Alex Collier ET Overview – 1994

Alex Collier – ET Overview – 1994

ET Overview

For those of you who are new, I am a contactee. I have been for almost 30 years now. I don‟t want to spend a lot of time on that. That was, that‟s something I did last weekend. There will be a tape available, if anybody‟s interested. Please approach myself or Liberty at the end of the lecture.

What I would like to do is, I‟m going to start the presentation by playing 2 tapes for you. Just short segments. These are tapes that were made by the NASA‟s Voyager. The tape that you‟re going to hear is Saturn, and Jupiter. Now, all of the Universe is made up of light and sound. Even us, we even have a tone. Our physical bodies. Well, you‟re going to hear the sounds of Saturn and Jupiter. And then I‟m going to play the sounds of Earth. Now, I‟ve been told by Vasais, who is one of the contactees for those who are new, that the Earth, because of our abundance of spiritual activity, spirit, here, should be one of the highest in our solar system. The sound, the vibration, should be one of the highest. Well, I want you to tell me what you think when we‟re done.

Here is the first tape: (SOUND PLAYED) This is the actual sounds, and what they do, is they computerize them, and they put them directly to musical instruments. Whatever sounds and vibrations they hear. In the background you can even hear some of the solar winds. This is a planet that‟s making this noise. This now is our home:

Q: Which planet was the first one?

A: Saturn.

This is our home. No rhythm. ____________________

Q: Where did they record the sound from?

A: From satellite. ________________

Ok, we‟ll start the overview. The reason that I wanted to bring this to your attention is that whatever you walk away from this lecture with, whatever it is, know this; OUR HOME IS RIGHT NOW TERMINALLY ILL. SHE IS DYING. And we‟re going to go with her unless we turn it around. So you have to take that with you.

Ok, this overview that I‟m going to be giving you is extensive. I‟m going to be going to my notes. We‟ll be taking a short break somewhere. Some of this information, I have never said before, or talked about. Some of this information is brand new as of June 9th, this past year. I don‟t know if the other souls who are being contacted around the world, from the same group that I‟m in touch with, have talked about this, but this could be the first time that it‟s being said. So, here we go.

The Andromedans have their own perspective. The eleven, the group from the Andromedan Council that communicate to me, have offered their perspective. And I‟m here to share that with you today. The Andromedans are here because Earth, and its humanity is reaching a very critical point in consciousness. I have been researching some of the UFO material, and have asked many, many questions of them. Some of which we talked about last week. The information you‟ll receive today is the fact that our survival as a race is at stake. It just simply isn‟t business as usual. And even if the aliens weren‟t here, ladies and gentlemen, we have 41 years worth of oxygen left in our atmosphere. That‟s the bottom line. That isn‟t a lot of time. This is about us as a race taking responsibility. Some of this information may really stretch your belief systems, and or test your faith. That‟s fine, as long as you get a reaction inside of yourself. Now I‟m going to open this up really with a message specifically from them. And please listen to the words here, they‟re pretty intense:

“ Great changes are the result of deeply significant experiences. Sometimes people are forced to change by extreme circumstances. But profound change also happens when people are inspired from an irresistible call from within. In other words they choose to do it, or they‟re forced to do it, which is definitely Earth. We are definitely extremes here. They call from which echoes the visions of songs of dreamers, poets, saints, and even your prophets. It is time for the gathering. The coming together of humanity willing to listen, not out of curiosity, but because they are caring people who want to act, and help your planet. It takes no special sensitivity to realize that your world is in fear, disarray, and prevail. All of your social structures are stressed, and are collapsing around you. Over and over again violence tears apart centuries of work and your history. All of these are symptoms that you are experiencing and not the real cause. The struggles arise out of your ancient past, because mysteries have shrouded the players and the causes. There is a promise for your tomorrow, but only if you are open to its opportunities. It will not be easy. Like any birth of a child, this birthing of humanity on this 3rd planet from your Sun will have to be met with stubborn conviction and commitment. This is an irresistible invitation to participate in your sacred moment. A struggle presenting itself to your race, you will all share a future of mutual listening and understanding, and deep openness in an unprecedented willingness to acknowledge, and to accept others in all their different ness. For you are all citizens of Earth, or Terra, as your extraterrestrial cousins call you. The big question is will you, people of Earth, hold together in the light of tomorrow and reach your full promise? We are concerned that your race will turn away, preoccupied, or cynical, and lose this particular moment. It is the task of each of you to abandon all prejudgments, and stubborn denials and listen and love one another. It means that you are faced with having to make a leap of faith in each other, which will move your humanity into a place of reconciliation and hope. Your current visions of progress and development are totally inappropriate for a sustainable future. You must all contribute to seek alternative visions to live free, peacefully, and responsibly together and with your Earth. The time for peaceful, and powerful spiritual understanding and wisdom has never been greater here than now. Your governments are dangerous, and drunk with power and defeat. (Which we‟ll get into) Your visions of peace and freedom are right now a frozen dream. You have wasted much time with threats and fears. There is alarming evidence that you as humans on this planet are severely damaging the life support capabilities of your home. It‟s time to look within seeking dialogue with your higher spiritual self and your creator. It is time for introspection, reflection, and understanding. Walk with real commitment, so you can wander down that ancient hallway of your journey. Follow your own heartbeat one step at a time. Walk the path of heart, and not the path of convenience. We, your cousins from Andromeda, hope for you.”

Ok, in dealing with the Earth dilemma, the Andromedans were asked by the Pleaidians to assist here, with the Earth. The Pleaidians originally had accepted this project, simply because they have incredible karmic ties to Earth, and still do. Their program was to help educate Earth‟s identity, and to humanity, who it really was, where it came from, in order to prepare us for the very next leap in consciousness, which is a global consciousness. Where we are actually one with each other, and with the Earth. Or 4th density, and 5th density. They were going to do this through extraterrestrial contacts with specific souls and people on different continents. The Pleaidians, however, lacked the resolve, and the commitment to make this process work. And it was because of their karmic ties to Earth. The Pleaidians were one of the very first to help colonize Earth. And for thousands of years, thousands of years in our ancient past, they were one of 22 races that have in fact colonized the Earth. Extraterrestrial races, or societies. They were also involved in much of our genetic manipulations. In other words, creating Homo Sapiens, and advancing our life forms, and bypassing hundreds of thousands of years of our own evolution. They also brought technology and war to Earth. The Pleaidians and their past have had a history of warfare with other races, as well as with their own. Many of those wars have taken place here on Earth. Hundreds, and hundreds of thousands of years ago. As of 5000 years ago Earth time, because I have to stress every time I deal with time I will say Earth time, because they don‟t deal with linear time whatsoever. So to keep it in perspective for you, I will use the term earth time. That doesn‟t necessarily mean it‟s the same out there. In fact it isn‟t. As of 5000 years ago Earth time, the Pleaidians have resolved their internal conflicts, and have made a leap into 4th and 5th density consciousness. The Pleaidians are very reluctant to want to have to return to Earth, and carry a warrior‟s energy again, and/or be worshipped as gods. Which is what they‟ve done in our past. And at the time was a role they freely accepted. Many of us have been caught up in Earth‟s reincarnational cycle due to the wars that were fought here between opposing Pleaidian cultures, and other groups that were trying to colonize the planet. In other words, claim it for their own. It became apparent to the Andromedans that the Pleaidians were facing their past every time they came back here to do some kind of work. Thus their confusion, conflict, and asked how to handle this particular situation. Because a lot of it had to do with them. Much of our social structures, our belief systems, originated with them. Not to say they‟re dark, because they‟re not. But they were evolving when they were here doing this stuff to us. Now it‟s our turn to evolve. The Pleaidians relinquished control to the Andromedans of their intervention to educate the Earth. The Pleaidians however, are extremely benevolent, and are assisting in a very strong supporting role, which will be dealt with in later lectures.

The Andromedans are here simply because they care. They have absolutely no karmic ties to Earth, or us. However, the Pleaidians, the Reticulans, the Sirians, the Orions, I should say the Orion empire group, Draconians, from Alpha Draconis, have very very strong karmic ties to Earth. In fact some of you before you were caught up in the Earth cycle, include myself, and anybody anywhere on Earth, as a soul, first colonized here. You didn‟t come here just as spirit. You came here in physical form. And something happened, and you crossed over while within the Earth‟s atmosphere, and you‟re here now. Some of you have been here for millions of years, some for hundreds of thousands, some for thousands. Some for just a few lifetimes. Everybody‟s different. We just didn‟t grow like a tree here. We all came from someplace else.

The Andromedans considered getting involved with the Earth‟s dilemma because they felt that we did not have an opportunity to truly exercise our free will as a race, due to all the extraterrestrial and secret government liaisons, and manipulations that were going on. The Andromedans are not responsible for saving planet Earth, or coming down to assist, especially when its‟ people doesn‟t even know that it‟s really in trouble. They insist that we meet them half way. They want us to take more conscious responsibility for the planet. They want us to start there, we have to start there. We have to start with the planet. They don‟t want a fear, nor a worship response, nor do they care to baby sit. Those are their words. In fact they could change their minds, and leave Earth and its people to fend for themselves at any time. If they feel that we‟re not sincere once everything‟s become really clear.

The key here is to learn responsibility as a race. The Andromedans are concerned that the United States is the last bastion of freedom to enlighten the rest of the world. Because we know real freedom, and self rule. Most of the other continents, and societies on the Earth don‟t know it like we do. They just don‟t. The Andromedans are agreeing to help on a limited basis. The Andromedans are concerned that if the United States loses its freedom, the entire planet with become enslaved on a conscious level. And that will set us back, if we have the time, possibly a thousand years. But we don‟t have the time. If nothing else happens, we have 41 years. Ponder on this. During the American Revolutionary War only 4% of the population that was inhabiting the 13 colonies, actually rose up, pulled out their muskets, and went out and fought the British. Only 4%, the rest stayed home by their fireplaces, drinking their ale, talking about what was going on, and waiting to see who would win. And those 4% changed the face of the Earth. So we can do it, we can really do it. This time it‟s going to take 10%. 10% of the whole population. That still isn‟t a lot, 650 million, a billion for sure would be awesome. In dealing with the Earth, the Andromedan Council had this to say, now here is their opinion of our situation: The earth is sick with pollution, our oceans are dying, the atmosphere is thinning, and we have approximately 41 years of oxygen left on the planet that can sustain human life. 3500 years ago, the oxygen content was 38% in our atmosphere. Right now it is less than 17%, and in order for humans to inhabit the surface of the planet, we need at least 15%. 90% of the oxygen on this planet comes from algae, which grows in the streams, the oceans, the ponds, lakes. We are karmically responsible to stop polluting the waters.

The second point:

There is tremendous negativity trapped in the physical auric field, and atmosphere of Earth. NASA, and the Soviet space programs have been responsible for tearing huge holes in our ozone with their rocket fuels. For the chemicals eat the ozone. Now the negativity comes from us, consciousness. I‟m not just saying us in the room, but everybody. Not thinking positively, creating wars, judging. Just the littlest things make a big difference. However, the technology does exist today to fix our problems with our atmosphere. We the people, at least a majority of the population are feeding this negativity daily with our conscious thoughts. It is the utmost importance to try to balance our bodies, minds, and spirits. At least make the effort, every day. Do something, do something positive, everyday. We are a conquered race, and have new rulers. We are in complete unawareness, and/or denial of this fact. The Greys, and possibly soon the Reptilians from Orion and Draconis will arrive upon Earth. Some are already here.

How many Greys are here? Between the Earth and the Moon, there are approximately 18000.

Reptilians. I‟m talking giant lizard people, who are, what the Andromedans have said the other natural enemy mankind, humankind has in our universe. Right now, on the Earth, there are 1833 that live between the Earth‟s surface, and 200 miles down. That‟s theirs‟. The majority of them I‟m afraid to tell you are within the United States. Sirians, From Sirius B. There‟s Sirius A, and there‟s Sirius B. There are 17. All of them are in underground facilities working with the shadow government.

Rigelians. They‟re humanoid, but they‟re also reptilian in nature. There are 6 of those in number, that are here on the Earth. From the Orion Group, which is made up of 9 different races, they‟re non-benevolent. In other words they‟re service to self, they have their own agenda, they don‟t give a cahoots about what goes on to us here, and what we have to experience. There are 141 of those here. Again working with the shadow government, which later on in the lecture becomes the black government.

Now benevolent extraterrestrials. There are also benevolent ones here. I don‟t know where they are, who they are, or exactly what they‟re doing, I‟ve just been told that they‟re here. There are 1531 of those, and my understand is they‟re humans. You wouldn‟t know who they were if you bumped into them, knocked their groceries over in the market. But they‟re from another world. They‟re aware of it, they were dropped off here, and they‟re walking here amongst us, integrating. Maybe it‟s a research project, I don‟t know.

In the late 1940‟s, and 1950‟s, aliens made the mistake of being shot down or crashing in the New Mexico desert. This race was called the Greys. That‟s what we call it. The Andromedans call them the Dows. That‟s their word for this particular race. They themselves are a conquered race, and a genetically altered race as well. Their rulers are reptilians from Ursa Major, the Big Dipper. The Orion Group which consists of Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Rigel, are ruled by a master reptilian race called the Ciakar from Alpha Draconis. They are the only known natural enemies of humankind.

The crashes in the New Mexico desert resulted in the capture of one live alien, and several deceased. The lone survivor was wanted returned by its fellow beings. An ambassador of the Greys made contact with military personnel in New Mexico. In 1954, our government signed a treaty with a group of aliens known as the Greys. There were in fact two types of aliens present that day. The Greys, and a rogue group of 17 Sirians from Sirius B, who are still here. They flew in on 3 extraterrestrial craft. They were witnessed. The Sirians were here to witness the signing between our government, and the Greys. In other words, they really thought this thing out, how they were going to set us up. The NSA CIA controlled the meeting at Holloman Air Force Base. It was filmed and photographed. President Dwight Eisenhower actually signed the treaty in the name of the people of the United States of America, without consenting congress, and the people. He used his executive privileges to do this.

In the beginning it looked like a very good deal for the United States military. But it quickly went sour, and the legacy of this haunting agreement and treaty is still having serious ramifications for us today. Now a lot of this information is out there folks. I‟ve been trying to verify what is real, and what isn‟t. And I am presenting to you that which I have been able to verify from them, and they know. They know so much, it‟s scary how much they know. They know more about this than we‟ll ever know. The agreement was to allow the Greys to live and study our planet, and the races, and to observe our evolution from underground facilities that were going to be built, and have been built by the Greys, and select military personnel. Now I want to add to this, there‟s also been 2 other groups that have assisted. The Bechtel Corporation, and JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) that have assisted in building these underground facilities. The control of the building of these facilities, and the technological information acquired from the aliens in the exchange, is controlled by the NSA, which is now our shadow government. They Greys promised to remain undetected, and if they were to make contact with any humans, in any way, they were to give the shadow government a list of the names of those humans. So that our government could keep an eye on you, to see what happens to you. So much for your Bill of Rights, and your Constitution. The Greys also promised to share certain types of technology with the government, the shadow government. I got to be specific here. Herein lies the greatest obstacle to us, and to the Andromedan Council. Now when I refer to the Andromedan Council ladies, and gentlemen, I want you to pleas use in your mind something like the United Nations, a political body, ok. When I‟m referring to the Andromedan Council, because that‟s what they are, they are in that sense, a political body. They‟re like the United Nations of our galaxy, and all the different nations and groups meet in one place, and they discuss things that are happening in the galaxy. Who did this, who did that, so on and so forth. Ok, as above, so below. That‟s who I‟m talking about, a political body.

Because a treaty was signed, a binding agreement has been made. The exchange took place. The technology, and our government basically gave us up for experimentation. Now the Greys have subverted the integrity of the original agreement, and are really in control of the Earth because of their advanced technology that is at least 2000 years ahead of anything we have now. They are clearly in control, we cannot get rid of them ourselves, unless they want to leave on their own, or they‟re forced to do. Forced to leave.

Now this is something that we as people just simply can‟t do by ourselves. We need help to do this. The United States government thinking that it was going to get all of this technology, invested our future in a very dark inheritance. And now they don‟t want to tell anybody that they did anything. They don‟t want to admit to it. They really did not know what they were doing, they‟re now caught in a checkmate. They have these dark forces, the Greys, and the other groups that are with them on this one side. And they also have benevolent forces who are sitting out there waiting to offer help. But the key here is, they want the United States government to completely relinquish control of this situation. Completely, in other words, trust that they‟re going to do the right thing, and dismantle all of its nuclear arsenal. And unfortunately ladies and gentlemen we are right still in that checkmate. The shadow government will not do that. In fact when I get to the Moon part, you‟ll see what they‟ve done in essence again. Basically their whole point is they want to remain in control. They don‟t want anybody here to know what‟s going on or what they did, and they will do anything to protect that. Anything.

Now, since the Greys are the ruling power of Earth, they can invite any other race to Earth as their guests. Just like you own your home, you can invite anybody in that you wanted to. It‟s your right, your prerogative. This visitors, no matter how unjust or tyrannical they may be, now legally become, as far as the Andromedan Council is concerned, guests of the ruling race, that signed a treaty with the home or planetary race, which is Earth. You have questions, just write it down, I will get to them at the end. This is a complicated thing. The treaty gives them permission to be here in facilities which are government built for them. All of this has been done without the consent of the common people of Earth. If mankind only knew the implications, and the plight that this has put the Earth in. The guests of the Greys in all probability would be their rulers, the reptilians from the Orion group and possibly the Serpent Race from Alpha Draconis. Now there are also some very strong spiritual significances to this all going on here, which I will address later on here. Much of the Andromedan Council has been divided as to what to do with the Earth dilemma. Now ladies and gentlemen, this is them talking about us. Now they don‟t see us as individuals, they see us as a race, a planetary race ok. This is just how they deal with it. So this is about us. Part of the council, there‟s quite a large debate going on within the Andromedan Council. Part of council wants to help and preserve the Earth, and the human race upon it. There is a large body of the Council however who hold an opposing view or position about getting involved in this particular situation. So I asked them why? You know obviously I want to know since I‟m here. The Council‟s reasons are this, and this is what they told me:

Earth humans. Now these are ET‟s talking about us. Earth humans do not respect their home, they do not respect themselves, they do not respect each other, what is their value? This is what the opposing side is asking the side that wants to help. What is their value? Some maintain the basic belief that it is useless to help Earth humans because we are viewed as selfish, cruel, arrogant, and egotistical, and on a path of destruction with each other. Pretty compelling argument isn‟t it? If anybody feels they‟re not talking about the Earth right now, just raise your hand. In light of that they feel the situation is far too complicated. And they themselves will have to get directly involved requiring them to move possibly into a warrior space, and worst yet, compromise the rules and the boundaries of the Andromedan Council directives regarding non-intervention. And I don‟t know exactly what those are. But a very large group feels it isn‟t worth it to violate all the rules just to help out one little race, one little planet. Fortunately there are some there that don‟t.

Comment: It sounds so much like how we view Bosnia right now. Like why get involved? They‟re just a bunch of people that can‟t get along. I‟ll answer that right here. Some of the Council members of Andromedan have said it would be far easier to allow the Earth race to extinguish the human population then to allow them to destroy the planet, and the ramifications of what that would do to other life forms humans aren‟t even aware exist. They feel it might be too difficult to try to save the human race and the Earth together at the same time. They add, we are all spirit anyway, and would find new forms to continue our evolution. No big deal, at least not to them. If we the Earth and its people were to go unchecked, the probability of us destroying the planet is very high. The destruction of the planet has a very real impact on the whole galaxy, as it would cause a chain reaction that could cause the elimination of billions of life forms in other star systems, and change the structure of not only our solar system, but others that evolve around us. And could possibly move them out of their rotation and orbit. In other words they have to adjust. This is why the Andromedans are concerned as well. In other words, this is our little system here (diagram) There are others, Sirius, Pleiades, others that evolve around us. If we destroy this, something has to move to fill the void. That‟s just the way it works. Ok, now we‟re set up this way. If we eliminate this, all this has to move in, or will move in they say, because of the gravitational pull. There will be nothing to balance it causing other systems to have to move in as well. Even if it is just a few feet, which we don‟t think is a big deal. We‟re talking about destroying an entire atmosphere of a planet because it has to move out of its rotation and orbit, which could have life forms on it, 3rd density physical life forms. The more considerate half of the Council sees this as a tremendous opportunity for the whole galaxy. They feel we have the ability to make the correct choices. They hold the position that because of so much extraterrestrial intervention and involvement of a non-benevolent nature, that we have not had the opportunity to really make those right decisions for ourselves as a race, as a humanity. In other words, if they had left us alone to evolve on our own, we would have done quite well, but they didn‟t. Some groups didn‟t. They came down here and played God with us and had their little wars, and they‟ve left and we‟ve carried on the tradition. We‟re doing the same thing to ourselves now. That we have the ability to make those right decisions, but instead that we have been manipulated and controlled and fed belief systems that are detrimental to us and to our spiritual evolvement. In other words we have been held back on many different conscious levels. The Earth and it‟s people have not been given a true opportunity to exercise our own free will. This is the benevolent side, or, I don‟t want to say benevolent….the side of the Council that believes that it‟s worth the effort. In fact for the last 5700 years I have shown continuous philosophical manipulation of mankind by as many as six different extraterrestrial races that came to Earth, which are non-benevolent, and have not been looking out for our own best interests. It was six, for the ET manipulations. Therefore they are trying to heal the harm done.

The heritage families of these particular races, and I‟ll give you an example. The Pleaidians. Some of their ancestors were here and taught us some very bad things, and did some very bad things. The Pleaidians that came here in our time continuum came here to try to help, and to correct that, heal it. The Greys are a very ancient race. They had their origin in Zeta Reticuli 2, a long long time ago. They‟re here, not only here, but they‟ve done some other things on 23 other planets like what they‟ve done here. Behind them has been their lineage or their heritage home race, the Reticulans, who have tried to come up from behind them and heal some of the psychological problems that people have had, remove implants, try to heal some of the abductions scars and genetic things that have been done. Which is why you‟re hearing confusing information about little beings with big heads and eyes. Because you really have two different groups. One is incredibly benevolent, and One is out for their own purposes, and don‟t care. So that‟s why you‟re hearing opposing stories. That‟s why the whole mish mash regarding the Greys is confusing, because you‟re dealing with two different groups. Two different groups who are of the same lineage, the same heritage. So they‟re trying to correct it. Those are the two examples I can give you. We were never ever ever meant to live this way. By fear and war, we have again been manipulated for thousands and thousands of years. So part of it is not our fault which is why the Andromedans are here.

They say we don‟t have full responsibility for our own Earth dilemma, which is why everything that has been hidden about our past is going to be revealed. So that we can make those decisions ourselves. These are very exciting times, we are being very very carefully studied because our situation is very unique, and we are really being asked to make an incredible leap in consciousness, and evolution in a very short time. Except we are volunteering to do it ourselves. We are not having somebody pushing us from behind, we‟re choosing to do it, which contains tremendous power and responsibility for us as a race. But again, I want to go back, first thing we have to do to try to show them we‟re sincere is help the planet. We‟ve go to do something with that, like right away.

The Andromedans have said it is time for the Earth race to grow up and become a race of peace. To learn to live together, treat each other with more respect, because that is the only way it is going to be successful, the only way. You don‟t have to like your neighbor, but you can respect your neighbor. You may not choose to be friends with someone, but you can still walk around and not judge who they are. Those are strong emotions we need to change.

The Andromedans have said that they don‟t want to be worshipped, they don‟t want to come down here and save us literally. They are creating sources of information in a consciousness of truth to what is really happening on Earth. The Andromedans are hoping that in the next 3 years enough people will know the truth, thereby creating a significant change by the people. How they‟re doing this outside of me standing here and talking to you, 15-20 people, I don‟t know. They have the technology and capability of doing things far beyond what we can comprehend. But they‟re doing things. And I‟m talking about those benevolents, it‟s just not strictly the Andromedans themselves, but the other races who are standing on one side and saying “Yes we think this is a worthwhile project.” The Pleaidians are definitely involved, the Reticulans are involved as well. Small group from Sirius A is also involved. It has also been decided by the Andromedan Council that the government of America does not represent all the people, therefore the American‟s governments world status is going to change, and new levels of contact and communication are being developed as we speak. In other words, the American government, the shadow government had an opportunity to fix things, and they chose not to. So they can remain in their checkmate, but the group out there, they‟re no longer waiting. They‟ve already made a decision to do something else, and I don‟t know exactly what it is, or how they‟re going to present it. The Andromedans strongly support a one world government as long as it truly represents all of humanity and is not a professional political body. It‟s sole purpose must be to facilitate evolvement of all life on the planet. All life, no matter at what stage of its evolution. The majority of the Andromedan Council opposed the thought of assisting the Earth and her human peoples. The Andromedan Council is a body of 133 representatives of planetary systems and races, much like a United Nations of our galaxy. Their intent is to help develop consciousness and to…………….. ……..or Terrans, as they call us, and our solar system, and our unique history into their galactic family. In other words, the part of the Council. In truth they need us, just like we need them. The Council has operated for thousands of years under strict codes and guidelines of conduct.

Intervention not only changes our consciousness and evolution, but it also changes theirs. Because they‟re called to do things that they normally wouldn‟t do, like what I‟m trying to present here to you today. So the ramifications are unlimited at this point, at this, at least from what I can tell you. No only to us but to the other races that help the Andromedans in this whole thing. We are not to look at the Andromedans as saviors. In fact, they say we really gain nothing by having someone come down here and literally save us, because they take us off the hook, and we don‟t gain the experience of evolution ourselves. And at this point I just want to add in here there‟s a lot of talk about the Ashtar command and all of this. Ladies and gentlemen, whatever belief system you want to hold, that‟s fine, you have free will. But as far as this energy, and this source here, don‟t expect Ashtar to come down here. The Pleaidians are really looking for him in fact, because he‟s a pirate in their eyes. He‟s a real pirate, you know, and he has no authority. In fact he and some of his people in our past are directly responsible for a lot of what‟s going on here, a lot of it.

With the ascension of the Pleaidian consciousness into 4th and 5th density and their desire to leave the warrior vibration the Andromedans have chosen the task of educating the Earth, and the wake up of possible 1 billion souls to the facts of the Earth dilemma. And that‟s a significant number, and it‟s addressed later on here. The Andromedans say that crop circles are a type of binary code language. They are symbols from our ancient past. The messages are specifically for the Greys, the Reptilians, and a small group of Sirians and Rigelians of a non benevolent nature that are on the planet right now. These ET races are here for their own agenda. The crop circles therefore, are really not for us, but they‟re for the ET races that are on Earth. Which is why no one can figure out what they are. The inner dimensional Andromedans and Arcturians are leaving these messages. The deadline of 9 years is indicated in these crop circles. The year 2003, and the date is August 12th. The crop circles are telling them you be out of here by August 12th, 2003. These messages are a timetable for these ET races. These races are being told to radically change their behaviors now or else ramifications for their actions will be such and such. And they have not told me what those ramifications would be. But the Orion group has already responded to these crop circles and a deadline, which I will come to at the very end of the lecture. They‟ve retaliated in a sense. So does everybody have that date? They have to be out of here by August 12th, 2003. Why that date, I don‟t know. The purpose for leaving the crop circles centers upon the fact that the humanity on the planet is reaching a critical consciousness point in which we must decide individually of the course of our own evolution. In other words, their hope is to try to bring us back to our original path, where we as a race, without any outside interference can come to terms and say, and agree on what it is that we want, as a race. How we want to live, how we want the Earth to be etc.

It is imperative for us to decide ourselves not to have our free will taken. Their hope is that we must try to decide by 2001. What it is we really want, at least a majority of us. This leap in consciousness is a wave that is moving across our universe. And that‟s another lecture, but I will touch on that just a little bit towards the end here. We are at a very critical point, because we have two polarities on our planet that are very strong. And they‟re building incredibly fast. We have love, and we have fear. And they‟re banging each other. They‟re two totally different polarities, and they‟re rubbing against each other, and they‟re causing all kinds of friction. Depending upon how we are centered in ourselves, we react to that friction. Either consciously or unconsciously because we‟re all energy anyway. So we have to make a choice.

They‟ve said two other things which I‟m going to mention here. And that is that they have said that Bill Clinton, as of May 15th, or before may 15th 1995, will not be our president, he will have to resign. They have not said why, just that he will not be our president. And they‟ve also said that in October of 1995 The United States Of America will officially be known as being bankrupt. May 15th of 1995, Clinton will no longer be our president, it could happen sooner. He will have to resign. When you see the new currency come out folks, that‟ll be it. Then you‟ll know for sure.

Now I‟m going to talk about the Moon. Here is what they‟ve told me about our Moon. Our Moon is 6.2 billion years old, and it is hollow. The Moon‟s origin was in the constellation of Ursa Minor, where it was an inhabited satellite with above ground facilities, and below ground facilities. It was a military outpost built and inhabited by Reptilian beings that are now part of the Orion group. The Moon was purposefully put into the tail of an asteroid that brought it through our Solar System over 11000 years ago. This same asteroid circles our galaxy every 25156 years, and is due to come through our solar system again in our distant future. Currently our Moon serves the New World Order, which is really the Old World Order, as a base of operations for private scientific and military agendas. The Moon has been inhabited periodically for 1.8 million Earth years. Remains and skeletons of Reptilian beings and Human like beings and technology were first discovered by our black governments astronauts in February of 1958. That‟s not a typo. 1958. The Apollo astronauts, that was a show. The Greys informed the black government where to find certain ancient ruins on our exposed side of the Moon, and the hidden side, the dark side. The underground facilities on the dark side that they found is approximately the size of New York state and is being enlarged all the time. Artificial environments are being created underground to house hand picked personnel by the world government. The leaders of these bases are called Mr. Secretary. The underground facilities when discovered contained huge underground lakes, plant life of Earth and alien form, manufacturing machinery, hangars, and food storage facilities. I have been told that the Moon once was the home to 5 million inhabitants. And that it now houses approximately 35000 human beings from Earth. Only Aryans by birth.

Much UFO contact is taking place on the Moon between non-benevolent sources and the black government. The exploration of the Moon was a joint operation between NSA astronauts and Black Guard astronauts from Russia. To clarify that for you, when the first ships crashed in 1947, at the very highest level the United States and the Soviet Union military were like this. They had to be in case we were being invaded. They‟re like this, and they still are. There‟s still a controlling part, or a space program in Russia, there still is. The English were later brought into this rebuilding of the Moon underground base primarily for financial funding. Because most of the banks of the world are controlled by the banks of England and France, and some of them in Germany. Now, what else is on the Moon. There are particle beam weapons, lasers. This world government, this black government, I‟ll just refer to it that way, has built satellites that have nuclear weapons in them, and they have put them between Mars and our Moon. They‟ve had difficulty with one of them because it floated towards Mars instead of being in it‟s stationary purposes. And apparently it was captured by the reptilians on Mars, and I will get to that in a minute. Our Moon also has 53 Earth built UFO craft on its surface. They‟re stationed there, and they‟re flown by astronauts. They were built by the United States and the Soviet Union. They‟re also building other weapons as well, this is what they‟ve told me. Now its really a shame because these people that were there in 1958 are really heroes. They were there to explore another planet. But unfortunately because of the intent behind it, we can never honor them as heroes. So if any of you who know somebody who work for the NSA or you‟re in the audience and are a part of the NSA, my hats off to you. It‟s a shame you can‟t get a ticker tape parade or something.

Mars. The first Martian landing occurred in March of 1959, human landing. They went to the Moon, and then from the Moon they went to Mars. Because if you can launch something from the Moon you only need 1/3 of the energy to get there. Because all you got to do is point it, and just push it literally. You have your retros to enter orbit and you‟re there. You don‟t need the massive rockets that we need to get out of the Earth‟s gravitational pull because the Moon has almost no gravitational pull. When the black government sent 3 craft from the Moon to the area we now know as Cydonia, which is what Mr. Richard Hoagland refers to or talks about in his lectures. Where the pyramids are. That‟s the first place they went because they knew they were there. The underground facilities there houses the workers and the equipment, while Adam and Eve, the first bases were being built. They were completed in 1968. Adam is the above ground facility, and Eve is the below ground facility.

Phobos, the moon of Mars is a long-standing extraterrestrial base predominantly used by the Greys. It also has ancient ruins on it of reptilian nature, and Pleaidian nature. This is Phobos. In March of 1989, communication between Mars and the Moon was terminated by an invading outside force from Ursa Major, and Alpha Draconis. In other words, the trap was laid, and now we‟re in it. The secret colony of Earth humans, which is approximately 300,000 in total, has been conquered and enslaved. The black government had plans to establish an earth colony that would survive the earth changes, and the destruction of the Earth‟s atmosphere and the oceans by being either on the Moon or at Mars at the time of the catastrophe. In other words, their whole purpose was instead of putting all the energy into trying to save what is here that was already built, they just decided arbitrarily to build something else somewhere else, and basically give up on us. That‟s what they did. And they did it. They actually accomplished their goal. It just didn‟t turn out the way they thought it would. Mars has been designed for long term habitation. The Moon cannot sustain long term habitation, at least not what we‟re used to. Now that they can‟t get to Mars, the only alternative is to go to the Moon, or do something about our planet here. With the pollution, the population explosion, the ozone, everything else that is in need of repair. I mean we‟re talking from the ground up, literally everything needs repair. So, the Andromedans Vasais, Moraney told me that they had been monitoring and they came up, that they heard that our government, or the black government had considered an alternative 4. Another idea that they had, which possibly could resolve all the problems that they see happening with the Earth. That the secret government could create a controlled polar shift using low yield nuclear weapons at strategic points at the south polar cap underneath Antarctica. They could blow them in a specific order, and cause the entire cap to slip off its pole, which of course would immediately create flooding, and within 24 hours would create a pole shift. Now in a pole shift, everything moves, including the oceans. And in 24 hours, if they were to do this, between 80% to 90% of the population of Earth would drown. And of course ladies and gentlemen, they‟d be sitting on the Moon watching this. And whoever that survived that„s fine, they could come back down in their flying craft that they built with your tax money and say “We here to help you.” The whole thing stinks.

The Andromedans have said however, when I was told this, they would not allow it, allow a staged polar shift by the Greys, Reptilians, or the government, shadow government. It would eventually shift on its own, and that is the way it‟s supposed to be. It will eventually do it on its own.

There has been a lot of information and talk regarding some of the Reptilian beings as being very benevolent and loving. I‟ve asked, and they‟ve said that there are in fact some who are. But those that are here on Earth, and involved with Earth are not. They‟ve been very clear and specific about it.

The Greys, I‟ll talk about the Greys. The Greys are plant like creatures. The Greys have a group consciousness, and are on Earth because their race is in fact dying, because its been so genetically altered by their rulers in Ursa Major. And they‟re in fact doing it to us; the Greys are genetically altering us. So as you can see, it‟s this thing that propagates, no matter where it goes. Because its intention is wrong, therefore, there‟s no control over it. There‟s no divine reason for it. They‟re trying to propagate their own race because they‟re dying. The Andromedans have said that the Greys are destined for extinction. Whatever little success they‟ve had here will avail to absolutely nothing. They are going to become extinct. They‟re trying to evolve, but they won‟t make it, because they cannot take their essence of what they are, and keep it in a human form. Our bodies are just too different; our make-ups are too different. They don‟t have a soul. They want to have a soul, but they don‟t. And they think that by interbreeding with our race, that they can manage with the hybrid children that they‟re creating, that they believe that they can accommodate this. Again, they cannot. They simply cannot. We have a friend by the name of Daryl Sims who has done extensive research on this, and he does a lot of work with abductees. And many of the people that he has worked, who have been implanted, he‟s even helping to remove some of the implants, and has them. The people that he‟s worked with have told him they Greys have put them on these tables, and they have all these monitors of the human form, which all the evolved raced have. But the thing with the Greys is they look at the human, whether it‟s a male or female on the table, and they tell them “Point to your soul”, and they look at the monitors. “Point to where your soul is”, because they don‟t know where it is. And that‟s because it‟s our essence, and its something they lack; they don‟t have it. This interbreeding of theirs is a tremendous act of karma, for they‟re abducting humans against their will, and terrorize them into the interbreeding process. The people of Earth have been studies as well, for we are a very passionate people with emotions. And that‟s one of the things they‟re very interested about, is our emotions. And it could very much be that because of our emotions, and how strong they are, whether we use them for love or for hate will be our ______ saving grace. Well hopefully for love, it has to be for love. Because it‟s that passion that pulls things to us.

The genetic experiments. We ourselves were originally created by other human beings. Which is why if you have researched the ancient man, suddenly there is a point where…. ooops, what happened? There‟s this huge gap, and then there‟s society, civilized society, cities. Huge groups of populations building canals, and the things they‟re finding now all over the planet. And that‟s because there was a leap, but it wasn‟t a natural evolution. There was intervention from an outside force, extraterrestrial force. We ourselves are genetic creations, we‟re like our teachers. There‟s a lot of talk about the Greys, and the helping to create new bodies for our future so that we can move into 4th and 5th density. When you start to hear this propaganda, I just want you to think of this; Why is it that we have to use an entirely alien race that doesn‟t have a soul or a spirit, that is plant like, for us to move into 4th and 5th density? Why isn‟t it another human race that‟s already made the leap? Because it isn‟t for us at all, it‟s for them. And you‟re going to hear this, you‟re going to hear this.

Q: How can they not have a soul and be a sentient race?

A: Because they‟re just a natural…. I‟ll take this one question. Because they‟re just a life form that evolved. There are other life forms that are out there that have consciousness, but they don‟t reincarnate, they don‟t have an essence that‟s eternal. They‟re an actual life form that has memory. That‟s what it is.

Q: But even my cat has a soul.

A: Does it? Not everything does. Not everything does. Because the Earth has been colonized by 22 different races, and so many others have visited us, the Earth itself has become this huge genetic library. It is one of the most unique genetic libraries I am told in the entire universe. Because of the 22 original ET races and the genetic experiments and manipulations on us, by interbreeding of man with ET woman, and ET man with Earth woman, it even says it in your bible, Genesis. The whole purpose originally was to create a race of slave workers, and there were many genetic experiments that went on. The Earth was originally colonized for its minerals, for its precious metals, and other things that it has. But many of the aliens themselves didn‟t want to go down there and work these mines, which is why you have your subterranean tunnels all over the planet. They didn‟t want to work these mines themselves. But they saw this race, these prehistoric man, hopping around, doing nothing. So they decided, “Hey, we can do some things here. We can genetically alter them, educate them, and they can become the workforce.” The slave force. This is in a nutshell, what exactly happened. And we‟re the remnants of that. Each of us have become a genetic library. And its specifically because of our genetics that has brought so many of the ET‟s back here, especially in the last 5000 years Earth time, to watch what is happening here. Just to see what we‟re going to do, how we‟re going to react.

Here on Earth, we value gold, diamonds, silver, crystals, things of that nature. ET‟s have an entirely different view. They use those things, but they‟re not their valuables. Life forms and genetic material is what they value. That‟s their possessions, it‟s all about life to them. Not rocks, or metals, it‟s about life. And we have an abundance of life forms on Earth. At least we did. Seven or eight are becoming extinct every day, but we‟re still here. Not to mention that we‟re the cause for most of that extinction. The Andromedans have said that in our DNA, even though it hasn‟t been discovered yet, is the traces of those genetics from this 22 different races that have actually manipulated and genetically altered us at some point in our evolution. And it apparently will be discovered at some time very soon. Now because of this, we‟ve become like a universal body part. Now, there‟s a universal blood type that can pretty much fit with everybody else‟s. Well, our body types have become exactly that. These 22 races and others I‟m told, can actually come down here and cross breed with us, because of the genetics that we all have, because we‟re this library. And because our body types are so adaptable, and given the right alterations, that our physical body types can adapt to almost any outside environment, or physical environment at all. So we‟re like this universal body type. And they‟re watching us. It‟s almost like we‟re in a zoo. They‟re watching how we behave with each other, how we treat each other, how we heal, how we give birth, and how we nurture, all those things. We‟re on the six o‟clock news somewhere else in the galaxy. Today on planet Earth something happened. This is actually occurring. It sounds ridiculous, but it is true. We‟re being recorded and monitored by at least 78 different races that have representatives in our Solar System right now as we speak. Just watching us. They‟re not watching the comets and Jupiter, they‟re watching us.

We have become this giant gene pool. Me, you, everybody, we‟re the prize that the non-benevolents‟ want. They want us, because we‟re valuable to them. Because of our genes, because of our life forms, and because of the fact that its so adaptable. They can a lot of things with it regardless of whether or not you want them to or not. Their feeling is that they own us, and they‟re acting just like it. It isn‟t really the planet that they want, the planet is sick. They want us, and we aren‟t allowed to make any decisions about it whatsoever. Basically because they have this treaty that our government sold us out.

The Andromedans have also said that were they to directly intervene, them and the others, that there would be the possibility of war, and the possibility exists that we could lose our moon in this war. It would be destroyed, because that‟s the first defense right now. They will not destroy the Earth, they have some programs that will deal with that. It will wreak havoc on our oceans for the time. That their idea is to possibly put a beam on it and literally rip it from our orbit, and deal with it away from us. So that if it should get destroyed or blown up, the pieces of it wouldn‟t hit us on the Earth, which would cause tremendous havoc. So they‟re thinking these things out. They‟re already looking at their game plan.

Ascension. Lighting of our 4th density and 5th is on the horizon. As of right now, July of 1994, according to them, 403 million people will actually make that leap. Which is approximately between 7-81/2% of the population. Souls will actually make that graduation, and move through fear, and leave all the old belief systems behind. Just create a new identity. Something that will work and sustain itself. Now, they have said that if 10% of the human race were to help make major changes, we could possibly take everyone on the planet into 4th density. Again I want to remind you, 4% did it during the American Revolutionary War, just 4%. Now it‟s 10%, ok. And unfortunately we don‟t have enough people just in the United States to do it. It‟s going to take a lot more people, outside.

The entire Universe is moving into a higher vibration of 4th and 5th density. Many of there already other dimensions. Those who chose to carry negativity will fin their space of influence getting very small, and will compress to the point that they will literally be creating in a totally different environment for themselves. Now, here‟s what‟s happening. You can see this happening in the world today. There are outside influences that are moving a different kind of energy past the Earth. It‟s happening everywhere. And what is happening is, negativity, or its realm of influence, is getting smaller and smaller and smaller. It is having to move away because it cannot deal with this higher vibration. It‟s a totally different vibration, and I don‟t pretend to know all the real specifics, but its energy. It‟s all about energy. And what is happening is that it‟s getting compressed, the energy. The negativity is getting compressed, and it‟s imploding on itself, is what‟s happening. And people are reacting to it, which is why you are going to see some real terrible things happen in our future here, the next five years. Things that humanity will do to itself will be terrible things. And its because of that negativity imploding on itself, that its just reacting. Its in a survival space, and on some level it knows it. This is in another lecture, and its my last lecture, but I‟m just going to say this about it, they‟ve told me that our universe has 11 dimensions in it. Now a 12th is being added so that everything can evolve up. A whole other dimension, a higher dimension is being created. And what‟s happening is that everything is now moving, it‟s shifting up. But those things that are resistant, because now the energy‟s getting higher, they‟re going to have to go somewhere else, literally go somewhere else. And this comes to how our universe was created.

Originally all of us as souls, our spirits came from another universe. And what happened was, we came through black holes. This is how they‟ve explained it to me. This is another universe. Well, whatever happened here, evolutionary-wise, some of us couldn‟t make it. But we chose to do something different. So what happened was pockets of resistance were formed in this universe, in its time space continuum. And what happened was, we gravitated to these spaces because this is where our energy was, our belief systems. And what happened was huge bellows formed like this as this universe was moving up. And eventually what happened was, these containers, these sacs burst. And when they burst, they exploded. And when they exploded, they created an entirely different universe. This is the big bang. The science in its simplicity is correct, everything did start with just a bang. But it didn‟t happen in just one place. It happened in several different places. And out came not only stars, planets, but us. And now, the same thing‟s happening again. We are now at this stage here, where we‟re starting to evolve, to create a whole new energy, a whole new universe. And the pockets are just now beginning to form, and this is what you‟re seeing. Vasais and Moraney, and the other nine, eleven total that are in contact with me, are also talking to three other people. One is in South America, one is in Asia, and one is in Europe. I do not know them, they do not know me from what we‟re told, but it‟s going on. There are other races, there are other things that are being done, I don‟t know all those things. I can only tell you about my experiences, and share it with you. But there is other information out there. Some of it is very valid. You need very carefully to use your own discretion. And to not look at it from a mental space, but as you‟re reading it, what does it physically feel like to you. Because your essence, your spiritual essence, your higher self, it knows what‟s going on. You‟re not here by accident. So you have to trust, you have to start listening to your body more. So you can weed and decipher what you think feels real and what doesn‟t.

Currently there are 72000 walk-ins on the planet. These are very very highly evolved souls who have an agreement with other beings like yourselves, human beings, where they‟ve crossed over, and suddenly they‟ve come back or they were able to revive and the two souls have split. In other words one left and one came in and agreed to continue on. This is not something that‟s new, this has happened forever in our universe, but it is definitely happening here. And the reason that it‟s happening is because this way it is human beings that are here, doing the work, trying to change consciousness, and they have not directly had to intervene yet. So this is like the front-runner. There hopes is that the total will be 144000. that these 144000 souls, or walk-ins will be able to stir enough change, that they themselves may not have to physically intervene, and therefore the integrity of non-intervention maintains itself. In other words, they don‟t have to violate their own laws, because now it‟s us doing it. It‟s a human in a human form. The Andromedans are offering this opportunity they hope that 553 million souls or more will ask them for help, once they know the whole picture, then something can be done. If we ask, it‟s different then them just coming down here and saying “We have to fix
your problem”. You have somebody doing that for you right now in the White House. They want to fix your problems. But they don‟t know what they‟re doing. That‟s a political opinion.

This is all about responsibility. I‟m going to read you another quote. This is from Vasais as well:

These are historic times in your world. Around your world, a transformation is indeed occurring. It is time that Humans on Earth realize that you basic and true identity is exempt from time and space. Your identity is spirit. Consciousness is not a function of mind. Your sciences are confirming that this consciousness is infinite and is therefore eternal. Your hard sciences like physics are drawing near the truth that all of the Universe is fundamentally spiritual. It is conscious spiritual _______ being turned on itself. Being turned inward that is creating all of this that we know.”

And that‟s all of us. And we have some other things that are here that are evolving that we created that we…….even the Greys that on some level, we take responsibility for, because we created that. Not necessarily what they‟re doing. They‟re abusing their power. But this isn‟t where we‟re really the victim. We just need to make some choices here. We need to really decide what it is that we want as a race, first and foremost. And then we have to heal the planet. Because if we don‟t fix the planet folks, no matter what happens, we won‟t have a place to live. That‟s a big deal to me, really big deal.

“ It is our sincere hope that enlightened souls will join together in the love for humanity and our planet Earth, and be instrumental in great change. For the good of all mankind if enough souls can band together we can certainly make the difference.”

Here‟s where we are up to date. Here‟s new _________ stuff. March 23rd of this year, 1994, 19 suns in our galaxy experienced a pole shift. Suns. Now these are where they occurred so far, I‟m always getting more. In Ursa Major 2 suns went through a pole shift. Perseus, 1 sun. Acturus 2 suns, Andromeda 2 suns. Ursa Major 3 suns and 2 planets on the same day. March 23rd 1994 experienced pole shifts. It‟s the first time its ever happened and Vasais and Moraney think it‟s directly related to this new energy, this new dimension that‟s being created. Things are just changing.

In the last 5 years, things that you may or may not have heard about. One Canadian Telstat communications satellite was shot down by reptilians. Two Chinese satellites were shot down. One NASA satellite was also shot down, this is by the reptilians who are now on Mars. A NORAD Telstar communications satellite. Does everybody know what NORAD is? That‟s where our first defense from anything from space and any nuclear attack is. One of its communications satellites was stolen, just literally stolen out of orbit. Just taken by the reptilians. And they think its either on Phobos or on Mars somewhere, and they‟re looking at it or doing something with it.

As we speak civil war has erupted on Sirius B between the 2 negative races, or 2 races that were together, they‟re now warring against each other.

In the solar system of Perseus there is a planet called Tiik. It experienced a pole shift. This is the retaliation part that I was referring to earlier in the lecture by the Orion group. Because Andromeda and the Council has decided to do some things here, which kind of messes up their plans, they‟ve decided to retaliate. In Perseus this planet went through a pole shift. 1.3 billion people died, or beings died. I don‟t know if they were human or not. There were 719000 survivors. The Orion group went in an asked for permission to assist. The survivors said yes. The Orion group from Ursa Minor invaded and enslaved all the people that survived. They‟re now prisoners. Now the Orion Empire, the Ursa Major and the Draconians refused to do anything about this. Apparently there has been some discussion where the Andromedan Council has said to them “Look this wasn‟t right” And apparently the Orion Empire or its political body has refused to do anything about it, or to recall its troops that went in and invaded this planet. And it‟s because of this that the Andromedans feel that war is imminent, and it could extend into 23 systems, planetary systems. One of them is us, so 21 others. And again, its all about this energy. This positive and this negative energy, where this whole change of positive energy is coming in here, and this negative energy is imploding on itself and is starting to react crazily. Its survival is at stake and it knows it. And this is what‟s going on.

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