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Alex Collier – Video Interview – 1994

Alex Collier Interview 1994

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4 Responses to “Alex Collier – Video Interview – 1994”

  1. fex says:

    The video has been censored @ 1:32.

    (ED: Not censored. Not sure what the issue you are having is.)

    • fex says:

      It’s not you ED, it’s coming from youtube. The audio has been removed for around a minute. If you wanna go full blown paranoid — the artifacts around Alex’s mouth during this segment indicate that his mouth movements may have been edited.

      Or I’m just insane. You decide.

  2. I noticed that the referenced youtube clip is edited in several portions where he is discussing key primary geo-political organizations here on Earth. Are there any available links to an unedited version of this video or resources where a copy of such could be obtained?

    Thanks for your time.

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