Alex Collier – Defending Sacred Ground – 1996

Alex Collier Defending Sacred Ground – The Andromedan Compendium 1996

Alex Collier wrote Defending Sacred Ground – The Andromedan Compendium and published it for free in 1996.

Alex Collier - Defending Sacred Ground

You can download a copy for free (in pdf format) click the image above:

Alex Collier – Defending Sacred Ground – 1996 – Chapter 1-7 Playlist

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33 Responses to “Alex Collier – Defending Sacred Ground – 1996”

  1. Rosaila says:

    If innocent people are being trapped in other dimensions when they’re no longer in the 2nd Dimension how do they protect themselves and why can’t the benevolence stop the violation and abuse going on and that astral Realms and what can you do about it like where the heck is the help man how do you no longer become a victim what is the purpose of an angels job if these monsters have power

  2. silvia says:

    Nice to gather together but there is no real need. It’s enough the intent of changing the situation and desire to evolve. This already works

  3. Yogi Adept says:

    ”According to the Andromedan’s all the Planet’s in our Solar system have pyramids on them….from the Andromedan perspective these are weights to balance the rotation of the Planet.” I have a question! Does the gas giant Jupiter have a giant pyramid on it? What about Saturn, Uranus or Neptune? I’m just curious as to how the aliens made their footings! Also note that any shift in any object’s mass on the Earth relative to its axis of rotation will change its moment of inertia, although most shifts are too small to be measured (but they can be calculated). Even the Three Gorges Dam at it’s maximum water level and raising some 42 billion tons of water 175 meters above sea level would increase the length of day by only 0.06 microseconds. The Great Pyramid by contrast would weigh 6,000,000 tons….far, far lighter than the Three Gorges Dam at full capacity. It would be COMPLETELY MEANINGLESS to build any structure large enough, and limited to one spot only, to counter the shifting mass on the Earth because it’s ALWAYS changing with the movement of land, continental plates, ocean currents, earthquakes and even micro-flora, and so forth, which would be far greater than anything we could make artificially. It would be like building an artificial pimple on the face of an Olympic athlete in order to slow him down! Surely wind direction would be greater than a pimple!

    • silvia says:

      We see other planets in a third dimensional perspective. If we could see them in a 5th dimensional perspective we would we would find out that they are much different than what we see. To get to a 5th dimensional perspective got to become able to master dreams or astral projection

  4. Yogi Adept says:

    Alex: ”Human consciousness is not in the brain, but is located, IN IT”S ENTIRETY, in the energy field and aura. This is the 1 1/2 to 5 ounces that the body loses at death. THAT’s who you are! That’s the ONLY part of you that is REALLY you!” The origin of the weight loss figure can be traced to Duncan MacDougall, a doctor working in Haverhill, Massachusetts in the early 1900s. MacDougall had a keen fascination with death and spent part of his career on an almost obsessive hunt for evidence of the soul. MacDougall set out to test his theory with what was an excruciatingly bad experiment. In all, MacDougall managed to recruit a mere six dying people for his study. In turn, each was tucked up in his modified bed and their weight monitored until some minutes after their death. Any bowel movements or urination at death were fine, at least so far as the experiment was concerned, as it all stayed on the bed. At the end MacDougall declared that humans lost up to three-fourths of an ounce upon death, or 21g, which is the metric equivalent. Despite the poor accuracy of his scales, the huge variability in his data, and the all-too-few people studied, MacDougall’s experiment was also frustrated by the tricky skill of pinpointing the exact time of death. Today we know that the loss of weight is due to simple biological mechanisms.

  5. Yogi Adept says:

    Alex: ”Now isn’t it interesting that we’re told that the craters (on the Moon) were created by meteorite impacts…and yet you have full fledged mountains in the dead centre of these craters. Many of them even higher than the crater walls. Folks, that’s just not possible!.” Actually it is! Unlike the Earth, the Moon has no atmosphere to protect itself from impacting bodies. It also has very little geologic activity (like volcanoes) or weathering (from wind or rain) so craters remain intact from billions of years. Complex craters have a well defined central peak and often a terraced rim; this central peak is brought up from great depths beneath the crater as the ground elastically rebounds after the shock and pressure of the asteroid, or meteor, impact. These sorts of impacts happened on Earth, too – but the erosion caused by terrestrial weather removes all traces of their presence. In fact, of all the different types of craters so far discovered these complex craters are THE MOST COMMON ones in the solar system! Regarding the central peals: these can be extremely tall by any standards, on Earth, however not so surprising when you realise that the moon only has one sixth of the Earth’s gravity as well as other geomorphological processes going on like volcanism which can be precipitated by crater fracturing and so forth. Also, not all central peaks within the craters are central!

  6. Yogi Adept says:

    Alex in 1996: ”Now, the Moon does not turn on it’s axis. It rotates around the Earth but we primarily see just one side – only 59%. By the way our Moon is the only one that does that!” Actually the Moon DOES rotate! If you stood on the Moon, the stars would rise and set, just like they do on Earth, except that a lunar day is a month long, the same as the Moon’s orbital period. The Moon rotates at just the right speed so that it always keeps one face pointed toward the Earth. And, for the record, the Moon is not unique! Almost ALL moons in the Solar System keep one face pointed toward their planet. The reason behind this is known as tidal friction.

  7. Yogi Adept says:

    Alex states: ”The Moon was brought here 11,213 years ago (as of 1996)” Then why do we have ancient drawings and depiction’s of the Moon going thousands of years BEYOND that date! Why do we have evidence from ancient tidal movements CAUSED by the Moon BEFORE that date! Again, it doesn’t match with scientific evidence but actually works contrary to all sense and real scientific research from diverse branches which all come together to provide, at lest, real answers!

  8. Yogi Adept says:

    Alex in 1996: ”Any body – planetary body – that is approximately 29.3 miles or larger is capable of sustaining gravity.” Hang on, hasn’t Alex previously stated that it was the SUN’S RADIATION WHICH CAUSED GRAVITY! Anyway – this statement is meaningless! I could say that any humanoid is capable of sustaining atoms – that would be a comparable simile. But as we already know and can prove – gravity is related to the mass of any object, irrespective of whether it’s 29.3 miles or not. Atoms have gravity, as do molecules, tissues, organs of the body, continents, planets and galaxies. It’s universal! Even space, Itself, has gravity!

    • silvia says:

      Sun’s radiation is related to its gravity. Everything has a radiation, our own bodies have a radiation.

    • silvia says:

      Q: Do you have any information that would shed light on the mystery of gravity on this plane? Will it disappear when the frequency changes?

      A: The Andromedan perspective on gravity is that it is created by radiation from the sun. We are told that it is because of the rotation of the planet on its axis. They say that any physical body that is 29 miles or larger has a gravitational field.

      They have gravity on the Andromedan craft, and I assume that it is there so they can get more done and so they are not just floating all over the place. As we move into higher density, my feeling is that we will deal with a different aspect of gravity than the gravity we know. It might be a different field strength, but we will have different physical form as well.

  9. Yogi Adept says:

    Alex in 1995: ”Expect some kind of civil war in the United States to last at least eight months – it’s going to happen. Between now (1995) and 1998. Expect UN troops going door to door in major cities trying to collect weapons!” DIDNT HAPPEN!

    • pancho lopez says:

      Its happening now… jade helm not all possibilities or probabilities happen right away..

    • silvia says:

      “AC: Yes sir, I do. I once asked Vissaeus to give me a “definition” of our future and what it was going to be. He said that he couldn’t tell me – that it all involved probabilities.”

  10. Yogi Adept says:

    In 1995: ”We are, right now, at less than 18% (oxygen content in our atmosphere)”, according to Alex! Actually the figure is closer to 21%. If the oxygen content of the atmosphere was 18% by volume at a barometric pressure of 740 mmHg all people on Earth would be on the threshold of oxygen depletion and those people at higher barometric pressures in say, Nepal, China, Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Tajikishtan, Afghanistan, Kazakstan, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and many other places around the world with higher than 740 mmHG pressures would be suffering from loss of consciousness, inability to move, possible convulsions, in many cases permanent brain damage, serious muscle in-coordination with masses of people crashing their cars on the main roads and many elderly people simply dying or going into cardiac arrest. Not to mention increased vomiting, nausea, headaches, impaired judgement to the point that ALL air traffic would have to be cancelled around the globe and so forth that WE WOULD KNOW PRETTY FAST IF OUR OXYGEN WAS BELOW 18%! This information DOESN”T come from Andromeda but from very terrestrial sources! By their fruits ye shall know therm! Discrimination and education is so important in these days.

    • silvia says:

      Professor Ian Plimer of Adelaide University and Professor Jon Harrison of the University of Arizona concur. Like most other scientists they accept that oxygen levels in the atmosphere in prehistoric times averaged around 30% to 35%, compared to only 21% today – and that the levels are even less in densely populated, polluted city centres and industrial complexes, perhaps only 15 % or lower.

  11. Yogi Adept says:

    Alex in 1995: ”There’s a lot of energies coming. There are a lot of Earth changes that are coming. I can tell you this beyond a shadow of a doubt – absolute proof – positive, inside myself, because I have been shown it – in EIGHT YEARS (2004) SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA WILL BE EIGHT ISLANDS. That’s it. It’s all going to be water. Except mountain tops. So, if you have family there you gotta let them know. NEW YORK CITY by the year 2000, will NOT BE THERE! It will be sacrificed! The powers that be have already made that decision!”

    • silvia says:

      There are parallel realities. Alex Collier lectures at the American Gnostic School 1996 QA: “I know that there are parallel realities, and I know that several parallel realities concerning Earth are already in existence on higher octaves above us. I know that on one of these parallel realities the New World Order is already established and exists.”

  12. Yogi Adept says:

    Alex in 1995: ”We are told that the gravity of our Planet has to do with it’s rotation. According to the ‘Andromedan’s’ and their ‘science’ the radiation from the Sun is what causes gravity.” First, it’s quite incorrect to state that the Earth’s gravity is caused by it’s rotation. If this was the case then we would find a massive variation in the gravitational field from the equator to the poles! Fortunately Science does NOT hold that view but insists that Gravity is a universal property of all objects. The force of gravity is related to the earth’s MASS, not its rotation. If it weren’t for gravity, the spinning of the earth would cause us all to fly off into space, not stick to the earth.

    • silvia says:

      Newton realized that the reason the planets orbit the Sun is related to why objects fall to Earth when we drop them. The Sun’s gravity pulls on the planets, just as Earth’s gravity pulls down anything that is not held up by some other force and keeps you and me on the ground. Heavier objects (really, more massive ones) produce a bigger gravitational pull than lighter ones, so as the heavyweight in our solar system, the Sun exerts the strongest gravitational pull. Now if the Sun is pulling the planets, why don’t they just fall in and burn up? Well, in addition to falling toward the Sun, the planets are moving sideways. This is the same as if you have a weight on the end of a string. If you swing it around, you are constantly pulling it toward your hand, just as the gravity of the Sun pulls the planet in, but the motion sideways keeps the ball swinging around. Without that sideways motion, it would fall to the center; and without the pull toward the center, it would go flying off in a straight line, which is, of course, exactly what happens if you let go of the string. SOURCE: NASA

  13. Yogi Adept says:

    Alex in 1995: ‘If everything started with a single cell how is it possible that a single cell knows whether to be a brain cell or a kidney cell? It ISN’t possible!’ Alex should look up Cellular differentiation in which simple Cells change their size, shape, and internal structures through Gene Expression. We also have Cellular Adaption in response to environmental changes. We also have Cell Signalling which is really cell-to-cell interaction which co-ordinate cell formation and organisation. All of these can be scientifically proved! Some of these specialised cells developed a symbiotic relationship with one another to form more complex creatures and so it is with higher and higher order of species.

    • silvia says:

      Everything started with the intent. If our physical dimension source in intent all matter is embedded with intent. This is why cells group together

  14. Charli says:

    Greetings Alex,

    I stumbled across a YouTube video of yours, in my search for further information about Michael Tellinger. He’s a gentleman from South Africa that has spent many years researching acient ruins there. Needless to say, he’s presented an intriguing perspective on our origins. As have you.

    I wish to thank you for proving all of us with a FREE book. Unheard of these days. My brain is reeling with all of this new information.

    Thank you for sharing, good sir. I’m looking forward to reading your book.

    Warm regards,

  15. Floyd Martinez says:

    I just now, 12/14/14, discovered you. I started reading your first book tonight. My mind is spinning. I’ve always believed as a child that there was more to this world that wasn’t being explained correctly. And just recently became a bigger believer in ET’s and UFO’s. Prior to, it seemed like only a limited amount of information was available. Or the same ol’ same ol’. Now it seems like more information is being revealed about origins of humans on planet Earth. I have been hungrily devouring all information that I can until my mind starts taking me in other directions. Your book is going to expand my universe. And probably blow a mind gasket.

  16. gp says:

    Alex, did you help write Interstellar? ? Lol. I think the writers took some of you teachings!

  17. nikos giappapas says:

    translate for greek? not understand English thanks

  18. Jonny says:

    Hello Alex!I have been studying your book and your material for a while now.And it has had a profound effect on me,i have changed my world-wiew totally..I feel deeply that many as possible should know this info.And there is where my question to you comes up:can i have your permission to use “Letters from Andromeda”to be used as the source of info,and later to be used in teaching it to other people here in Norway,where i`m from.The newspapers just dumb people down,mostly..i think they deserve to hear this universal truth about Life in the cosmos and so on.
    with respect,yours sincererly,i wait for your reply!

  19. Luana says:

    Hello Alex!

    So I wonder if you have the book in Portuguese (Brazil) or know of someone or someplace that has it translated?
    Very grateful for sharing your experiences with us!

  20. Kalina says:

    OH-ho ho
    Thank you for amazing information. I am so glad for you to pass this massage. I know a lot of scientist use your information . It is funny they get money for that you NOT . It is not honest world . Must be change for something good for you Alex , Greeting from Poland

  21. […] Alex Collier – Defending Sacred Ground – 1996 […]

    • Peter says:

      Alex we need to gather many people together and we need to do some drastic changes before they come then it will be to late i will be willing to go first ok i will help get everyone together . It is time we put our foot down against the alpha draconians and greys and the orion group and maltre oh ps goverment too.

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