Alex Collier Latest – Update Letter 2 – November 2014

We have received a new message from Alex Collier regarding what is happening in the world right now…

Alex Collier
Alex Collier

I want to expand if I may on my last letter to you all, and share more of my prospective on what’s going on around Earth. And there appears to be quite a bit. However, is it all on purpose? Or is it really just so corrupt that it’s falling apart on the weight of its own deceit. It’s probably a combination of both. In politics nothing happens by accident.

I would like to say that in no way is this situation hopeless, or incurable. Of course if we the people of Earth had been or were more self reliant and protective of our liberties and managed the national governments we most likely would not be in this position. But regardless here we are.

So how bad are we going to let this get? Is everything so bad that the PTB only solution is to remove 2/3 of the population? No. Not even close. And why would we ever buy into such bullshit? Take for example the Earth’s space fleet. It’s international in scope. It required the talents and resources of the whole planet to pull it together. The planning and building of such crafts. The reverse and engineering of the technology to make any of them get off the ground is nothing short of remarkable. The training of different types of astronauts’. The training to live in space. The new medical processes needed to maintain health in space, healing, operating, etc. The propulsion systems and fuel needed to generate space travel. Hyper dimensional travel and its affects on the body and the mind, the type of food that will grow in space and or zero gravity, the logistics of just about everything that would be needed to sustain a daily routine apart from Earth. The protocols’ needed in approaching a planet, the science and geology of planetary systems and of course the protocols’ of contact in space with other races.

Entirely new sciences, logistics, engineering, training, spirituality, genetic sciences, etc, were all created in the last 75 years and almost entirely done in secret. This is the most remarkable achievement of mankind in the last 9,000 years. And we were not invited to the party. Why? Simply put, Rogue groups of ET’s are using Earth as a base and everything on it and in it as a natural resource. I have shared this before. If we are capable of creating this completely new off world paradigm in just 75 years, why is the surface of the planet so screwed up? Because the PTB want it this way.

They want us distracted, and in a powerless position, because they fear our true power. They are doing everything they can to convince us all that we cannot manage or govern ourselves. So that when the day comes to ask and or insist that we as a planetary races surrender our freewill and sovereignty, we will have been beaten down into submission, by our governments, religions and environmentalists that are blaming humanity and that we are a plight, a mistake, and sinners in their kingdom.

This position of there’s, is of course all bullshit. These groups have lied, murdered, and destroyed our history as much as they could from us; they have committed treason against all of humanity both past, present and the future of us, for power and control. They could at anytime have come clean and changed how we all view ourselves. They could have instilled a pride and pioneer spirit that would have renewed our ability to believe and empower every single human being on this planet. But they haven’t. I say that’s enough. We can believe next to nothing of what we are being told by the corporate media. They are willing and naïve pawns in this game to claim earth away from us. It’s coming. But, only if we let them.

Almost everyone now see’s the contrast, of what they don’t want and are really beginning to think about what they do want. In other words the automatic pilot is coming off and people are waking up. This is truly an exciting time to be alive.

So, why all the secrecy? Why the erasing of history? Why the lack of true spiritual teaching? Simply put they the PTB (ET included) do not want us empowered. They want our frequency vibrating at a low level, so we can be managed. Why the full court press at this time? Because in the next several years, we will be entering and crossing the Plasma field of the Galactic plane. I would encourage you to research this. Many very talented and wise speakers are out there sharing this info. It’s nothing short of a spiritual and holographic dimensional Paradigm shift.

This is why the PAATAL are here. They this collective group of conscious beings have incarnated here to hold and guide us back to the frequency of love though all of this upheaval we are about to experience. That’s their job. To hold the vibration of love. You see when the regressive ET’s quietly invaded they began to shift our planets vibration. Because of their own deep intense dominate and control consciousness, they changed everything on the surface over thousands of years. We would have had a different future and present had they not invaded. But that’s another story.

The Paatal are here to put us back on track and it is working. Do you again see the contrast that is all around you? Its rather amazing when you start to really see it and empower yourself to change from what is, to what you really want.

It’s not about power. Never was. It’s about being who you are and being supported by the spiritual power of “ALL THAT IS” to support you in becoming who you are. A generator of dimensions. Do you recall my sharing about being in nature? Nature doesn’t lie. It’s steady, quiet and very grounding.

I don’t mean that you have to become Grizzly Adams or Daniel Boone. Just take a little time to quiet your mind and body, and feel your own frequency. Allow yourself to remember what self love feels like. Your body will remember. Just give it a chance. I have all the faith in the world in you. Freedom to unconditional be responsible for oneself, without being coerced to accept some higher authority. You are already what you have been searching for. Love to you all.

I will send another letter soon, Alex

To those few who have helped me ,You forever have my thanks and gratitude. Bless you and those you love.

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  1. Reply

    I like very much what Alex is writing about Power. That it is not a goal by itself, and that power is to serve the evolution of the human soul.
    If I may add, that (according also to the American philosopher Ralpf Aldo Emerson) the ideal power for a human society is not power from human beings to human beings (not even from human beings to animals). The ideal power is from human beings to non-organic physical reality, through science and technology. Such a power is entirely consistent with a direct-democratic society which has as little as possible hierarchical social power structures. And as very well Alex puts it, such an ideal power is attained so as to serve the evolution and creative existence of the human soul.

  2. Reply

    Does anyone knows how to get a hold of Mr. Collier?

    Phone or through email?

  3. Reply

    Who knows, When I had that Worst Kundalini(ki/chi in asia) Awakening back in 2010, I saw a glimpse for like a few seconds or so, of a holographic image of a conscious being, never seen the likes of before and it is not Any beings thats been mentioned in any ufo subject or anything within thoses lines, could it be what Mr. Collier just said, Paa taal? Who knows, But my body is defint changing, and its changing so drastically it is out of this world.

    1. Reply

      Actually let me take that back if Collier said was true:

      I remember a long time ago, looking up Collier stuff/notes, that the Paa Taal(The founder of this universe and created most of the physicality and wormholes, that The beings were Draconian in origin.

      I cant stress this enough, The image I saw over 4 years ago was not of reptilian like, It could be that this 12th density layer that was added in our universe that Mr. Collier talked about years ago that there are conscious beings in the 12th density layer, never seen the likes of before, actually maybe communicating with me or is it that I was actually this form of conscious being many eons ago, I don’t precisely know, All I do know is that its no other beings ever mentioned in any ufo subject, nothing ever written in any culture that I know of, Very interesting indeed.

      I did sense a very + frequency behind it just to let you all know.

      Perhaps it is the 12th density beings getting contact with me, I precisely do not know at this moment, I hope to recall this incredible important memory in the future, its going to come anyways the way things are going with me and the vibrational rate changes that the earth is heading, it is bound to happen and I am dying to know, where did this conscious being originally originated from and who created them.

      Peace, Unconditional love,


        • funny fellow
        • December 3, 2014

        LOL. DimensionalVortex, everyone loves to think themselves special or higher so as you. If you really think you are then you are not. lol simple logic because old souls/paa tal dont have ego, they dont think of themselves better than everyone. Now i feel sorry for you for being brainwashed to the extreme that you cant get out of your own little fantasy world lol have fun living in your own world

    • Wallyngtoo
    • November 29, 2014

    good site from BRASIL

    1. Reply

      I dont feel better then anyone else,wtf you talking about, We are all one, period, regardless of our evolutionary scale.

      Brainwashed? First hand experience, I should know, go through the same same thing I went through, you wont be laughing then.

        • Lord Chrishek
        • December 6, 2014

        Hey dimensional vortex I remember anna hayes said 2000 to 2017 is the stellar activation cycle wicth I think I am going through I see so many orbs following me around for years and alex collier at some point as the vibration of the planet rises are dna will be unlocking.

      1. To Mr. Chrishek: I believe the sac is 2012-2017.

        Yes the sightings are getting heavier and heavier each passing time, even my sister is stating the same exact thing, Next several years is going to be very mighty interesting for humanity, this is the juncture point(Crossroads), which side humanity is going to go?? FEAR OR LOVE?? and no one knows, we do know that this planet mainly operates in fear and that is the main reason why we don’t use any of our innate abilities, Fear, -, drugs, nicotine, meat, etc, all reduces your body frequency vibration.

        • Lord Chrishek
        • December 20, 2014

        EODR Ep. 12 – Jordan Maxwell End Times, Ancient Astronauts, Reptilians, Pyramids, Jesus Astrology.

  4. Reply

    I am so glad, that Alex is still holding, in spite of the totally unfair and undeserving negative difficulties he has. My deep wishes is to improve his conditions of life, and get as much happiness as it is possible in this planet.
    I dedicate to him and to all the friends a summary (of 40-50 pages) of a fictional novel, inspired by his perceptions and information, and other perceptions by me. Not claiming to be exact true information about everything , only a fictional novel, but in many aspects close to truth.

      • Lord Chrishek
      • December 20, 2014

      Heres a link to contactee riley martin on his radio show speaking on aliens and world events.

      Riley martin show

        • Lord Chrishek
        • December 20, 2014

        in reply to demensionalvortex.

        • Lord Chrishek
        • December 20, 2014
    • Albert Dorio
    • November 26, 2014

    Bless you Alex, and bless us all. There are many awake now. With a little guidance, we will make it through this shift come hell or high water, but hopefully with neither.

    • SoFDMC
    • November 23, 2014

    Refusal of [Excessive] Consumption is Resistance to Enslavement.

  5. Reply

    Dear Alex
    You are so correct, I have been a sensitive my whole life, I can smell the change in the air (more acidic), our Oceans, (acidity rising each year) I live in paradise (maui),
    the air use to smell like flowers this last year it has started smelling off and on quite strange,
    an odor I simply cannot describe sort of like carbon monoxide but it is not that because we purchased detectors and we got a negative reading. I jokingly told my husband that the aliens are altering our air to suit them. Our home faces the little island of Lani (spelling?) and I have sensed quite a lot of activity
    When we do we automatically envelope the island in Love & Light.
    Below is a message to all our other selves who carry the weapons and enforce the Law.

    “Notice to all Law Enforcement”
    As human beings we have a choice, to stand for what is RIGHT or to stand for what is WRONG.
    If the wrong people make a law that is constitutionally wrong, do you follow it? And do you hurt the people that want to make a stand for truth and justice?
    When Hitler made a Law that all Jews were inferior and must be herded like cattle to slaughter, was it RIGHT to obey and follow that law?
    When the wrong politicians in Fort Lauderdale made a law against feeding the hungry and poor, it was a WRONG law, and to enforce it was WRONG because it goes against our HUMANITY.
    To enforce a WRONG law means the enforcers (who are suppose to do RIGHT) will eventually pay for their actions (what we sow we reep, Karma, action, reaction) and no amount of excuse will work, like, I was just following orders. (Tell that to the people killing or bullying the JEWS, they were only following orders yet they are the ones paying for there actions).
    Following a WRONG law or Order is just plain WRONG!
    Law Enforcement must stand for what is RIGHT and for all the people. Even if it goes against Laws or orders that were put into place by a hand full of greedy people who are only insterested in money, control & Power, to do so is just WRONG!
    If the German law enforcement stood for what was RIGHT and followed there HUMANITY millions of Jews would not have died. We are coming to a stage of our evolution that “We as humanity, regardless of laws or orders made by WRONG & WICKED people MUST MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND STAND FOR WHAT IS RIGHT”!
    And that is evolution, standing for what is RIGHT, our Right to do no harm, our right of Compassion our RIGHT as HUMAN BEINGS. (And screw orders and laws that are so very wrong and trespass on our humanity). NOTICE;
    Please, always follow your Heart & Consciousness FIRST!
    We are again living at a time where evil men have created evil laws for their own selfish gain, enforce what is RIGHT, and the bravest will make a stand for what is WRONG even if it means going against orders.
    We really need bravery or we will be repeating history.
    In Love & Light Lightstorm

  6. Reply

    Hi Alex,

    It has said to me I present to you as “I doubtless be “. If you know immediately whom you are talking, we need to get in touch quickly. My English is not fluent, so use the translator please

    • Velassar
    • November 20, 2014

    Hi everyone. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about what Mr. Collier has said, and I have decided to buy several books on Extraterrestrials and our hidden ancient history to inform myself more. However, I don’t have enough spare money for that. Can anyone here reading this donate to me 80 US dollars or any other amount lower than that at your choice and discretion so that I could buy those books? You can send the amount to my Paypal account address at

      • Jody Langley
      • November 30, 2014


      You dont need money to buy books. Everything you need can be downloaded for free on the internet. This is what I have done.

      kind regards,


    1. Reply

      Try downloading the kindle version of the books.

    • Andreas Lindauer
    • November 19, 2014

    Well, first of all it is very nice to see that Alex has overcome his worst thoughts and I really appreciate this.
    In the point, what comes when change is individual and full responsibility on ones action?
    It already is (and always was) like this. The consciousness of behaviour is changing and needs more social action than ego-engineering.
    That is the point. If I go and decide NOT to buy a new car (the old is running well, so why?) and not to consume like a brainless, I decide to do other things with my few money. THE BASIC IS THE REFUSAL OF CONSUMPTION. There comes the day where we have already more money then we need on our own.
    So what then? Come on, there are enough poor ones who need our support.
    You see what happens to those greedy people? They have no idea what to do. That is their private Tianic.
    They decease. And they already know it. Manifest this in your thoughts. You have more power than you know.
    Stay in the best mood possible now, bad mood never helped you any further…. ;-).
    Love Andy

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