Message from Jon Robinson Alex Collier’s Friend and Original Publisher of Letters From Andromeda

I just received a message from Jon Robinson, Alex's friend and original publisher of Letters From Andromeda. I thought I'd post it to keep all of Alex Collier's friends and fans in the loop:


It is long overdue that I extend out my thanks in your support of my dear friend
Alex Collier.  Alex as you know is a brave man for all that he has endured in his
life so far.  I love him dearly as he knows.  I am so happy to see that you have 
posted the Letters From Andromeda to the website.  When that newsletter was first
created we had not idea how powerful they would become, but then when you read the
information that Alex shared within their pages it is easy to see why they caught on
and during there time they went worldwide.

I was so honored to be a part of his team to bring the words of the Zenetae
Andromedans out so that others could experience them.  It was a sad time when we had
to close down, but it had to be I was told and if our friends told him it had to be
done, their was no hesitation it had to be done.  Alex knows my commitment to our
friends and I am so greatful to him and to them for all they have done for the
humanity of this world.

I am also greatful to you now to James because you are assisting Alex during his
hardest of times.  The most powerful aspect of the Zenetae Andromedan information
has been for me, how so much they are grounded in common sense and the truth just
rings within each of us who takes time to listen and absorb what is being said and
shared.  They never told anyone that this is what you must believe for they stood
behind the ideals of Free Will of Choice and always suggested that we each to our
own homework to verify truth.  There is still not a day that goes by that much of
the wisdom they have shared works for me in my life one way or another.  And I am
greatful to Alex for be brave enough to share what he has.  And so my hat is off to
you as well, for your continued efforts to bring fourth the Zenetae Andromedan
information for others to find and share.  Also thank you for setting up a means for
Alex and his loved ones to keep on surviving.  They are indeed all loving beings.

Jon Robinson
Alex's Friend and Original Publisher of Letters From Andromeda

Please continue to help and support Alex Collier as best you can. He is going through some tough times:

Please Donate To Alex Collier, Anything You Can Afford Will Be Appreciated

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    • ALD
    • March 9, 2014

    Looked at at Andromeda tonight with my astronomical binoculars. Crystal clear, beautiful, and then one star took off flying in a NW direction. So cool!

    • human
    • July 30, 2013

    I wish Alex would do a show, if he can, been coming here on and off. I prefer him than Tolec, if you guys can recommend anyone else for a off world extraterrestrial perspective on current events please share…thank you.

  1. Reply

    Alex Collier: Zenetae Interview is now live on my channel, 4 parts.

    1. Reply

      Yes, I think this enough.

      This site might be visited by millions of people in a month or so when the visiting starts. We don’t want the Alex Collier/ Andromeda website presented in this way.
      Please, no more comments.

      1. I appreciate that all these videos that are being put together on YouTube by Dimensional, but we don’t need to read about how his life situation is going for him. We all have our problems and fears to face within our lives. Just remember, Mr. Collier has probably had it the WORSE than any other Terran on this planet. Alex has certainly showed us what it takes to be a warrior.

  2. Reply

    Just took a very short nap while wide awake, next thing, my dad needed help on something outside, and I had 2 scratches looks like just happened very recently, I didnt remember that being there nor my dad too.

    I can feel the 2 scratches now, it wasnt like this before, 10:46 AM EST

    1. Reply

      Every time you come on here, you keep telling everyone the same old story. “THERE WATCHING ME LIKE FLIES ON SHIT!!!” It’s getting irritating to read these comments from you. Tell us something that we don’t know; besides your depressing experiences.

  3. Reply

    Another Update here and broke another record on ufo sighting time, This time @ 8:40+AM EST.

    The usual Orange/yellowish looking sphere far into the distance, into the trees, I saw this right after I got off work early, I looked at it for sometime to make sure it was indeed a ufo, I moved to a lil bit to the left to where the sighting was not visible or somewhat visible to challenge it to see if this object will move, and of course, it did, I looked at it for a bit longer, yup, its moving alright, defint a ufo.

    Jeez, someone or some group,etc is on me, 24/7 Extreme surveillance Mode, Why they are all looking and observing me 24/7 is beyond me, and thats what I want to know, I aint no better then anyone else.

    If anyone knows why, please I want to know, now this is the first time I ever had a morning sighting.

    Sightings, fars in amounts wise, is getting worse and worse and worse overtime, Why they are all looking at me, I dont know, I want to know, I have the need to know, so if anyone knows or have contact within that group is monitoring me, please share, I would like to know, thank you.

  4. Reply

    Just went outside very recently, at around 9:47-9:50 pm est, I saw, a huge craft, some of the lights were going off and on, I only got a glimpse of it for like 30 seconds or so, I looked somewhere else for like a couple seconds, then I checked back, this craft was long gone.

    I dont know if its a smaller mothership type craft, I dont know if it was close by or not, from what I can tell, it was very close by, If that was far in the distance, this object is extremely huge, but fars I can tell, It seems close by, prettie good sized craft, other sightings appears as well, all over the skies from all angles, including unusual sightings or something on ground level that I can not explain, yes I challenged the one on ground level, I moved a bit to see if the sighting will move, and yes it moved to get my attn, this was on ground level, far into the trees.

    Sightings all over the place, but that craft that was close by, possibly a smaller mothership, really got my attention.

    This was around 9:47-9:pm est, today.

  5. Reply

    And I wanted to say to everyone including all benevolent et’s thats helping on this planet now and outskirts of this planet, I am very sorrie the path I have chosen, I have Went to the dark side, I chosen this path because I wanted to help or save some lives in the coming future, infact it was nothing but that, now I am basically a walking dead person, always completely exhausted for no apparent reason, A message to everyone, DO NOT take the same path I have chosen, please only follow only unconditional love to everyone including the planet, try to help others at all times,etc.

    Sorrie what I am saying eariler is old news but just wanted to make a clear warning to everyone, dont take the path I have went down, you dont know what the dark abyss is until you have experienced it.

    Stay away from fear, do NOT buy into fear under any circumstances, try not to watch the news all the time, taking the energy away from you.

    I may not make it in this bodies condition, I have survived the worse their is, so I hope there is nothing to worry about but to go on like this, I dont know, basically the only thing keeping me alive is Will, otherwise I would have been dead long time ago.

    1. Reply

      You should start a blog.

      1. Sorrie for to much posts, yes there is many.

  6. Reply

    And just to let everyone know, I have seen 3 greys several years ago. Maybe all of this sightings, My energy is attracting to them. Sometimes My anger is scorching high, mainly when I work out and my exhaustion goes to 0%, my anger fuels my body so I dont have my exhaustion rate going down, then my tremendous will power kicks in, no matter my exhaustion rate, my will continues. My lust is extremely high, lust as in porn sites, ladies,etc, yes I do admit I have a very serious problem, no never towards another human being though.

    Yes I am Also what it seems almost 98% of the time, brutally ILL, sometimes even right before working out, I am already on my hand and knees on the ground, sometimes I am on the ground on my back completely exhausted with no workout whatsoever, the thing driving me to stand up is my will and yes there is alot of anger involved in this but mainly will power.

  7. Reply

    Someone I dont usually see at our gym here around our area, some women knows about my channel, she has visited my old channel but not my new 6th account one.

    Right before I was going to head into the gym’s shower room, I told the women, can I see you for like 5-10 seconds, extremely important, shes all busy talked and looking at some tv’s, then I went up upstairs, didnt take a shower, grab my stuff, went down stairs, drank some after workout stuff, organizing my gym bag for a bit, all the sudden she just went by me without saying anything, would be nice if she asked me what was you going to show me, but soon as I got out the gym, she drove away, not very good.

    I wanted to show my proof that we are not alone in this world and wanted her as my valuable witness, but I guess some othertime, skip my shower for this important thing then all the sudden she just walks behind me says nothing, not very good, this is proof I aint doing a good job.

    But I’ll ask here again when I see her next time, would have been nice to ask me what was you going to show me now, I only wanted 5-10 seconds of her time.

    Oh well, maybe some other time.

    I have shown other people in the gym, so I guess thats good enough for now, yup it sucks prettie bad, lol.

    • sam
    • July 16, 2013

    what’s your channel?

    1. Reply

      Click on my username on this site: DimensonalVortex, it will lead you to my channel, thanks.

  8. Reply

    Alex Collier’s: Greys Agenda is now live.

    Please go to my channel by simply clicking on my DimensionalVortex Name, more uploads will be comming.

  9. Reply

    Who knows, the ones in the gym that I think is monitoring me, could be them.

    Someone is watching me while at gym, I know so.

    Why??? I dont know.

    I didnt harm anyone that I know of, I have done stuff in the past but watching me like this? For what reason, I didnt do anything.

    I might one of theses days go somewhere outside of the town area.

    1. Reply

      Speaking about the people who goes to the gym here with me, one time I went to gnc, then all the sudden, 3 people came in, it was them again, same people at the gym that I think someone is defint watching me.

      When I was doing cardio in the up stairs, I can see through the window, They all walked outside and talking to someone in some truck, then I only looked the other way for it seems like 5 seconds, then all sudden, everything disappeared.

      I know they are watching me, and one of them I think is a Police officer in the area.

    • Gurtej Singh
    • July 14, 2013

    Alex collier changed my life, that interview 1994 was really eye opening, it was like a piece that connected all puzzles.


  10. Reply

    ATTN: everyone on this site and who else is viewing this site, I just hit a record time of my ufo sighting, this time @ 3:39pm during the day, right after the gym I usually go to, I looked at the same location where I see this sighting, I see it, moved a bit, I moved and challenge to see if it will move again and it did, then it moved and then I couldnt see anymore, I moved to my original position to see if I can see it again and I can not.

    Soon as I got into my car, couple mins later, I looked to the left inbetween some trees in the distance, 2 ufo sightings more, I closely looked at them again, they began to move.

    I dont know whats going on, but someone or somewho or some group is closely monitoring my every action like flies on shit.

    1. Reply

      Have you tried to go out to a dessolate place and meet them?
      They might be the Pleiadians.
      They usually risk exposure to get in contact with their people.

      1. I regret saying that. Tanaath and Sunfire said on a show that the Plejaren Pleiadians are a shady bunch.

  11. Reply

    Thank you very much for letting us know the status of Mr. Collier.

    I tried emailing him on two separate emails, no response.

      • cody
      • July 30, 2013

      Never-mind about above replied. I have email Alex, to. They might be really busy up there in the final phase looks like! I will wait until than.

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