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The Birth of America – Introduced by Christiane Northrup, M.D. and Spoken by Alex Collier

“The Birth of America,” introduced by Christiane Northrup, M.D., and spoken by Alex Collier, presents a detailed exploration of the United States' formation and evolution. It delves into the parallels between the country's early days and contemporary events, emphasizing the shift from monarchies to a republic, the persistence of the ideals of freedom and individual liberties, and the evolution of governance. The narrative also discusses the challenges faced in maintaining a true constitutional republic, critiques the current state of the U.S. government, and reflects on historical events like the Revolutionary War and the impact of key figures such as George Washington. Furthermore, it touches upon the global implications of American ideals, societal changes, and the ongoing struggle for genuine freedom and responsible governance.

The presentation provides a comprehensive view of the United States' formation, highlighting its revolutionary break from monarchy to a republic, the enduring challenges in maintaining its foundational ideals, and the role of leadership in shaping the nation. It also stresses the current need for re-evaluation and reform in governance to align with the original principles of liberty and justice while acknowledging the broader global impact of these ideals.

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Quantum Healing Systems Roundtable: Alex Collier, Ron Giles and Will Barney discuss the Miracle of 3-6-9 – December 2023

Unraveling the QHS Enigma: A Christmas Gift for You!

The Quantum Healing Systems Project has transcended its originally envisaged timeframe, encompassing many initiatives, including the enigmatic QArc. A span of two years has transpired since its inception, and during this period, a solemn tribute is paid to the souls who, filled with hope and unwavering faith, waited for the advent of the QArc but, regrettably, couldn't witness it. Their inability to endure rests as a sombre burden upon the collective. The names of these devoted individuals are eternally etched into the annals of memory, where devotion is equated with three, belief with six, and faith with nine.

Within the realm of QHS Ambassadors, discussions revolve around the venerated Miracle of 3-6-9. Dr. Alfredo expounds upon this phenomenon in a profound philosophical discourse, elucidating how each number intricately builds upon the preceding one. This sacred triad, the 3-6-9, is the foundational cornerstone of the world is construction. He illustrates how 3 equates to devotion, 6 to belief, and 9 to faith. These numbers constitute the bedrock upon which their reality is built.

The original team, initiated by Dr. Alfredo as far back as 1974, embarked on a mission to bestow the 3-6-9 upon humanity, driven by an unshakable belief in its transformative potential. In 1986, this original team dwindled to three stalwarts who pledged unswerving devotion to their labour and each other. They solemnly vowed to complete this monumental undertaking, investing their very essence into it. Their faith was unwavering, and their commitment resolute. This promise held profound significance, for they harboured an absolute conviction that their mission would come to fruition. This original trio's unwavering belief and determination have ushered them into the present, where thousands now reap the benefits of their visionary ideals, unwavering intentions, and persistent actions—truly a testament to the enduring power of 3-6-9. Regrettably, two of these original three visionaries have departed from this world, transitioning to a heavenly realm, for they were undoubtedly earthly angels.

As they reflect upon the culmination of two years dedicated to QHS this month, they stand proud of their collective achievements. They have made significant strides, meticulously marked by noteworthy milestones that shall be illuminated throughout this month. However, for their 3-6-9 discourse, it is imperative to acknowledge moments of disappointment. These instances of disillusionment serve as the counterbalance that begets enlightenment. Doubts may have crept in during the evolution of devotion to QHS, especially as they find themselves two years into the QArc project, initially slated for release in the spring of 2022, yet still unmanifested and unseen. The belief in QHS's ability to endure and prosper has sometimes been scrutinized, reflecting the uncertainties that pervade their modern world.

Doubts are transient, their duration dictated by the capriciousness of the human mind. The enduring commitment of countless individuals to 3-6-9, coupled with their unwavering devotion, belief, and faith in QHS projects, bears testimony to the intrinsic value of QHS. The numerous Member Testimonial videos on YouTube published throughout the past year underscore this point unequivocally.
Every facet of the technologies supported by QHS projects espouses a unified commitment to the body, mind, and spirit triad. The physical body represents 3, the intellect 6, and the spirit 9.

In 2023, QHS Projects unveiled the QTWave® white production model, a revolutionary device lauded by many as miraculous. Testimonials from members extolling newfound perspectives, thoughts, and emotions elicited by the QTWave® abound in their conversations, both during calls and daily discussions on QHS Telegram channels. This is the embodiment of the 3-6-9 ladder expounded upon by Dr. Alfredo. It constitutes the essence of the Body-Mind-Spirit trinity encapsulated within the Quantum Twine Wave Effect®. This effect, in its 3-6-9 essence, is irrefutably demonstrated. In the face of such compelling evidence, disillusionment seems an inconsequential concern. The manifold miraculous benefits experienced by countless individuals only serve to deepen their gratitude.

The year 2023 draws to a close on a resounding note of faith—the unwavering belief in realizing their desired outcome: the global launch of Quantum Healing Centers, poised to dot the planet. The vision, intention, and ongoing actions of their vibrant, healthy selves, assuming leadership roles in this global endeavour, reflect the enduring nature of the QHS Project. It shall persist, carried aloft on the wings of angels, toward the ultimate blessed denouement, seamlessly aligning with the promise of 2024—a symphony harmonized with their collective efforts and the enduring power of 3-6-9.

Alex Collier is offering a special deal to join Quantum Healing Systems. They are reducing their yearly membership fee. Quantum Healing Systems, a technology they are studying, is made possible by Divine Scripture, a Nonprofit Private Member Association.


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May the Divine's grace and robust health's blessings be forever yours!

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Alex Collier Interview with Michael of The Energy That Surrounds Us – September 2023

Alex Collier was interviewed by Michael of The Energy That Surrounds Us in September 2023. Alex discusses many topics, including his experiences with the Andromedans, and much more. TETSU also has a Rumble Channel and a show on

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Dr. Lee Merritt and Dr. Christiane Northrup interview Alex Collier – November 2023

Today, we're diving into an extraordinary discussion featuring Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Christiane Northrup, and the enigmatic Andromedan extraterrestrial contactee Alex Collier; together, the conversation leaps into the unknown. They discuss everything from Solar Warden – a covert space program guarding our solar system, to the Draconians – an evil alien race. They delve into energetics, the energy systems that might power UFOs, the broader implications of these revelations for humanity's role in the galaxy and much more.

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Quantum Healing Systems – Interview with Alex Collier, Ron Giles and Will Barney – PLUS – Special Friends and Family Offer from QHS!

Our Talk with QHS Ambassadors: A New Beginning

We chatted with Will Barney, Alex Collier, and Ron Giles, who are QHS Ambassadors. They helped us understand things better and made everyone feel hopeful. This talk was uplifting and vital in these challenging times. Feel free to share it with others.

Will Barney, Alex Collier, and Ron Giles are three amazing people who dedicate their lives to helping others. They work towards improving health, healing, and the world with plenty of good things.

  • Alex Collier is a writer and speaker. He's good with words and has a message that everyone will enjoy. Alex has an incredible memory and has spent his life exploring and learning about our world and space. Listening to him is enjoyable.
  • Ron Giles also writes and speaks. He's in charge of the “Love Won Society,” which he started thinking about over six years ago. Ron has had ideas about a significant positive change for a long time. The “Love Won Society” is about creating a world with more good things, and many people are excited to help make it happen.
  • Will Barney is a speaker and writer who focuses on the RV GCR. He teaches many people about the significant changes happening in the world and the chances for some people to lead these changes.

Will, Ron, and Alex all love helping make our world a better place. You can watch the interview below:

Alex Collier is offering a special deal to join QHS. They are reducing their yearly membership fee. Quantum Healing Systems, a technology they are studying, is made possible by Divine Scripture, a Nonprofit Private Member Association.


Usually, it costs $1200, but now it's only $400 until January 1, 2024. This lower Annual Subscription Fee will be your Legacy Membership for years to come! A priceless Gift!

Join many others as we learn about the importance of frequency in Quantum Healing Systems. QHS projects use special Quantum Twine Wave Effect™ frequencies in:

  • QTWave®
  • QTW-HHS – Home Healing System
  • QHR – Home Replicator
  • And more exciting things are coming!
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Alex Collier – Remote Viewing Roundtable – With Dr. Michael Salla, Tony Rodrigues and Elena Danaan – October 2023

Tony Rodrigues recounts his October 2023 field trip to investigate his memories of being forcibly abducted and recruited into a secret space program. He was taken to Inyokern, California, where he and other child abductees were subjected to MK-Ultra mind programming and trained in military-grade remote viewing. Rodrigues discovered mobile buildings where he was held, tortured, and trained in remote viewing protocols. Elena Danaan and Alex Collier discuss the capabilities and limitations of remote viewing in extraterrestrial civilizations, including whether extraterrestrials can shield themselves from human viewers and project deceptive cover images.

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Alex Collier shares his experiences with the Quantum Healing Systems QTWE Quantum Twine Wave Effect device.

Quantum Healing Systems: The Future of Medicine – QHS Brand Ambassador Alex Collier Shares His Story!

The Revolutionary Impact of Frequencies on Medicine

In an era where technological advancements are propelling industries forward, Quantum Healing Systems (QHS) stands out as a pioneer in redefining the future of medicine. Frequencies, they say, are the heart of this evolution. The groundbreaking QTWE® (Quantum Twine Wave Effect®) is a testament to their commitment to this cause, setting them apart globally.

The Genesis of Quantum Healing Systems

Alex, an ardent advocate and ambassador for QHS, sheds light on why this system resonates with him. His firsthand experience with the QHS devices paints a vivid picture of their transformative power. Struggling with chronic pain following surgeries, Alex found relief in just three days of using the QHS device. His body's positive response to the frequencies was nothing short of miraculous.

Understanding the Science Behind QHS

Delving into the science, Alex highlights that this isn't a new invention but a revival. Ancient civilizations understood the principles of colour, light, and sound. They recognized that our reality is a manifestation of these elements. This knowledge, however, was suppressed for ages and has now been reintroduced to the world through QHS.

The Practical Applications and Success Stories

From athletes to corporate professionals, the applications of QHS are diverse. The technology promises relief from ailments and a lifestyle shift, promoting healthier living. Alex's emphasis on the QHS Ambassador program underlines the importance of reintroducing this life-changing technology to the world. Ambassadors like Alex are not just representatives but daily users, testifying to its benefits.

The Vision for the Future

When asked about the future of QHS, Alex's vision is vast and inclusive. He envisions QHS devices proliferating globally, even extending to extraterrestrial realms. The possibilities are boundless, from eradicating childhood diseases to lengthening human life by several decades. Figures like Stephen Hawking could have benefited, sharing their brilliance for even longer.

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However, the journey isn't without challenges. Despite its evident benefits, there's resistance from various sectors, including corporate America and pharmaceutical giants. Yet, Alex's determination is unwavering. His message is clear: the world needs to embrace this technology. It's about ensuring longevity, enhancing quality of life, and uncovering our true history.

In Conclusion

The essence of QHS is beautifully encapsulated in their motto: “Together, hand in hand, we make miracles happen.” The onus is on us to be part of this revolution, to make informed choices, and to prioritize our well-being. For more insights, visit their official website

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The Quantum Healing Systems Membership will close on 11/1/23, so please get in touch with them soon if you would like to benefit from the new QTWE device.

Note: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not replace professional medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare provider for any medical concerns. Also, this article is a summary of the 30-minute video shared at the top of this article.

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Alex Collier with Dani Henderson – The Horror of Reptilians and Greys – August 7, 2023

Dani Henderson interviewed Alex Collier regarding ‘The Horror of Reptilians and Greys'. For over 30 years, Alex Collier has given the planet information on negative and positive extraterrestrials. None more brutal than the reptilians and greys that, in this broadcast, he refers to. Alex has held onto this information for so long and is now ready to share. This is not easy to watch or listen to, but he is gifting insight into a history that will never be repeated on our planet… Please watch the one-hour-fifteen-minute discussion below:

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