Alex Collier At The Star Family Conference – 1997

Alex Collier – At The Star Family Conference – 1997

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Alex Collier at the Star Family Conference, March 1997

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Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and coming to hear what I have to say. When I talk, I don't like to talk in terms of re-hashing things that I have talked about for the last three or four years. So, with your permission, I would just like to move on to where I basically left off the last time. If you are looking for information, there is information on the internet. If you really want it, you can find it, because it's out there.

I wanted to talk about a couple things. I wanted to give you some history that has been shared with me. We're going to deal pretty much with Jehovah and Nibiru, and I also want to talk to you about the Hopi prophecy, as well as my own thoughts about the Hopi prophecy. I also wanted to read you information from Morenae and Vissaeus themselves.

I want to start out by saying that I haven't heard all the speakers here. I am sure they've all been great and have had something to contribute. In fact, all of you do as well. It's great to come to some of these things and see the same people. But, ladies and gentlemen, I am just going to be blatantly honest here. You know, some of you have stories to tell, and some of you need to get off your butts and start talking yourselves. Our planet needs leaders, and a lot of us have made huge investments, thinking that our politicians are going to be the leaders, and that they are going to do the right things. The joke is on us, literally. They have really help to screw things up, and our apathy has compounded the problem.

So, the next few years are going to be extremely challenging for all of us, especially here in the United States, and the true leadership of humanity is you. I am asking you to seriously consider doing something about it, and to stand up and take the leadership role. It's not about me. It's not about all the other speakers. We do this in the hope that you will want to take responsibility and do what we are doing. Keep passing the torch, so to speak.

The other thing I wanted to say is that a lot of folks just want to hear “love and light”. They just want to hear how you're “going to be rescued”, how you're going to be “saved”, and how everybody is going to take care of everything so you don't have to do anything. If that is really where you're at, you really ought to leave now, because that is not the message that I have to deliver. There are both “good” and “bad”. We live in a duality, and you have to take responsibility for both, and you have to live in the midst of both. The whole idea is to find balance, which is in the middle. We are all searching for that. Until we find it, we all have to participate.

A very wise man once said, “facts do not cease to exist, just because you choose to ignore them.” To those of you who simply want to hear the “love and light”, that's great, but you are out of balance. We need leadership and people with ideas on how to fix problems, starting with yourself, your family and the local level. The president and the UN can't sign a peace of paper and fix everything. It starts here at the local level, and it starts in the heart. Only you can do that. I can't change your mind; I can't even tell you what to think. You are going to have to want to change and open up your perception to find out what is really going on. This also includes having the courage to really want to know what is going on. Ok, that's my soapbox.

In the six months, pay attention to all the UFO activity that is going to be occurring on Greenland. The reason a lot of this will be going on is simply because many of the races will be entering and leaving at the polar areas.

I want to talk about Jehovah. There is a lot of talk about Jehovah, and this also relates to the Hopi prophecy in an indirect way. I want to say up front that there are huge risks involved with breaking apart belief systems, and just because something has been believed for thousands of years and has been taken for granted does not mean that it is based on fact.

We do not have to create or fulfill the book of revelations, or fulfill a Hopi prophecy wherein we all are extinguished. I truly do not understand that kind of belief system. Why believe in something and pull something to you that will take you all out? Now, the Andromedan message has been that we are royalty because of our genetics, which include both the extraterrestrial and the primate. We are extremely unique. Many races see us as a benefit and some see us as a threat. I'm not really clear why we represent a threat to some of them, other than prejudice and bigotry is there. I have been taught ever since I was a boy that prejudice is an extraterrestrial perspective. We were taught this type of behavior, and we have only continued to propagate it generation after generation. It has never served our race. Never. I do not understand why it continues to propagate.

The women who spoke before me talked about prejudice. The reality is that prejudice is big business in our society. It's all about money. Again, I come back to the point I made earlier, that you are the leaders, and you are going to have to stand up and take responsibility. I am not talking about “going out to save the world”, but I am talking about families. Be a hero to your family, and to yourself.

Nobody can beat you up, or put you down unless they have your consent. Do you follow? You only have to consent, to believe that garbage. If you don't consent, then it isn't real. It's so simple and subtle that people don't see it. Our world is made up of a lot of subtleties. O.K. I'm going to read a little history here, and then we will move on.

Jehovah, one of the Elohim

The old testament “God” is an extraterrestrial. Is that simple enough? Does everybody get that? The new testament “God” is also an extraterrestrial. They are not one and the same. But, we are just going to deal with the one who the Hebrews call Jehovah. Now, the Andromedans have what we would interpret as a camera, which they use as they travel through space. They take “pictures” of moons, stars, and planets, and this “camera” records things holographically. Depending on the setting, it will also record the actual history of what they are aiming this device at.

They have taken many many pictures of our planet, and they have separated this holographic picture into time frames, where they can see and record actual events as they took place. I had a lot of questions about the old and new testaments, and about the person called Jesus. A lot of us have those questions. After all, how is it that a “loving a forgiving God” wants to throw us into an abyss for making mistakes? It's extremely dysfunctional, because fear of doing or not doing throws you into total inaction. Back to Jehovah. Now, the Hebrews are what is left of an ancient tribe of Chaldeans. The word Jehovah, in the original tongue, meant “Is, Was and Will Be”. It never meant, at any time, “creator of all things”. That meaning was added later. Now, the reason that he was named “Is, Was and Will Be”, was that like many races of extraterrestrials, the Jehovah have an extremely long life span. They live thousands of years. The Andromedans, for example, live an average of 2,000 years. Some of them live more than 4,000 years.

The Chaldeans were the remnants of the Sumerians. Much of the Hebrew religion and the religion of the Sumerians are similar. The books of Moses do not suggest that Jehovah was the only “Lord of the Elohim” in the area. For some reason, people have just assumed that what they have been historically told by those in power is true. Abraham did consider Jehovah to be a “God” because of the technology of the Elohim that he possessed, and used to awe the primitive population. That's all they used — technology. If you were to take somebody today who had a jukebox, a flashlight, a CD player and a computer, and you brought that person back to the time of the ancient Hebrews and ancient Egypt, that person would be considered a “God” because of the technology. Think about that. Technology was used to strike fear into the people, and they were made to worship to avoid punishment.

Many of the “Gods” did the same thing. Marduk, Enki, and En-lil were notorious for doing this. These extraterrestrial (manipulators) also created bigotry, because they each controlled their own groups of people, and each of their offspring procreated with the population of the Earth. [Val Valerian note: Since each of these beings were in competition with each other, earth humans relative to each group were set against each other over time]. According to Morenae and Vissaeus, our native American races are the remnants of the ancient Babylonians that were brought over here by Enki, just prior to the great “flood of Noah”. According to the Andromedans, this “flood of Noah”, as it is popularly known, was literally a result of the movement of the planet Earth from one rotational orbit to another within the solar system. This movement also added five days to our year.

The Magi

Many of the extraterrestrials who had offspring while here [“the sons of God married the daughters of men”] saw their offspring considered half-breeds, and the offspring were not allowed to leave the planet. According to Morenae and Vissaeus, the half-breed offspring were originally called Magi. The Magi. Now, much of the technology that the extraterrestrial parents did not chose to take with them when they left remained in the hands of the half-breed children. They were given this technology, and much of it has been passed down generation to generation. Morenae has said that right now that one of the places on our planet that has the richest collection of extraterrestrial technology is Nigeria, and to my knowledge that is an area that hasn't really been touched by exploration. This technology was primarily based on sound, color and radionics.

The Magi interbreeding resulted in the cultures we today recognize as being called Israeli, Mayan, Celt, and Aryan. According to Morenae and Vissaeus, the “Titans” of ancient lore were from the Pleiadian system, and some of them are today living inside some of the planets in our solar system, the closest one being Venus.

Slavery: A Learned Behavior

Now, the serpent race. The serpent race has apparently been here a very long time, long before the genetic experimentation by different extraterrestrial groups took place. As Sitchin mentions, these genetic experiments on the planetary population had as an objective the creation of a slave labor force [to work the mines, etc.] because the extraterrestrials themselves would not do hard labor. Now, where have we heard of that before? Our own creation of slave labor, which emulated what the extraterrestrials had done before, to us.

According to Morenae and Vissaeus, the first genetic melding between a human species and the primate race occurred 28,731,007 B.C. That's how far back they began experimenting, and there were many prototypes.

All our concepts involving language and social structures have all been introduced to us by extraterrestrials, both “good” and “bad”. Our ancestors were taught these structures.

According to Morenae and Vissaeus, “Adam and Eve” were not the “first man and woman” at all. In fact, they were not even individuals. They were tribal races.

Controlling the Population: Lace the Water Supply

I asked Morenae how the extraterrestrials were able to have such control over the population. He said primarily technology, but he also said that the single most important race as primitive as your own, is through the water supply. You have to have water. [Val Valerian note: this is the prime reason that fluorides, which affect the hippocampus in the brain, are added to the water supply — to reduce resistance to tyranny. Study the psycho-behavioral functions of the hippocampus!]

An B:.B:. Holy Atlantean Crystal

Atlantis: Origin of the Illuminati Philosophy

Over time, civilizations came and went, imploding in on themselves. The civilization of Atlantis was one of these. The “priesthood” that survived the sinking of Atlantis became known as the “Ones from Nauga”. According to Morenae, the descendants of this ancient Atlantean priesthood are known popularly as the “Illuminati”. We know that those philosophical concepts exist today. Unfortunately, the main concept is that “the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many”. I seriously have a problem with that.

Human War and Defense Orientation Draining the Planet: On Fear

Morenae told me this in 1991: “In your time and space, the expression of fear will be a challenge to you all. For any of you to be in fear, you lack a clear understanding of most situations. We have observed that your world is at a most confused point in your history and evolvement. We understand your remarkable drive and commitment to being alive. We, however, are not in understanding of your need to create tools of death, expecting that they will keep all in a space of understanding and peace. We observe that you build, create and plan in a space of fear, not in a consciousness of love, so your “defense positions” of institutions that create and employ, are always in a state of unraveling and disintegration. We share this because they drain you and your earth of energy, both spiritual and material. Fear always has to feed. Fear does not create itself. The fear we observe is difficult to understand. It depletes you of your focus on the original intent, and is a very secretive energy. Fear withholds love. This is most saddening to see and feel. How can you share understanding and love, when so many of you are withholding from self and each other? Please feel the words we as a race are trying to express to your race. One of your original intentions in creating your physical reality is the idea of creating and learning to manipulate and express yourselves through physicality using your consciousness. It is your consciousness that the Is-ness has given you, and in fact all things that bear spirit. It is this gift that has been clouded, and most importantly, clouded by fear. This creation is completely irrational to whom all of you are. We have come to understand that witholding love only creates perpetual disintegration. We have discovered in our own galaxy the ruins of vast races, achieving recognition, that have ceased to exist. They destroyed themselves simply because they withheld love, and drained the very life force out of their intent, and imploded and destroyed their self-creation.

The first projection of fear is denial, an emotion of incredible restriction. Denial and fear result in the complete opposite of the reality it claims to be. Fear is based, from our perspective, on a misunderstanding of ones own worth and security. We have discussed this amongst ourselves, about your race, and we have formed a perspective based on your history. Many of your religions have helped and hurt this process. Many of your worlds beliefs have many convinced they are “simple creatures of nature”. Your science teaches that your physical form is a “pool of chemicals thrown together by accident”, so that you are all “an accident”, living meaningless lives of chance…”

[Val Valerian note: accidental evolution is one of the foundations of Darwinian thought, upon which present day materialist science is based. It has no actual validity].

“You fear a ‘God' whom a book says is a “loving God” who will throw you into an abyss for making a mistake. Many on your world have come to understand that in your world fear, and the idea of fear, is your enemy. All of you struggle between understanding and fear, reason and fear. This struggle is in no way predetermined. Our perception is that this struggle will (either) lead your world to peace and responsibility, or to extinction as a race. This would grieve us.”

[Val Valerian note: Again, the concept that “life is a struggle, each against all” is a component of Darwinian thought, so completely integrated into our cultural science and sociology. It is a dysfunctional belief system perpetuated on the population.]

I would like to share something else with you. This is something by Vissaeus:

“Create another domain of knowing, communicating and being. In other words, the domain of generating your intent needs to be more distinct. Your “physics”, as you call it, is a good example of this calling-forth. There have been men on your planet who have called for new domains of thinking that never (before) existed. They invented it, and they didn't fantasize about it.

They didn't pretend. They literally created a new context for what you now call your “physics”. Your humanity is strong with these kinds of examples. No being, however, makes the distinction that this is what they are. I would like to give you an example. Your concept of “human rights” was something that did not exist. You Terrans did not have any “rights”, only your “Kings” and your “priests” had rights. So, (the concept of) “human rights” was created from nothing. You created language for it, you communicated it, and this communication had power, because it was full of intent. It has the power not only to represent and to invoke, but also to literally bring it into being. This is what your races need to do in order to clearly know yourselves, and transform the quality of your lives on your Earth.”

“Truth, on your planet, is a filtered experience, understood only through your personal belief systems or concepts. We have discovered that everyone on your world has a different “truth”, and there have been “cultures of truth” in every society and in every civilization. It has kept a “continuum of light” here on your planet. The “truth” is not told to everyone, because everyone, we feel, is not ready to hear it. There are some who have, and would take your “truths” and put them in a “box”, and then keep their lives detached from it. The problem is that much of your mankind is taking these “truths” personally, instead of seeing it as an “objective truth, or reality”. They would take this truth and make it very egotistical, in order to glorify themselves and others. And, as we perceive, and through our own experience, truth is not meant for that at all. They would then create a religion or some kind of dogma again, something that they would remain detached from, yet glorify in the eyes of others.”

What does that sound like to you?

“Truth has nothing to do with your Earth religions. The secret, wondrous nature of spirit has nothing to do with your religions. You are all multidimensional. Think that way! In order to think that way, you should turn the way you understand and perceive yourselves, and life, inside out, and make all of your belief systems abstract and not personal. Because of your personal attachments, you have cut yourselves off from universal knowledge. You have to have an objective mind to gain true knowledge. You have all cultivated the attitude of a “subjective self”.

[Val Valerian note: The cultivation of the “subjective self” is what cultural media, advertising, body identification and other mentalities are all about, aren't they?]

“The Is-ness does not (presently) live inside all of you, and if you won't conceive of, or believe in, your own divinity, how are you going to make the leap into the next levels? How are you going to attract and magnetize true unconditional respect, and love, to you, without thinking in this way? If you do not participate, you are only a spectator. You will not participate in the plan for growth and evolution in our galaxy, and most importantly, not truly experience it yourself.”

They're really wise, and there is a lot of wisdom here, on our planet. Everyone has it, and I don't know why it is not being taught. Common sense. Now, the word warrior originally meant “one who is not afraid of being himself”, not “one who slashes and cuts”, as we think it means today. Being confrontational. We have a lot of problems on the planet. As Einstein said, you can't fix the problems using the same kind of thinking that created them. So, we have to make some changes, and none of us can do it by ourselves. Collectively, we can. We can do it right away. I wanted to just read a couple more things, and then do some questions. I wanted to read to you about their concept of leadership.

Dictated by Morenae to Alex Collier, March 11, 1995

“What is important this present time in your world is to know the pioneer leaders of your past who greatly influenced your world today are removed from the hearts of the people today. The leaders of today, this present moment, should share and embrace the same faith, philosophy and objective as the people. They, the leaders, should thereby raise each of the governed to his or own level, according to the principles of consistency from beginning to end. These mistakes, as we have studied and observed, are that throughout your history, hero-worship and fame-seeking has risen to the point of the idea your leaders are great and the general populace is ignorant and powerless. This concept in your country contradicts a true democracy and is wrong. So it shall be that individuals must and will awaken and unite voluntarily. Some will be artists, scientists, and others from all walks of life. They will become teaching leaders of the people with whom they are working directly and will teach all men and women to be leaders. At the same time, it is also important that those who support them must become leaders also.

To be a leader in your world, we would only suggest that only the requirements be simple and evolve from the real essence of mankind. Leaders should be in absolute faith of their humanhood, declaring always, the greatness of God and self-responsibility. They should also have a strong sense of responsibility for themselves and those that they teach. A leader should always love his people, protect them, and encourage them warmly into their own power and humanhood. The leaders sense of responsibility will deepen by his affection of his role as teacher and father or mother.

When a leader lacks mercy or compassion, they will be self-serving and irresponsible. And a leader/teacher should always strive and be broadminded. He should always try to be capable of understanding his member's needs, and individual situations, and putting himself in their place. A leader should practice gentleness and forbearance, and be determined to hear the problems and teach guidance and self-determination to any person to establish self-faith and happiness.

A leader also needs to be impartial. He must not be swayed by his own feelings or self-serving considerations. Always eager to give a fair hearing to reasonable suggestions, but firm in protesting self-serving goals or mistaken views, even to his seniors.

Leaders should be careful of those that flatter them, as not to cater to their personal agendas. Leaders should cultivate the sense to spot cheap tricks, lies and sneakiness. He must also put the right person in the right place and be courageous about it. The idea is to build long-term integrity in all aspects of life and leadership. Always acknowledge the inconspicuous efforts of others, as all souls are part and contribute to the whole.

Your leaders should also have self-confidence, courage and decisiveness. Leaders must believe in their ability to protect their members and help them advance to self-responsibility so all may become determined. Those persons who have done the inner work on the path of being a true human being, acquire wisdom and are true leaders. They always have faith in themselves. Those who walk the path of heart will discover that through faith emerges wisdom. And this same faith enables the leader to employ his wisdom effectively in all situations.

Courage is indispensable to the leader. Leadership is no place for cowardice. Always strive to advance wisdom and courage. Building an honest and healthy race of human beings means producing a world of leaders of the true law of oneness. Development of faith, integrity and character is both the starting point and the end result. This will make all people capable human beings.

Every child born in your world is a new opportunity to build and honest and real world. Leaders need not criticize each error on the part of their members or staff. A leader should praise them for what they have done well and capably. There will be other people who will criticize. Being a leader or becoming a leader does not mean you have perfect faith or wisdom. These are life-long pursuits. Being a leader is to develop people, and to help people into self-responsibility, spiritual maturity and the freedom to cultivate voluntary introspection. Mankind can develop remarkably, even under adverse circumstances. When Earth awakens to her mission and towards her great objective, we will have full faith than you all will be successful, and a source of great pride to all of us.”

Now, the “law of consistency” is something that they teach their children. What they do is realize that whatever they create, they leave to the next generation to carry forth. It also helps them, because when they cross over out of their physicality and reincarnate, they have their memory intact, and they know who they are. So, there is a continuation of knowledge and personality. We, for some reason, don't experience this. Yet.

In Andromedan society, the oldest and the wisest teach the young everything they know. The children, when they move into adulthood, know more than the parents. Nobody has a problem with this. Here, on earth, we do just the opposite. High school graduates can't even write their name or read. We have to do something here.

Here's something else from Moranae:

“On your world, conditioning is the voice so often spoken. It is not by the words or thoughts that are spoken that reveal to us, the soul. In our perception, it is through man's silence that we come to know you best. Human beings on your world will become blind, if they continue to walk as the shadow of their own enlightenment. Your race is so lonely. Your loneliness, we perceive, is a lack of responding to your environment. In all things, the law of consistency creates balance. Remember your intent, whether honorable or fraudulent. Truly, your acts must justify your actions. No thing of importance or living essence can be created unless there is intent. We refer to this as pre-existing. These things become reality in your world with the ingredient of time. Tell your race to seek the honorable within themselves, and not the wrong in others. Be at one.”

Another time, I was out there, calling them, and fell asleep. I woke up, and Morenae was standing over me. He said these words to me, then turned around and left:

“We have become aware that a great majority of your races are unaware of philosophy and logic, understanding and knowledge of their own soul. We observe many Terrans seeing and feeling what others have told them or have spoken. Has your race lost the self-awareness of your own discovery?”

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