Alex Collier – Radio Interview – 7th July 2012

Alex Collier – Radio Interview – 7th July 2012

This is Alex Collier’s radio interview on the 7th July 2012 from Letters From Andromeda. This is Letters From Andromeda's first Internet radio show with Alex Collier and it was recorded the day before the interview of the 8th July 2012 I posted in July. It covers a lot of what is in the other interview, but I post it for those of you who would like to listen.

Alex Collier is being interviewed by Richard from Letters From Andromeda. You can download the .mp3 interview from the Letters From Andromeda site.

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    • TSB
    • June 4, 2015

    Alex never asked for anything for the information he’s relayed. He is a real trailblazer in our search for who we really are.

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