Helical Model of Us Crossing The Galactic Plane

Alex Collier wished to share with us all the Helical Model of Us Crossing The Galactic Plane. What are your thoughts?


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  1. Maria Zerva says:

    Beautiful and harmonious!! The Angels are moving or dancing in a spiral and harmonious way , singing and shining at the same time! Thank you for this video!!

  2. Craig says:

    If the model in Physics terms has a high electromagnetic component in the spiraling action can cause Plasma phenomenon on a large scale especially in Galactic terms, also holds the Blood Cells in suspension. Usually Plasma issues out of the Poles into space and back onto the surface on some Planets.

  3. Suastika says:

    Here some interesting stuff, but before let’s do some review:

    1) ALEX COLLIER was saying back in the 90’s that there was a ET/Terran base in ‘MATO GROSSO, CUIABA – BRAZIL’;

    2) The Pleiadian contactee ‘ADRIAN’ back in the 90’s said that his Pleiadian (FROM THE ALCYON STAR), together with some elderly ‘NAZIS’, maintain a base in the ‘BRAZILIAN’ jungle where ADRIAN himself met ‘ADOLF HITLER’;

    3) AL-BIELEK, back in the 90’s again, said that ‘HITLER could have died as late as 1984’;

    But, why am I saying all this? If you really want to understand why, do some research about the current research-work of the Brazilian author:


    …and her main research focus by the pseudonym:


    The DNA test results to prove or disprove her claims haven’t been announced yet.

  4. Dave Powell says:

    Cosmic DNA? Oh and how can I view the recent webinar?


  5. Sam says:

    Hi When will the recording of Sept 14 alex c be available?

    (EDITOR: You can watch the replay here:

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