Alex Collier: Where is the nuclear football? An interview by Mel Carmine from XRPQFSTeam – August 12, 2022

Mel Carmine from XRPQFSTeam interviewed Alex Collier on August 12, 2022. Alex talked about his experience being a contactee and replicator, and the best question is, “where is the nuclear football”? Find out the answer.

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How will the masculine and feminine energies we’re moving into manifest and affect us?


    • June Owens
    • August 14, 2022

    You sure are not alone ! I’m 70yrs and my family are not on the same page..I overheard my 33yrold son tell his dad that he thinks I’ve lost my marbles 😂😂 All I can say is God help them ! Much love to you 💛🧡

    • Susan Banks
    • August 14, 2022

    Hi Birdie Davis,
    I think we will have all knew friends. I am praying for that. My family thinks I’m crazy, and I’ve lost so many friends. I’m in a place I don’t like to be close to my Grandkids but I never get to be with them. I have to move on all by myself. I’m 64, divorced. It’s a lonely world. But I have God! I make my day good because I choose to be positive and happy because I am so thankful to be alive to feel us moving away from this terrible Slave world we have been in! I guess when I’m gone, they will all remember all the things that I told them were going to happen. I tried so hard. And Only God knows!! God Bless you Birdie!!

    • Birdie Davis
    • August 13, 2022

    In the last 3 years, I’ve gotten a divorce, & I’ve lost many loved ones. (I’m 66yrs old) I’m so deep down the rabbit hole that I don’t fit in with anything. Thank goodness for my beautiful children, or I’d be really lonely. Is this a normal thing, once awake to the truth? I’m feeling mostly alone with myself these days. Which isn’t a bad thing. But can be quite boring. Lol. I’m wondering if other people that are wide awake, feel like I do. Or am I’m just losing my mind😵‍💫

      • Hanneke
      • August 15, 2022

      Dear Birdie,
      I feel you… You are certainly not losing your mind. You have shifted so much in consciousness that it can be hard to share with people who haven’t. It’s as if you’re not speaking each others language anymore. I’m 54, and have a son of 20… he has no one to share with except for us, his parents. It can be really lonely at times.

      • Silk
      • September 6, 2022

      Feel the same.

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