Alex Collier – The Andromedan Council Update – 1996

Alex Collier – The Andromedan Council Update – 1996


“letters from andromeda” was attached with another publication from “jon's corner” (both from the extinct website of alex collier & jon robinson) because complement each other.



Approximately two months ago a large Mothership was found parked just outside our Solar System. Current reconnaissance showed a large number of reptilian soldiers in cryogenic stasis on board. While the exact number and the intent for their presence is not known at this time, we have been informed that the crafts origin was Ursa Minor.

The Andromedans state Hale-Bopp is really a very large craft made to appear as a comet, with other crafts in tow within its extremely long tail. In addition, a second comet-shaped ship has been detected and is heading towards our Solar System as well. This new one originates from the constellation of Cancer.

Alex's friend Vasais has been extremely busy travelling throughout our Galaxy with others performing ambassadorial functions to head off a possible Galactic War by negotiating some type of treaty or truce. The intended goal is to keep any conflict from expanding out beyond as few systems as possible.

Groups from the Pleaides, Procyon and Tau Ceti have been having confrontations with both Orions and Draconians within the outskirts of our Solar System. This action is designed to maintain the quarantine in our solar system. It was reported that loss of life has occured on both sides of the conflict.

Furthermore, seven ships are currently parked up in our atmosphere with the purpose of creating a blockade defense system for Earth. The blockade consists of two Andromedan, two Pleaidian, and three Procyon ships. Procyon has recently become a very strong partner in the efforts to quarantine us so that we are given a chance to evolve on a natural basis. The Procyons themselves have been liberated from the Dows (Greys) so they are very supportive and compassionate regarding the position that most people on our planet don't even know about yet.

A large Armada of ships have been found amassing around Sirius B. Early information points towards a possible conflict between the Sirian B's and some Orion's over our quadrant and us. Moranay's perspective is that the conflict is a mistruth. Facts point to an alliance between them because they both have something to lose in regards to us. It is believed that sometime around 2003 – 2005, based on linear time, the Armada will be coming to this sector of our Galaxy. All this can change.

In closing, the Andromedan Council recently participated in a conference at an undisclosed location which included representatives from Sirius B and the Orion Empire. No Dows or Draconians were present. The discussion revolved around territiorial rights and quadrant title to certain parts of our Galaxy by those from Orion and Sirius. The Andromedans spoke on our behalf and asked they we be left alone so that we could be allowed to evolve. The Andromedans further stated that their whole race was prepared to support us in full. The Sirian B's became very upset and promptly left the conference, while the Orions stayed. The end results of this conference are unknown.

Alex asked Moranay if the Andromadan race, not noted as a warrior race, is capable of taking on the entire Orion Empire on their own. Moranay replied that the Andromedans do not stand alone in this idea. (The Andromedan Council is currently made up of 14-1 races.) Indeed, much is being done on our behalf.



The Andromedan's, a particular Pleiadian group and the Procyons had to directly intervene on two parallel realities. One which was above ours and the other which was below us, that were directly created by Montauk technology. The reason behind this action was to seal all time travel on those two realities.

As a result of this intervention, our present time line has been sped up, so everything is moving even faster now. This is in addition to our original recognition of time being sped up.

The Andromedan's don't understand why by sealing up the time travel it has sped up our time line, but they know it has. Moraney said, “That the leaps in knowledge or consciousness are going to be instead of every 72 hours, they are literally going to change in 48 hours or sometimes in 24 hours. In other words, occurrences or the amount of activity that is occurring now, or has occurred in a 24 hour period, as far as a sequence of events, now has been sped up.”

What this has done, is it has changed the probabilities dramatically. The Andromedan's didn't know this was going to happen, because there are so many things about what's happening here that are new. Not only to their experience, but to us.

What's happened also is that, if you remember from some of my earlier talks, Moraney had talked about the walk-in process. (How they can take a human body, lay it down and within a four minute period they can bump one soul out and put another soul into that physical body. While the actual transfer process takes only four seconds, there is first a preparation period.) Well, this has been happening in Area 51, involving Russia, China, Australia, England, and the worlds militaries.

This all started in Germany, when the Nazi's opened the door (time portal) and the Grey's came in for the first time. Then after the Second World War the technology came to the United States via operation Paper Clip.

The technology was immediately taken to the deserts of Nevada and Utah and they started playing with it again. Well once again, they opened up a window and a ship came in. That incident purposely happened, because our people were being baited into a meeting to negotiate an exchange technology and so forth.

Every time a meeting took place, the military people present in these negotiations would come back in the same physical form, but the souls were different. In other words, the original soul was taken out and a Draconis soul was put in. Fifth density Draconans are the major factor here. This has been happening since 1934. What this means is that almost all of the worlds military higher-ups and most of their political leaders are walk-ins. THEY ARE NOT TERRANS ANYMORE!

Let me repeat, they are fifth density Draconans. Some have called them dimensional beings and others call them extraterrestrial beings. Whatever you want to call them, the reality is, that it took a ship for them to get through a time portal to be here. They just didn't walk through. While there have been some beings that can walk through, apparently they can't survive here for very long.

On top of that, they (the Draconans) are literally trying to invade through the time portals. Our government is still continuing to play with time travel. Now every time they are try to open a portal it is being sealed. At the same time, where the portals had been opened for some time, they are being shut down (sealed) as well as guarded by the Andromedan's, which have come under attacked from the other side from time to time.

Moraney has stated, that primarily the Draconans are literally fighting their way through the barricades to get here, to invade. Moraney would not tell Alex, even though he was very specific, “Why this place?” Moraney's reply was, “I can't tell you.” But he added, “That the Council is extremely surprised at the Darconans resolve to get in here.” In a very concerned way, he said, ” We are losing.” Alex said that, “In the thirty three years I have known him, he has never used the word, ‘losing'. Now, that is a Terran word. He didn't say we were losing ground. He didn't say, we were having to give up space to them. He specifically said, ‘We are losing.'”

Moraney stated, “That the concern now with the Council is, that it's become the equivalent to your Viet Nam.” Alex asked what he meant, and Moraney stated, “It has become political. There's too much discussion of what to do. Most of us know what we have to do, but it involves direct intervention.” The concerns on the Councils part is, if they do directly intervene in our reality now, – which means they would literally have to come in to these places physically, and destroy the technology – what would be the long term affects for the Council itself for violating its own regulations and rules.

Alex asked, “What about the other time lines?” Moraney replied, “They are not the proper time line. They were falsely created additions or amendments to our time line. But it is this main time line that affects all others i.e. – the Council. We
know that everything is connected, but to what extent, why this is all connected, we were not told.”

Alex asked, “What would be the Draconans bottom line for wanting us?” Moraney replied, “They want control of your planet, for consumption.”

Moraney said, “That the cusp of probabilities changing, it appears now, that the pole shift will absolutely occur within the next six years. What will happen as of now, is that your north pole will roll to the west.” Alex say's this means that it will happen during the daytime. For example, as the planet rolls west, the waters will first roll opposite to the motion of the pole shift. Alex asked Moraney, “What can we do?” Moraney said, “There is just not enough of you asking for help. It has to be a choice.” Alex said, “People just don't know, they don't understand.” Moraney replied, “Who runs your political environments?”

Alex said, “The politicians.” Moraney said, “No, that's incorrect.” Alex then said, ” It should be the people.” Moraney said, “That is correct. But their decision to do nothing, is also their decision.”

Again, it's coming down to self responsibility. The information is out there, and we, the people are choosing to ignore it.
Moraney told Alex that in the 50's and 60's your governments were told the true intent by the Pleiadians of the reptilian races. What our governments decided to do was to introduce additives to the food that would poison the people slowly to make consumption less attractive. He added that, that event has become perverted in itself because now it is a mechanism of control by your governments and your corporate companies. Now the original intent has become a mechanism of control by the very people that were trying to help us, our own governments.

Alex asked, “Is there a new definition of our future?” Moraney's reply, “I don't know what it is now.”


When Will We Have Had Enough?

By: Jon Robinson – Inspired by Andromeda News


Look up in the sky! It's a bird! No, it's a plane! With a very long smoke trail following behind it. What is that all about? From my perspective what has now become common place above our heads in densely populated areas, should be sending out alarms. Why? Cause when I was younger this type of event was virtually non-existent above our greatly populated cities. Today no one seems to care that it's happening. Well I care and so should the rest of you! What if one day these smoke trails appeared and all of a sudden we all start falling down dead like flies in a poison mist. You say it could never happen? You better think again!

My co-author has a more direct to the point opinion he would like to share. “You know the airplanes that fly high up in the sky. These are the ones we now call skyscrapers. Well I refer to them as human scrapers. Because those very long trails that they spray out are called chemtrail's – poison gasses sprayed in a cloudy mist like form. Tests have shown that in side these gases are all forms of virus's (deadly diseases) and hazardous waste products that are harmful to humans.

They are made by uncaring corporations who only see profits, while assisting our trusted governments, who are in preparation to cutting back our populations by means of global genocide.”

Back in the seventies the world governments came together in Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) and agreed that our world was domed because the world population was growing out of control. They listened to many experts who told them the horrors about how our world population would grow beyond its means and destroy our world's environment. Just like in our schools today, where they are teaching our young to not ask questions, those in attendance at the summit did not question what they were being told was expert testimony. But they well understood that if they joined together and followed the agenda that they would be personally assured a good life after it was all over. So the Global 2000 agenda was set in to motion.

Global 2000 has a lot of environmental issues within it that are designed to make our world a better place to live. But the key goal to achieving this grand agenda is a more sinister plot that does not bear well for you and I. It was recognized that the world population is out of control and needs to be cut back drastically by the year 2000 and beyond. It was recognized that certain populations would be termed “Useless Eaters” and would be better off exterminated for the better good of the rest of the “Elite” population. Starting to get a clearer picture now?

Shortly after that summit we had begun to see Planned Parenthood programs spring up. Then out of nowhere we learn about and see the rapid growing results of new diseases popping up all over the world that would have very devastating affects on human life if they were to get out of hand. One such disease is AIDS. Is it not convienent that AIDS targets specific populations that seem to procreate more and have more recreational sex? A disease that just happens to attack you primarily through the act of making love which most all of us eventually engage in at sometime in our lives. Oh at first it was said to be a homosexual issue, but anyone could see that was a smoke screen. Next we learned that BI-sexual men transferred it to the main heterosexual population and it's been steadily growing ever since. Do you see that these types of diseases, which I can assure you did not come about in a natural way, take time to spread in the population base.

So other more deadly diseases (Ebola and Hepatitis C) started to just show up too. Yet is there another agenda about spreading diseases? And it can affect a much wider population base in a shorter period of time?

Well it is called Chemtrail spraying, where you use airplanes designed to spray by seeding the sky above our heads so that invisible viruses and immune system destroying chemicals can rain down on our lands, water, and us. And when the time is appropriate, all that is needed would be a counter active agent that is spread during a time of war or during a terrorist type attack so that people would quickly become ill and die in great numbers. That's right, first weaken the immune system so that everyone is more susceptible to sickness. Next introduce a carrier disease that can lie dormant for long periods of time. And then when no one expects it, introduce the final ingredient to the once dormant ingredient and you will have a very deadly mixture that would seem like it came out of nowhere and could be claimed to be natural.

Let it be known, this is not our idea, but a concept long circulating in powerful circles of men and those how see us as property.

So how do they go about setting this all up? The quickest and easiest way is to spray it in the air that we breathe and on the water that we drink. Both can be achieved form the sky above us. And so the human scraper theory becomes real. Everyday, all across the world we see planes flying in the sky and following behind them are these smoke trails that the winds slowly dissipate into cloud looking formations that linger for hours in the sky.

Now some of us have asked what these smoke trails are and various government agencies (often military) tell us that these smoke trails are called “Contrails” because they are nothing more than natural happening trails of condensation that are formed due to the exhausts of the planes and the various fuels that they use to fly the planes. But with that in mind let's look at some facts.

First there's the planes, often all white that come in all sizes and often fly at many different altitudes. Contrails are seen as short smoke trails that dissipate really fast as the plane flies by. They usually are not more than five times the length of the plane itself. And the most important point is they usually occur at higher altitude and are often continual. The Chemtrails that we are talking about are very long in size and can cover miles of the sky after a plane has passed. They linger for a long periods of time and it has been shown that the planes have the ability to turn them on and off at will.

Usually over very populated cities. Often left over cities in various grid like patterns that as time and wind permits, they dissipate into cloud like formations that hang around for hours. It does not matter how high or fast the planes are flying when these events take place. Many have reported that often these planes will purposely fly low over populated areas leaving the chemtrails behind them. Studies have shown that samples of fall out of these Chemtrails have many carcinogenic and viral contents within them. Now I ask you, “Is that normal”?

Adding a little more information to this concept of population control let me say that often after these arial missions are flown, the populations below them usual have higher incidents of disease with reports of young and the elderly (the most
venerable in our populations) getting sick and even dying. Others get flu like symptoms for days to weeks then they are back to normal. Or are they?

Why as a world population have we not questioned further these events happening over our heads? Why are we not demanding real facts being put together so we can see the correlation of events happening? You can say we are paranoid, but why is it no one seems to care? It is time we stop just allowing and take some action. Or do we just want things to happen to us with the idea that we had not a clue. Are we that trusting of a world population that we would never see that maybe there is an agenda of greater magnitude that is happening here?

Let us not kid ourselves that we have empowered others of us to give them the temptation to control our lives. But did we ever think that they could be bought by others that we did not have a clue existed. There are more than enough chemicals, radiation sources, and diseases with the ability to destroy our lives many times over. And if you think that our own kind would not use these disastrous means to an end against us, is to be blind to the historic reality for which we might add we have all been conditioned and trained to be.

So let's not be so ignorant of the obvious. Something is going on in the sky above our heads.

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