Con-Artist or Andromedan – Detractors On Alex Collier…

In recent weeks there has been some controversy surrounding Alex Collier, regarding the take down of three radio interviews as well as a radio interview that accuses Alex as being a con-artist. I am not at liberty to name names, but most visitors to this site understand what has occurred and who is involved.

Alex Collier

Some of you have asked for clarification and my own personal views on the subject. I have waited for Alex to tell his side of the story before releasing this post. I have also chatted with a number of people regarding this issue and therefore this post will share with you what I feel about the situation.

First of all I have reviewed the written documental evidence provided by the accuser and some of it is circumstantial, based on unreliable third party testimony. Other documental evidence was regarding the court case and subsequent incarceration of the person we now know as Alex Collier. In response, Alex Collier has spoken at length in the Shiny Demise radio show in March about his jail sentence in relation to tax issues  as well as his change of name.

Whether Alex Collier is a con-artist or not, his message is beautiful and resonates with many of us. If he is, he would have to be very good at it, and if he really is that good, why is he on skid row? Also, if he is making up his story, sometimes that is what real channeling and telepathy feels like. He may even think himself that he has made it up, but it has been projected into his mind. Whether there is a technology doing it or he really is from Andromeda, nobody but Alex Collier can really know for sure. We can only learn from his teachings and use them to better our own lives…

I like what Alex Collier has to say, since 1994 his story and his letters from Andromeda have resonated with our hearts and we all know eventually we will meet our galactic family, even our own genetic creators… At the very least Alex Collier's message is positive for humanity. Therefore, let us raise our glasses to Andromeda and to Moraney and Theseus, who if we have thought of them … exist …

Please, if you can spare any extra funds, donate to Alex Collier. Anything you can afford will be much appreciated.

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  1. Reply

    I believe everything Alex Collier says. I knew a lot about a lot even though I didn’t experience what he has. Why aren’t governments of this world not working with him? It must be because they rather be against us than for us.
    Surely they want the truth too. Or is it that their “power” will be taken away by the truth? …seems that way to me. Aliens have been visiting this planet forever and they know it. The word “alien” is always being worded in a cynical sense to make out that people should discard any aliens exist. We have to start asking questions? We need to know the truth and those in charge are going out of “their” way to keep us from it.
    We should not accept this any longer. This planet belongs to all of us who live in it and not to those who lay the rules that only suit themselves. They speak about democracy but they are in contradiction of its very meaning.
    Alex keep on doing what you have to do. You are telling the truth, I know you are. There’s a lot of truth to what you are saying. Say it regardless of what threats they make. You have been bold and truthful enough to bring us these messages. I wish I could help you but I am a single mother with two boys. Would they even allow you to leave your country? If so, come to South Africa. Plenty of us have seen different things over the years. Those that are brainwashed have been lead to believe otherwise. One of our people have visited the Alpha Centauri star system, a planet called Meton and even gave birth to a child there. Her name is Elizabeth Klarer. She brought back stuff that were not found on earth. She was applauded in many countries for telling her story. She said they, the people from the other planet wanted us to know they exist. Many people here have their stories to tell.
    I for one have known about the moon people forever even though no-one told me, even before Alex Collier’s book, “Defending Sacred Ground”. I just always knew. Can it be genetic memory? Possibly!

    • JC
    • August 16, 2012

    I am sad that Alex has been going through a rough time, what he has been talking about resonates with me; I know my lineage. He is going through the Dark Nights of the Soul as this planet is going through its own Dark Nights. I have donated some money a couple of months ago and will continue to help out whenever I can, also with sending him positive thoughts. I do not have a TV so I have no idea who has been mud-slinging him. Possibly from a Reptilian who would accuse others of being reptilians because they are so obsessed with their projection!
    Thank you Alex, for sharing your information! And for helping me recall more memories of Home through messages from my “cousins”. Gob bless & keep you safe!

    • David Daoud
    • August 8, 2012

    If you want to know if Alex is speaking the truth, look inside yourselves. If it is true it will resonate in you as being true. I have felt this truth all my life and since i was a child i have struggled with it in the face of religion. Do you truly believe we were created to serve some being greater then us?If that makes sense to the poulation more than the fact that we are in control of our reality and serve no one, then i fear humanity is screwed! Systems can be corrupted, your eternal soul cannot. Trust your soul and not your mind,which is stuck in this 3rd dimensional reality we have created. We need to all just forget what we have been taught and remember what we KNOW. Thank you Alex,may you walk in light forever.

    • Lemuriana
    • May 30, 2012

    Alex, you have done a great service to humanity! I remember when you came to our school RSE. Even though we “create our reality” sometimes need a little help now and then in the physical world. God knows I receive lots of help to this day, so I wanted to pass some of that energy to you. I know if you traveled to the Great Northwest again, you would be welcome here with open arms. I’m not saying it would be easy, but you have friends here that love you. Perhaps you just want to crawl in to a cave and wait it out. I understand that too! Don’t despair, you are truly loved and have been an inspiration to many countless entity waking up. You are one of the few contactees that I resonate with. Thank you so much for all you have done and all that you are.

    • sabine
    • May 1, 2012

    The last 5 and more years should have already prooven what happens with those who really have a message and help lifting up our consciousness and world.
    This blame is simply ridiculous and only those who have nothing in their mind and even less in their heart jump on this defamation bandwagon without knowing what they really do.
    So I won’t spend more time to care about this. But just one tiny fact:
    There is an interview from 1994 about the rept. agenda and at the end Alex mentions the NWO concentration camps which were being built in these days.
    Now check the internet about FEMA and NWO camps ….
    In 1994 I would have been able to even imagine something like that could happen, but now it is reality – unfortunately.

    Will include you in my energy work sending you light, strength and love – hang on there!!

      • Kalina
      • June 29, 2012

      In Poland . they shutdown his BLOG . I am so unhappy with that . I am going write everywhere about it to independent TV in Poland.

    • Bojana
    • April 27, 2012

    There has been in the past as in recent times given much space in picking apart persons who made great effort in filling the blanks in our education, one’s we feel in our every day life because we miss Knowing about our real History, since most of Knowing-Humans were destroyed in one way or the other or stopped speaking openly about things we all should know about.

    Many words were lost in discussion if Castaneda’s Don Juan was a real person or not – but what about the message of Don Juan and how many people have found truth behind Castaneda’s words as in those of Alex.

    We’re to be ready to see through many attempts and attacks on thruthfull Men where the beast feels trapped and fights for it’s life.

    But what do we feel in connection with all this…

    For me Alex Collier is one of Great Men who walks the Earth in our times.

    Thank You Alex

    • Sheri
    • April 23, 2012

    Alex shows his heart on his sleeve. How can people talk about anyone? I truly believe that people should just mind their own business. I wouldn’t care if he was telling stories. It is great just listening to him. Alex, if you ever have a chance to read this, there are many people who care. The one thing the establishment couldn’t take away from us is love. Love is the greatest gift, given to us by the Creator of the Universe, and His Son, Jesus Christ. Our prayers are with you.

    • Gary
    • March 29, 2012

    To whom it may concern. I have spent a lot of time studying this subject and have found that the vast majority of issues that Alex stated were and are true. You will find collaborating evidence through others like George Green that has a very good financial expert reputation. The proof is all around us, all you have to do is to open your eyes and see. Something that we are programmed not to do.

    Alex has given his all in trying to help wake up the masses and now he needs our help. I don’t know what the case was about but I do know that the so called government is nothing but a illicite corporation owned and operated by the elite as is all the fiat-fake money is. Reference Ben Fulford for more on that. I wish that I was in a better position to help Alex beyond well wishing.

    • p4tst3r
    • March 26, 2012

    Well, i’ve listened to alot of his videos. He did give great knowledge and alot was accurate with my contacts. Some people just don’t want you to find out the truth. The military elites did have crafts from the greys, and were trying to reverse engineer the technologies at S4 facility near area 51.It is the biggest coverup in human history !!! You can research this on youtube; Bob Lazar. These people were putting their lives on the line to give you this information and it was ridiculed, sabotaged for greed and power.

    P3ac3 and lov3

    • Lisa Preston
    • March 26, 2012

    I don’t care what Alex has done. I judge a man by the words that come out of his mouth. Much of what he has said resonates with me. If anything is true that Alex has been acccused of, I can only forgive him and love him unconditionally or else it is I that becomes the real fraud.

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