Zenetae.com Interviews Alex Collier (1) – 2001

Alex Collier – Zenetae.com Interviews Alex Collier 1 – 2001

Zenetae.com interviews Alex Collier


Zen : Alex, the first question our readers will have is, your reason for silence

Alex : My reason for silence…

Zen : You haven't been on the radio for a while, no latest updates on the web site recently, is there any particular reason?

Alex : There really isn't much to say. You know, the truth is I really don't know, I don't have the feel or the value of the information and more–

Zen : Are people interpreting it wrong?

Alex : No, I just think that, I really think that people just don't care. There's always a handful, but I just don't know if people really care.

Zen : The 10% threshold limit might be a little bit harder to achieve then what you might have thought it would have five years ago.

Alex : Yes. The time, the effort, the expense of just trying to keep everyone informed, the bottom line is that, I don't see the world changing for the better. The Andromedan information really stresses self-responsibility and I see very very few people actually trying to achieve that. There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. I don't think a lot of people really really grasp that. There are plenty of people who are very intellectual but are complete buffoons and are fools.. They have no idea what they're doing, how they're going to get there, or why they're even here. People that are wise, are people that understand their present condition and they've learnt to manage themselves. Quite frankly I don't see enough people doing anything about it, I don't see them practicing the information, using it, and I guess for me it comes to a point, you know, does it really have any value any more?.. Is it just something that just a handful of us really care about?

Zen : Could one of the reasons people may not be trying to change the world is because they are so pre-occupied with their own existence? mortgages, jobs, kids, family?

Alex : I think those are all real genuine factors but I think that people look at physical progress as evolution. In fact its not. The only real genuine evolution is in the mind. Here we have physically, materially progressed or evolved as people would say tremendously in the last one hundred years, but look at all the problems we have now. Okay, we have problems now that literally threaten our own existence and that's because of physical progress. Now, if we were consciously evolving- what I mean is the way we think, the way we view the world, the way we view ourselves, it would be a very different world or environment. We'd have free energy, we wouldn't be stealing- using all the minerals in the earth to survive, we'd probably would have shaken off our monetary system, because basically all the world wealth is being held at the top and I think if we were evolving consciously we would have gotten rid of all of these things that didn't serve us.

Zen : In your perspective how much of the regressive extra-terrestrial influence has affected humanities progress.

Alex : Do you mean consciousness?

Zen : Both consciousness and technologically. You mentioned in one of your lectures that in the 1930's the German scientists opened up a portal that allowed regressives to enter our timeline. Had that not occurred, had humanity been ‘left alone' where would humanity be now?

Alex : I think we would have done things very differently- but its only conjecture on my part, I don't really know, I can't predict the future any better than anyone else can. As far as I know no one can, because it's all probability. The probabilities are that we would have changed things dramatically, we would have definitely gone maybe in a very different direction, but I don't know that for sure – I just done know. Aside from that look at the decisions we're making today and today is really all that we have. You don't have yesterday, you don't have tomorrow, all we have is the present. People are not really paying attention to where they are, at the moment, all the time. Yes they're in the moment, they're driving their car, they're on their cell phone, cooking dinner. Their mind is always – what about tomorrow, what about next week, I gotta keep this appointment, and that appointment, and how much are we really creating right now?. I'm really looking at the idea of how much is this helping humanity? Is humanity benefiting anything from this?. I honestly don't know.

Zen : A few years ago in your lectures you finished by stating that as long as humanity, people stick together there is nothing that we cannot achieve. Can we assume that four, five years down the track, your perspective on people is that the situation is now a complete 360-degree turn around?

Alex : Well, yes just from my own experiences with people. To me there is nothing very genuinely threatening about the A information, but I can tell you that, some of the threats have genuinely bothered me. I try not to take it personally- but I don't see people changing, everybody just making more and more excuses for everything that's going on both good and evil. The good parts I think we should hold onto.

Zen : What would it take to wake people up? A nuclear incident? Are we over a point of no return, that little light that blinks `no return', indicating that no matter what you do there is nothing you can do to fix problems?

Alex : No, I don't know that I would say that, but, why does it have to go to nuclear destruction? What if it had to go to biological to wake people up? Don't they care about what's going on? Why do we always have to go to the extreme? It just doesn't make sense to me!.

Zen : So by the time people realize we've got ourselves into a bit of a rut, it's too late to change anything?

Alex : Oooh yeah, I think we're in a real big time rut.

Zen : If you were President of the United States, President Collier, what would you do?

Alex : [Laughing] If I were president of the United States, I think the very first thing that I would do would be to abolish the income tax system. Second thing that I would do is I would force the distribution of free energy- I would try to make people more free. The problem here is the more freedom you give people, the more responsible they need to be with their freedom. Will the people be responsible with their freedom? That's the $64,000 dollar question and at this point I honestly don't know!. I don't know if the people would be more responsible. How do we change the world? Make it a better place if nobody wants to take responsibility for their own actions, if nobody wants to be accountable for what they do, when they hurt someone.

Zen : Is responsibility a learnt skill or is a part of a person's soul? like the feeling of guilt. Nobody teaches it to you, it's an emotion that comes naturally and through life experiences. If responsibility is a learnt skill, then how do people learn it?, when there doesn't seem to be enough people with responsibility to learn from on the planet right now?

Alex : Well I think that some of it learnt, but I think that some of it is also very, very intuitive. I would say 99% of the people genuinely know the difference between right and wrong. But for whatever their reasons are their intention to do good is a very positive motivation, but the positive to do evil is also a very powerful motivation but its control, its manipulation and whenever somebody is in that position of wanting to control and manipulate, its because they themselves are not confident or confident in themselves. They have to control others, and this is where they get their confidence from – is in the control of others – that's not evolution. Here, worry begets fear, fear begets anger, anger begets pain, and I see humanity completely stuck in that cycle, and all we do is blame each other, or blame the government or blame the school system, blame god, blame whomever, that's all we do. But are we genuinely taking the steps to change ourselves? And our communities and the answer is no.

Zen : With this lack of responsibility, your view of the world in say, ten years time Alex?

Alex : [Long pause] I don't know. I don't know anymore. My honest feeling is that if we're going to be here in ten years we need direct intervention. If its left to us, someone, some group will probably release biological weapons on the planet, and those things have the potential to kill everything on the surface of the earth..

Zen : Even those who release it?

Alex : Yes- where are you going to hide?

Zen : the moon?

Alex : Where are you going to hide from something like that?. I'm not just talking about one, but just one of these weapons is capable of killing millions of people!. There are definitely groups, religious organizations for lack of a better word that believe that its an honor to not only kill your enemy but yourself in the process because then your assured of going to heaven.

Zen : Doesn't sound like a very enlightened religion..

Alex : Well are any them? – well there are some strengths and positives in all of them and there are also some negatives. I've gotten very cynical to be honest with you.

Zen : Have your changes in humanity and life been a gradual change? A sudden change? Or a realization?

Alex : I think its all three. Slow change, sudden change, its all become a realization- its progressive.

Zen : To be honest Alex you don't paint a positive future.

Alex : Oh I understand, I do. I don't see us fixing our problems without help, I just don't. Five years ago I thought, hey, the potentials there, but after watching the apathy, not only around the world but here in the United States especially, I just don't know how we are going to do it?.

Zen : Is it that just not enough people are aware of the Andromedan information? Or is that not-

Alex : It's just not the A's. There is other information. Information out there that not only complements it, maybe even going beyond it, I'm not exactly sure, I'm just making a blanket statement here but its really the apathy of the people. Here in the United States, just look at the last election, just look at how many people voted, and how many didn't vote. Look at the things that go on in this country politically and people don't do anything about it, they don't care. They are not willing to step out of their little box, to make genuine changes for the good of the nation, for the good of the community. There are a few exceptions but not nearly enough to make a significant change. How will we ever raise the consciousness of our species, if no one is willing, if few are willing to work on themselves? The question ultimately comes down to this, and this is the question – How do we make love stay? And I don't have an answer.. Who's going to teach us to make love stay? Who's going to teach us to be leaders, to be responsible. Who?. If there are no teachers here that can do this and be it, how will we ever going to make these changes?

Zen : President Bush, the leader of the United States, land of the free and brave – is he the right choice to lead the leader of the `free' world based on the options provided to the people?

Alex : Well, my own opinion, yes – how could you believe anything Al Gore said? I would never vote for Gore even if he was only the candidate running!. Bush is not a spiritual leader, not a religious leader, he is just a figure head running a specific office, or has a title in the United States but you know, he's not a savior, his not a god, just like no one else is. The world has to be done individually. There is no short cut.

Zen : It has to be a grass roots effort..

Alex : You know, my original purpose was to get behind peoples intellect and their prejudice, and try to awake some part of their consciousness that remembered the original intent, of who we were, where we came from, and why we choose to live. What is the lesson about earth, or about all of it, and I haven't succeeded. I don't think I've succeeded.

Zen : What would be your definition of success Alex?

Alex : The evolution of consciousness towards wisdom.

Zen : How would you gauge that you've achieved that? Getting one person to not so much as believe but try to comprehend the A's message is one thing, but to get 1000 people? Let alone 1% of the world population. Is it more like lighting a spark? One person tells another person, who then carries it on, and then it grows like a wild fire and eventually everyone is questioning their own beliefs, why they believe something.

Alex : Well originally that's what's supposed to happen. That's the way it's supposed to happen.

Zen : Do you feel like you've lit the spark? Or is the fizzling out?

Alex : I honestly don't know, I honestly don't have an answer for that anymore. I don't have a gauge. I'll be honest with you, I really don't know.

Zen : The release of Defending Sacred Ground on the web brought more information from your lectures to online readers. One of the most common questions from visitors and in fact people who are requesting orders for already, is DSG Volume 2. If we can just set the background by touching quickly on DSG1, what was the inspiration behind it?

Alex : Well I didn't write it. DSG1 was a compilation put together by someone who offered to do transcribing of tapes for us and our intention was to create the book but to do it in a very different way.. Actually the transcriptions of the tapes was done, and a book was created, and was being sold completely without our knowledge. So I cannot take credit for putting that together. DSG2 will be my work, hopefully in the next four, five months I will have enough time to actually get it done. But I didn't create DSG1.. It's just a compilation of tapes, transcripts of different tapes and lectures compiled together.

Zen : DSG1 was in paper format for a while before released on the Internet, what was the catalyst to put it online?

Alex : It was to get it into the hands of as many people as possible because of the value I felt of the information. Which I still feel is valuable. It was never about the money. It's never been a moneymaker – EVER. I and the Robinson's have constantly been accused of doing it just for the money- its absurd, absolutely absurd. We've never made anything from it.

Zen : Will DSG2 be released online or initially in book format?

Alex : I think we will probably put in online first, and then offer it in a hard cover. That's how I see it.

Zen : Can you give us any sneak peeks of items DSG2 covers?

Alex : I go into the twenty-two different races. I'm going into much more greater detail about the Andromedans themselves. About their culture, how they live their day-to-day life. About their education system, their political system. I deal specifically with the history of earth that revolves around the twenty two different races that have come here and colonized and have left this genetic legacy, genetic lineage here on earth. I will also put in there as much as I know about the individual races. It's actually a very comprehensive work. Problem is, I'm the sole support for my family, I'm working ten, twelve hours a day, it isn't easy to find the time, to do it all and to have a life for myself.

Zen : If we can just set something straight for the record. A few sites are claiming that your information is being channeled..

Alex : Oh they have been saying that for years, and I've beat that horse till its fallen down. It continues, it persists that I'm channeling and I'm not. But that's another thing – there's a good example. It's going on twelve years now that I've been publicly been speaking, and here twelve years later, I'm a contactee, I'm a contactee, physical, physical, eye to eye, the whole shebang, in all that time, in those twelve years there are still people that insist I am channeling. Who don't even know me. People do not listen as well as they hear. Quite frankly I don't know what to do about that.

Zen : Could it be that when you say that some of your contact is telepathic, could some people be getting telepathy and channeling mixed up?

Alex : I really don't know, but it doesn't change the fact that I've been with these folks physically. 99% of the information has come from physical interaction.

Zen : Which is still on going to this day.

Alex : Yes, yes. I'm just tired of having to defend the message.

Zen : So, folks, your saying 100% without a shadow of a doubt there is not one bit of information has been channeled..

Alex : Channeling requires you to leave your body and allow someone else to come into it. That is not what happens. Not even close.

Zen : What are the telepathic contacts like?

Alex : It would be just like me and you talking right now except neither one of us is saying any words. But we're thinking and having the conversation back and forth.

Zen : When you initially met the Andromedans you were not telepathic. Telepathy is a skill that has been lost in time.

Alex : I have it, you have it, we all do, but our first inclination is to speak, to put it outside of us.

Zen : So how did they initiate it? How would one start to become telepathic, how does one awaken the ability?

Alex : I'm blessed because I've learnt from a race that is telepathic. The first inclination is not to put their thoughts outside of themselves. They project it inside the head, in other words its genuine true communication. Because you know, words can be misinterpreted. I want you to know that telepathy is not just words, its emotion, intent, and its also pictures. In other words it would be like me explaining to you my home, where I live. Because of my telepathy not only do you hear my words that I'm saying, but you have a clear picture in your mind of what I see it as because I'm projecting it to you. You are also feeling my emotion, my love, sacredness, you're feeling all of that as well as hearing and seeing. Now your feeling, and on top of that you also have knowledge and experience my complete intent and feeling for all those three other emotions or perspectives. It's kind of hard to explain.

Zen : If you and Moraney are on opposite sides of the earth, distance does not affect telepathy in any way does it?

Alex : No, not at all. The mind knows no boundaries

Zen : A billion miles away and it would be instantaneous- no time delay

Alex : The mind knows no boundaries

Zen : NASA would like that type of communication if you had astronauts on other planets separated by large distance.

Alex : Oh yeah, well you know, that's another thing, they are looking for radio waves, communication, beams from other star systems. When many extra terrestrial craft talk to each other, or talk to their home planet, and what they do is they bounce their signals off the suns, off the stars, because the light continuously moves through the universe, it doesn't ever dissipate. That's what they do, they bounce their radio, or their signal communications, whatever they are, microwave, depending upon their technology- its actually way beyond that, I'm just using earth terms to give people an example, they bounce them off the stars and the actual signal is carried on the frequency of light.

Zen : It piggybacks.

Alex : Exactly, right.

Zen : You mentioned before that the speed of light is determined by the speed of thought by those observing it. Now if we became more enlightened, would we be able to detect these communications that we cannot now because we see light traveling at our thought speed?

Alex : I think its possible. I think it's totally possible.

Zen : Lets say you are in the living room and see an animal walking outside, can you project using telepathy a thought into that animal and would it understand you?

Alex : I do it with a cat all the time, I do it with some of the local dogs in the neighborhood, I even do it with my son.

Zen : So how does an animal react?

Alex : They generally will come over to me or they will do it. They will do whatever I project. Doesn't always work. It works a lot of the time.

Zen : Have you tried to communicate with a stranger on a train or is it only if a person gives permission?

Alex : Yes. I experiment all the time. It might be in a restaurant. I will see someone and I will project to them a thought to turn around and sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't. Other times I will do other things, its always different but I'm always trying to make it better and improve it. My wife and I are very much on the same frequency, and we experiment a lot.

Zen : Moving to current world events, Californian power crisis. Engineered to see peoples reaction or a bad example of government politics?

Alex : I think a combination of both, its definitely man made, but at the same time they knew the crisis was coming. On a political sense, it's the Kiyoto protocols all the way. The Kiyoto protocols that were designated to basically cut the power consumption. Reduce our use of raw materials. But there is more to it then that. Far more to it. I'm exemplifying it, but it's engineered you bet.

Zen : When you hear about all these stories about conventions about the environment, having the knowledge and perspective that you have do you see it as a farce? Knowing that there are free energy devices in the background hidden from people, and all this energy used up talking about something that might seem totally pointless to you?

Alex : Yes I do. There are at least twenty different technologies that have been created that completely eliminate this, completely. But its about power, its about money, its about control. That's why this stuff will not come out. Unless somebody is brave enough to come into a position of power and strength that will do something about it. Its lunacy, absolutely lunacy that we continue to play this game. Remember the story I told about teaching the A's about money?

Zen : Paper with pictures on it.

Alex : Paper with pictures on it, and how we valued and why we valued it etc etc. I probably spent five or six contacts talking about it, going over it, trying to explain it to them what it was all about, and when the whole thing was done, Vissaus just looked at me and said `why do you have to pay to live on a planet you were born on?'. Remember that?

Zen : Yes I do.

Alex : Just think about that. Why do we have to pay to live on a planet we were born on?

Zen : If you went out into the jungle, away from civilization you don't have to pay. The Amazon perhaps, where you are alone, pick berries and kill wild animals.

Alex : Well I guess that's true. Do you live in the jungle?

Zen : Not the last time I checked. But in all seriousness you are paying for the conveniences of life, running water, electricity.

Alex : Why do you have to pay for those? When the technology exists that everybody can have these things for free?
Zen : Well even if they are free, they might break down, wear and tear? For example, a free energy device might have parts, which turn possibly. Someone has to be paid to fix it.. Someone has to maintain it.

Alex : There is a box that was created in 1972 by a gentleman here in the United States, that generated, cost of about $150 using magnets, and generated approximately 5000 WATTS of power.

Zen : That's a lot of wattage. [Wattage is the unit of power, where voltage and amps are multiplied to give a watts rating (W = A*V) . To give an example of wattage usage, a new PC will have a 300 Watt power supply, a very large electric oven will use approximately 2500 watts. An energy saver light uses 18 Watts, a free standing personal heater approximately 1000 Watts, an electric kettle 1200 Watts, and a personal tape/radio unit 9 Watts.. These figures are estimates and will of course vary from item to item]

Alex : You could put it in the house, it was portable, put it in the car, run the car for nothing, take it out of the car when you got home, plug it into your house, then run your house, and there's no pollution, there are no utility bills, and you just live your life.

Zen : So what happened?

Alex : The department of energy crucified the guy. The technology was lost, or suppressed which is often what happens.

Zen : Is there anything you wish to say to those reading this?

Alex : Ultimately no matter what you think of me, no matter what you think of the Andromedan Information, no matter what you think of anybody else's information there's one law that is never going to change no matter what planet or universe you are in, and that is self responsibility. And you just cannot avoid that lesson so we might as well just honker down, make the decision together to be self responsible for ourselves and each other and maybe we can collectively put together enough wisdom to solve our problems. That's all I have to say. I'm sorry it wasn't all love and light.

Zen : Alex, your not one to sugar coat a response are you?

Alex : No, no I don't have time to sugar coat. The truth is what it is. I know a lot of people have a hard time with it. But we are running out of time, running out of time. And you know why? Because people aren't going to listen, to what I say, and they hear what they want to hear, doesn't matter. It ultimately doesn't matter what I say because they are not going to hear it anyway. It's like the example that I'm not a channel. For twelve years I've been saying this, but people still insist that I'm channeling, so they don't listen so there's no point trying to convince anybody of anything because its obvious they hear what they want to hear.

Zen : Alex, thank you for your time.

Alex : Thank you and goodbye.

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