June Webinar Replay Available NOW!

Alex Collier

Alex is hosted his ELEVENTH 90 minute LIVE webinar including Questions and Answers.

Webinar Replay
Available NOW!

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    • Tony
    • July 9, 2016

    I like to thank Alex collier for all that he has done I know the frustration and the task that he has taken to free humanity all is not lost have people listening and waking up ( like me ) to what is going on just to tell him thank you you inspire many your compassion for us all please don’t give up as you have come all this way let’s see this through to the end
    Yours respectfully

    • Ben
    • June 19, 2016

    How do you preview the webinar the immediate following few days after it takes place ? It does not seem to be available for a few days.

    (EDITOR: The edited replay is available on Monday after the webinar on Friday. It takes time to edit the webinar and create a trailer. As a bonus, those who watch the live webinar (or paid to watch the live webinar and were not able to) get access to an exact replay of the webinar a couple of hours after the webinar on Friday until Monday morning.)

    • M. Kelly from NYC
    • June 18, 2016

    Some great news in this one and some
    very practical advice for us earthlings! !
    Nice job Mr. C.

    “You know that new sound you’re looking for:”

    • Dante
    • June 15, 2016

    What is the best way to submit questions? I may not be able to make the webinar live. Thanks!

    (EDITOR: Questions may only be submitted during live webinars at this time.)

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