Alex Collier – Current Moon Bases And Their History With Art Bell – 1995

Alex Collier – Current Moon Bases And Their History With Art Bell – 1995

Current Moon Bases and Their History

… The far side, I'm going to show you some slides and we're going to really focus on the far side. The side that we don't see. We are also going to give you some information here, detailed information that has been passed down to me. And we are also going to share with you some interviews or brief recordings that I was able to get from the Art Bell show. Somehow he was able to get hold of all the transcripts from the Apollo astronauts. Their communications with each other on the moon, and with mission control in Houston. He hasn't said where he's got it. He doesn't know if he is going to actually let it out. But every couple of nights he gives out a little tidbit of information. And the two tidbits that I've been able to record are………. well, you will just have to listen to them yourself. Listen to their language when we play the tapes because they are talking in code, yet some of the things that they say they can't talk in code. So you're going to hear some really interesting things and I'm going to show you some really interesting things on the slides as well.

Now as a favor to Jon, he asked me to plug two books for him. This one I don't know anything about its call Silent Invasions, and he says that it is really, really good. It's about a woman's experience in dealing with the Greys and abductions. So he highly recommends it. The other one I do know about, and it's called Pandora's Box. This is the unwritten history of the United States. In my personal opinion based on the research that I have been exposed to and others who are researching the information in this book, this is one of the most important book in the past 50 years. It's incredibly documented, and this is stuff that you will not find in the history books. This is the unwritten history of the United States. Who owns it, where all the power is, to the corporations are that really form our society today, just incredible documentation. It will make you mad as well, it will definitely make you mad.

Next week's lecture will be Doomed Secret Colonies On Mars, and I'm really looking forward to that one as well. What I am going to do is that I am going to start with one of the tapes. There is two, just a short five, six, ten minutes maybe. This is Art Bell: (AB)

(AB) “I'm going to read something about it and you can decide for yourselves. I think some of it is clearly more suspicious than obviously was a rock or a glint or something like that. But I follow what you are saying and it is a worthwhile criticism”

(Caller) “So if there was a video with it we can see especially when they were on the moon than we can see. If we take them out a context, like assuming what we want to…….”

(AB) “Well what do you draw from Neil Armstrong's comments? What do you think he was trying to say?”

(Caller) “It could have been anything down to the bureaucracy of our government…….”

(AB) “I know, but he is saying there are wonderful discoveries and things that we can do if we just remove some of truths protective covering. Now that's a very, very profound statement to wonder about it isn't it?”

(Caller) “I agree. Something else that I did want to bring up……..”

(AB) “Just a minute sir, where by the way he was Neil Armstrong?”

(Caller) “On the moon”

(AB) “So what would the statement in all likelihood relate to?”

(Caller) “I am not sure what truth’s protective covering is though”

(AB) “Anyways, you were going on to something else”

(Caller) “Lee Rogers the other morning had an author who interviewed all the astronauts. And I had a chance to ask him a question that if he had any opinion when he spoke to, he spoke to all of the astronauts, did they say anything that they shouldn't talk about, or was there things that they…………….. couldn't talk about or where they aloof? Lee says no, they were all straightforward, answered all his questions. They said some of the most asked questions are; have you ever seen anything? None of whom have ever seen anything…….”

(AB) “Well alright that was radio with Lee Rogers, and it was on radio. He is a good colleague, but if you have seen some of the interviews with the astronauts on television where you could observe the body language, there's no question about it sir. They were very, very uncomfortable with any questions about what they might have seen.”

(Caller) “Well this author said that he did not notice anything like that.”

(AB) “Well this author was either being uninformed or disingenuous, because I've see it myself.”

(Caller) “Could be, could be and I have too.”

(AB) “Well there you are, you answered your own question, we both have seen it. They are asked this kind of question, and you see them on television, many of them are clearly uncomfortable……..clearly, so I don't know, conclude what you will”

(Caller) “There is some of it that might make me think they saw other beings or something that they must have seen that you were talking about.”

(AB) “Not that obvious, I mean not other beings……..”

(Caller) “Buildings maybe?”

(AB) “I’ll read you a little bit of it I guess;

August 1/1971:

Scott: I see below a straight wall very well, a very fine pattern.

Irvin: Just like graphite.

Scott: Ok, why don't you call that building a trench. Would it be nice if you could do in that at station eight?

Capcom: Ok troops, we’ll be asking for a SESC from the bottom of the structure when…….garble….

Irwin: Hey look, look at the white colored rock. It almost looks like a white vein on top of the other rocks.

Scott: Yea, look at that. It's a dark red rock, but it actually looks like a pentangle, but with a small gray and white piece on top of it. The pentangle is 6 inches across and 4 or 5 inches high. On top is a 2 to 3 inch sub-angular……..garble……… with a light to medium gray matrix. It really stands out, it's amazing.

That’s not a very good example. I've got a million of them here. I should have picked out a better one. I'm sorry I just opened it to…………..listen to this:

Apollo 17 ground to air transmission during an EVA:

Strange, there's another block just to the north of that overhang. It's a pyramid, a pyramid shape in cross-section. No, a triangular shape in cross-section and it looks like it's pretty well…….garbled……..not persuasively like it was at shorty.

EVA: It’s flashing OK. Now let me get to work.

Trac: Tracs here, I think I can monitor that one……..

(AB): See some of this stuff doesn't make sense, but keep listening.

I'm standing on a boulder.

Trac: How does that make you feel?

It makes me feel like I'm coming over to do some sampling. Think how it would have been if you were standing there when that boulder came by.

I’d rather not think about it. Verify us RC…….garbled……… what are those things flying, going over? What is that Jack? Something just hit here. What blew up? What is that?

Oh it's your antenna. Is that styrofoam exploding off your high gain antenna package.

What hit on the LM? Something blew apart on……….

No, the one you deployed, the Rover high gain antenna, my God it blew up!

Yes exploded, something flying over there. Just before, it's still……..gone. I thought we've been hit by a………. Look at that stuff, it just keeps flying over the tops of our heads. I thought we've where the closest witnesses to a lunar meteor impact. I guess if that's the same glass I pick up? I don't know.

John says it exploded on his mission too…guys! Isn’t that's what you thought it was? Isn’t that's what you thought it was huh? I thought you were kidding.

No, I've never seen anything like that before. I'm sorry, I thought it was……break off. No, you just, you just, well you saw that stuff coming didn't you?

I didn't see it at all, holy smoke!!

Roger 17. Is the damage primarily to the piece of the rear fender that you lost, or are the rails of the pieces remaining fairly that? Anyway we are still here so it's………garbled.

That has to be it.

(AB): Now what were they talking about here? What was that? Something truly incredible, certainly not explained, what was that?

(Back to Alex Collier)

I'll play the second one in just a little bit. That's really fascinating stuff. And even though they have publicly acknowledged that nothing unusual has been found there, the evidence is quite to the contrary. And now I'm going to share with you the Andromedans history of our moon, where it came from and so on and so forth.

The age of the moon is 6.2 billion years old and is also hollow. The moon's origin was originally in a constellation of Ursa Minor, that's in the Little Dipper. It came from the solar system called Chowta. This solar system has 21 planets in it of which our moon came from the 17th planet and was one of four moons that were circling that particular planet. It was an outpost for members of the Orion group as it lay on the outskirts of Ursa Minor. It was at one time inhabited by as many as 5 million of Orion's military. The Andromedans consider our moon an artificial satellite. Many of the craters that were discovered on the moon were originally artificially created. The craters were used as spacecraft hangers. Large craters were capable of housing 200 or more craft at a time. Now some of the craters on the moon are as much as 170 miles wide.

The personnel consisted of reptilian, half-Human half-Grey, and half-Human half-Reptilian. The surface bases consisted of nine domed cities, which would be equal to a small town or a small city. Vegetation was grown inside these domed structures. Small lakes or ponds were scattered along the surface. The remains of these domed structures were discovered via the NSA astronauts, the Russian and the Apollo astronauts. The NSA astronauts were they are in 1958, they've been there ever since as well as a secret portion of the Russian government called the Black Guard. The true military complex of this space however was underground. Entrances were at both poles, the Taurus Mountains, and Jules Verne crater, which is on the far side. And Archimedes, which is on the visible side to us. These were the original entrances.

The Black government has created more openings and is currently expanding the underground complexes. The expansion is for the operations of private scientific and military agendas for the New World Order. The moon was purposely put into the tail of a planetary asteroid, which brought it across our galaxy to Earth. This was over 11,000 years ago. It did not calm from the Earth as many surmise, because the Moon is in fact older than our planet. The same asteroid circles our galaxy every 25,156 Earth years. Now when we talk about time we are going to be using Earth years because extraterrestrials don't deal with linear time as we know it.

The Moon has been inhabited periodically in its history for 1.8 million Earth years. So many years there, and now it's being inhabited again. Many of the original structures on the surface of the Moon were destroyed during the Black League wars, which we will talk about at a later lecture. This was a battle fought by humans against the Orion Empire. Especially the last 100,000 years of a 600,000-year war after the Orion slaughter of human life in Lyra. The continuous destruction of the surface continued to occur while the moon was being transported here to our solar system by space debris.

Upon arriving on the surface of the moon, the NSA astronauts in 1958 with their tour guides the Greys, were taken to the underground facilities where the remains and skeletons of reptilian like beings and human beings and Orion technology were first discovered. This location has been identified by the Andromedans as underneath the crater designated or named Jules Verne. It's on the map and it's on the far side. It's in the southern hemisphere. In this underground facility hidden by the dark side of the moon is approximately the size of New York State. These underground facilities contain huge lakes, plant life of Earth, and alien form manufacturing equipment that was left there, food storage facilities and spacecraft hangers. Which are now also being used and operated by human beings from Earth. Also alien writings have been witnessed on the walls of the hallways connecting some of the large compartments of the underground facility.

Also discovered were eight vaults that were sealed, but that information regarding their contents has not been disclosed to me. Artificial environments are being created all the time to house hand-picked personnel by the world government. The leader of this base has been given the title Mr. Secretary.

The Moon and now houses approximately 35,000 human beings from Earth, only Aryans by birth. According to the work that is being done underground to expand the facilities, the Andromedans foresee a population of approximately 600,000 at some time in our near future. Much UFO contact is taking place on the Moon between non-benevolent and world order humans. The exploration of the moon was a joint operation between the Black Guard astronauts of Russia and the NSA astronauts. The English were later brought in to the building of the lunar underground facilities primarily for financial funding. They needed money so they brought in the English. Most of the world's banks are controlled out of France and England and a small portion from Germany. Currently the world order NSA has 53 Earth built UFO type craft stationed on the Moon at all times. They were built here, a majority of them were built in the Nevada desert underground. Also other weapons are being built on the Moon. They are: particle beam weapons, nuclear bomb satellites, antimatter weapons systems, and plasma beams. And the reason for this is because if there is an invasion of Earth, the Moon is our first line of defence. So therefore they are doing everything they can for whatever their reasons are to make sure that they are prepared, and they're building this technology there so nobody here knows anything about it.

How did everything get up there? Outside of using antigravity technology which the Greys have given us, and given the NSA. Around the world there are antigravity anomalies. They occur at different places on the planet. There are thousands, but there are two places that it occurs on a very regular basis. One is the Bermuda Triangle and a second is Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean.

Essentially what happens is the Earth's grid system that forms our planet; certain patterns within that will short out. And there are certain areas that are very weak for some reason in our electrical field that surrounds our planet. When it shorts out, what happens is it creates a vortex. It's almost as if there's no gravity there, no atmosphere for just a few seconds. While they are able to find out when this is going to occur. They've learned how to do this. So they have built platforms. They put heavy equipment on the platforms, and they wait for this anomaly to occur. When the anomaly occurs it comes down, snaps back up, and whatever was inside that circle is blown up into our atmosphere. No rockets, nobody has any idea. They send a craft, one of the 53 with a chain or a hook-up. It flies off the Moon, hopes of what it is and tows it right out of here, nobody knows anything. This has been going on for over 30 years. Also the area known as Pine Gap Australia; tremendous amount of activity. This is an underground facility that was strictly built by the CIA. And there is a tremendous amount of activity going back and forth to the Moon from that area. Now this area also happens to be almost dead center in Australia, which is aborigines country.

Diego Garcia Island, Siberia and Russia also; these same type of things are going on. In the very beginning, the Russians have been in this since 1947. A lot of the launchings and missions were leaving from the Soviet Union because of the vast size of their country. Almost nobody could see the rockets. And if you were at the right place in this country, you would see what was going on there, and you would know what was going on, on this end. Because information is compartmentalized. There is an atmosphere being created on the surface of the Moon for extended habitation. This again is alien technology. You will see proof of that here on the slides. There is also a book that is out by a gentleman who is now deceased; Mr. Fred Steckling, it's called Alien Bases On The Moon where it has 125 NASA photographs, many taken by the astronauts. I highly recommend it, I'm sure Jon has it, remarkable stuff in there.

There's still water on the Moon. On the surface as well as underground. There are lakes, there is vegetation now being grown. They are literally turning it into a habitable planet. From there, when they first started this project, they decided to go to Mars from the Moon, not from Earth. They were on Mars a long, long time ago. The only problem with the Moon is, based on its stages of where it is, as far as its being groomed for habitation, it takes many, many years to create a habitable environment. The Moon doesn't really offer this, Mars does however. So what they are doing is they are growing a tremendous amount of food and vegetation underground in these underground facilities using hydroponics and artificial sunlight. There is a military base on the far side of the Moon. These same people who are there were colonizing Mars up until March 1989. An Ultra top secret space program was developed and launched mostly from the Soviet Union because of its resources and mass size. They could virtually do everything in secret and undetected. The first manned mission to the Moon and landing on the surface of the Moon was in 1958 by the Russians and the NSA who reopened the ancient underground facility, now a colony since 1961. The underground facility is the one I was talking about earlier, the Orion underground facility that is the size of New York State. The structures that were built for this lunar base, on the surface, the structures of some of which you will see tonight, were designed by J. P. L. They are domed structures. They built them first on the Moon to test them before they went to Mars and really went full swing to build Adam and Eve. Also one of the other corporations that was very, very intricate or important in the actual building of these; who actually did to the building of it, was the Bechtel Corporation out of San Francisco. They have a very top secret construction core of engineers that works with the NSA, because they have a vested interest in this thing as well. They are also the same company that builds most of the nuclear power plants in the world.

The reason they wanted to go to Mars, or they felt the urge to go to Mars, is because the Earth is sick with pollution and population. They basically didn't have much hope in being able to turn things around, so they just secretly and quietly decided to colonize Mars, once they were given the technology to go to the Moon. And then from the Moon go to Mars. This is exactly what they did. To some degree they should be commended for this remarkable achievement, but the way they totally went about it is deplorable. And almost nobody still knows that it is actually going on. The astronauts who have been on the Moon know for sure now. As far as the dark side of the Moon, the hidden side. The reason we only see one side of the Moon is by design. The dark side of the Moon truly represents a dark secret of how long extraterrestrials have been watching the Earth. Weights have been placed inside the planet to keep it from rotating on a normal basis, and they are located at both poles. They are magnetic weights which keep it stationary. It will turn like this, they keep it stationary. Being that they are magnets, it bounces off the Earth's gravitational pull just enough to keep it just moving outside. So it doesn't actually get totally caught up to what it will turn like this. This was to keep mankind unsuspecting of the alien presence for thousands, and thousands of years. When the astronauts of Apollo got there we have already been on the Moon for sometime. The NSA using technology given to it by the Greys had already established eight years earlier a colony there. This technology and information was not shared with the lower levels of NASA or even the military. NASA was used as a blind to keep the people from truly knowing what was going on out there. The astronauts were silenced under threats and they remain so even today. Richard Hoagland, who many as you may know about, has done a lot of extensive work on the area known as Cydonia on Mars. He's also doing a lot of things about the Moon now, and I would suggest that all of you pay attention to that. Because he can get photographs and things of that nature, and it's going to be very interesting to see how this whole thing unveils itself. It's beginning to unveil, it definitely is. Some of the greatest scientific minds on our planet that have disappeared, people who have vanished without a trace, were taken to the Moon and Mars to colonize, to start a brand new society. We're talking about engineers, architects from every walk of life. What I am going to do now is I am going to play the second tape. This is the straight stuff, this is very, very interesting, this second half. And as soon as this ends then we are going to start showing you the slides.

(AB): I’ll leave you a little from Apollo 16 here in a bit, how about that? I want to read you something now. I keep stomping myself from doing it, I don't know why. Here's Apollo 17, Dec. 29, 1972:

Jack: Those frames that Ron mentioned, date he mentioned they were a lighter gray rather than tannish gray. Coming up on it now. Coming up on the Goddard and Marginis.

Capcom: Roger America. We are tracking you on the map here, watching it. Okay Al has got variations in its form, variations in the lights. Almost looks like a pattern as if the water were flowing up on a beach. Not in great areas, but in small areas around on the southern side and the part that looks like the water washing pattern is much lighter. I can't see any real source for it. The texture however looks about the same. Capcom, America.

Houston: We’d like you to hold off switching to Omni Charlie until we cue you on that. Wilco.

Jack: Was there any indication on the seisometers on the impact about the time I saw a light flash on the surface?

Houston: Stand-by will check on that Jack.

Alan Bean: A UFO perhaps. Don't worry about it. I thought someone was looking at it. It could have been one of the other flashes of light.

Capcom: Roger, we copy the time and LMV, I have the place marked. Pass it on to the back room. I got it marked on the map too.

Jack: Just some words from the back room on you. There may have been an impact at the time you called, but the Moon is still ringing from the impact of the SIVB in fact so it would mask any other impact. So they may be able to strip it out at another time, but right now they don't see anything at the time you called. Just my luck. Just looking at the southern edge of Grimaldi, Bob.

(Cannot understand what Art Bell is saying)

Capcom: OK I copy that

Jack: As long as we are talking about Grimaldi we might have you brief Ron on exactly the location of that flashing light you saw. We'll probably ask him to take a picture of it, maybe during one of his solo periods.

Capcom: Leave a little note there somewhere for yourself. Now we're getting some pretty clear high water marks on the…………there’s a high water mark all over the place there. On the north part of Tranquilis that's ????? there, isn't it? Are you sure we are 13 miles up? You are 14.1 to be exact Ron. I tell you there is some Mare Ridge……..and we are just passing one.

(AB): This doesn't make sense to me.

They got only cross the low planar areas but right up the side of the crater in one place, and a hill in the other, it looks very much like a constructional ridge. A ????? ridge that is as clearly constructional as I would want to see it. Yes we show you on the edge of that crater Jack.

(AB): The evidence is both in volume and is very compelling. Most of us don't know anymore about the Moon today then we did before Apollo 8. But the scientists and engineers are privy to another higher level of information about what has been discovered on the Moon. Without benefit of the vast resources at the government's disposal, it's impossible for a layman to declassify and arrange the evidence in anything like its natural and proper order. So there they were saying they found something that clearly looked like construction. And I guess that was the upshot of those transmissions. They are very difficult to decipher as you read them because these are men talking about things they are looking at and they see, but they are unable to describe properly in words. And then a lot of it is garbled too. I'm going to have to pick out the best ones……

(Back to Alex Collier)

Let’s do five minutes of questions. Does anybody have a question?

Q: Do you have access, or does anyone have access to the stuff he is reading there?

A: I don't know of anybody yet. The transcripts that he was given were titled Did Our Astronauts Find Evidence Of Aliens On The Moon? And apparently it's all the transcripts of all the missions. He's only read just a few. Apparently from what he's alluded to at other times without reading anything, all of them are full of this kind of stuff.

Q: Who is this guy?

A: This is Art Bell. He is on a radio station. He does Dreamland on Sunday nights. I don't know where you would get it here but in San Diego its 600 A M.

Q: Originally you said that the Moon was brought here on purpose. Who did that, the Orions?

A: The Orions did that, yes. They were the very first to colonize the Earth.

Q: And they did it for purposes of invasion?

A: No at the time there was virtually nothing here. They did it as an outpost before leaving this particular galaxy to explore others. Because our solar system is at the very outskirts of our particular galaxy. And there are many, many, 23 galaxies in our known universe, and our little solar system is at the very outskirts of this one. We have many natural resources, we have plenty of water, so it made for a very good place to stop before embarking on another long mission to another galaxy.

Q: But why bring the Moon and why not use Earth for that?

A: To travel in. They like to travel in asteroids and not necessarily a lot of craft. What they do is a hollow them out and they'll put themselves in it, and they'll use that as their craft. They don't have to build it, all they have to do is hollow it out. It's a lot cheaper, the use very few resources to do it. And once they put their antigravity machinery and other technology inside of it, you can turn anything into a ship.

Q: Can they go faster than light?

A: I don't know.

Q: Are the Andromedans on the Moon now?

A: No, the Andromedans and the other benevolent forces that are sitting outside the outskirts of our solar system are just doing that; sitting on the outskirts of the solar system. They do come in once in awhile but they are not making any move in here because they do not want to start a war. That was in two previous lectures that I was dealing with that, that whole issue there. It's a very touchy situation we have here. OK if there's no more questions what we will do is we will start the slides. Now, these photographs that you are going to see, I got from a NASA book that they published in 1970. These are photographs that the Lunar Orbiter in August of 1966. It was part of these photographs that the used my understanding is, to decide where some of the Apollo missions were going to land. So that they could check into things a little bit more.

Q: Is this when they were still letting us out, they were still too dumb to know?

A: That's right. This is home, if any of you don't know what this is, this is Earth. This is a picture of an astronaut. This is the LEM, the Lunar Exploration Module. The portion that actually did land on the Moon carrying two astronauts. Now this is on the far side of the Moon. I'll have to point out things to you. This is an unnamed crater that lies on the far side, it is 41 miles long and it has a cluster of domed structures sitting directly in the middle of it. They are very domed, this is not something that you normally find inside of a crater that's been hit with a velocity of a comet of needy 50 million tonnes of TNT or 10 nuclear bombs. This is also on the dark side of the Moon. All along this ridge in here, these are all ruins. This was all some kind of a structure when I point it out. You can carefully see entrances to caves and openings all along this area here. You also have another domed structure here. Here are structures just tucked away. This looks very similar to a three-point pyramid sitting inside of a crater. You'll see other photographs later that clearly show what the………. This particular area is called Mare Pomeron, between the crater Viscentae and Vitello. These here all along this area here are again ruins. This is one of the areas that the Apollo missions went to as well. This is also the same area, which Mr. Hoagland is focusing on, and he was able to get some other information and better photographs to be quite honest with you. This is pretty much the same area. According to the Andromedans underneath this area here there is a very active Grey base, sitting underneath this area. Now you heard on the tape there where they saw a flashing light and they thought maybe it was a UFO or something. Houston actually asked them if it was a UFO when they supposedly don't exist. I want to point out a couple of things. Here is a pyramid, a three-point pyramid just built along side of a crater. And here is a light. A round cylinder and disk tucked away and it really stands out in the photograph. I personally think that they missed it. You can clearly see it there, it's much brighter than anything else. This is also the far side. This is a lake. This is the crater………. End Of Side One We've been taught that it is a dead planet, that it’s arid, that it has no atmosphere, and yet there is a lake there.

Q: Wouldn't the water sublime?

A: Normally it would, but as the Andromedans have been very candid to point out, they are creating an atmosphere here for habitation, so that whoever is here, the astronauts or the NSA……………

Q: How can you in a small area maintain a form of gravity as opposed to the whole area of the Moon, whereas something like that might just float away? How would they be able to specify in a way now we are going to ground it and keep it in this area as opposed to having it just diminish?

A: Well you would obviously have to create some kind of a grid pattern, a gravity area. The Greys themselves are 2500 years ahead of us in technology, the Pleiadians 3000, the Andromedans 4700. Apparently they have this technology and they have shared it to a degree that they are actually doing this. There are other astronomers who have actually photographed clouds and cloud formations on the Moon, which suggests there has to be an atmosphere. There has to be an atmosphere in order to have that. Here's another pyramid right here on the crater. And here's another light sitting inside of a crater. Now it could be that if this is an alien craft, they knew the Orbiter was circling, coming over, so instead of being cocked in orbit they just tucked themselves away inside of a crater. This was another very large domed structure. This is the crater Astroaeurus(sp?). There's a domed pyramid, basically what's left of it. It's obviously been bombarded and hit and damaged. There are some very regular structures here on both sides surrounding this area.

Q: What do the pyramids represent?

A: The pyramids were used on planets to balance its wobble, it's elliptical wobble. All planets because of their hollowness tend to wobble and not stay on their axis. By placing pyramids at strategic points like you would place weights on a tire; the weights that are placed on your attire to keep it from wobbling. This is exactly the same concept except that they would use stone pyramids.

Q: So it's just the weight that balances that?

A: That’s right, that's originally what they were constructed for. That's what they tell me.

Q: There's nothing in them? There's no other uses?

A: That I don't know. They haven't offered that information. This is a wall, straight wall. No explanation for it whatsoever, it is just there. This is an earlier photograph; I want again to focus on the craft sitting inside the crater. Now this is an interesting shot. This is in Fred Steckling’s book; Alien Bases On The Moon. Mr. Hoagland really……….this part of this gentleman. But if you are able to go to your library and see the NASA books with the photographs, look at this large tubular thing that is just sitting there hanging over the crater. It looks like a long cigar shaped UFO or mother ship just laying on top of this area, hanging over the crater. Here is a piece of machinery. It is a mining machine, a tunnel machine. They are using them on Earth. They use them all underground. Here is one actually crossing a crater and it’s leaving its trail, its markings. One of three companies which I talked about last week are making these kind of mining machines. One is the Robbins Co. of Washington, and the other is a company called Jarva, out of Ohio. Unmarked crater on the far side of the Moon. Here is a complex, like a small city, just sitting right out there.

Q: Do they choose to put their little colony inside the craters because it protects them there in some way as opposed to on top?

A: Yes and they are also very much undetected. With the telescopes and things getting more and more improved here, it's very difficult to make out what things are in craters as well. And also it protects them from solar winds. (Cannot understand this comment) Here is another structure that is buried by something. I been told that this is an artifact from the Orions, and underneath here was a structure that has been covered over by millions of years of dust, or hundreds of thousands of years of dust.

Q: Who is the confirmation for these structures?

A: The Andromedans. Here's a crater that is actually being mined. You can see the double ring inside that. I asked, what's the possibility that another asteroid actually hit dead center of this one? They sent you can't count that high. Here is another view, this is crater Copernicus. Another very large domed structure in a half crater. A three sided pyramid. You can see the structure here where it has obviously been broken, where it comes up on both sides. It looks like there's a platform all cut out. This is again on an unmarked crater. This is a different view of that same earlier area. More domed structures; this is towards the north pole of the Moon. This is an area view Copernicus, looking down on it. In this area are ruins. This is what they said that these are all ruins. This whole area apparently at one time was domed. This is a real interesting structure here. It looks like there is some kind of a doorway or some kind of a statue or monuments here. Q: What was the largest population when the Orions came here on the Moon?

A: 5 million. Now I don't know if that was when they brought it here or when it was back in Ursa Minor. A large area full of domed structures. This is an artist's rendition of what could possibly be going on underneath there. You have your domed structures, they are covered with dirt, so they look like almost anything. And underneath, life goes on.

Q: Where do they get all the money for these projects?

A: Private corporations, banks, selling of narcotics. All kinds of places. The NSA has an annual budget of $5 billion a year. It has never been audited, nobody knows where the money goes, and it's a good start when you have that kind of money to do things.

Q: Why would Russia and the United States work together in reference to this, and then on the outskirts of reality here have been for so long basically arch enemies?

A: Well they have never really been arch enemies. When the Roswell crash of 1947 occurred, when they approached the craft they saw the technology. They had a live being. Their nuclear weapons couldn't do anything to these people. Their technology was such that at the time they thought it was 25,000 years more advanced than us. They thought that possibly there would be an invasion. So who was the only superpower that they could turn to? There was no way the United States could deal with this issue on its own. They had to go to the Russians so the two of them could put their energies and their minds together just in case this was a very viable threat. It didn't actually occur, but what instead did occur was our government decided to sign a treaty with these particular beings, which we all now know as the Greys.

Q: And Russia was left out of this?

A: Well that's another interesting thing, which I talked about last week. Apparently they were brought in at the same time. There was an exchange of technology. However, at some point the NSA pulled away and was not sharing information with the Soviets. And according to the Andromedans, this was the real reason for the Cuban Missile Crisis. The idea was to blackmail the United States into sharing the alien technology, except nobody told John F. Kennedy about it. So he was caught in the middle, and apparently, according to Vasais and Moraney, who are to beings that I am in contact with; Kruschef actually talked to Kennedy and said we want this, this, and this. Kennedy said what are you talking about? He then called in the CIA. Apparently the CIA like to him the first two times, so he didn't know what the Russians were talking about, even though nuclear missiles were only 18 minutes off the shore. And finally the third time they confessed. Kennedy said okay I agree that there will be something, I don't know all the particulars. And the Soviets took all their missiles away. Shortly thereafter, he announced that we will be going to the Moon, because now he was privy to the technology that we had and so on and sold forth. He also made that fateful mistake about going to scatter the CIA to the winds. Except I don't think he really realized how much power there was beyond his control. And he wasn't really in control.

Q: These people that you call the Andromeda(?), do they have any sense of spirituality or emotionality?

A: Yes they have all those things. They are also humans.

Q: Can you some of what purpose……. I don't understand what their purpose is and what is going on.

A: You mean here, why they are here, why they are sharing?

Q: Exactly.

A: I would suggest that you buy a tape. We have spent four hours just talking about that, that very issue. Essentially, our galaxy needs the Earth to move into a higher vibration, so the whole galaxy moves into a higher vibration.

Q: Is this a spiritual vibration?

A: Yes, and unfortunately there are living beings here who basically trapped a portion of our government into agreeing to a treaty. They misrepresented themselves, and essentially what they are doing is they are very, very dark; I don't want to say evil, but they are dark. And they basically have us trapped. They are here hiding underneath us and there is a lot more to it. If you buy the tape it will really explain it.

Q: What was the treaty with our government, and why did they have to make a treaty with our government when they are so much more powerful than us?

A: Well there is a political body inside our galaxy, and apparently you just can't go and invade a planet. There are certain stipulations that they have to abide by, otherwise certain actions are taken against them. Essentially what happened was; the treaty was that they were going to come in here because they wanted to observe our evolution, consciously, spiritually and physically in exchange for technology. Our government at the time, or the NSA at the time, who was created to deal with this particular issue of the aliens, saw all this technology that were in the craft and they said absolutely we'll do it. Shortly thereafter most of the technology they started giving us wasn't in the ships at all. It was stuff that we really couldn't work. And over the process they have come out with a little bit more, but in return what they did was they weren't just observing us. They were abducting, they were doing genetic experiments, and were doing horrific other things that are going on daily. Not to mention that people are just literally vanishing off the planet.

Q: So they've done that, according to their own rules without making a treaty with us. They needed to do that according to some other set of rules that they have to abide by before they can go ahead and start with abductions even though we didn't understand that was what the treaty was?

A: That’s exactly right.

Q: So it's OK to make a treaty even if it is a dishonest treaty, they just have to have a treaty?

A: That is correct. Well it is not correct, but that is what it turns out to be. It isn't right. The problem is they are 2500 years technologically more advanced than us, we can't make them leave ourselves. We don't have the wherewithal to kick them out. We need help from the outside. The only problem is if help comes from the outside and we're not ready, there is going to be a real problem. You are going to have a collapse of social structures, belief systems, possibly a war. We are going to be right dab smack in the middle of it. There's a lot more to it, but in a nutshell that is what it is. We are right in the middle of it, they are right underneath us.

Q: You have had contact with some form of these aliens. How does that come about, you said they were humanoid? Or are they human?

A: They are human. They have different color skin and they are very big. They are a little different but they are human.

Q: How is it that they have that contact? How do they come to you, are you the only one?

A: I am not the only one. Why it was me, I don't really know. But I am not the only one, there are three others. There is a total of 4.

Q: Do you have any photographs or recordings or anything within that?

A: Those things, at a later date that information, those kinds of materials will be brought forward as we get them.

Q: Are you able to make contact with them when you want?

A: Not always. Sometimes I have to put out a call and then I have to wait. It doesn't always happen on my schedule. There's a lot of things going on out there, a lot of things. On the outside of our solar systems there is a perimeter of Pleiadian motherships as well as other groups. What they are trying to do basically is to quarantine our solar system so that our situation does not get any worse.

Q: Is it possible for you to include other people when you make contact?

A: I don't know. It hasn't happened yet.

Q: So you haven't sat down with a group of people and then tried to contact them so that everyone could share in your experience?

A: No I have been very private about this. I have not shared it at all for a very, very long time. Twenty-nine years as a matter of fact. In fact I am two years behind schedule. I was supposed to start talking two years ago and I just didn't want to deal with it. We went to several UFO lectures and everybody was so busy bad mouthing and backstabbing everybody else that nobody could pay attention to the information, and I didn't want to deal with it.

Q: Is the NSA aware of your situation?

A: Yes they are very much aware.

Q: Are they aware of the information that you have?

A: I don't know, I hope not yet. Eventually it will occur I am sure.

Q: What are the Andromedans views on the future of the Moon? What is the next step as far as the aliens making bases……..

A: They are going to continue, we are going to continue to arm the Moon. They said that if it comes to an invasion, not necessarily an invasion, but if they are called in to assist, they will in fact do it. And also they have drawn up a plan, what they will do is what a tractor beam on our Moon and just literally pull it from our atmosphere. Just pull it out away from us and deal with whoever is on there, out there. Not here, because in case it should have to go to war, and it should explode or be destroyed, the remnants of it won't hit us on the surface, which could concentrate pole shift because right now our Earth is at a very critical point. It's very sick ecologically, and it isn't getting any better.

Q: You mentioned in the pole shift, about than shifting the earth about one degree or something, what was the reason for that? What is their possible plan in doing that?

A: Alternative 4. The world government was colonizing Mars. They built a very huge base there. There were 300,000 human beings there so I am told. Apparently it was invaded in March of 1989, the colonies there. There is now another race on Mars that is not benevolent or friendly to us at all. What happened was, the world government realized they no longer have a place to go because the Earth is really sick. And I'll say this again; according to the Andromedans, we have right now if we don't stop polluting the oceans, killing the lakes and the streams, we have 41 years worth of oxygen left in our environment. Oxygen that will be able to sustain human life on the surface. So this world government instead of putting its energies in trying to heal, they said we are going to colonize another place, create another society our way. This is exactly what they did. The fourth alternative that they have created according to Vasais, was that now they cannot get to Mars, they have to do something with the Earth. And the quickest way to resolve all the pollution problems, the population problem, is to stage a controlled polar shift. Right now the Earth is tilting. The wobble is from 72 to 85 feet every fourteen months and it's getting wider. In other words the North Pole like a top, wobbles. It doesn't stay in a straight circle, in a straight line. It is wobbling and it is getting more and more. That is because of the weight of the South Pole and Antarctica. There idea was if they could put strategic nuclear weapons underneath the South polar cap and blow them in a series, they could cause the South polar cap to slip. Which would cause the Earth to rotate 90 degrees on its axis. In 24 hours this would drown 83 to 85 percent of the population. There would be areas that are safe but essentially you got rid of most of your problem. And they would come down from the Moon in their spacecraft and say we are here to help you, and just start all over. Essentially it stops everything. There are no more cars, no more manufacturing, no more industries putting stuff in the air, there's nothing. It ends right there. You don't have to clean up anything. Or what you can do is sit up on the Moon and wait for things to calm down. I don't know all the technical parts of this. They obviously thought this out a lot more than I have. But this is what they were thinking of doing. The Andromedans have said that there is no way that they would allow this to happen. This would indicate why they are arming the Moon so much. Because they think that they are going to be able to deal with this when help comes. It's a complicated thing. It isn't easy for me to stand up here and say this. I wish it were. I would rather be selling insurance or something. Lecturing on something else which I will probably end up doing. It's heavy. This is what's going on. Truth is stranger than fiction and it all comes down to us. This is their message: it all comes down to us. This is our planet, we need to take responsibility. They say the first thing we need to do is to stop polluting the planet, because no matter what else happens, even if the Greys leave, we still have a problem, a very big problem. And that is we are not going to have a place to live.

Q: Have they offered a solution on how we can stop polluting our planet?

A: They haven't offered any. I think we know what we need to do. It's just a question of doing it because it’s right and not because it’s profitable.

Q: Couldn’t they take some of the walk-ins and replace the whole ……. Council and change the whole political shift.

A: That’s a really great idea. There has to be some kind of an agreement. Vasais has said, he just kind of slipped this out one day that the groups that are at the highest levels in dealing with the Greys, the Orion group and the Sirians; the Andromedans no longer consider them as human. They have so many implants that they are actually of the mentality and of the mind of the Greys. In other words they are no longer individual consciousness, they are now group mind. They are a part of them, even though they are human. They don't consider them human anymore. And how high those levels go, I know what those humans are, but I do not know all the integral parts. Some of it isn't safe for me to know. They are very concerned about my safety just as I am.

Q: (Cannot understand this question)

A: But there are other walk-ins coming in. There will be a total of 144,000 here within three years. Apparently there are 72,000 here already. The Andromedans and the council have a very strict law of non-intervention unless they are specifically asked. They have not been asked. So the only way that they can try to balance this is to use the walk in process or the ascension process, not everybody is a walk in. Some people are actually pulling in their full consciousness, and they are humans, they are Earth, they are here. Therefore it bridges what it is that they need to do and it doesn't violate the council directives of non-intervention. So it is an interesting situation. They are learning just as we are about to learn, big time. They wouldn't be going through the effort unless they felt that it was worth the…….. We are important. The Earth has an incredible history unlike any of the other planets in the galaxy. This little trading post in the middle of nowhere had been colonized and colonized and colonized by many different groups for millions, and millions of years.

Q: Is that why our races are so different?

A: Yes, that's exactly right. We are a huge gene pool of all kinds of different alien races.

Q: How many of us would have to be behind an invitation to the Andromedans council?

A: They said approximately 10 percent.

Q: Why wouldn't the Security Council which knows……….

A: Which Security Council are you talking about?

Q: The NSA, those guys that know what is happening all over, why would they choose a path of possible self-destruction as opposed to aligning themselves to the Andromedans which would protect us from this particular lifeform?

A: I don't know, I don't know what their mindset is. I genuinely don't. According to the Andromedans, they are looking at a grass roots level now. They want the people to ask. They don't want to have to do anything with the governments here. They don't trust any of them, none of them whatsoever. Which is why all of this stuff is going on and the government doesn't want to tell you because no matter what, they want to maintain power. It's the status quo, that's their bottom line. You know, we need to stay in power. The Andromedans support a one-world government as long as it is not a professional political body.

Q: So they want people as a whole within the United States somehow mentally, emotionally, spiritually contact them to……….

A: Not necessarily them but just to come together as a group of minds on the planet, not just the United States. They don't see countries; they just see us as a planet and a race. They want us as a race to come together and asked for benevolent help. To rise above our everyday stuff and see what is really going on, and asked for help. Whether it is God, Jesus Christ, Krishna, Buddha, whoever it is that you want to ask, as long as you ask, sincerely ask. That's what they are looking for. Most people aren't in that space. I really go in depth on it in the last two lectures
Folks Thank you very much for coming.

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