Alex Collier – ET-22 – 2002

Alex Collier – ET-22 – 2001

The list below is Alex's first release of information from planned ET-22 series. This release contains a brief list of E.T. races, their body types and the inhabited solar systems by those ET groups.

E.T. Races Sentient Being Body Types Inhabited Star Systems
1. Ciakar Reptilian Alpha Draconis smaller star solar system Thuban-(Anwar) Giansar, Grumium, Eltanin.
2. Vega / Lyrans Human Small star systems which orbit Sulafat, Albireo.
3. Orion Human / Reptilian Small star systems that orbit Alnilam; stars named: Syclopesus, Rigel, Betelgeuse.
4. Cygnus Alpha Human / Aquatic / Bird Smaller star solar systems which orbit around the Central Suns: Deneb, Sadr, Gienah, Albireo.
5. Arcturians Human / Reptilian Smaller star systems around Bootes.
6. Pleadians Human Small star solar systems which orbit Taygeta, Maia, Merope, Pleione, Alcyone.
7. Reticulans (Zeta) Reptilian / Plant Small star solar systems that orbit between that stars Achernar and Canopus.
8. Sirians Human / Reptilian / Aquatic Muliphen, Murzim (small sister star) stars between Wezen and Aludra.
9. Alderbaran Human / Reptilian Small cluster of solar systems that orbit around the star Alderbaran.
10. Andromeda Human Many star systems that orbit Almach and Mirach Central Suns.
11. Mizarians Human Large star solar systems located between Alcor and Mizor.
12. Mintakains Human / Aquatic Orion- small stars around Central Sun.
13. Cassiopians Insectual / Aquatic Central sun- Caph, Ruchbah, smaller stars; 19 solar systems.
14. Canes Venatici Reptilian (Benevolent) Triple Sun system; no name.
15. Pictorians Animal / Human / Yeti (Sasquatch) Double Star System near Kapteyn's Star.
16. Antarians Human Solar systems lie in a binary star System that orbits the star.
17. Sagittaria Human / Feline Very large star systems between Nunki, Ascella, Media, and Kaus Australis.
18. Nibiruan (Annunaki) Human / Reptilian Bootes (Tarshem).
19. Tau Cetians Human Star solar system that orbits between Menkar and Mira.
20. Capellians Reptilian (Neutral Now) Three star solar systems held by gravity of the Central Star Capella.
21. Procyons Human Single and binary star solar Systems- rich in mineral Deposits.
22. Hyades Human Binary star solar system near Alderbaran.

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    • Nenex
    • July 12, 2014

    dear sr

    I Am from Argentina, please publish this book, I will gladly buy 5 for me and supporters of your knowledge
    about the earth history and E,T races involucred in the creation of the earth human being

    • Jakub
    • July 1, 2014

    Hi, may I ask when you plan publish your book? I’m really looking forward to it, hopefully it will be soon.

    I would like to thank you for all the work which you have done for us, immensely appreciate it.

    • Kyle
    • October 17, 2013

    Please release this book Alex! It’s already October of 2013. I am very curious as to the content of ET 22, and look forward to reading it. I feel we have the right to this information.

    I am very grateful for your presence and information and for your courage. Sincerely, Kyle Smith – from the hills of Fishkill,NY.

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