Alex Collier On The Art Bell Show (Transcript) (1998)

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July 21st 1998 – Excerpts

Transcript by Leading Edge Research Group August 1998

AB: Alex Collier has been an extra-terrestrial contactee for over 30 years. Many many of you have urged me to have him on. Alex has been in contact with a human race from the constellation of Andromeda, located in our galaxy. His experience has been both telepathic and physical. His relationship with the Andromedans has been based on trust and friendship. Alex's free will has never been violated, and his experience must not in any way be associated with abduction. The Andromedan perspective regarding earth history, galactic history, out current social crisis, genetics and other extra-terrestrial races has been published in Nexus Magazine, Connecting Link and Truthseekers magazine. Alex's first book, Defending Sacred Ground, is currently be distributed internationally, and covers this information and more. Recently released information can be obtained from the Andromedan Paradigm website, and I would suggest that we have a link to that. Here is Alex. Alex, welcome.

AC: Good morning, how are you?

AB: I'm just fine…no I'm not. How can the Russians do this? (create a program to put up 100 satellites to turn night into day in the northern latitudes).

AC: You know, Art, that is why we haven't had mass contact. They're still looking for intelligent life on this planet. The Russians have never been a fan of solar energy, so I suspect there's a lot more to this. My first inclination would be (to say that) there's so much UFO activity – extraterrestrials coming and going from the polar openings – that they may be trying to do something to thwart that.

AB: Well, certainly the North Pole would be affected – all the north latitudes. That would take away the polar night time. It's so stupid. How could be doing this unilaterally. We ought to take them to the UN World Court.

AC: Yes, well, the UN. That's a political issue. The UN World Court is not something that is going to ever benefit us.

AB: I know. Nothing's going to benefit us. Here we are sending $22 billion to the Russians to feed their people, and they are (intending) to use the money to end night time by putting up 100 satellites. That's got to be expensive.

AC: I would think it would cost a lot more to put them up there than to replace the street lights in Siberia, where nobody lives.

AB: I have heard from a lot of sources, not only you, that there are a lot of comings and goings at the pole.

AC: Yes, that's true. You know, we're about to come out of the “Age of Denial”. There is a lot going on, and there is going to be a lot going on. The “bubble” is about to burst. The conspiracy to keep all of us in the dark, to hide our genetic past, our ancient past. It's about to come to an end. You know, I have tried for ten years to educate people on a grass-roots level about what has really been going on – at least in terms of what I have been taught.

AB: You heard what he said . All this secrecy, all this coverup, is about to come to an end. I'm Art Bell, and this is coast-to-coast AM. (Break)

AB: Alex, we better go back to the beginning. It began for you in 1964. A lot of people, when they hear an extra-terrestrial contactee, they roll their eyes. So, tell us how it happened.

AC: You know, it's interesting. People do that (roll their eyes), but they're more apt to believe somebody was abducted than somebody would be a contactee and want to know another race and share information. It never ceases to amaze me just how short-sighted some people can be, having an opinion without having full knowledge of anything.

AB: You're right about that. People do embrace the whole abduction thing, but when they tun into somebody like you, who has been in contact with Andromedans for over 30 years, many are not willing to believe that. However, many people are, because so many people urged me to have you on. How did contact begin?

AC: Well, we were on a family picnic up in Woodstock, Michigan* . It was 1:00 in the afternoon. It was a family reunion, and we went off to play hide-and-seek. I took off in a particular direction, and I remember lying down and throwing pine cones out of the way so I could get down in the grass and hide. All of a sudden I woke up and it was about 9:00 at night. I walked back to the picnic area and there were a lot of family members there, along with Michigan State police cars. My mother was the first to see me. She came over and gave me a big hug and then whacked me for disappearing. [ * Note: About 12 years ago, the town of Woodstock, Michigan changed its name to Watersmeet, Michigan. It's located in the Ottawa National Forest, near the border between Michigan and Wisconsin. The lake is now called Crooked Lake. ]

AB: So this was a classic case of missing time. You said in no way that this was a case of abduction, but that sounds like it. It seems like you were not precisely a volunteer at that point.

AC: Maybe not initially. What occurred to me was that I was brought on this ship and found myself lying on a table. There were two beings standing next to me. To my right was a very tall man with very blue skin and no hair, and to my left was a shorter man who seemed very old whose skin was very pale white. I had instant recognition of them. I knew them. One of these beings' name is Moraney. He has learned to speak English and uses his vocal chords, although Vasais, the other being, never did. He was strictly telepathic.

AB: I want to back up. Suddenly you're on a ship. Describe for us what you saw when you first opened your eyes.

AC: The room was circular, and I was on a table. I remember looking at these two beings, and they started telepathically talking to me. I had instant recognition. The next thing Moraney did was that he placed what looked like a yarmulke on my head, and he helped me sit up on this table. The room was lit up, but I never saw where the light source was coming from. It seemed that the frequency that the craft itself puts out generates light.

AB: A non-specific light.

AC: Everything glowed. Moraney pointed a device towards the wall, and all these monitors appeared. On one of the monitors, what turned out to be a record of past lives began to be displayed. I didn't know immediately what it was, but I knew what I was seeing was me. I absolutely knew what I was seeing was me, because I got extremely emotional, and by the time this whole process was finished, I knew the next scene that I was going to see. By the time it was over I was crying, because I knew that what they were showing me was me. I know that you have a lot of people that listen to your show that are steeped in religion, and a lot of people have a difficult time with the concept of reincarnation. Well, it's a reality for me.

AB: I don't have a problem with it. Reincarnation was originally in the Bible.

AC: Yes, it was, until about 545 AD.

AB: Until men voted it out.

AC: The Vatican did.

AB: I think reincarnation is absolutely true. But, the implication of what you are saying is that the Andromedans know the answer to life's most puzzling questions, which are, of course, whether we survive in some way physical death, whether we do in fact have souls…all of these questions they must have answers too, otherwise they could not have given you a review of all your past lives. What did you see?

AC: I saw a lot of warriors. I saw a lot of children. I saw dinosaurs. I saw extra-terrestrial craft flying over a desert shooting at people. A lot of what I saw involved earth history, but not all of it. Some of it had to do with our solar system, including Mars and Venus.

AB: Here's a question I really have to ask. You were out in a field…are you sure you didn't fall and hit your head or something?

AC: No sir. I consider myself a pretty grounded person. You know, it's everybody's choice whether to believe it or not. I'm just here to relay the information, and I realize that part of this has to do with who the messenger is, but the truth is, it's not about me at all. I agreed to do this. I should have read the “fine print” before I agreed to do it, because it has caused a lot of hassle in my life. But, I would not trade a moment of it. I have really come to love these people, and I feel blessed, Art, because I have a totally different perspective about our race. I have something else to compare it to. I want to cover as much information as I can tonight, because I don't know if I will ever be back on this show.

AB: Since that first contact, how many contacts have you had with the Andromedans?

AC: I stopped counting at 279. Let me just explain something. It has not been continuous. There have been stretches lasting years where there has been no contact. In truth, there is no pattern to it whatsoever. I will have three in a week, or two in a month…

AB: What has it been like lately?

AC: I have not had a contact in six weeks.

AB: Six weeks. Not that long ago. What is the reason or reasons for their contact with you?

AC: Well, I am not the only one. There are at least three others. One in South America, one in Asia and one in Europe. They come from the future. Apparently, something that happens in our time continuum, not only in our solar system but in 21 other solar systems, affects the destiny of our whole galaxy. Apparently what happened in their time, which is our future, is that suddenly tyranny began to reign in our galaxy. Many extra-terrestrial races have time travel capability. They have come back to find out where the significant events occurred that caused the shift to tyranny in our galaxy.

AB: So, they're watching Clinton closely.

AC: They're watching everybody closely, not just in our solar system but also in 21 others as well.

AB: So, are they attempting to manipulate what is going on in this time line?

AC: Yes, sir. There has been intervention.

AB: There has been intervention.

AC: And there will be more.

AB: All right. Let me be clear about this. You said these were Andromedans.

AC: They are a human race that comes from a solar system that is called Zenetae that circles Mirach in the Andromedan constellation.

AB: Do you know the manner of their travel?

AC: How they do it is that they fold space. It's very similar to the Pleiadian technology, except that the Andromedans use a lot of holographic technology.

AB: Well, I am familiar with the concept of folding space. People like Bob Lazar have talked about that. People like Michio Kaku talk about that. That would be possible, but it would require enormous amounts of power.

AC: Well, based upon our concept of where energy and power come from, yes. The Andromedans use the energy that is available in every single atom, which permeates every density level. Everybody has this concept that at higher densities there is no physicality. In reality there is.

AB: Dr. Kaku theorizes ten or eleven dimensions, or more.

AC: The Andromedans said that there are eleven, and as of March 23, 1994, an energy frequency containing sound and color began coming from all the black holes in the universe. This has created a holographic imprint which is encompassing not only the 11 dimensions, but it is adding a 12th dimension.

AB: So, the virtual process of creation continues.

AC: Yes, sir. It does, because that is what all of us do, whether we are on earth or on other planets, it to create. That is how we discover who we are. The problem is, if you don't manage your consciousness, you'll create something you may not be happy with.

AB: Yes, well, we may be doing that right now – creating something we're not so happy with.

AC: This is true, but we've had a lot of help being pushed in that direction. We really have. We have been led, literally by the nose, to self-destruction. We're heading in that direction pretty fast.

AB: We do appear to be at the edge of the abyss.

AC: If left to our own devices, we would definitely be heading in that direction.


AB: When they conducted the review of your past lives, where did that review end?

AC: It ended in Germany.

AB: In what time frame?

AC: 1938.

AB: So they didn't bring you up to the moment. Do you have any idea how many years were spanned in the review?

AC: Approximately 817 years.

AB: It's almost to amazing to contemplate.

AC: There is so much more to us than what we've been told or taught, that it is in my opinion a crime.

AB: With all of these contacts and all of this information you have, why are they here?

AC: These time travelers have come back to find out about the tyranny, and they are in the process of intervening so that tyranny does not get out of control in their present time, which is our future. In coming back here, they have not only discovered things that they did not know, or had forgotten, but they also have come to realize that on many of these planets, they have come across a human race that they consider to be “genetic royalty”. I am also including our race in this. Art, they literally consider our race royalty, because the sum of our genetics, the total genetics of all the races on this planet, is the sum total of 22 different extra-terrestrial races.

AB: The sum total of 22 different genetic races.

AC: There are 22 different body types on this planet, and they say that this is proof of our extra-terrestrial heritage. What our scientists call “junk DNA” is actually the key to our genetic lineage. Our scientists call it “junk” because they don't know what it is or where it came from, or why it's there. They don't realize that we have been genetically manipulated as far back as 57,000 years ago.

AB: We are designed beings. This begs many questions. For what purpose were we designed?

AC: Great question. Before I answer that, I need to review some basic information. Earth has been visited. It has been colonized. It has been an outpost on a very consistent basis for the last 22 million years. Some of those who came here were human, some were not. There were reptilian beings, plasma beings, primate beings, and more. All of these were extra-terrestrial races that had space travel. We are literally “babes in the woods” as a race. I know that a lot of people like to think of us as being very sophisticated, but we need to take a very humble approach to this, because they're here and about to show themselves and help us remember who we are.

AB: Well, if we are genetic royalty, we certainly are doing a lot of nasty things.

AC: A lot of that has been the result of programming, and I don't know if we can cover all of that in this show. But, I will do the best I can to explain to you and to show you what I have been taught – what the Andromedan perspective is about our lineage. I will start by saying this. I have been taught by the Andromedans that prejudice is an extra-terrestrial perspective. It is a behavior that we as a race have been taught from the very beginning. It was done in order to divide us, because there was a time where we were united as a planetary race, and we rebelled against the extra-terrestrial masters. I am referring to the Nubiru that Sitchin talks about. They screwed with us so much.

AB: I have heard that we were actually created by the Annunaki as slaves to mine gold.

AC: They took human beings that were here, medically altered them, manipulated them and bred them. We have primate genetics in us, and this is where we get our extremes of emotion. That's another issue. They took what they found here and used it to create what they thought was more useful to them. It involved genetic manipulation and “dumbing us down”. Now, it is history repeating itself.

AB: Well, you know, scientists say that we only use a very small portion of our brain, and many people suggest that there is an un-natural barrier that has been placed there so that we will not become too bright as a species.

AC: That's right. It is tied not only to consciousness, but also to what our scientists call “junk DNA”. What they need to re-examine this “junk DNA” and try to figure out a sequence to re-align this DNA. This is such a huge subject. We as “human beings” have lived on this planet for 22 million years. I want you to know that every person on this planet has a soul. Virtually every person on this planet has a soul.

AB: Can you define what you mean by soul?

AC: Soul is a consciousness that is an interdimensional energy source that exists no matter what physicality it is in. It retains memory as well.

AB: Does it retain conscious memory?

AC: Well, if you incarnate into a race that has its total physicality (DNA) intact, yes it does retain all the memory. When you genetically alter the DNA in a physical form, you genetically change the frequency of the body. That changes the brain waves and the frequency of the brain waves. In the Andromedan perspective, the speed of light is under control of the brain energy and thought frequency. According to the Andromedans, the speed at which we think determines how we perceive the speed of light.

AB: Now, you're saying that contact is close.

AC: It's immanent. According to Moraney there is going to be massive fly-by during the daylight hours. He has not told me the day, but it is supposed to be this year. Between now and the end of the year.

AB: Let's say that happens. What do you think that will produce, knowing what you know about our society and social structure?

AC: For some people, it will create panic. Some people will think it is the end of the world, or the “devil”.


AB: Have you ever asked them about crop circles?

AC: Yes. They said that crop circles reflect 5th dimensional geometry, and the races that left them did so for the Magi. Who are the Magi? The Magi are the “blue-bloods”, human beings whose blood line is extra-terrestrial. After the Niburu mated with some humans and then decided to create the great flood and wipe the planet out, those who had mated with them had technology and had a specific blood line. This blood line has survived. You have your “blue-bloods” of Europe and others that we know nothing about. Most of your political figures were nothing more than puppets for the Magi, the ruling elite who are half extra-terrestrial who have extended life spans. I want to bring up a quote by Winston Churchill. After the Brentonwood Conference, he walked out from the meeting and turned to a friend of his who also happened to be a reporter and said, “You know, the world is run by very different personages, and when spoken of even in private, you do so only in a whisper.” Now, he didn't say human beings – he said “personages”. That means personalities. It was his way of trying to say that he knew there was a whole other element of control present on this planet that no one else knew about. I know this is very difficult for people to understand, and I'm sorry that you have a difficult time with this. I am not all that happy to tell you this, but that is the way it is. Virtually everything we have been taught is not the way it is.

AB: The Bible?

AC: You want to go down that road?

AB: Genesis tells us about creation, supposedly.

AC: Yes it does, but understand that it is the “Cliff Note” version of our history. I know a lot of people have trouble with this, but that is what I have been told, and I know for a fact that it is true.

AB: So they created us?

AC: You are only speaking of the body. There is another element to us, and that is our multidimensional soul, which they did not create. The Andromedans do not know where the archetype for the original soul comes from.

AB: There are those who would say that you are misinformed, or that you are dealing with representatives of Satan.

AC: There is no Satan, Art. The Catholic Church made it up. They even admitted it. But, nobody wants to listen to that because they are hung up on fear. People have become addicted to becoming afraid of something.

AB: A vengeful God?

AC: That is what the Bible says, “I am a loving a forgiving God, yet I am a jealous God”.

AB: Yes. I never bought into that part either.

AC: A lot of people are going to have a hard time with this, but also there are an awful lot of people that don't have a hard time with it. They know that something is wrong, and they have known since they were young. They just didn't have the pieces of the puzzle. Here is a quote by Moraney: “Truth within you, as a race, is silent. On your world conditioning is the voice so often spoken. It is not by thoughts or words that are spoken to us that reveal the soul. In our perception it is through mans' silence that we come to know him best. Human beings on your world become blind if they continue to walk as the shadow of their own enlightenment.”

AB: Is there a heaven as we understand it?

AC: Their perception of “heaven” is that it represents a higher dimensional realm.

AB: But, as we conventionally understand “heaven”?

AC: No. It is not quite like that.

AB: So, everything that we understand or believe is true about what we've been told simply ain't so.

AC: We have been led in a whole other direction, because there are some races that have a lot of trouble with us evolving to our full potential.

AB: The average person might say that during your contacts with them, you must have said to them, “this message is very difficult to take to humans. They don't believe it. What proof can you give me to take to them?”

AC: Well, you have no idea how many times I have had that discussion with them. In fact, one of the contactees in South America apparently decided that he was no longer going to have contact, because he simply could not and would not give out the message because he feared that he would be killed.

AB: He's got a pretty good point.

AC: I have had some security problems with my family, and friends of mine.

AB: You should read my mail.

AC: I put going public off for a long time.

AB: How long?

AC: Ten or fifteen years. I still get reluctant to do it. I was hesitant to do your show, because I know what this information does to some people. I know it turns their world upside down. I look at what we've been taught and I ask, “is the world heading in a direction that is creating freedom, self-responsibility and voluntary self-introspection and unconditional love?” No. It's going in the opposite direction. People are stuck in old belief systems that were created and put into place to control us, and now we have created sophisticated technology . . . everything that has come out has shown us that what we have been taught is the “Cliff Note” version of the truth, and that there is a whole other thing going on here. It isn't going to wait for us. It's coming anyway, because it is time for us to evolve.

AB: When you say that, you know what is coming next?

AC: I know about probabilities. That's the only way I will present it – as probabilities. Nothing is written in stone. We are creating this as it goes along.

AB: I see all of this spiraling out of control. I take it that your view is that contact is immanent, close, and that before we fall into the Abyss there will be intervention on their part.

AC: There already has been intervention.


AB: Alex Collier is “disturbing the force” this morning, and we'll get back to him in the moment. Alex, welcome back.

AC: Art, I want to say something. When I first became aware of this information, and I was shown the truth of it, I want you to know that I wrestled with it at the deepest parts of myself. The question that I kept asking myself was, “do I protect the lie, or do I put ahead of it the future of our race?” Even if two people take this information and it changes their life, it's worth it to me. I couldn't protect the lie any more. Folks, if you are really interested and you want to know more, there is information available in not only the book Defending Sacred Ground but also in videos.

AB: Controlling the population was something you wanted to talk about.

AC: Yes. The model that has been created for controlling the population, as far back as our history records, points to Nibiru. One of the things they did when our ancestors rebelled against the tyranny and persecution, was to control the water. You have to have water. Where on the planet is 78% of the fresh water? In North America. You have had guests that have talked about the UN Biodiversity Treaty. They are targeting the US specifically under this program because they have to have the water.

AB: I have been told by people to prophecy the future that there will be wars fought over water.

AC: Yes, and there is a very high probability that it will be here, but that probability can change. Everything can change, if we manage our consciousness – and our government.

AB: What do you see ahead for the next ten years?

AC: Between June and October of 2003, there is a strong probability that we will wake up one morning and the moon will no longer be there.

AB: What?

AC: The moon is an artificial satellite and there are many bases there.

AB: Boy, I have heard a lot of people say that.

AC: I know. Between 2003 and 2007, benevolent extra-terrestrial races are going to be all around us. We will see them, but they will not interfere. They want to see how we will interact with each other without being manipulated. They want to see if we continue the same behavior, because they don't want to come down here and compound the problem, or baby-sit. Between 2004 and 2007, all of our DNA coding which involves the racial memory of 22 different extra-terrestrial races will unlock. By 2007, we will have full memory of who we are, where we come from, and what it is that we are here to do.

AB: So, what is going to unlock are our genetic memories.

AC: Between 2007 and 2012, we are supposed to see the birth of a galaxy in Vega, just before we move into 5th density. Between 2007 and 2009, if it is allowed to happen, we are supposed to have seventeen degree pole shift. Saudi Arabia will become the new North Pole.

AB: Well, that will be different for them.

AC: We have had free energy devices since 1968. EG&G did reverse engineer the propulsion system from the Roswell crash in 1968.

AB: You wanted to talk about a protocol for individual alien contact.

AC: Yes. This is something Moraney told me to teach other people. It is imperative that you approach another species, regardless of who they are, or what they look like, as an equal, because you are a spiritual being first and a physical being second. You are to stand, look directly at them, whether you are scared or not, and it is the custom to bow (never taking your eyes off them) and say, ” it is the manner and custom, when entering my space that permission be asked.” Apparently, no matter who they are we are supposed to address them that way. We are declaring our sovereignty. It is imperative that we meet them and approach them as equals and declare our sovereignty.

AB: It would be difficult for people to address someone they viewed as their creator.

AC: You are a spiritual being first. You were conscious and alive long before physicality was created. You are not physicality first. That idea is a trap. Somehow, we have to break out of this mold that we are only physical flesh and bone. I know religions have said that we are “sinners”, etc. I want you to know that the Andromedans have told me that originally the word “sin” is a pre-Sumerian word which means “genetic defect”. It didn't mean evil or bad. In other words, we were born with a genetic defect, because our DNA has been manipulated.


AB: Here's a question from the fax machine. What do you have to say, Alex, about the numerous appearances of “angels”, and what about the pyramids?

AC: Angels. You know, there is life all around us. Multidimensional life. Sometimes people are able to see this. I have been told that by the year 2013, third density as we know it is supposed to implode, and many of us will be evolving into a higher dimensional realm. This is something that the universe itself is going through. The pyramids were built by extra-terrestrials from Orion and Sirius B. The Hebrews didn't build the pyramids, or what is underneath it either.

Caller: How is somebody to believe that you are the “chosen one” out of millions of people on the face of the Earth for these people to correspond with?

AC: I don't consider myself “chosen”. I consider it quite a burden to be honest with you. I am not the only one. There are other extra-terrestrial races having contact with other people. I'm not “chosen”. There is nothing special about me at all. I think I'm just a person who is willing to make certain sacrifices for the betterment of all.

AB: Do you feel you were selected randomly?

AC: No. According to them, they had a small colony here 62, 000 years ago. Apparently, that's how my soul got here. In other words, part of my reincarnational past has to do with them.

Caller: I was wondering if they told you anything about “Jesus”?

AC: Yes, sir. There was a man by the name of Jesus. His last name was Malathial, who lived at that time. It is the Andromedan perspective that the man referred to in the New Testament as “Jesus” is a composite character.

AB: A composite character?

AC: When the Roman Catholic Church put the book together and created a “savior”, they took bits and pieces of other lives and compiled it into one person, one deity. The New Testament has always been controversial. To be perfectly honest with you, that is an area into which I don't even want to go, because that will get me into a whole lot of trouble.

AB: What's trouble?

AC: You know, there is a creator, a God, whatever you want to call it. From the Andromedan perspective, it is not what we have been taught. It is good to become “Christ – like”, to be a person of full responsibility and compassion, humility, and one who cherishes and creates freedom. However, they feel that the act of giving our power away to worship someone who isn't going to “save” us, is both a very bad idea and a trap, because not only are we not taking responsibility for our own life, but we are not taking responsibility for the world around us. That's their opinion.

Caller: Have the Andromedans ever talked about a Galactic Federation?

AC: There are many different councils. I know primarily about the group that they are affiliated with, which is called the Andromedan Council because they meet in Andromeda.

Caller: Would the Andromedans meet with Art Bell?

AC: I suppose so. I can always ask. If they say “yes”, we have to create the space for it.

AB: Interesting question. I am not sure how I would handle it.

AC: It would change your perspective.

AB: I'm sure it would.


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