Alex Collier Andromedan Update 1 – 2001

Alex Collier – Andromedan Update 1 – 2001

Andromedan Update (June 18/2001)

Q: We are going to hit you with the big one we have been discussing a lot about Alex, I don't know if the Andromedans have given you any information about it, but we are wondering about your take on Chemtrails and what that’s all about?

A: I actually have no information from the Andromedans about that at all. I have not really had a chance to talk to them about it. My own take on it is mixed. The problem that I have as a human being is that I am trying to rationalize; why would you want to poison your entire civilization or poison your own country? Especially if you are from that country? I try to rationalize that, and that's a difficult one. On the other hand I absolutely do not trust the government. And the Canadian is just as bad as the American I think.

Q: Yes, we been getting hit pretty hard here in southern Ontario.

A: So it doesn't make sense why they would want to take out their own. There's the theory that that it's actually some kind of an antidote for a biological that they know is coming. I don't know, I honestly don't know. I try to rationalize it and the question keeps confronting me; why do they want to kill their own?

Q: There has been various discussions regarding what happens after death of the body. Apparently they say that the light is seen, and many sources have suggested that we go to that light. Have the Andromedans told you anything about this light? And suggestions as to what to do after we become disembodied?

A: As a matter of a fact that was one of the very first questions I asked as a kid about that. And significantly I had asked about it a lot after my mom had died. According to the Andromedans, what we know as the Van Allen belt in a higher frequency is basically a place where the souls go to be reprocessed. Now lets me explain that first before I tell you what they said we should do. Yes there is a tunnel of light, and essentially the souls that are on the Earth are constantly being brought back. They're kind of being recycled. Now I realize that sounds a bit wacky, but the reality of it is; those souls that we know as ourselves are essentially being used to animate the body. It is the body that they are really interested in. But they themselves cannot animate the body. Only we can animate the body, you know the soul. So basically what they do is they shoot us back down into the bodies. It would be similar to bleaching, they erase our memories before we come in. And essentially I do not know the process on how they do that; but that is how they compared it to, and that is bleaching. They basically hit us with so much of a low frequency, that it erases much of our genetic memory.

Q: Sort of like reformatting a hard drive almost.

A: Exactly. Now what they said we should do: The Andromedan perspective is that instead of going up into the hole, what we all should do is turn around and look behind us. Because according to them if we could do that we would not be recycled and we could literally take ourselves out of the Earth's reincarnational cycle. And we could see the entire universe, and we could go anywhere we wanted to go. Now the soul can travel anywhere in an instant. Their impression is, is if we did that as souls, we would instinctively know exactly where to go because that's where we came from. To add to that in their situation where the soul passes over and comes back, where the soul comes back and reincarnates back into their physical form, it's a matter of choice. Now they also have a choice not to reincarnates back into that society because they don't have the white tunnel. They can choose to leave, or they can choose to wait and come back, to choose a physical form. But they come back with their full memory. So lifetime after lifetime they are fully conscious of the lessons they learned in the lifetime before, and who they were in the lifetime before. Therefore that is what they call the Law of Consistency. Every lifetime the soul evolves, it never has to start all over. And this is why many societies and civilizations are far more evolved then we are. Technologically we are evolving quite rapidly but on a soul level we are stuck big-time.

Q: How does it bring into when you are saying to turn away from the light when in the video (Dallas Workshop) you mentioned that on all the planets that at 19.5 degrees North and South latitude they have structures that are, if I remember correctly a direct antipode to who we are as spiritual beings and is designed to keep us with in this solar system?

A: That's correct and it is an electric light it's like a fence. I do understand that that's a contradiction. I acknowledge that that is a contradiction and I honestly do not know how to address that question. That is a question that I have had and it's not really been answered yet to be honest with you. That was really smart of you to put that together.

Q: I was just going to ask you quickly on the subject of the Andromedans being involved with us and us having intent. Showing at least 10 percent. I believe that's what the figure was. Now if it came down to it like rock bottom and the Earth people like myself and others etc., if they actually asked to get involved more directly, and I guess my point is would the Andromedans supply us with technology and weapons to fight the regressives if it ever came to that?

A: I don't believe it's actually going to get to that. But I will tell you this, they will probably help us with healing technology. But I don't think that we could actually use their technology. The truth is we are absolutely no match for some of these other races. We are simply not. Not intellectually and not technologically either. That's why they are out there actually involved in intervention, because they know there's no way we could free ourselves at this point.

Q: They would help right?

A: Yes, they would help and they are going to help. They have been helping

Q: Alex the question was asked earlier about the chemtrails and the spraying. I mean that's just one of the many problems as you probably know about. The point is that there are many, many Terrans sick on the planet and it was mentioned that they are doing it up here and probably all over the world. So I'm thinking once they are given their mandate to be off the planet, the E.T.s by 2003, I'm just wondering will the chemtrails still continue, will the lies the still continue? And if that's the case, what might be the Andromedans backup plan if there is something, or what is the next step? I guess maybe that's a better question.

A: That's a really good question and that's a fair question to ask. Here's how it's been laid out for me: If things progress what they are supposed to do in the Middle East September, Oct., if that probability becomes a reality. And I want to stress IF THAT PROBAILITY BECOMES A REALITY, there is going to be direct intervention. There is absolutely going to be direct intervention. In other words we will probably see them. They will probably come in the atmosphere. They will probably land and they will say, “What do you think you guys are doing to each other and to your planet? What do you think you are doing?” Because it would be nuclear. Israel would have to go nuclear. And in order to keep us out of it, we are probably looking at nuclear terrorism here. They are just not going to let that happened because it affects them as well. 2: The next thing is that before that happens, we are probably all going to get a download. Where on a conscious level, I don't know if it's going to come at night or if it's going to come in the day; suddenly all of us are going to be given the knowledge that we need specifically regarding the history of the planet and whose actually in control and the betrayal that we have bought into. That will probably happen before they get here because; number one, we have to know what's going on, we have to know how to handle it. Because most of the population without the download will probably freak thinking it's an invasion. When in fact it is not. And it easily could be perceived as an invasion. I totally acknowledge that. But if they do that download first, giving us the information, letting us know specifically who the bad guys are, who’s betrayed the races for power and for self, I know a majority of us will probably handle it a lot better. Because we know that there is something really wrong. Even complete idiots know that this is not right, what is going on and how we are living and how everybody treats each other. This is not right. We all intuitively know that. And I think that between now and the end of the year there is going to be a huge leap in consciousness on the planet. And it's going to be forced.

Q: You mentioned before the binary Sun, that we have two Suns in our system, and that possibly we might be able to start seeing the second sun soon. Is there anything else you could add to that?

A: No, they're really isn't much more I could add other than the fact that at some point we are supposed to see it. I know that if you are on any of the other planets other than Earth and the Moon you can and that see it. And it is much smaller and it is in fact behind and we are in a perfect opposite orbit from it. If you look at Saturn; if you look at Jupiter; if you look at Uranus; if you look at Neptune, all the outer planets. Scientists have always asked why is it they put out twice as much energy, that fact that Jupiter puts out over three times as much energy as it actually receives from the sun. That absolutely defies physics as we know it, unless there was a second sun. Or the planet themselves are pulling energy in from another dimension. Which is in fact what Jupiter is doing as well.

Q: It has been reported on the Web Ring that the Niburu have joined the Andromedan Council. That in itself has raised many eyebrows. Do you know why they joined the Andromedan Council Alex?

A: No I actually don't. I just know they were given permission to enter the solar system to retrieve lost or left behind mining equipment. But apparently they are not supposed to have any contact with us unless the state of Israel’s survival is completely threatened. The reason they are adamant about that is that the Ibri (spelling unknown), which is the ancient Jewish tribes; one specific tribe is in fact a direct genetic lineage to them. And they don't want their seed eliminated from the planet.

Q: Are they a part of the Andromedan Council?

A: Well, one specific part of the family is. And that would be the part of the family that is connected or its lineage is delineated from Enki, who we know as Pa’tah. My understanding is that Enlil, Jehovah has not actually been allowed in. Niburu is many different tribes. They made up many different tribes. But you have to understand that the word Niburu according to Moraney means; Marriage Of Two Tribes. One of the things is that they do a lot of things separately because they are not always united. Hence the Sumerian texts and other things that have gone on apparently in our galaxy as well. They tell us that the families didn't always get along with each other. And this is absolutely the case. It is still very much going on. This internal feud between these two families, or step-families I should say. Or step brothers, the lineage of the brothers. The Enki tribe has in fact been allowed to become a part of the Andromedan Council. And they are the ones who are apparently in the solar system already retrieving mining equipment. Now, this has not been said before, and I sometimes sit with information before I put it out. I admit that openly and freely. But anyways, the solar flares that astronomers are seeing on Mars obviously are not solar flares. You cannot have solar flares on Mars because it isn't a sun or a star. What's actually going on is that there is a group of Greys and Orions that are on the planet Mars who actually are trying to defend their turf, they're stolen territory more or less. And it is actually the Niburu who are going in there to retrieve their mining equipment. They are basically blasting them out of the sky. So that's what you are seeing. You are seeing the battles, you are seeing a war.

Q: Somebody on the Web ring asked about that. That is excellent thank you.

A: Everything’s been sped up. The intervention of the extraction of 2003. It appears that it's all being sped up. Which I personally think it's a great idea. The place is really starting to stink.

Q: Do the Andromedan's trust the Niburu?

A: I don't think so. I don't think so at all to be perfectly honest with you. And the reason I have that feeling is because I specifically asked Moraney when I found out about this; you must be joking, you are kidding me right? Why would you allow this? And he looked at me and he just said, “We are only a part of the Council Table. We are not the majority, we do not control.” And that was his answer. So it was obvious to me that other races felt that they could be trusted and they voted for it. I think that the Andromedan are leery and the Niburu have a history of not keeping their word. They are very geared towards self. They have been.

Q: And they are going to have to earn their trust.

A: Exactly. And I know that there are many other races that feel the same way. Yes it's called the Andromedan Council because they meet there. It doesn't mean they control it or they are the majority on the Council. And that's been a plain ever since I was 8 years old.

Q: If it came down to it, would the Niburu be able to handle any assaults by the Draconians because they seem to be superior? And also can you please talk about the DNA activation?

A: The first question, no I don't think so. But if something were in fact to happen to them, the Niburu, and they were here under guidance or permission from the Andromedan Council, my guess is, is that like NATO other races would come to their aid. Because the point is not only to free this particular solar system, but 21 other solar systems that are having very much the same problem with the same bunch of assholes. That's how I feel about them. You have all this technology, you spend all these years, all these rotations, all these centuries, all these lifetimes to build this technology to create this other society just so you can go out and suppress other races? Its assinine to me, but that's what they are doing and that's why I referred to them as assholes. As far as DNA activation, I really do not have an answer for that. I know that people are in fact growing a third strand of DNA. I know that many children coming in the already possess it. And I also know that in many ways a lot of people are waking up, becoming more spiritual. Suddenly becoming more focused within themselves and their abilities and what their focused intent is to create. At the same time, and I am sure you are witnessed to this, there are a lot of people absolutely going crazy, out of their minds. So I think that the that frequency of the Sun is actually going to activate the DNA, but depending upon the polarity of your soul, your personality and your soul, you will either become positive or you will go further into the regressive based upon the polarization of your soul; where your consciousness is. That's what I think, but do I think that the Isness is going to suddenly turn on our DNA? Hey man, your guess is as good as mine. Are the Andromedan going to do it? I don't think so. I don't think that anybody else really has that power to do it unless they physically came down and did some things to our blood, which I know that they have not done.

Q: So Alex, with the third strand being activated in everybody on this planet, even if you do not make the conscious decision to evolve with this universe, they are still going to have a third strand form with those particular individuals?

A: My understanding is that's exactly right. That everybody will have it and everybody will have to make a choice. But again it will come down to the polarity of their personality. There's probably 25 to 30 percent of us who will look at a glass and say that glass is half full, and then there is 70 percent of the population who will look at that same glass who will get all pissed off and say that it is half empty. I am just using that as an analogy.

Q: Are there any books or sources of information that the Andromedans has suggested to you that would be beneficial in helping us understand ourselves, our place in this universe, and I hate to say it, but something to act as a guide and understanding as to who we are? Any particular books or sources of information that they have ever pointed out to you here on earth?

A: No, none. Because Vasais has always stressed what you are looking for you already are. The problem is we are turning our focus outside and then looking back at ourselves, as opposed to going inside of us, and then looking out from within.

Q: So we should radiate instead of becoming magnetic?

A: Exactly because like minds attract. And if you become who you want to be, and you will be that thing, and at the same time you will attract other people like you who are exactly the same way.

Q: Just like everybody in this room today.

A: Bingo

Thank you very much Alex

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    This is just amazing I today I’ve just learned of the Andromedans and I have to say I can’t even begin to fathom what it was like on there massive mother ships I wish I could speak to one of them there lifestyle is just so fascinating and inspirational I wish I could meet an elder who’s lived many lives I can’t imagine what that would be like to die and come back and know about your previous life, simply amazing. Also the children are telepathic and become smarter than the ones before them I cant imagine what their race has evolved to I wish I could see it with my own eyes. To see what it’s like to stand before one of these beings and know how fascinating it may be to converse with them ,to understand them more, and even love them. Idk I just wish the truth would come out already. I’m ready to see an extra terrestrial being. Probably not ready to talk but I’d love to see one. Think you could set me up an interview Alex? hahaha and I have to get one of your books that talks about the andromedans id like to know there history. Were they once primitive beings who tried to figure out their intentions in the universe or have they always been so genetically superior and beings of the 5th density. Did they visit earth in ancient times? Ahhhhh so many questions!!!

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