Alex Collier – Radio Interview – Shiny Demise – March 2012

Alex Collier – Radio Interview – Shiny Demise – March 2012


This is Alex Collier’s interview with Shiny Demise Radio in March 2012. Also, if you are having trouble streaming the interview, click the download button and listen to it from your computer.

The interview that Alex Collier mentions in the interview above is available below:

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    • Kamal Kattab
    • June 17, 2012

    Dear Alex
    The Moon was split about 1420 years ago,this is mentioned in our holy book AlQUR’AN
    Has the andromedans mention any thing regarding this miracle?
    The American scientists have confirmed this issue when they landed on the moon.

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  2. Reply
    I updated Alex’s stuff here too

    Alex COLLIER is telling the truth. EXOPOLITICS is CONtrolled by DRACO and tall WHITE NORDIC HUMAN CANNIBALs. I emailed XXXXXX XXXXXXX for Colliers contact on Feb 20 2012, and this is what came of it. They stabbed ALEX COLLIER in the back. DUMPED him at his lowest point. SPIT HIM OUT with the REST of the HONEST CONTACTEES, like ROBERT MORNINGSKY. YOU ARE FINISHED! LOSERS

    • Martin Moffor
    • March 10, 2012

    Great interview.
    thanks to You all, thank you Alex.
    Please email me the youtube interview alex recommanded to listen to.

    Editor: The interview Alex Collier recommends in his interview is Steve Quayle and Tom Horn “The Last Pope” which was broadcasted on 22nd February 2012. It is in three parts. Part 1 is: Part 2 is: and Part 3 is:

  3. Reply

    Hey Alex! I hope all is well! Stay strong and keep smiling!

    • Lucille
    • March 9, 2012

    Thank you for this wonderful interview, indeed we must not give our power away – we are sovereign beings.

    I left a Paypal donation for this interview, and looking forward to the publishing of the book “The Adventures of Captain Denar”

  4. Reply

    I agape amore u. WE ARE FREE LET’S GO. Meet me at the MICHIGAN BORDER


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