Alex Collier Contact With Andromeda – 1995

Alex Collier – Contact With Andromeda – 1995


My name is Alex Collier. And tonight I want to go over the first of the series. And that is my contacts. I’m sure you’re going to have questions. Please give your arm a rest. I will answer your questions after I’ve done giving you the information. Then you can ask me what it is that you like in reference to whatever has to do with the contacts. OK?

I’ve been a contactee for 29 years, almost 30 years now. And it hasn’t been consistent about 29-30 years. There have been many years in between. The longest stretch was 11 years. It all started in Woodstock, Michigan. My first contact was _____ the year 1964. And it was a very wooded area. We were on a family picnic. I was 8 years old at the time. And we went off to play in a field, which was just south of the picnic area where we were. There was very tall grass, lots of chestnut trees, if you’re familiar with the midwest. It was very hot and humid. We were playing hide and seek. So I found a nice area to lay down. Which is what I did, and I kind of just was there, waiting for somebody to find me. Well, when I woke up, it was night. The Sun had already set. And I realized that some obviously something had happened. I hadn’t slept in many hours. And it seemed like I had just, I was just there. I quickly got up, and I went towards the north, back toward the picnic tables were. And my family had been looking for me. There were very concerned. I remember a police car being there, with a dog in the back. Cause the window was half cracked, and there was a lot of wet stuff all over the window. And I told them where I was. I even walked them back to where I was, and there was an imprint of my body. And they didn’t believe that I was there, because they had been looking in that area. And I got a severe spanking nonetheless.

I didn’t find out until much later that I had been picked up there, and the Andromedans had given me a suggestion to forget. Which is exactly what I did. In 1970 was my second contact. We were living in Elcrove(?) Village at the time, which was in Illinois, and I was taken right from bed. And I remember wakening, and I was lying on my back, looking face up. And there were two men looking down at me, smiling. One was very tall one was very short. I came to know these two as Vasais, and Moraney. If you’re interested in the spelling, Vasais is V-A-S-A-I-S, and Moraney is M-O-RA-N-E-Y. I had absolutely no sense of fear whatsoever. And the strangest thing was that they felt really quite like family. We’ve been…. Maybe some of you can recognize that when you meet somebody for the first time, you just have an instant recognition on some level of your being. And that’s exactly what this was like.

I was given a physical at the time. They used a scanner. Almost like a, just kind of waved over me, and. The room was circular. I was in the middle, like this. Now, there were monitors all along the wall here. I’m not a very gifted artist, so you’ll have to bear with me. There were monitors on the wall that had, all… You just saw everything inside of you, but it was kind of like broken up into pieces, different things. They gave me a little cup to drink, and it looked and tasted just like water. But what they did was they watched the fluids move all the way through my body. The water, or whatever the liquid was, move all the way through. To make sure that I was healthy. There were no blockages of any sorts. The whole time I was just there enjoying myself. Now the light, the walls, the whole place was lit up. The walls were almost like a grayish-white, similar to this color here, but much lighter. And the entire ceiling, which was here, which was all round, was totally lit up. And it was really bright, but at the same time it was not offensive to the eyes. It wasn’t where you had to go like this, or you needed sunglasses, or anything like that. It was almost like natural sunlight except there was not a ultraviolet reflections, and things of that nature. They gave me… After this proceeded, I was allowed to sit up, which I did on this table, and they, Vasais walked over and, I’ll describe him in just a minute here. And he gave this little ball to hold. And it was like a metal kind of thing, but it was very light, couldn’t tell you what it was. And I asked what it was, and I reached for it with my right hand, and he had me hold it, and he told me that this particular device that I was holding was recording my physio, physical genealogy. And my physical body biorhythms. And the information was being fed to a crystalline type of computer that was just off to the side somewhere, ok. He pointed, but obviously I don’t remember. He pointed but it was there. Something was there. The next thing they did was they put a little cap on my head. And it was like a baseball cap, but it didn’t have the visor, the brim, and it just sat like down, right on top here. And it had two little electrodes here. Well, they told me that this was measuring my brain waves. So that they could track me, or find me, or contact me, no matter where I was. The information…. Everybody’s brain waves are different. And this is their way of recognition. They do things very differently than we do here, and their recognition is more energy than your face. Because out there, there are races that can make absolute duplicates of you, right down to the scar on your little toe. And unless they know the brainwaves, which they can’t duplicate, because only you have them, then they know it’s you. So, this is what they did. They also told me that this particular device was recording my complete reincarnational history. Not only on Earth, but from my first physical embodiment in this universe. I was told it was like a holographic copying machine. It’s like if you’re looking at the monitor it would be kind of like, what could I compare it to? Like a film, where each different frame goes by, and there’s something a little different than each one, ok. It’s like that, where your holding cards, and you paint a picture on all the cards, and you go like this, and all the cards flip by, and there’s something to draw on each. It was like that. And different face, different face, different face, different face, different face. Just all these different things that were supposedly me.

We’re still in 1970. OK, they spoke to me telepathically. They also have the ability to talk to you with their mouth, if they so choose to. It’s a lot easier for them, I think, just to think it. Than to actually think it, and then have to put the words, because in their culture, they don’t use the mouth to communicate, unless they have to. It’s all by thought.

They asked me at this particular time if I would agree to help them with a chosen task, later in this particular life. At the time I didn’t have a clue what it was. But I was in such a space of trust and love, and thinking, wow, this is really a great thing, that I agreed to help them. No matter really what it really was. And I’m now doing what it is that they asked me to do. And I want to apologize here, I’m two years behind. I was supposed to have started two years prior to this, but I got cold feet. There’s still a little ____ there, but not as cold.

Moraney, who’s the bigger gentlemen, was holding a device in his hand. While all the physical things were going on in the monitors, and he pushed the button on this little box that he had in his hand, and all of the monitors just disappeared. All it was, was just the wall that was there. It was almost as if they weren’t there to start with. But they were physically there because it was all these meters, and gauges, and things like that. Plus, my inner skeletal was right here. You pushed this button, it disappeared.

When I got up, he said we’re going to go this way. Suddenly a door out of nowhere appeared. Now if I had been in this room alone, there’s no way I would have found the door. Because it all looked like wall. Didn’t look like there was any seams, or cracks, or anything. And he just pushed this button, and it opened. I got up off the table, and we started to walk. And I turned around, and the table that I had been lying on, sitting on, disappeared, with another push of the button. I asked him how they did this. He told me that all of it was holographs. Holographs, holograms. And that they were manipulating third density. You have any questions on this, I’ll try to explain it at the end, ok. But they were manipulating third density.

After leaving the room, we walked down the hallway, and, again, it was well lit. There didn’t seem to be anybody else around that particular time. I didn’t know exactly where we were going. When we got to the very end of the hallway, to me it looked like a dead end, and suddenly another door opened. We walked into this room, and again it was circular, and in the middle of the room here, from the floor to the ceiling was this column of light blue light. Just a column, like a…. it was just a column of light blue light. It was just sitting there in the middle of this room. I was told that I had to walk into it. They told me that I was going to go through many changes in my life. And that I should never feel forsaken, which I had did anyway, at times. They thought that it was best that I’m not to mention this particular situation to anyone, because nobody would understand. And I heeded this until just a few years ago. I didn’t share this with anyone. When I walked into the light, he told me that they had come from my future to come back to find me. And I asked them, I said, “Well, when did you come from?”. He said 1980. Now, this is back in 1970.

Ok, and they got involved, my understanding is, with us, which is a whole different lecture. But they got involved here in 1980, and they went back in time to try to make contacts so that we could start making changes out here.

I’m going to describe the two beings. Vasais is a very short man. 4’ 11”. Not over 4’ 11”. Sometimes he looks a little shorter, sometimes he looks a little taller. But he’s roughly 4’ 11”. He has snow-white skin. Just absolutely white like the first snow, ok. Before the trucks drive over it, and everything. He has no hair. I can’t honestly tell you what color his eyes are because they change color all the time. His iris’s, they change color all the time. Depending upon the mood he’s in, or when they’re talking to each other. He can speak to me either using his thoughts, or his mouth. He is incredibly wise, and very very fatherly. Grandfatherly. Great-grandfatherly, what ever term you want to use. He’s very powerful for a little guy. When he walks in the room, it’s like everything changes. It’s not that everybody comes to attention, but it’s just like everything changes. It’s like you start to hear a hum. Everybody’s full of energy suddenly. It’s like he carries so much, so much light, or an essence with him, that it just affects everybody, no matter where he is. And it doesn’t matter how big or small the room is. I’ve asked how old he is. He said in Earth years he’s 4312 years old. In Earth years. And then he added with a little chuckle that he feels very good for his age. Cause he knows that’s incredibly high for us. He commends deep respect from the crews, as I have observed whenever I’m with him, and we’re on different craft. Moraney has said that Vasais is considered a great sage in his part of the galaxy.

Moraney, who’s the other half of this duo. There’s actually 11 total, but these two always talk to me. Moraney is just the opposite. He’s 7 ½ to 8 feet tall. He says he weighs 600lbs. And he’s built like this. He’s perfect. Just physically perfect. He would make our Mr. Universe look like Popeye. He’s just perfect. His skin is light blue. It’s not white, but light blue. His eyes also change color whenever they’re talking, or he wants to say something funny, or he’s being benevolent, or whatever. His… their eyes, they all change color. Ok, they’re not always the same. He’s also very smart and wise. And he also has a sense of humor. There’s a lot of times when I’m not really happy, and he can say something really funny, and that kind of snaps me out of it. He can make me laugh when things are at their worst, and there aren’t many folks that can do that. So I really love him. I really love him. He’s married. This is Moraney. He has 18 children. They reside in Andromeda. The constellation of Andromeda on a planet called Xentrea. I’ve just guessed at how to spell it. Again, they don’t use letters and alphabets and things that we do. But I think it’s spelt: X-E-N-T-R-E-A. Moraney, himself, resides on a planet called Firex. F-I-R-E-X. And Moraney has said that in his, in earth years, he’s 2117 years old. As we calendar time. The Andromedans, in that galaxy are 3rd, 4th, and 5th density. And they are very much like us. They are humans. They are not humanoid looking, although some of them are very (clasmic?), pure energy. Those are the 5th density beings. But those that are human, are human. They have ears, and nose, and you know, eyes, and the mouth, and shoulders, and five digits. You know they’re humans.

When Moraney and Vasais are talking to each other, or they’re talking to the others, they talk telepathic. Sometimes I can hear it, or if I’m allowed to hear it. And many times I can’t. When they’re talking to each other, they’ll be standing in a circle, or in a group, where Vasais will be here, and the rest will be here, and their talking, and their nodding. Where their third eye is, right here. There’s color, different colors. Blue. Green, oranges, reds, dark blues. Colors that I’ve never seen before, that don’t even exist here, as far as the spectrum of light. Right here, boom-boom. And it’s like watching a light show, or a laser light show, with all these beings just standing going…. They’re nodding yes, and it’s all these flashes of light. And they’re communicating so fast that you get dizzy just looking at the colors. You can’t imagine the conversation. And then, when it’s done. There’ll be a couple flashes here. A couple flashes there, a couple nods. And then Moraney and Vasais will turn, and they’ll talk to me. And tell me whatever it is that was being discussed, or what we’re going to do next, or whatever. It’s always something different. And I’m going to talk more about some of those things at another time. Sometimes they’ll turn, and Moraney or Vasais will talk to me like I’m talking to you. Just open up his mouth and speak. I never know when they’ll do that, ok.

They reproduce the same way that we do. Their life spans, on an average, in earth years now, ok, I’m dealing with earth years, is between 1200-2700 years old. That’s how long their physical body lasts. They’re dual sex. Male and female. They have said that in their constellation, there are at least 28 different life forms. Different life forms that are conscious life forms.

In their culture, they don’t use language or names. They use symbols. The only reason I’m able to give you the one’s name as Vasais, one as Moraney is because they’re doing that to accommodate me, and to accommodate everybody else. And the other 3 contactees that they are in touch with here on Earth. Because as our societies, in our culture, we use sight, but we also use names to label, to identify. So they have accommodated us, by using it. In their language, if you were to see them, or in their world, if you were to see them, they would flash a symbol, and you would supposedly, instantly recognize it, as to who they are. And that’s all you have to do, in their language. It’s not like you would have to go up and introduce yourself, “Hi, I’m Alex. Nice to meet you” They don’t do any of that. They just flash, just a flash of color. And whoever they’re flashing to knows everything about them. Just like that. Everything, you know, you just know everything about them. It’s not where you have to give a business card, resume, you know. Or you have to know somebody for two years before you kind of know who they are. In their world, it’s boom, instant.

Q: Do they have to see that? Or can we have a ________?

A: You’ll have to hold your questions to the end. I have a terrible habit of answering questions in the middle, and losing it. Let’s see….

I was told what had happened to me in 1964. And I was taken on board, and I was given a physical. They just wanted to make sure that my body was strong. Apparently, there was some communication, and again, they told me to forget. Which is what I did. I had another contact when I was age 16 in Poundridge? New York, which was upstate. I wasn’t awakened apparently. I was just taken on board. Given a very quick physical, and then I was put right back into bed. And it’s okay, because they have my permission to do that.

Then there was nothing. Nothing at all until 1985. I moved to Malibu. To Decker canyon, Malibu in 1985, and within 3 weeks, things started to happen. There was one night that it was very very foggy. And for those of you who live out here, especially close to the shore, you know how it gets. And I was out for a walk. I was living on top of a mountain there. I was kind of pondering my life, what was going on, and the contacts. I was wondering where they’d been. Because many times I had called, and had got no response. Wondering, well, maybe I had dreamed the whole thing. I mean, you know, your mind can run so many different things. So that’s what it was doing. It was running, like this marathon. It was close to midnight, I can remember that I had to go to work the next morning. So, I remember turning around, and coming back towards the house. The house was here. There was a driveway that went around here. This was all like a mountain. This was the road, and it dead ended up here. And there was another house that was here as well. The owners of the property. Well, I was up in here, and I started to turn around, and walk back. I had a little dog at the time, and her name was Mally. Little black Heinz 57. And we turned around, and we started to come back. Suddenly she stopped and she barked. So, I turned around to see what it was, and exactly where I was standing when I was there, thinking all of these thoughts, before I turned around to walk back, this huge beam of light, just lit up in a circle on the ground, where I was standing. And I knew they were back. That’s how I knew. And I was really happy about that, cause I was having a very tough time. And the contacts started just shortly after that.

Sometime during the next week, I was awakened during the night, and I had this urge to go hiking. And there’s a lot of places to hike in that area, up there. It was a full moon, and I remember getting in the car, and driving just a couple miles to this very special place in the Santa Monica Mountains. I had a flashlight, had Mally, had my walking stick. Some water, and I felt, just a couple hours. So, I’m about ½ mile up the trail, you go up over this little hill, and down into this little valley, a canyon there. And suddenly, there’s like, somebody there. Just like waiting for me. And it was Vasais. Well, I jumped half out of my skin. My dog was running, hiding in the bushes. She was no protection whatsoever. Thank god it was Vasais, because if it had been anybody else, I don’t know how I would have dealt with it. Except I’ll be screaming, running in the bushes after her. And it was great. That night, they started to really talk to me about a lot of different things. They talked to me about the Earth dilemma. What we are experiencing. Not only socially, but on an extraterrestrial level. They talked to me about the original 22 extraterrestrial races that have visited the Earth. And have colonized the Earth, and have genetically done things to us, and with us. They talked to me about probable future events, and how those things work. Earth changes. Not probable, but things that will happen. Again, as far as time, they don’t deal with linear time like we do. And when it comes to Earth changes, it all depends on our consciousness. The world government predicament. And this is really my first clue about a world government. Up until that point, I thought everybody was free, and all the little nations were independent. The Earth agenda. The Grays that were here, that are here, still. Extraterrestrial colonization of Earth. The real significant colonizations that have been here in our ancient past. Ancient Earth history, and the Andromedan council, which is who they are part of. Who is like our United Nations of our galaxy. Our galactic government. And there is one ladies and gentlemen. There really is one. Thank goodness.

One of the contacts that occurred in Malibu was witnessed by 22 or 23 other people. I say 22 or 23, because I can’t remember exactly. We were having a meditation, and it was one of those weekends were there had been like 3 big rain storms, coming through. I think it was ’85. And the clouds were really low. And these people made it, despite all the mud, and all the terrible conditions. We had been meditating for awhile, and 2 brothers went outside to smoke a cigarette. They couldn’t have been out more than a few minutes, when the door opened, and they came running in screaming, “You gotta see this! You gotta see this!” So we all walk outside. Some of us ran outside. We go outside, and over the house, there’s this huge circle. Now mind you, it’s totally smack in the fog. You know, your headlights are on bright, you’re maybe seeing 10 ft ahead of you. OK, the house was here. Above the house, was this huge clearing in the sky. And you’re looking straight up the clouds. There were 11 stars in a circle. There were 11 stars in a circle, forming a circle. So we all decided there’s no constellation like that. So we all held hands, and we held a circle. Well the moment we held a circle, the stars broke up, and what they did inside the circle, was they formed a straight line, like this. Now, one of the gentlemen that was there, now we’re all still standing in a circle holding our hands. One of the gentlemen that was there started to talk out loud, and he said, I can’t remember what it was. I’m ahead of myself. OK. After they lined up like this, they formed a circle again, that’s what it was. They formed a circle. And the one in the middle, stayed in the middle, just like that. And he said, “Let’s ask the one to do a lazy figure eight.” Well before he could even say the words, the one in the middle, did a lazy figure eight. Like this. And that no sooner did it connect the eight, that the clouds just went like this, and it was over. It was really intense. People started crying. I can remember one gentleman that was there saying that “I’ve been investigating UFO’s for so many years, this is my first sighting.” You know, he was just thrilled, and it was great. It was great. We went inside, and we meditated for a little while longer, and then the meeting broke up. And everybody went their merry way.

My contacts are both physical, and telepathic. They’re not always here. They have been here, in the physical, where I’ve been told to go to a place, and they come down, and they sit with me. But they don’t like it too much here, because the vibration is really low. And next week when you’re here, we’re going to play for you, NASA tapes of the sounds of space. We have one of the Earth that we’re going to play for you. The sound that the Earth actually gives off as it rotates. We have another one of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. And when you hear the difference, it will really blow your mind.

In all of my experiences with the Andromedans to date, I have felt their deep respect and love for life. They’re really committed to evolution of all life, regardless of where it is on it’s scale. They believe in truth and justice. And they have taken the role, of being the teachers, and the ambassadors of our galaxy. And that’s a role that they have. The Andromedan council is made up of 133 planetary races, and systems.

Now I am going to talk to you about the mother ships. Again, I ask you to bear with me, because I am not an artist. But I will endeavor to do the best I can. The motherships are spheres. They are circles, they are balls. What I’m going to talk to you about is 900 miles across, and this way. Insides, it’s like a whole other world. I mean it is a world. It consists of many levels, with different buildings, and structures. They have all aspects of life, including spirit, physical, multidimensional, that are going on inside these craft, as they’re in deep space. It’s if we could put a booster rocket on Earth, and just launch it somewhere, keeping our atmosphere with us, and just traveling with all life here. Going about business as if we didn’t know that we were going the speed of light to somewhere else. Some of the structures are living environments. In the center of these, of the ships, there are huge park areas. They are approximately 25 miles long. Or ____________. And it’s like you were to walk out, just like any really beautiful park here. With hills, and trees, and birds, and deer. But they’re not deer. They have a different kind of an animal. They have something that looks like our squirrel, but it isn’t like our squirrel. There’s fish. It’s a total living environment inside this craft. I’m going to try to do this with one level ok. Here’s the first level. Ok, there’s lakes, there’s trees everywhere ok. All over the place. Trails, just like you would outside. Along the outside, along the perimeter of the parks, in this one particular area, it was 4 miles high. From the floor, where the ground is, to the ceiling of this one particular floor, it was 4 miles high. And all along the walls, were living quarters. Everybody lived here. And they all had balconies that looked over into the park. This is just one floor, one level that I am talking about here. Ok, all these balconies, looking over into the park area. There are always children there. And I’m told the reason there are always children there is because this is where they teach their children. Is in these parks, outside, for so many years. They teach them outside in a nature environment. Many of the motherships have 3 of these huge park areas. I‘ve been told that some have as many as 9. On the roof, on the ceiling; natural sunlight. It’s as if you’re outside somewhere, with blue sky. In fact, I was told that all of this was created holographically. And that if you were outside there for any amount of time, and you’re indoors, you’re zipping through space. If you’re indoors there, with their holographic principle, you can actually get a suntan. It absolutely duplicates our sun in every detail. It’s a holograph. It’s like a movie, or similar to one. ______ The sun rises and sets, just like it would here, or on other planets in any solar system. The length of their, of one of their days is equal to 23 of ours. Which means they get an awful lot accomplished in one day.

The living quarters. It’s a very simple room, and we’ll say it’s a 10X10 to keep it simple. There’s the door, ok, and here’s a panel on the wall. You could walk into this room, and all you have is the light on the ceiling when you first walked in. You push a sequence of numbers, and they’re coded somehow, and whatever it is that you need. A bed, a sink, a shower, a bathtub… holographically appears. And it’s there. You are standing in this holograph, and you’re getting wet. You’re in the shower, you’re in the tub, and you’re wet. It’s really there. You can also change whatever kind of environment you want in this 10X10 room. You want to be in the jungle. This 10X10 room will instantly create a jungle for you. And it’s physically there. You’re climbing the trees, you’re swinging on the vines. Whatever it is that you want. It is there. And I’ll get into how they do this. They can even change the shape of the room. Now there’s neighbors next door to them. They can make this room bigger, using this device, this holograph device, without infringing on either one of their neighbors. Now that I don’t know how they do. But again, they told me it’s all holographs. It’s all a question of manipulating 3rd density, which is the speed of atoms. You can relegate the speed of atoms, you can change anything, you can make anything disappear. You could be on a raft. You could be on a river. You could do anything you wanted with this room. For a week, for a month, for hours, it doesn’t matter. Whatever you wanted to do. Whatever kind of environment you wanted, you could literally create in your living quarters. It all depends on what you want to experience. And when you’re tired of it, and when you’re bored of it, you just go to the panel, boom, do something else. They have the ability to change a 10X10 room into a football field, without infringing on their neighbors. You know, squishing their neighbors in any way, or saying “ Excuse me move over”________. That kind of thing.

On all the different levels of the ship they have what are similar to cafeteria style eating quarters. And they never eat flesh. Never eat flesh. A lot of fruits, a lot of vegetables, a lot of things that I don’t have a clue as to what they really are. And they couldn’t really explain it to me, because it’s so different than what we are accustomed to here. They’re always open. You can go anytime you want, get anything that you need. Eat as much as you want. Nobody ever goes without anything. On anything, for anything. There’s anything that you need, it’s there, it’s yours. You just go, because you’re a part of this, and it’s just there.

There are different levels. Now, there’s areas on the craft where there’s huge atriums. I mean like an orchard growing inside these ships. Huge orchards of, ok, they have something similar to our pears. They call them TEKS(?) But they’re really big, they’re like a small pumpkin. And they’re deep, deep purple. The flesh inside, as well as the skin. And they grow in these certain areas, all their food. And again, the ceiling is natural sunlight. They go through changes. Everything is done by hydroponics where these atriums are. The food grows 3 or 4 times the size in a fraction of the time it takes us to grow food here. And it’s a lot more nutritious in these environments where they grow their food. The oxygen content is always 30%. Which is what our oxygen content used to be 2000 years ago. They grow their food in atrium areas that their oxygen content is always 30%. Their fruit and vegetables are at least 10 times the size of ours. At least. One pear could probably feed a family of five here, for 3 or 4 days. If you just kept ______ on it. They do eat and grow algae. They also put algae in their water system, so you’re always drinking it whenever one goes for water. And they’ve told me their waste is so clean, that they use it as fertilizer, and they use it, and they give it to different civilizations as an antiseptic. Because the oxygen content is so high in it. This one particular mothership, this 900 mile mothership, they told me it would literally take them 25 years to show me everything. Every nook and cranny of it. In my time ___. The motherships are powered by hydrogen. I do not, I have not been shown where all the workings are, or exactly how it works.

Ok, now I’m going to come to the part I find the most interesting. I mean it’s all interesting, but I’m really fascinated with this particular area. They have the ability to go to a world, and holographically take a picture of Earth. We’ll use Earth. And in this holograph is our past, present, and ——————

They use these pictures. And what they do is they educate their people, their students. And what they do is what is called an environmental lab, ok. We call them museums here. ___ you call them environmental labs. And what they’ll do, is they’ll take a room ok. Let’s say this room, and they will holographically project. Let me back up. You’re a teacher, and you have 4-5 students that want to study Earth history. You 4 want to study Earth history, and you 3 want to study Earth history. You 4 have an interest in Atlantis, ok, the ruins. It’s destruction, when it was done, just what’s left of it. And you want to study that particular portion of Atlantis. You 3 want to study Atlantis in its prime, at its apex of the civilization. What they do in these environmental labs, having taken a picture of Earth and recorded its history, is they will take one part of the environmental lab, and they will literally create, holographically, ruins of what they have of Atlantis, that’s above ground, and under water. They can literally create it right there.

Where the students can literally walk through it. This is exactly what it is really here. They can literally walk through it, and study it, and record it just like an archealogist. Now they’re doing this while they’re traveling the speed of light through the galaxy. They could be 500 millions light years from where we are right now, and they’re studying Atlantis. You guys are studying it in its apex. But they’ve said even though it’s a recording, you could not actually go into the holograph, and start mingling with the inhabitants. You would be on an observation platform, studying this. Studying, you can move on these observation platforms. You can move to different parts of the continent, or whatever, but you cannot inter-mingle with the civilization in any way. Because they have said that even though it’s a holograph, you can still change it. Because the energy still exists in there. All they do is they tap into the energy, which is always moving, always doing something, still exists. You can experience a volcano, a pole shift, a comet strike, an ice moon, a tropical rain forest, the deepest ocean, or you can even walk in the desert, in these environmental labs. It is like, and its… you’re there. You’re there Even though you’re on the spaceship. And this is how they teach their people. And we’re not just talking about Earth. We’re just using that as an example. There are millions of other civilizations out there that have come and gone.

They also have environmental labs where they have created like a tropical rain forest. Where you can walk around it, underneath it, ok. On top of it, observing it. But you do not ever go in it, because the life that is in these environmental labs is evolving on it’s own. And they’re sitting there, studying it, and watching it. And the energies, or the animals, or the beings or whatever, is inside these things, inside these environmental labs, are evolving at their own rate. Whether is Cro-Magnon, or its just amoebas, I’m not a science ____, but they study life. They allow it to evolve. And there are many different environmental labs like this, where it is allowed to evolve, and their constantly watching it all the time. No matter what the changes are. This also includes going back in time to the point where the civilization is, or was coexisting, capturing their environment holographically. Placing it in the museum, or environmental lab, and allowing it to evolve, without interference, or intervention on that day-to-day life, and belief systems. Thereby, not altering their future, or reality in that space-time continuum. I confess that some of this is over my head. But my understanding is that if you 3 were to walk into the lab, and walk into the current, as you’re watching it, or studying it, that Atlantean lifetime, you not only alter those people that you touch, because of their timelines, but you also alter your own. And they have said that its possible that once you go in, you might not find yourself part of the Andromedan culture at all. You might just disappear, and be part of that. And totally go in a different timeline somewhere else. Pretty wild.

Q: Did you experience these first hand? Did you see this?

A: Yes

Their entertainment is focused on education, and not distraction. Big difference here. Their entertainment consists of studying all life, and some of this is achieved by seemingly miraculous environmental labs. Which is what I just tried to describe to you here as best I could. They can literally create anything, anything they want. All of this information, these holographs, the memories, the pictures, are stored in crystal. Quartz crystal, which grows apparently everywhere. It’s not just something that grows here. You can find it in many different places.

The individual Andromedan is responsible for their own self-awareness, and growth. Everything needed to achieve their individual idea of perfection is provided and taught. It’s just there. You will be all that you want to be. We will give you the tools to do it. All that you have to do is do it. And it’s up to each individual. Each individual is within himself utopian, and therefore, they truly have a utopian society. Whether it’s a mothership they’re on, or on their own planet. They walk their talk. Right down to the last letter. To the period. On 3rd and 4th density these societies reproduce as humans do. There are marriages of couples. Some for love. Some are chosen just for companionship. And some are even karmic relationships. All of 3rd density healing that they do on some of their own, that they do on other races that they visit, is done with light, color, sound, and ___. Everything that’s against the law here, they use. Sometimes they are called upon to do work on their own people, on the motherships. But I was told it’s only because they left the mothership, and they’ve gone down to the surface somewhere and they’ve been exposed to a hostile environment. So when they come back, just so that there’s nothing wrong, they give them these healings anyway. You know, they just get the works, of light, color, sound, and _____. The light, and the color, and the sound, again they use quartz crystal, to amplify, to help, to heal them.

The motherships travel anywhere, and everywhere. They are continuously moving in exploration, research of life, and evolution. I was told that persons on board may spend their entire lifetime on the mothership, or even have had several incarnations on the same mothership, as it’s traveling. Because they don’t look at time the way we do. It doesn’t exist with them. They also don’t have a veil. In other words, when they cross over out of their physical body, when they come back, they knew exactly who they were, and what they were to do.

It’s time for questions. Anybody have questions?

Q: What you just said when they cross over, they come back. They come back as small children, and how long is their childhood period?

A: Well, the average lifetime is between 1200….let’s say it was 1200. At least 3-4-500 years.

Q: It must be frustrating if you came back remembering what you were doing, and you had to do it with a baby body before……..

A: No, nobody seems to mind. They all understand that it’s part of the evolution, and the physical body just won’t last forever. It was never designed to. Sometimes I like to have had more hair, be taller. I wouldn’t mind a change every once in a while.

Q: I think you’re to be commended for coming back, ……………….

Next question,

Q: Do you know anything about sector 51 in Nevada?

A: Sector 51. I know an Area 51. You know it’s interesting. I’m going to do a whole other lecture on that. But yes I know a lot, there’s a lot of information about it that’s out there. I’ve gotten just a tiny bit more, and confirmation on what is there, and what isn’t there. But it’s definitely a place you should stay away from. You know, and if anybody says well if _________ there, I wouldn’t take it. It’s a really, they’re doing some terrible things there.

Q: Really? Just heard about it today. In a courtroom.

A: In a courtroom it was?

Q: Yea, we were allowed to have some discussion______________, and that’s what came up. I told them I was coming to your lecture, and they said that’s nice.

A: the military is testing UFO craft there, and they are also building their own. And if you look on the flyer, in 2 weeks, or 3 weeks, we’re going to be talking about the Moon and the Greys. And I will talk about it there. There’s a lot. I have so much. Liberty’s helped me organize it, you know, so. For the record, the reason I’m able to bring this to you is because she has just dedicated her time to help me organize it, cause there’s just no way I could do it. _____ organization. And there’s just so much that goes on with people who have seen me lecture. For I will go from one thing to the next as they pop into my mind, and I lose people in the shuffle.

Q: You say there are 28 different life forms, what are they?

A: They’re human, they’re plant, they’re animal, they’re insect, and they’re also etheric, and plasmic conscious life forms. In other words they can think, they can make decisions, they can look at you and say yes or no, I like you or I don’t like you. They can communicate with you, even though it’s an insect. So if a really big beetle walks up to you and says, “ Hi Rose, I remember you from some other place”, It’s not from Egypt.

Q: The planetary sounds that you were referring to earlier that you are going to play next week. How did you procure those? How are they recorded, or where are they from?

A: They’re from NASA actually took them. And we found them in a little store, I don’t remember what we were looking for. And they were just there, and I said, “Oh, we gotta have these.” So we bought them, and what’s interesting about them, which you’ll hear next week if you come back, or if you don’t, that’s ok too, is the different, the frequencies, the highs of what the planets sound like. Now Jupiter and Saturn have, what they’ve done is they’ve taken the sounds and applied them to musical notes that we have here. Ok, exactly what the sounds are there, and the waves, and the radio waves, they’ve applied to music. Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter have this incredible orchestrated sound. And the Andromedans have said that everything is light and sound. Everything. And it’s all created by belief systems. Everything. _____ ________ is turned on itself, and is literally what it is creating right here on Earth. Think about that. When you hear that, it like wow it’s so celestial, it’s so wonderful. Then you hear the Earth, which is supposed to be higher than these other planets, because we have so much life and spirit here, on the planet. And it’s just low, low, low. You know, it’s really profound. We’re sick. The planet’s really sick.

Q: I have something to say kind of not related to what you were talking about tonight, but it’s related to you. I first heard about you a couple months ago when somebody loaned me a videotape that you made on a lecture you’ve given on the Galactic History. So, because I didn’t know who you were, anything, I looked at this, and well, I believe this man, and it feels true to me, but I need some more information on this. So I just happened to turn the TV on, on Monday, which happens to me often when I need more information, something. And there’s a show. And there’s a woman on this show who says that she’s from Venus. And she’s written a book. It’s a bestseller in Germany and Russia. Do you know anything about this? I think her name is Warnick, or Wornick. Anyhow, she’s talking about this, and she says that many people were here from Venus to help the planet with it’s, you know, it’s movement, it’s progression to a higher, to the next density. That in fact, that Venus is populated on a 4th density level, and that the planet Venus in our density is just a burned out planet. But in their density it actually exists. And that’s where Earth is heading and so forth. And I just wondered if that’s true. Is there people on Venus? Is she from Venus? Or do you know anything about it?

A: There’s no physical life on Venus.

Q: On any dimension?

A: Physical life on the 3rd density. There’s no physical life there. We were kind of saving that until when we got to the point of 4th and 5th density, what to expect. And yes we are definitely moving into that direction.

Q: Could you speak a little about the 5th dimension, _______ about the 3rd and 4th?

A: They don’t have form. They can have form if they want, but they don’t. If they move from 5th to 3rd, they’re only here for a very short time. And generally what it is, is just this much of a face, and the rest of it’s light. Now, on 5th density they are physical like we are, ok. Even though we see them as spirit, ghosts, or whatever. They’re not ghosts. That’s a poor analogy. They’re physical on their dimension. Just like when we move into 4th, we’re going to be physical. Ok, we’re still going to need some kind of nourishment, and take care of our bodies. But here it’ll be totally different. We move into 5th, my understanding is, you don’t eat, you’re just light. You are exactly what you are when you get to that stage.

Q: Speaking of food, I was wondering why wouldn’t they produce their food holographically if they can do all this holographic stuff?

A: My understanding is because the physicals can’t digest it if it’s just a (picture?). You know, you’re going to have to holographically project it into somebody’s mind, and say “Now you’re full.” You have some problems there, because the body needs to break it down, and needs to split it up into nutrients, and assimilate it.

Q: Can they teleport?

A: Can they teleport? Yes sir they can go anywhere they want. Anywhere they want. All you have to do is have a destination, and speed the molecules in our body, our atoms. Speed it up, and they just disappear. And what they do is they take your atoms at that particular point, which is your consciousness, and they just project it to where it is that you need to go. Like, for me, I went from this room back into my bed. Just like that. It wasn’t like the ceiling opens up and, boom, I dropped from the ceiling to the floor. It’s not like that at all. They’re thousands, and thousands, and thousands of years ahead of us.

Q: Two quick questions. One is Jupiter ___. Do you know anything about that? It supposed to be taking place _____. And the Mars probe, and faces on Mars?

A: Those are definitely other lectures. As far as the Jupiter thing, don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t light up like a star. Comets are ice. And what is ice? It’s frozen water. Ok, now there might be some particles in it that are solid, but it’s not going to, my understanding is that it’s not really going to affect us here. It’s a big deal. It’s never been recorded, that’s great, but it isn’t like, it’s just creating awareness. Now, for some reason they pick up huge motherships moving around Gannymede, then that’s going to be something. But we just have to wait and see. As far as Mars, that’s another lecture. That’s a whole chapter in history in itself. There’s a lot there. There’s an awful lot there. There’s even some of us there. But again, that’s another lecture.

Q: Do you have the option of staying on motherships _______?

A: No. I have agreed to be here.

Q: How long of a time period have you been?

A: It’s really hard to say. I’ve been there awhile. There are times I’ve been there awhile. But I come back, and it’s just 3 or 4 minutes that have passed. They cannot bring me back exactly to the point where they took me, because that then alters my timeline. They have to bring me back either a few minutes before, or a few minutes after. It’s never at the exact same moment. They could never do it to anybody, cause then you would cease to exist. What had happened is, what could possibly happen, my understanding is if they were to bring you to the same moment, that you would at some point, in that same moment, come face to face with yourself. Two different you’s, which would totally bend your timeline. And one of you will disappear. Or both of you could disappear. It would erase everything that you’ve done here. Altering of course, your mother, your brothers, your sisters, your father’s life. And the aunts and uncles. The doctor that delivers you. It would alter all their lives.

Q: Do you have a physical change when you go there? Actually, stay for a period of time, and then you come back to Earth time.

A: Do I go through a change?

Q: Yea.

A: Not one that’s really noticeable with the exception of depression, when I come back. Sometimes I’ll be _____. I go through a lot of different things. Sometimes I get very within. Where I don’t talk. I don’t communicate. It’s different alright. Without getting to personal, I can’t say any more than that. I’m very private. Yes sir…..

Q: Are there other motherships out there? I was just wondering if they interact with other galaxies? And does the Andromedans have their own scout ships that come here like we see in our skies?

A: Yes sir, they do.

Q: Who directs the traffic out there?

A: Who’s directing the traffic? Right now the Andromedans are. But you have two groups. You have one group that is service to others, and then you have another group that is service to self. You have some of those service to self right here, and on the Moon, and on Mars. And they are creating a problem, a real big problem. It isn’t over yet, and it hasn’t been resolved yet. And we’re going to talk about that. As far as the scout craft. This particular mothership, this one that is 900 miles in diameter, carries 10,000 scout craft on her. 10,000.

Q: How fast does a mothership go?

A: My understanding is it can go 24 times the speed of light.

Q: You said that there were 3 or 4 other people on the planet that the Andromedans were in communication with.

A: Four total. Excluding me, there is three others.

Q: Have you met or know……..

A: I’m not allowed to know who they are. All I know is there’s one in Asia, one in South America, and one in Europe.

Q: Are they doing what you’re doing here?

A: I believe so. They probably did it when they were supposed to, not 2 years later. Sorry. I don’t walk backwards though.

Q: This thing about what you were talking about the ones that are in service to self. I was wondering. It sounds like they can be such wonderful people but surely there’s some of them that don’t go along with the program. So they could be very partial. My understanding is, I’ve been told that there are two groups out there that are fighting right now. With the group_____________ actually. One’s trying to keep it flexible, and one’s trying to tighten it, and keep us enclosed, like in a cage. And I’m wondering if, are they a different species? Or are they the Andromedans? Can you elaborate?

A: I’ll share this. Yea, that’s probably a good question to answer. I have a few notes here. Yea, there’s two, there’s two different ________. As far as being in a cage, we’ve been in a cage. We’re slowly starting to wake up to the idea that we are in a cage. We’ve been in a cage, we’ve __________________. Now I’m not really going to get too deep into this, because this is really next weeks lecture. Yes there are the benevolents who don’t feel that we’ve had an opportunity to truly exercise our free wills, and to evolve naturally the way we’re supposed to. We’ve been manipulated, and therefore their position is to give us an opportunity. At least part of the council wants to give us some assistance. But this isn’t the only place this is going on here. I’m going to say this here. In the constellation of Sirius B, as we speak, there’s civil war going on between light and dark, of their own race. The inhabited planet in Perseus, the constellation of Perseus, went through a pole shift. A group from Orion went down there saying “We will assist you in this”. So that small planet said “Yes, we could use your assistance.” Well, the Orion group went in, and totally enslaved everybody. It was their opportunity, because they were invited in. And they enslaved everybody there. They’re the survivors. And apparently, from my understanding this. Actually the planet is called Tiik. And apparently the lines have been drawn between the light and the dark that you’re just not going to be able to behave like this anymore. And apparently, the powers that be in the Orion group refused to take responsibility for the action of some of their troops. But that’s really next week’s lecture. That’s part of the overview. A lot of what’s going on out there is being mirrored here on earth. It’s amazing. We’re like, you know the old saying As Above, So Below. A lot of it we’re mirroring, we’re acting out.

Q: Who has the authority to give permission to enter the Earth? Let’s put it that way.

A: Well, in the 1950’s, our government, the United States government, made an agreement with a group of aliens who turned out to be liars, traitors, ______. Everything but what they represented themselves to be. But because there’s been a legal agreement, it’s basically binding. Because technology was exchanged.

Q: They broke their side of it though.

A: Yes, but it’s not where we can say, “Hey, you’re 2500 years technologically more advanced than us, go home.” They won’t leave. We need assistance, or we have to do something else. We as people have to come together, and we literally have to change the consciousness of the planet to love. If we can raise the vibration of the Earth so high, they’ll have to leave. That means we have to start behaving differently with each other, and with ourselves. But again that’s all part of next week’s lecture. I had to break it up. It’s the only way to get it all out. Yes sir.

Q: Why is it important for us to know this much detail about the Andromedans?

A: Because they represent a very large, benevolent group that really want to help here. And it’s important to know who all the players are. They want everybody to know who all the players are. Because they want us to take responsibility, not only for the planet, but for us coming together, and asking for assistance, and being really clear as to who you want to ask for assistance. Don’t count on Ashtar, ok. Don’t look for a messiah to come down here and fix you, and fix everything. It isn’t going to work that way. It just isn’t. In fact, they said that our beliefs in a messiah coming to help us is a recipe for disaster. Because we will not take responsibility, and we will not permanently change our evolution, by having somebody come down here and fix us, and save us. It’s happened before in our past, and we keep coming right to the same place again. To the brink of destruction. And the only way we’re going to change it is if we permanently get it ourselves, and not have somebody come down here and tell us what we have to do. They say we already know. But we have to decide what it is, what kind of a world we literally want to live in. And none of us have done that yet. That’s in next week’s lecture.

Q: Have they given you give any suggestions as to how we can get our act together in time?

A: Yes, that’s next week’s lecture. But they have, they have. And believe it or not…………

Q: It’s starting to happen. I think we’ve turned the corner myself.

A: We’re not there yet. We’re not there yet.

Q: I think we’re pretty close.

A: Well, we’re definitely going to push it to the limit. I’ll tell this to you, according to them, we have 41 years worth of oxygen left in our environment. The oxygen content 3000 years ago, was 35%-38%. As we speak, it’s less than 18% right now. Total oxygen content in our atmosphere. In order to sustain human life, the atmosphere has to have at least 15% oxygen content. And if that’s not a dose of reality, nothing else will. Because you can’t hide. You can’t go underground if there’s no air. There’s none. There’s none. So we haven’t turned the corner yet. And it all starts right here. We can change it right here. And I’m not….. I still go through that. I’m still processing, I’m still having to deal with a lot of it. You know, I have my challenges, just like anybody else. But the prospects are real good, as long as we’re determined to make the changes. If we’re not determined to make the changes, then they’re just going to sit there, and they are going to holographically watch the destruction of this planet, and the race on it. That’s really what it comes down to.

Q: How do the Andromedans create their own air on the mothership? How do they do it?

A: I don’t know.

Q: Why can’t we do the same thing here?

A: That’s a good question. I don’t know. Well, the lakes and everything, there’s all algae. Algae produces oxygen. That’s what’s responsible for 80% of the oxygen on our world, is the algae.

Q: I was just thinking. Has there been, I don’t know if you’ve heard of in historic……..In their time, I guess they don’t have time. But has anybody walked into one of these environmental labs? Do you think that they’ve done…..have you heard of it?

A: No, I don’t know about that. Sorry. That’s a good question though. I’ll endeavor to find out for you.

Q: Has there been cases _____ of the Mayan civilization where they take and evacuate everybody off to the mothership en masse?

A: I’m sure some races have done it. The Andromedans themselves have not. They have absolutely no karmic ties to Earth, or its people at all. None whatsoever. They’re here out of the goodness of their heart. There are other groups, such as the Pleaidians, the Sirians, the Rigilians, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, that have a lot of karmic ties to Earth. Unfortunately, some of those are not our benefactors, and some are. Again, this kind of dips into next week’s lecture, but the Pleaidians were originally given this project, because of their Gods, or _____________ But they were very reluctant to do some of the things they were required to do. And they basically turned it over to the Andromedans. And that’s why they’re involved at this particular time.

Q: They passed the buck.

A: Well, they’re very neutral, you know. So, in essence, they’re probably better for it in the long run. Not to mention that they’re a more advanced civilization than the Pleaidian culture is, by thousands of years.

Q: Do you know when they decided to do…. Do you know when they decided to do this? What it because they saw a picture of a possible…..range of possibilities, so they decided, I mean, they better or else?

A: That’s next week’s lecture.

Q: I was curious about these environmental rooms, or chambers…

A: Yes, the environmental labs..

Q: How would you know for sure if ______ we are in one? How do we have any way of knowing?

A: That’s a really good question. That’s a really great question. If you look at the idea that the entire Universe is nothing but a holograph, then your summation is absolutely correct. But there are holographs within holographs, which means, that we can change this, if we’re creating this. This is the question of taking responsibility for it.

Q: What about the life forms that are evolving within those chambers, or labs? If they reach a certain point of evolution will they just pick up their evolution and move it someplace else so that they can….

A: That’s a good question and I don’t know. That’s a great question, and I honestly don’t know. I’d have to be there thousands of years just to see it. Unfortunately I’m not privileged to do that.

Q: Of course they could perhaps speed up the time line ____ to.

A: My understanding is that they don’t do that. They allow it to evolve naturally. That’s part of their directive; to allow life to evolve on its own, and do not intervene. No intervention, unless you are specifically asked by the energy to intervene. Because you know, it doesn’t just change us, it changes them as well, and anybody else who’s involved. So there’s a lot to it, an awful lot. Two more questions.

Q: I was just going to ask if Rob Berry was involved with them at all?

A: I don’t know.

Q: They told you who they report to, so to speak?

A: They report to a council. And the council is like our United Nations. It’s 133 groups. 133 planetary systems, that have representatives that meet at an undisclosed location. Where they sit and they discuss the evolution of our galaxy. Just our galaxy. Because that’s basically where they are all a part of. Other galaxies, my understanding is, that have evolved life, have similar set types of government. Everything is put on the table, and is discussed, then decisions are made. And I go in-depth on that next week as to those that want to help, and those that don’t. Those that don’t want to help, if you should be here, they’re reasons for not willing to get involved are really quite compelling. What’s interesting, I’ve put it down word for word the way it was said to me, and it’s really quite a reflection, cause it’s about us. It’s not about the planet, it’s about us. So, stay tuned next week, same time, same channel.

Q: About what many contact experiences have you had? How frequent are they now, assuming they are still going on?

A: The last one was about 2 weeks ago. I would say over 50 to be safe. It’s probably a lot higher than that. 50 sounds high. Yes sir?

Q: What words would you use to describe an experience that you have. Is it an abduction, is it a transference, is it……?

A: To describe what experience?

Q: Of being taken to another dimension.

A: Like a dream. Like an awake live dream.

Q: How can this information that you’ve given us tonight be used to…. What should we do with it? What part of it, how can we use this information to enhance our lives? I’ve never been to a lecture like this. If I never came back, what should I believe from this talk?

A: Ok, great question. If I were in your shoes, and this was my very first one, I would focus on the idea that we can create, together what these people have on their mothership. This one mothership. They have hundreds, thousands, as far as I know. We can literally create this. It’s not beyond us. It ‘s just a question of recognizing everybody else’s rights to exist. Whether it’s a bum, an ant, a bird. And it’s really loving yourself enough to love somebody else. I’m going to end it on this. One particular time, I was having a really bad time on leaving. And, as I’m walking away, Vasais says to me, “ The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry”. And that really sums it all up I think. Because you carry that, lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime. Because the reason you have lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime, is because you haven’t finished, you haven’t cleared, you haven’t completed your own agenda, whatever it is. Thank You very much for coming in.

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    • Nicholas Agnes
    • November 27, 2020

    Alex or someone on the staff… I would like to speak with someone immediately there are wild images in Ocean City New Jersey. I am a powerful influence in speaking. And I have a great appearance. I am learning boatloads of information and I have amazing pictures and videos of things I can’t explain. Things are happening and coming together on the East Coast especially Ocean City

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