Alex Collier – Radio Interview with Jay Perron – 20th February 2013

Alex Collier – Radio Interview with Jay Perron – 20th February 2013

Alex Collier has recorded a special 90 minute conversation with Jay Perron on 20th February 2013 that was broadcast on Wolf Spirit Radio.

The interview was conducted by Jay Perron aka JP from Ever Beyond. Please visit Jay’s website for his twice weekly radio show on Sundays and Tuesdays, his personal Personality and Soul readings and  Meditation Pyramids, Orgonite, Crystal Pendants and Devices.

This interview has now been transcribed into Spanish here.

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25 Responses to “Alex Collier – Radio Interview with Jay Perron – 20th February 2013”

  1. Gurtej Singh says:


  2. Norberto Santiago says:

    Thank you Alex Collier for everything you’ve done for humanity. The Illuminati/NWO will fail but it’s not over yet. Keep spreading the truth and fighting for freedom!

  3. Mendes says:

    Hey MR Alex give a big hug to the andromedeans heart and soul speak more high…FREEDOM…FREEDOM…

  4. Mendes says:

    WOH OBOZO is what? Hum Love WIns i belive because i love ehehe go andromedeans yeah baby beyond

  5. Eileen says:

    Yes I knew this was coming……All have been lined up with the Rapture…..I am a Starseed from Arcturus and suspected this to happen….Today Obozo is on his way to Israel to proclaim he is the Messiah….LOL….He will never win this battle….Yeshua the Messiah will rule for all Eternity

  6. Mendes says:

    Still ok we will survive thanks to corage and take care you and others we will win, because we are HUMANS Pa TAAL dont get fear LOve and Respect and compassion WINS…lets go FREEDOM SOMETHING GO HAPPEN AND THE CAOS DONT GO BE LIKE THIS HAVE BELIVE IN HEART…

  7. Mordar says:

    I really hope he has new updates from his Andromedan contacts in the upcoming interview on March 3 2013. I hope he has new info regarding the shift to 5th density on December 2013, and whether it is still on or not.

  8. sam says:

    N/M Sy, I’ve found it! Im confused, he just did an interview, why his he doing another interview so soon? He usually does interviews every two months

  9. sam says:

    hey SY where do you see alex is doing an interview with Shiny Demise?

  10. sam says:

    what’s his facebook page Sy?

  11. Sy says:

    Alex Collier will be having another interview on March 3rd according to Shiny Demise on facebook. There’s about 3000 people who likes Alex collier on one Facebook page. If these individuals can assist Alex with $1/month, this is $3000, and enough for Alex and his family to live on monthly. Just my thoughts.

  12. M says:

    Welcome back Alex, it is always great to hear from you again! Thanks so much for the message and your dedication to help us, to inform us, i really do appreciate your work! Strength to all!

  13. Stuart says:

    Great to hear from Alex!!

  14. Mordar says:

    Can anyone provide a summary? Is the change for December 2013 still on?

  15. lu says:

    This totally made my day!!!
    Thank you Alex for speaking again 🙂

  16. Lickido says:

    Most anticipated, thanks Alex for coming back and to you, James Harkin, keep spreading the light, hope you guys are ok.

  17. Jo says:

    Oh my gosh, did not see this coming listening almost immediately.

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