Alex Collier – On Angels

From Alex Collier’s nineteenth webinar hosted on October 21, 2016. Here is Alex Collier: On Angels. Alex recounts a personal event he has not spoken of before, when he encountered a being that is legendary even to the advanced Extraterrestrial Races like the A’s, the P’s etc. Enjoy…


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6 Responses to “Alex Collier – On Angels”

  1. Sean Connolly says:

    gnak, why can’t you believe in angels and ETs at the same time? Even Alex has said that ETs talk about God, The Creator. If there’s a God, then it’s certainly not a stretch that angels can exist also. It’s just that they are extremely high up beings, who seem to have been around before the multiverse itself came into being. They exist outside all the dimensions, outside of space and time itself. I imagine that the place that they come from, is a place of pure joy.

  2. gnak says:

    i cant believe in angels and ETs at the same time

    the two doesn’t seem to compute with me

  3. Kim says:

    Thank you Alex, for this and for all the information you have given us!

  4. Tom Tassé says:

    Thankyou Alex for sharing your personal story of your angel experience. Profound, moving and soooo validating.
    I can relate. Blessings to you and your family and to all of us moving thru this time together.

  5. Pennie Newman says:

    WOW!! Jay Pee you have out-done yourself with this.. it is so beautiful!! the artwork you choose together with Alex message brought tears to my eyes.. thank you!!

  6. Robyn Noyes says:

    Love You Alex and all that you do <3

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