Alex Collier Andromedan Update 2 – 2001

Alex Collier – Andromedan Update 2 – 2001

Andromedan Update II (December 22 / 2001)

Alex believes that there was CIA involvement in the destruction of the World Trade Center. He highly suspected that but did not have confirmation of such and that this was his own opinion. He wasn’t aware of any secondary event that may have caused the towers to collapse. He hasn’t received any information from the Andromedans on this though.

Something of planetary size is coming into our Solar System and is intelligently controlled, but Alex would not say more about it over the phone.. There are 2 Niburian motherships parked behind the Moon, one in the rings of Saturn and one in orbit around Uranus.

If the Arabs move against the Hebrew in a way that would threaten their existence it will be a big mistake for the Arabs. This is because the Niburu will not allow the Hebrew race to be destroyed and will directly intervene to protect them. The Hebrew race has a genetic lineage to the Niburu. With this genetic lineage, the Niburu can come to Earth. If there is no genetic lineage to any inhabitants on Earth, then a race cannot come here unless invited by the World Government. Or else it would be considered direct intervention if they were not invited. Therefore the Niburu will protect the Hebrew race because if it is annihilated then they will not be able to come to Earth unless invited by the World Government. This will be the Sirius B (Enki) faction of the Niburu. Zecharia Sitchin wrote books about this lineage.

The Israeli Government is now in contact with this E.T. group. The original problem between what is known today as the Hebrews and the Arabs started when they were constructing the spaceport known as the Tower Of Babel in biblical stories. The North American Indians have a genetic lineage to the Sirius A E.T. group. Because we have a genetic makeup of 22 different races, a particular race that is genetically connected to us from this pool of 22 is allowed to visit or come here to Earth without it being considered direct intervention.

There is a device underneath Lake Vostok in the continent of Antarctica that has been triggered by the arrival of the Niburu. Scientists and personnel in that region are being evacuated, many under the guise of health problems when reported in the media. This is a cover-up to hide the fact that these people are being removed because this areas has been classified under National Security. The reason for this is because the specific intelligence groups in this area do not want any information to leak out. They have taken over the region and are studying the device. They are using a combination of X-Ray and ultrasound in trying to find out what this device is. This device was put there by the Niburu in the past.

The Andromedans have set up 4 contingency plans to enact after all the E.T. races are off the Earth by 2003. This is because there probably would still be an attempt by the world governments to continue their plans of global control and domination on the people. One of the things that the Niburu and the E.T.’s underneath the Earth agreed upon is that the E.T.’s were not supposed to abduct and take humans from the surface of the planet, but they have been violating that agreement, and this is one of the issues that the Niburu have to take care of. This has been going on for many thousands of years, as these underground E.T.’s have been here that long, even into the millions of years.

Technology based methods of manipulating humans are becoming less effective by those that are trying to control us. The new European Currency, which is to take effect in 2002, is backed by 20% gold, where the American dollar is backed by 100% debt. This European currency is going to cause major destabilization of the American economy. This is part of a design to undermine and destroy the U.S. Constitution and take away our freedoms. Also you are seeing more drastic actions taken against us to control us even to the point of using biological weapons. It is known that the Bush administration has made an effort to purchase 170 million doses of smallpox vaccine. With a population of 300 million people in the USA, something is wrong then if they only ordered 170 million doses of smallpox vaccine. What does this tell you? Smallpox is very deadly. It has a 35% mortality rate and is very contagious. This smallpox vaccine will have a microchip in each dose and will be injected along with the vaccine. This microchip is what is known in the bible as the Mark Of The Beast. This microchip is a means of ownership. It is far more advanced than the types of implants that are used on pets. If you really want your freedom, you are going to have to fight for it, no matter what.

Alex believes that intervention by the Andromedan Council is necessary because he feels that we will not be able to break free of the manipulation and control on our own. But it is more complicated than that. They just can’t show themselves in our skies. If the E.T.’s just appeared in the skies with the current mindset of the Terran population, with their belief systems not allowing this into their reality, it would not benefit the Terrans or the Council races. But it would cause confusion instead and would not help our situation. So something has to happen first. Our genetic memory will have to be activated or somehow an information download will occur so that the mass population can have a sort of heads up before this intervention occurs, so that they will know who betrayed our race.

The timeline has been sped up in Alex’s opinion. He feels that by 2011 or even 2010 that the transition into 5th density will occur. A lot of people have this feeling inside them. Many have questions within them in which they are trying to find answers to. A lot of changes are happening, and many feel it like a pressure. This is all connected to the evolution that we are experiencing into these higher densities.

There was a group of beings from 11th density called the PaTaal. Within that group was another group that evolved to 11th density without the use of emotion, compassion etc. they used unemotional analytical thought. With this group being on 11th density, it created a block on all the lower densities whereby all the consciousnesses got stuck on their particular density and could not evolve. Beings from the 12th density informed the beings that were on the 11th density that didn’t evolve by emotion of their mistake. This group then moved into 5th density in order to learn compassion and emotion again so that when they do start to evolve back to 11th density and above, they will be able to keep everything open so that all could evolve into higher densities. From there they created 4th, then 3rd density. Most of them currently reside in 4th density.

The reason that at the point of transition from 3rd density reality we see a tunnel is because this is a bypass from 4th density, where many dark souls are stuck, into 5th density. At the end of the tunnel is light. It is a reprocessing center whereby our memories are wiped clean. Because we only have 2 strands of DNA in our current genetic makeup, we do not have the cellular memory to recall past lives. At the moment of transition we will have the choice to go into the tunnel toward the light, or to look behind and see the whole Universe. If we decide not to go into the light then we will go home. We will be off the reincarnational cycle of Earth. Also at the moment of transition you are not sucked up like a vacuum. You will come to a place where you go into the tunnel towards the light or to look behind you to the whole Universe. If you make the decision to go home, and tell yourself you want to go home, then you will go to the density and planet from where you originally came from before you got stuck in the reincarnational cycle of Earth. You always have a choice.

Some people follow a so-called Master throughout their life with the understanding from this Master that they will be guided properly at the time of transition. Alex stated what makes this so-called Master better than any one of us? What makes him greater? If we do that, then we are giving away our power and our choices are also taken away from us.
There was contact in the 1960’s from an E.T. group from the planetary system of Deneb. They were an aquatic race and were off the coast of Greece.

In regards to the Hellas and Hellanians, Alex did not know of them, but would ask Moraney. He did ask though if Hellos was what was being referred to, not Hellas.

There has been a recent sonar-imaging discovery of underwater structures located off the west coast of Cuba. This is apparently in 2200 feet below the surface of the ocean. It is connected to Atlantis as it is a colony of Atlantis. It is not Atlantis itself.

The reason that these large storms are occurring on Mars is because Deimos, one of its moons, crashed into the surface of Mars. This literally wreaked havoc on the orbit and rotation of the planet and the result is these serious climatic changes such as global wind storms engulfing the planet as well as the polar ice caps melting. The moon Phobos left orbit as it is a Grey mothership. Many astronomers have been asking NASA questions as to the whereabouts of these two moons of Mars as they cannot see them in their telescopes. Even the ESA (European Space Agency) has started to ask similar questions because they too cannot see the moons.

We do not have a Terran representative on the Andromedan Council. Alex doesn’t know what is required in order to be a representative but doesn’t want the job. It would means he would be away from home and family too much on business trips. Alex did say though that he will try to get a transcript of the minutes from one of the actual Andromedan Council meetings, including which races were present. When that is done, it will be posted on the websites.

The Zenetae don’t really have pets like we do but are a part of their society. They do interact with the Zenetae, like we would with our pets, but then return to the wild back to their communities. Nobody owns a pet, nor do they control these animals like we do.

There has been some information that there are shuttle flights to Alpha Centauri from Earth for people that have managed to escape from harassment by various forces including the MIB’s. Alex has never heard of this information and therefore does not know anything about it at this time.

A question was presented to Alex inquiring if the geometric light matrix around which our bodies form are a stepped down frequency formulated on the 6th dimensional level. This was presented by a healer in the modality known as Polarity Therapy. Alex stated that he believes it is formed on the 5th density, not the 6th density.

In the January 12th lecture and other lectures, Alex will be talking about the 22 races that are a part of our genetic pool including those races that he hasn’t ever mentioned before.

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    • tSb
    • December 30, 2013

    So what Alex is saying is don’t go into the light if you want to return to where you originally came from? The question I have then is will I remember not to go into the light when I die? Will my soul remember reading this? I always wondered why religions always said go into the light. It’s like you’re being programmed to go through this over and over again. I wanna go home!

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