Letters From Andromeda

A New Message From Jon Robinson, the original publisher of ‘The Letters From Andromeda’ – 26th August 2014

I just received a new message from Jon Robinson, Alex Collier's friend and original publisher of Letters From Andromeda:

Letters From Andromeda - Jon Robinson - Alex Collier

Dear James,

Again thanks for all the work that you are doing on behalf of my friend Alex. At
this time I wanted to say just a bit about Alex's recent posting recommendation The
Book of Man by Brain O.

I have had a long history request for Alex over many many years about him writing a
book or sharing information from out Zenetae Andromedan friends about what they had
shared with him regarding the galactic history of the Milky Way and all the
pertaining bodies contained within.

Over the years Alex had put a lot of work in to it, but it just never made its way
to print. Now seeing that Brain O is recognizing Alex Collier and others like
Michael E. Sala regarding this work of The Book of Man, I am greatful because as I
took the time to watch and listen I had heard lots of stuff that I had heard over
the years and other parts that fit with what I felt as my understanding and research
was right information wise. So thank you for all this body of work and hey Alex,
you found a way to get it there.

Folks I want to just point out that in the beginning the was an originating tribe
or race of man that has very significance and importance to the ending of the
history lesson so far and additional important information that was shared. I would
like to say that what I know is to understand that tribe or particular race of man
unlocks a very important key for these times for each and every one of us and us as
a collective whole to. I know I am being a bit elusive at this moment, but the
answer is very profound and by doing just a bit of research in to what Alex has
shared you can come to answer it I feel. But I will say this...It puts a fine point
on the idea of As Above, So Below.

Here is a bit more to consider. Some of our friends come from our future and we
share something of great importance with them. How do I know this? There was a
point in the not to distant past of my own life right now where I found myself
laying down to go to bed and looking up at the ceiling within my bed room and being
still very wide awake I shared the vision of two worlds at the same time through my
own eyes and the eyes of a being on-board a craft moving quickly within space. He
was standing talking to two other like beings and I was watching this all take place
around them as well as directly from his eyes and ears. Interestingly I could sense
that he was staring at my ceiling in my bedroom himself and both of us knew that we
were sharing this matching experience together. When I shared this with Alex he
told me I experienced a very rare event of sharing between myself and one of other

I also got an opportunity to be visited by another one of my other current lifes who
had come to help work with my physical body a few days after I gave permission to be
abducted for which they did things to my physical body leaving me with markings on
my body. When I shared that sequence of events Alex felt I had been visited by a
being that is me in the future. Upon havnga a very competent regression done a few
weeks later that was confirmed in a very vivid reliving of the encounters.

Folks my feelings on this is that the soul involvement along with later use of
genetic's holds a very important key to up and coming changes and answers for me why
I am very much awakening more and more all the time. And so I say to all of you who
read this, that the ideas of galactic history is far more important than just
getting to know what took place long ago. I feel that aspects of the history can
help some to come closer to unlocking keys that will open and unleash other
important aspects of ourselves for events that are coming our way as the big change
gets closer.

Please keep in mind, that what Alex has been given much valuable information please
do not think that you must place him on high for he is a son of man just like the
rest of us. He knows what he does because he agreed to share and that makes him
leader. But do not sell yourselves short in leadership however. 

I will end this visit by saying for me when I came across Alex Collier for the first
time it was not about the information and the true understanding that I was not
being asked to be all love and light. Our friends never had Alex share information
that used love and light together yet you could feel the truth within the
information all the same. Over the years some would say to me that information that
Alex would share could be scary or fearful. But, you see, there is nothing wrong
with sacry at all for that is natural and is at times a part of the truth. As for
fearful, that is only us placing our learning in the way of the truth. The Zenetae
Andromedans had always shared that it is up to us what we do with the information
given. They always recommended that we should stand in the center with our feet
firmly plated on both aspects or light and dark. For then you can measure the truth
that you need to know and react to it as you should. That is the free will of
choice way, my friends. Besides the reality of all thing id balance, not one over
the other.

So Be It,

Jon Robinson
Former Publisher of Letters From Andromeda

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New Message From Jon Robinson – Alex Collier’s Friend and Original Letters From Andromeda Publisher – March 24, 2014

I just received a new message from Jon Robinson, Alex’s friend and original publisher of Letters From Andromeda. I thought I’d post it to keep all of Alex Collier’s friends and fans in the loop:

Letters From Andromeda - Jon Robinson - Alex Collier


Thanks for sharing my previous email.  I wanted to address some things that I have
been reading that others feel that Alex Collier is a hoaxer.

First off, over the years I have myself encountered many aspects of his contacts
that had shown me that the Zeneate Andromedan's are very much real so as to verify
Alex as truthful.  I have shared some of the events on an article on DR. Michael
Sala's Exopolitics website.  But I can say this plainly and simply being a
experiencer myself since childhood, I know the truth of what I experience better
than anyone else and it matters not if you believe what I have to say or not for
that is your free will choice.

As for the change of his name.  Come on, he has shared that he changed his name long
ago to protect those within his family as he started to step out and share
information.  People change their names for all sorts of reasons, so just because
Alex changed his name does not automatically make him a fake.  I will say this about
the gentlemen who constantly brings this matter up to the world.  His agenda is to
promote Billy Mier and Billy is on record of stating that he and only he is the only
true contactee on the planet.  I was there when a Figu representative visiting a
long ago Los Angeles UFO conference made the statement of Billy's contacts race name
change.  That it was done to prove that all others were fakes and Billy was real.  I
have this to say.  If a race comes and wishes to share information then why must
them lie to us from the start...or did they not lie but others have done so?  Use
your free will of choice and decide for yourselves.

People like to point out that dates that Alex has shared over the years have for the
most part not come to pass as far as the events told.  This is true, but while the
Zenetae Andromedan's are time travel capable they know one very big truth.  That the
future is always in flux and can be changed by actions set in motion by others.  One
thing I have noted over the years when I worked closely with Alex was that when you
put out in advance some titbit of information of a future event and it does not
happen, then does that make the messenger and source liars or is it just the future
being in flux at work.  Again our friends, it is up to you to use your free will of
choice to choose what feels right within yourself.

Being Alex Colliers friend for many year now, I can say this.  I still do my
homework and what he has stated in his latest post so far this year is on the mark. 
Without even speaking to him about it, I myself have come up with similar thoughts
using what I know and what I see going on all around us.  Realize folks that when
Alex shares information with you he does so because he has a passion to do so
because just like myself he wants you to take the information in and research it for
yourself or choose for yourself.  That is one critical point about the Zenetae
Andromedan's that has always been true to form, they don't sugar coat there messages
and say it's all about light and love.  They are very loving beings as are many of
us as well.  They share the information and if Alex chooses to share it then we all
get an opportunity to research and then decide on our own if we stand behind what
was shared or not.  That is the Free Will of Choice that we must use more and that
the world is waking up to see to it.

Remember this our friends.  There is no right or wrong answers for all is knowledge
and it is with knowledge that each and every one of us uses to make our free will
choices. So get up and start walking the walk rather than just talking the talk. 
Show yourself and the world that each of you are true leaders that you are and not
just followers.  Know that leaders know when to lead and when to allow others to
step up and lead as well.  So let's stop trying to find fault in Alex and use your
own free will of choice to make your own difference in this world.  Believe me, Alex
Collier does not want to stand up for any type of glory that he might get from
speaking out.  He speaks out so as to simply share what he has been told.  But it is
up to each one of us to what we do with the information or not.  It's always been
your choices...always has been!

Thank you for allowing me to once again share my thoughts about my friend Alex and
our friends from beyond this world.  

Jon Robinson
Friend and Original Letters From Andromeda Publisher

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Message from Jon Robinson Alex Collier’s Friend and Original Publisher of Letters From Andromeda

I just received a message from Jon Robinson, Alex's friend and original publisher of Letters From Andromeda. I thought I'd post it to keep all of Alex Collier's friends and fans in the loop:


It is long overdue that I extend out my thanks in your support of my dear friend
Alex Collier.  Alex as you know is a brave man for all that he has endured in his
life so far.  I love him dearly as he knows.  I am so happy to see that you have 
posted the Letters From Andromeda to the website.  When that newsletter was first
created we had not idea how powerful they would become, but then when you read the
information that Alex shared within their pages it is easy to see why they caught on
and during there time they went worldwide.

I was so honored to be a part of his team to bring the words of the Zenetae
Andromedans out so that others could experience them.  It was a sad time when we had
to close down, but it had to be I was told and if our friends told him it had to be
done, their was no hesitation it had to be done.  Alex knows my commitment to our
friends and I am so greatful to him and to them for all they have done for the
humanity of this world.

I am also greatful to you now to James because you are assisting Alex during his
hardest of times.  The most powerful aspect of the Zenetae Andromedan information
has been for me, how so much they are grounded in common sense and the truth just
rings within each of us who takes time to listen and absorb what is being said and
shared.  They never told anyone that this is what you must believe for they stood
behind the ideals of Free Will of Choice and always suggested that we each to our
own homework to verify truth.  There is still not a day that goes by that much of
the wisdom they have shared works for me in my life one way or another.  And I am
greatful to Alex for be brave enough to share what he has.  And so my hat is off to
you as well, for your continued efforts to bring fourth the Zenetae Andromedan
information for others to find and share.  Also thank you for setting up a means for
Alex and his loved ones to keep on surviving.  They are indeed all loving beings.

Jon Robinson
Alex's Friend and Original Publisher of Letters From Andromeda

Please continue to help and support Alex Collier as best you can. He is going through some tough times:

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