Alex Collier – Webinar 210 – May 31, 2024 – VOD


Alex Collier was live via video stream on May 31, 2024. This was his 210th *LIVE* webinar, just over two hours and thirty minutes long. This week, Alex had a special mystery guest for this webinar: Doctor Michael Salla's military source JP.

In this webinar replay, you will discover the delicate art of secrecy and the imperative of protecting identities to shield against external threats. Delve into building trust within cosmic alliances, where human and alien entities collaborate toward common goals. Uncover the advanced communication methods that transcend language—telepathic connections and technologically enhanced interactions lay bare the profound connections between species.

Witness firsthand accounts of the rigorous training and continuous learning that prepare humans for interactions and missions among the stars. You'll also gain insight into the personal stakes involved. These personal bravery and resilience stories underscore the webinar's rich tapestry of knowledge and emotion. Beyond the narrative, this session is a chance to understand the technological strides enabling these interstellar communications.

James Harkin from hosted the show as JayPee. Our former radio host for Wolf Spirit Radio was not very well and was in the hospital with an elevated heart rate due to pneumonia. He is better now and will hopefully be back home on Monday.

* The music in the trailer is just for the trailer and not the full webinar. Also, JP's audio was not the best, but we have tried to clean it up as much as we can. So please bear with us in this regard.

Funds from this video stream will be given to Alex Collier and help us bring you Alex Collier regularly. Please do not miss this amazing opportunity to see Alex Collier on video stream and, of course, provide him with some income.

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