How will the masculine and feminine energies we’re moving into manifest and affect us?

Jay Pee: From Gabriel. Would you explain further the differences between the masculine and feminine energies we are moving into and how that will manifest and affect us? Great question.

Alex: Okay, well, we are moving out of the masculine energy into the feminine principle, which of course, is nurturing and more healing.

If you were to look at the galaxy as a plate, I would rest as the masculine on the top of the plate where you would currently put your food. That which is underneath where the food goes would be the feminine.

We’re crossing that plate “plane” and moving into the feminine. This happens to help heal humanity. And what it also does is reunite humankind because we move back into the feminine principle and let go of the war principle.

You have to understand that, during the time of Atlantis, after many of the races left and the war that occurred during Atlantis, we were offered protection, but that protection never manifested.

So rogue and aggressive groups came in here and tweaked humanity, okay, in the worst kind of a way. That’s all going away, and you know, they’ve had their fun, it’s over, so that’s what has to happen.

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