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  3. Jackie Nusz says:

    Thanks for the lost/found transcriptions you worked so hard to add to the blog today
    ….whoever you are. 🙂

  4. Jackie Nusz says:

    Don’t give up.
    Don’t give in.

  5. holly says:

    Don’t give up Alex….don’t you give up!!

  6. DrVince says:

    Bravo Alex. Glad you found your venue onto the net.

    From Québec, Canada

  7. janaini says:

    oi, eu queria muito saber se vc pode um dia me visitar neste sit, eu queria muito falar com vc sobre uma coisa que está acontecendo no Brasil e queria saber se é boa ou rium, porque milhares de pessoas como vc já afirmou estão sendo contactadas com um ser de pégasus e que por acaso tem seres de órion (que mandaram construir uma cidade chamada zigurate) envolvidos nisso, queria saber se isso não faz parte de uma seita perigosa ou se meu país corre algum perigo.
    gostaria muito que vc respondesse essa questão
    obrigado e até quem sabe mais tarde.

    (Ed) Translation:

    hi, I really wanted to know if one day you can sit and visit me this, I really wanted to talk to you about something that is happening in Brazil and wanted to know if is good or rium, because thousands of people like you have said are being contacted to be a pegasus and who happens to have Orions (who had built a town called ziggurat) involved in this, was wondering if this is not part of a dangerous cult or my country runs some danger.
    would very much appreciate you answer this question
    thank you and maybe even later.

  8. Ayshia says:

    Much love to you, Alex

  9. Kalina says:

    I am Polish I do know about your work I am intuitively always back to you i know its some stuff i need to know I miss you Alex as well i will do with my intent to help you .

  10. Lucille says:

    Looking forward on news of Alex. Thank you

  11. jason says:

    I hope Alex Collier is ok- I am also a contactee.

  12. Arasia says:

    Dear Alex
    Hello Fellow Andromedan,
    In 1984 I was activated as a Walk-In from Andromeda. I
    liveDnver at the time. We as a group of twelve people were asked to start Antahkarna, The Star People Connection asked to do a conference at the University of Denver. We had a great success and many promient people such as Andrea Puharich, Dr. Leo Sprinkle,and George Green were guests. I would like to share much more with you. 1-360-417-5147 Namaste

  13. Ricky H says:

    Im from Christchurch, New Zealand. We have been having earth quakes here nw for over a year now almost every day,this has somthing to do with the shift in frequency on and in the earth and our shift in conciousness on the planet.if you could come to christchurch that would be so awsome i know there are lots of souls here that would love to here what your all about. thanks you . MAY LOVE AND LIGHT BE WITH US ALWAYS 🙂

  14. Tony Meagher says:

    Alex, is there any truth about the Comet Elenin that is supposed to cross paths with Earth on Spetember 26, 2011 causing major catastrophe here on Earth?

  15. Amy Lee Hammack says:

    I miss you Alex. I am always searching for authentic,
    humble, charismatic individuals who speak the truth about current events and what is to come. There are many who contribute to the uplifting of consciousness, yet rarely does one deliver with heart and conviction the way that you do. God Bless you where ever you may be and Thank you so much.

  16. Patrick says:

    I’m interested in what you are doing now, and will you or are you still conducting seminars. If so or will be in the near future, will you be in or around Michigan.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Sincerely Patrick Rheaume

  17. Alex Collier Fan says:

    me too

  18. Maria says:

    Alex used to have his own website with lots of information, but no more. Will you be bringing back most of his posts and newer ones? thank you.

  19. Mir943 says:

    I’ve come too far to renege to the demands of the republican fringe!

  20. Alex Collier Fan says:

    Looking forward to your information on Alex Collier.

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