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Alex Collier – Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio – January 10th, 2016

Alan James & Steven George from Open Your Mind Radio welcomes special guest Alex Collier to their radio show on January 10th, 2016.

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    • George Hawirko
    • September 27, 2021

    Today is Sept 26, 2021, I time-traveled back to this show and believe that it applies to today as well…

    • tracy
    • December 19, 2016

    when will web 23 be available on vod

    (EDITOR: It is available now 🙂 )

    • tracy
    • December 4, 2016


    • t
    • September 23, 2016


    (EDITOR: This weeks webinar will be uploaded today.)

    • Chris
    • June 21, 2016

    this is the ascension herb to have in your garden
    radix Astragali Membranacei it pulls in spirit with in this relam in to your body

    The color of the flower is from what dimension it goes in to (Chakra) if it is yellow it is stronger ,because it is the 3th

    • tracy
    • February 24, 2016


    • tracy
    • February 20, 2016


    (EDITOR: The webinar is available here.)

    • molly
    • February 20, 2016

    Randi Green has also done a video about the Isness that Alex talks about which can be found on you tube.

    • molly
    • February 20, 2016

    regarding our true history, i have come across a book called Souls of Humanity and also Terraology by the same author, Randi Green.
    She also has a website
    Interestingly she talks a lot about belief systems which came up a lot in this webinar.
    She also emphaszies that we have to wake up and she does it by working on yourself and questioning your belief systems, healing yourself enable you to link up to the hgher aspects of yourself.

    • Candy Bray
    • January 19, 2016

    Hi Alex,

    I am just now listening to your 1/10/16 speech at about the 1&1/2 hr mark, re suicide. Because of committing suicide in my last incarnation here over some horrendous feelings I did not want to feel, and being still affected by that in my current incarnation, I thought maybe some of my words could help. Some of this is also coming from higher spiritual help not caught in our earthly realm here, and because of the trust I have in that info, I will share it.
    Because of choosing to “cop out” of horrendous feelings I did not feel I could tolerate, I killed myself. Now that I am into my next incarnation, I am left with physical “wounds” of my choice manifesting in poor health and ugly thoughts about myself that I have had to work through. Between that and this lifetime, I went to a place where there was nothing but these thoughts to work through and get myself to the other side of, no body or anything else to offer a little distraction to make it easier on me. It was for a long time. What I can say from this, and my spiritual Teacher has said, is that “SUICIDE IS NOT AN ESCAPE”. In fact, it is just the opposite. So if one is choosing suicide to try and escape from feeling something that seems to harsh to feel, or some similar event, it is MUCH EASIER to go through the original feelings and events, then commit suicide and go thru that detour. Also, most of this lifetime for me is about getting through the last of those feelings and coming though into the Light, and NOT committing suicide this time round. And then my next incarnation I can get on with what I am here to do and what I want, which is to go Home. So I do feel I have lost alot of spiritual advancement ground in taking the Path of suicide ( because I want to be Home asap!), although I have gained the personal wisdom about it!
    If this can be of some help to help somebody not choose the path of suicide, then it is well worth what I have gone through!

      • gnak
      • January 22, 2016

      i can barely understand wat u posted

      i can gather the message u trying post is suicide is bad

      but my response is if life becomes unbearable

      then why cant suicide be a viable option?

      if its as simple as avoid the tunnel of light

      to not reincarnate on earth

      then suicide looks like a good choice to me

        • Alex G.
        • April 9, 2016

        Gnak; Alex Collier Said it & in the Andromedans perspective, if you do not follow the light, there is no rules in the universe that says that you have to be reincarnated on Earth again, forget everything and start over again: you can go and learn those lessons any-friggin-where else you want!

        For me, it is even more horrible to force someone to stay alive albeit all the source of the suffering (Physical illness, mental illness). In my opinion, it should be normal that when any souls experiencing in a living body is tired, wants to leave and continue to learn hi’s/her’s lessons somewhere else or in any other ways, well that you should have the right to choose!!!

        You don’t take a kid who failed 3rd grade and put him in the same class and teach him the same way over again! NO! You, yes, make him take the failed class again, but you use other ways, tools, methods, a different environment to teach the kid and to help him understand how to better himself!!!!

        But the difficulty in this Cosmic prison is that you star over and over and over again with this sick premise, like Alex said, that you can only get out when you become “PERFECT”… and that you have to do this while always forgetting EVERYTHING every-time? That is completely CRAZY and STUPID!

        So in the end, when a soul want’s to leave and continue his lessons somewhere and someplace else, technically there is no rule outside this Archon’s deception, that you have to do it all over again on earth. And I intend to make this “right” of my soul to choose heard when I leave this place. Screw the light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Pilutaq
    • January 15, 2016

    i agree this was definetely best i’ve heard in a loong time
    i wish we had leaders like Alex
    Someone who cares for people

    i wish the best for all of you

    • gnak
    • January 13, 2016

    alex best interview in a long time

    thanks for sharing

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