Alex Collier Navigating the Madness with Laura Eisenhower hosted by David Nino Rodriguez – December 2021

Alex Collier was interviewed with Laura Eisenhower by David Nino Rodriguez about Navigating the Madness. Alex has an important message to share with humanity.

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    • Anna
    • January 9, 2022

    Holy shit, this woman is so high. Why would someone put her on air with Alex? This woman is a severe addict, I know addicts, and I know she is using. This is pills, meth, alcohol or all 3. Stop making excuses for this embarrassing display. She will likely look back on this from rehab, very embarrassed. She ruined the fok’n podcast with this crazy drunk stuff.

    • Elle
    • December 25, 2021

    Laura has mentioned a few times she is ADHD, I am too, although I think all it is, is being a highly sensitive being and ADHD is not real. I have to focus and ground myself well to be in conversations like this, she needs to work harder on that if she is choosing to speak publicly on such important things. I know she is awesome and means well, but needs to focus better, and not have conversations off camera, that seemed distracting to us and her. I think Nino should have given her some time to talk and ask questions, but she didn’t seem to be asking questions, just rambling off, ahyayaya. Don’t be hard on her, she has a lot to contribute, but needs to work on her screen presence big time, all her followers know this and find it endearing.

    • Lisa Hughes
    • December 25, 2021

    I’m adding an amendum to my reply. Laura isnt drunk, nuts, or wacko. Someone is trying hold an off camera Convo with her and it looks like it’s flustering her. Laura has high vibration. She isn’t going to lower it by getting drunk. If BTW we knew all she knows per her and Alex’s car drive… Remember , Mr. Collier is a well informed INSIDER to off off world cousins … We would probably seem wacky to others still living in 3D making judgements on us.

    • CK
    • December 20, 2021

    Interesting, I found Laura’s volume to be way higher than the other two. So, she kept interrupting but because her volume was way higher it was very disruptive. Also, Laura kept having a muted conversation with someone else in the room, very distracting to the audience, and she looked distracted, not fully there. I found Laura very disrespectful to the interview being conducted, not Nino.

    • Daryl Williamson
    • December 20, 2021

    Actually Laura was out of her league here and invited in order to attract her audience to witness Collier in action id say. She would have said good things, but not statements as important as Collier, though I must admit she was not given the chance to speak and contribute, unfortunately. Possible she could have said excellent statements but there were not enough pauses at the right time for her to jump in.

    • Shirley McIlwraith
    • December 20, 2021

    Laura is a complete nut job…….wack a doodle…I covered her spastic actions and face…..too hard on my eyes!

    • Katie Daley
    • December 20, 2021

    After the research I did on Bitcoin, it’s totally run by the united states’ government. I found a patent on it that government owns. It’s mined by tech people finding problems and anomaly’s on company’s computer sites and programs , and they get paid in bitcoins when they find and fix problems. Yet another joke on the monetary system. I always say we could use toilet paper as money if we wanted, if we do chose to do so. If humanity could get together we could decide to do this and give everyone one of us a lifetime supply of toilet paper at same time if we wanted. Who to stop us, if we all rose up and said , this is what we are gonna do now, the 1 percenters couldn’t even begine to try to reign in All of us.

  1. Reply

    Great video, please come on my channel Alex, Nino did in San Antonia, thank you.

    • Amy
    • December 20, 2021

    That restless female acted like a 7 year old, all fidgety & outbursty, with nothing to offer but shallow ‘impressions’ based on her immature emotions. Ugh! So distracting!

    • Shellie
    • December 20, 2021

    Does anybody notice how Nino dismisses Laura when she talks and doesn’t even acknowledge her? He’s very disrespectful

      • Cole
      • December 20, 2021

      I have listened to many interviews with Laura and she seemed REALLY off. She interjected oddly and trailed off. I feel as though David was trying to limit her exposure for embarrassment. It was all very strange. That said, he has interrupted in the past. I think it’s his Alpha nature but this time I was happy he had done so. I hope she is okay.

      • Tilla
      • December 20, 2021

      I don’t see it. If anything he looks at her with great fondness. Maybe Laura was a little drunk? She was fussing with her hair, talking to someone in the room, pulling strange faces and she was all over the place verbally. If she wasn’t drunk then she would benefit from some inner work to calm her beautiful energy. By the way Laura, you don’t need to fuss, you look beautiful on camera.

      An amazing video. I have such love and respect for Alex Collier. Thank you, I am grateful for this update. Blessed be.

      • Lisa
      • December 24, 2021

      Then you’re missing a part of Alex’s message , that of compassion. Laura was very distracted and looked to be having some anxiety. Imho

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