnected galactic family.

Collier's discussion extends beyond personal experiences, touching on the broader implications for humanity. He speaks of a critical moment in our collective journey when we must reclaim our power and take our rightful place in the cosmos. Reclaiming our power involves recognizing our history, potential, and the misleading narratives that have shaped our understanding of our place in the universe.

A significant portion of the conversation discusses sovereignty and the role of generational knowledge. Collier emphasizes the importance of continuity, ensuring that each generation has the wisdom and understanding of the past and is free from the constraints of omission or manipulation. According to Collier, this is essential for the evolution of humanity and our eventual role in the galaxy.

The dialogue also ventures into the challenges and opportunities of the present, highlighting the awakening of many to the realities hidden from public view. The narratives of gods and extraterrestrials, once confined to myth and scripture, are now being reconsidered in the light of new understandings and revelations.

Collier's reflections are a call to action—a reminder that we are at a pivotal point in our journey. The crumbling of old worlds and the awakening to a broader reality present an opportunity to redefine our destiny. This opportunity requires a profound shift in consciousness, a willingness to let go of outdated beliefs, and embracing our inherent potential for greatness.

In closing, Collier's conversation is not just a recounting of extraterrestrial encounters but a profound meditation on human potential, unity, and the path to a more enlightened and interconnected existence. His message resonates with a sense of urgency and hope, urging us to look beyond our perceived limitations and step boldly into the future that awaits us—where humanity stands as a sovereign, integral part of the galactic community.

You can learn more from Dani Henderson and the Galactic Spiritual Informers here.

You can watch this interview for free here:

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Quantum Healing Systems Roundtable: Alex Collier, Ron Giles and Will Barney discuss Humanitarian Projects – March 2024

Unveiling the Quantum Leap: The Dawn of Healing, Wealth, and Unity

In the ever-expanding universe of health and wealth innovation, a groundbreaking discussion has emerged, capturing the essence of quantum healing systems, humanitarian projects, and these advances' profound impact on our world. As an expert immersed in the nuances of quantum healing and philanthropy, I found it imperative to share insights from a riveting conversation among pioneers in this field. Their journey, marked by a commitment to bettering humanity through technology, wealth distribution, and deep spiritual connection, offers hope and a roadmap for a future where health and abundance are accessible.

Participant Bios:

This conversation was facilitated by Tracee, a host dedicated to bringing to light the transformative power of Quantum Healing Systems (QHS) and the humanitarian movement. Featured speakers included Alex Collier, Ron Giles, and Will Barney, each a luminary in their own right, contributing to the tapestry of healing and wealth redistribution with their unique perspectives and experiences.

  • Alex Collier: A staunch advocate for quantum healing technologies and a visionary in extraterrestrial communication, Alex brings a unique perspective on the connection between universal energy, health, and consciousness.
  • Ron Giles: With a deep commitment to humanitarian projects funded by currency revaluation, Ron's work focuses on creating sustainable wealth and resources for projects to uplift humanity.
  • Will Barney: A former banker turned humanitarian, Will's journey reflects a profound shift towards projects that heal the planet and restore the human spirit through advanced technologies and equitable wealth distribution.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Quantum Healing is Universal: The speakers unanimously endorsed the transformative power of Quantum Healing Systems, emphasizing that true healing and rejuvenation come from reconnecting with the universal source of love and energy.
  2. Humanitarian Projects as Catalysts for Change: Each speaker is involved in humanitarian projects, from environmental restoration to wealth redistribution, highlighting the interconnectedness of physical health, environmental health, and financial health.
  3. The Future is Collaborative: The dialogue underscored the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing healing technologies, sharing wealth, and executing humanitarian projects, suggesting that collective action is the key to a prosperous future.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Embrace Quantum Healing: Investigate and utilize Quantum Healing Systems to improve personal and communal well-being.
  2. Engage in Humanitarian Projects: Identify and contribute to projects that resonate with your values and skills, focusing on sustainable impact.
  3. Spread Wealth and Knowledge: Utilize resources, whether financial, intellectual, or technological, to empower others and amplify the reach of beneficial projects.
  4. Foster Collaboration: Build networks and communities that support mutual growth, innovation, and the shared vision of a healthier, more equitable world.

“By sharing our experiences and tools, we empower each other to heal, grow, and make a tangible difference in the world,” Alex Collier remarked, encapsulating the essence of their mission.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Quantum Healing Systems (QHS): Innovative technologies that utilize quantum energy for healing and rejuvenation.
  • Humanitarian Project Platforms: Online and offline platforms where individuals and groups can collaborate on projects to improve human and environmental health.
  • Educational Resources: Materials and workshops that provide insights into quantum healing, wealth redistribution, and the execution of humanitarian projects.

Personal Best Advice:

As we navigate this pivotal era, my best advice is to remain open-hearted and open-minded. Embrace the possibilities that Quantum Healing Systems offer, engage with projects that aim to heal both the planet and its inhabitants, and always look for ways to collaborate and share wealth in all its forms. Remember, our collective future is shaped by the actions we take today.


Q1: What is Quantum Healing?
A1: Quantum Healing involves using the universal energy and principles of quantum mechanics to facilitate healing at a cellular and energetic level.

Q2: How can I get involved in humanitarian projects?
A2: Research projects that align with your passions, reach out to organizations like those mentioned by our speakers and consider how your skills and resources can contribute.

Q3: What is wealth redistribution in this context?
A3: It refers to the equitable distribution of resources and wealth to support humanitarian projects and ensure that advancements in healing and technology benefit all humanity.

Q4: Can Quantum Healing Systems replace traditional medicine?
A4: While they offer profound benefits, viewing them as complementary to traditional medicine is essential, integrating the best of both worlds for optimal health.

Q5: How can I learn more about these topics?
A5: Visit the websites and platforms of the speakers involved, engage with the quantum healing community, and seek out educational resources on these subjects.

Join the QHS Revolution:

If you would like to join QHS today, you are welcome:

For details on the future of medicine, please visit the QHS website.

The future of Medicine is FREQUENCIES. Quantum Healing Systems and its QTWE® – Quantum Twine Wave Effect® are unique worldwide. This is the future of medicine as frequencies. Divine Scripture is a nonprofit humanitarian Unincorporated Private Member Association that allows members to participate in QHS Proof-of-Concept Study Trials. This is all made possible through this unique vehicle.

We do not give medical advice. Articles and videos published here should not be considered a replacement for a qualified medical doctor’s advice. If you have an issue with a physical ailment in any critical state, please immediately seek qualified medical attention.

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The Birth of America – Introduced by Christiane Northrup, M.D. and Spoken by Alex Collier

“The Birth of America,” introduced by Christiane Northrup, M.D., and spoken by Alex Collier, presents a detailed exploration of the United States' formation and evolution. It delves into the parallels between the country's early days and contemporary events, emphasizing the shift from monarchies to a republic, the persistence of the ideals of freedom and individual liberties, and the evolution of governance. The narrative also discusses the challenges faced in maintaining a true constitutional republic, critiques the current state of the U.S. government, and reflects on historical events like the Revolutionary War and the impact of key figures such as George Washington. Furthermore, it touches upon the global implications of American ideals, societal changes, and the ongoing struggle for genuine freedom and responsible governance.

The presentation provides a comprehensive view of the United States' formation, highlighting its revolutionary break from monarchy to a republic, the enduring challenges in maintaining its foundational ideals, and the role of leadership in shaping the nation. It also stresses the current need for re-evaluation and reform in governance to align with the original principles of liberty and justice while acknowledging the broader global impact of these ideals.

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Quantum Healing Systems Roundtable: Alex Collier, Ron Giles and Will Barney discuss the Miracle of 3-6-9 – December 2023

Unraveling the QHS Enigma: A Christmas Gift for You!

The Quantum Healing Systems Project has transcended its originally envisaged timeframe, encompassing many initiatives, including the enigmatic QArc. A span of two years has transpired since its inception, and during this period, a solemn tribute is paid to the souls who, filled with hope and unwavering faith, waited for the advent of the QArc but, regrettably, couldn't witness it. Their inability to endure rests as a sombre burden upon the collective. The names of these devoted individuals are eternally etched into the annals of memory, where devotion is equated with three, belief with six, and faith with nine.

Within the realm of QHS Ambassadors, discussions revolve around the venerated Miracle of 3-6-9. Dr. Alfredo expounds upon this phenomenon in a profound philosophical discourse, elucidating how each number intricately builds upon the preceding one. This sacred triad, the 3-6-9, is the foundational cornerstone of the world is construction. He illustrates how 3 equates to devotion, 6 to belief, and 9 to faith. These numbers constitute the bedrock upon which their reality is built.

The original team, initiated by Dr. Alfredo as far back as 1974, embarked on a mission to bestow the 3-6-9 upon humanity, driven by an unshakable belief in its transformative potential. In 1986, this original team dwindled to three stalwarts who pledged unswerving devotion to their labour and each other. They solemnly vowed to complete this monumental undertaking, investing their very essence into it. Their faith was unwavering, and their commitment resolute. This promise held profound significance, for they harboured an absolute conviction that their mission would come to fruition. This original trio's unwavering belief and determination have ushered them into the present, where thousands now reap the benefits of their visionary ideals, unwavering intentions, and persistent actions—truly a testament to the enduring power of 3-6-9. Regrettably, two of these original three visionaries have departed from this world, transitioning to a heavenly realm, for they were undoubtedly earthly angels.

As they reflect upon the culmination of two years dedicated to QHS this month, they stand proud of their collective achievements. They have made significant strides, meticulously marked by noteworthy milestones that shall be illuminated throughout this month. However, for their 3-6-9 discourse, it is imperative to acknowledge moments of disappointment. These instances of disillusionment serve as the counterbalance that begets enlightenment. Doubts may have crept in during the evolution of devotion to QHS, especially as they find themselves two years into the QArc project, initially slated for release in the spring of 2022, yet still unmanifested and unseen. The belief in QHS's ability to endure and prosper has sometimes been scrutinized, reflecting the uncertainties that pervade their modern world.

Doubts are transient, their duration dictated by the capriciousness of the human mind. The enduring commitment of countless individuals to 3-6-9, coupled with their unwavering devotion, belief, and faith in QHS projects, bears testimony to the intrinsic value of QHS. The numerous Member Testimonial videos on YouTube published throughout the past year underscore this point unequivocally.
Every facet of the technologies supported by QHS projects espouses a unified commitment to the body, mind, and spirit triad. The physical body represents 3, the intellect 6, and the spirit 9.

In 2023, QHS Projects unveiled the QTWave® white production model, a revolutionary device lauded by many as miraculous. Testimonials from members extolling newfound perspectives, thoughts, and emotions elicited by the QTWave® abound in their conversations, both during calls and daily discussions on QHS Telegram channels. This is the embodiment of the 3-6-9 ladder expounded upon by Dr. Alfredo. It constitutes the essence of the Body-Mind-Spirit trinity encapsulated within the Quantum Twine Wave Effect®. This effect, in its 3-6-9 essence, is irrefutably demonstrated. In the face of such compelling evidence, disillusionment seems an inconsequential concern. The manifold miraculous benefits experienced by countless individuals only serve to deepen their gratitude.

The year 2023 draws to a close on a resounding note of faith—the unwavering belief in realizing their desired outcome: the global launch of Quantum Healing Centers, poised to dot the planet. The vision, intention, and ongoing actions of their vibrant, healthy selves, assuming leadership roles in this global endeavour, reflect the enduring nature of the QHS Project. It shall persist, carried aloft on the wings of angels, toward the ultimate blessed denouement, seamlessly aligning with the promise of 2024—a symphony harmonized with their collective efforts and the enduring power of 3-6-9.

Alex Collier is offering a special deal to join Quantum Healing Systems. They are reducing their yearly membership fee. Quantum Healing Systems, a technology they are studying, is made possible by Divine Scripture, a Nonprofit Private Member Association.


Usually, it costs $1200, but now it's only $400 until January 1, 2024. This lower Annual Subscription Fee will be your Legacy Membership for years to come! A priceless Gift!

May the Divine's grace and robust health's blessings be forever yours!

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Alex Collier Interview with Michael of The Energy That Surrounds Us – September 2023

Alex Collier was interviewed by Michael of The Energy That Surrounds Us in September 2023. Alex discusses many topics, including his experiences with the Andromedans, and much more. TETSU also has a Rumble Channel and a show on

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Dr. Lee Merritt and Dr. Christiane Northrup interview Alex Collier – November 2023

Today, we're diving into an extraordinary discussion featuring Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Christiane Northrup, and the enigmatic Andromedan extraterrestrial contactee Alex Collier; together, the conversation leaps into the unknown. They discuss everything from Solar Warden – a covert space program guarding our solar system, to the Draconians – an evil alien race. They delve into energetics, the energy systems that might power UFOs, the broader implications of these revelations for humanity's role in the galaxy and much more.

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