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Connections To Our Past – The Moon And Mars Lecture – 1996

A lecture was given by Alex Collier on January 8, 1996, also entitled ‘The Moon And Mars Lecture' at the Global Sciences Congress in Denver, Colorado. This is the original black and white upload since the audio is in sync with the video. There is a colour version but the audio becomes incredibly out of sync with the video by the end. I tried to fix it, but it didn't work. If anyone has the colour version with the audio in sync with the video and they can share it with me I will replace this version.

In this presentation, Alex Collier shares 25 slides concerning the moon and mars. ‘Evidence of Life on Mars' as known by the Egyptians. The presentation also discusses a war that was fought by Pleiadians against Greys outside of our solar system. You'll also discover how we came from 11th density and some stunning revelations about the planets in our solar system. Alex also talks about imminent change and the requirement for all of us to be mindful of our thoughts since we are creating our own futures based upon our thoughts and decisions.

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