Alex Collier – Video Interview – 1994

Alex Collier Interview 1994

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  1. Kat L says:

    sorry, I research on my own and I have to chime in. Again, use discernment, we’re all on different levels of evolution and the books I’ve read, I don’t expect everyone to have read them too. Let’s not forget Phil Schneider from the Dulce horror. He spoke out too.

  2. Kat L says:

    we’re in 4th. the astral or weird zone/dream zone,insert fav term here. So weird I never thought I’d see Trump run for president. There’s proof at how low we’ve sunk in intelligence and wisdom. Any who, 3D is being kept alive by the collective’ humans that are still stuck in the matrix for lack of a better tacky word at the moment but they like it there how ever you wish to describe that state of being UNTILL something happens to “wack” out of that zombie state and then we will need to re-invent ourselves as a world/collective. IMO

  3. Kat L says:

    More information to research/compare/file. Be wise. Use discernment. Take the middle path.

  4. fex says:

    The video has been censored @ 1:32.

    (ED: Not censored. Not sure what the issue you are having is.)

    • fex says:

      It’s not you ED, it’s coming from youtube. The audio has been removed for around a minute. If you wanna go full blown paranoid — the artifacts around Alex’s mouth during this segment indicate that his mouth movements may have been edited.

      Or I’m just insane. You decide.

  5. I noticed that the referenced youtube clip is edited in several portions where he is discussing key primary geo-political organizations here on Earth. Are there any available links to an unedited version of this video or resources where a copy of such could be obtained?

    Thanks for your time.

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