Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – April 1996

Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – April 1996

Letter from the Editor

There is just one consciousness. And every soul is part of it. Those who can access this eternal mind soul, can be connected to all knowledge that is or that can be done.

The human race is history. The works of the human mind is the record of history. For the whole of history is in one man. And it can be explained from the individual experience. A man is a whole encyclopedia of facts. Mankind is connected to all things. Even as there is a relationship between the hours of ones life and the centuries of time. Every soul dreams breath from the great repositories of nature, even as the light of a star, which we use to see, is yielded from a star millions of miles away.

If we were to look at this one consciousness as an individual, then it could be said that we all are one incarnation of his or her giant great soul. One more piece of time, experience, and history. Recorded as it occurred, and even before. As each of us has a thought or an idea, that hasn't manifested physically, it is already apart of history -just because of the thought. Because the human being is the carrier of his soul and spirit, that soul never sleeps, records all thoughts, moments and incarnations, the spirit of the soul tells the human if his or her thoughts are full of clear intent or misplaced. Because I've been told by the Andromedans that the spirit is the carrier of the creational domain, the spirit holds the outlook for perfection of harmony , peace, love, recognition, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, and truth in all things. They all together form the spiritual dimensions, which exist within the Isness.

All souls who exist on the 3rd and 4th dimensional level experiences The Wandering. For some, this may be difficult to grasp and to others, it will sound like a tale of fantasy, or a mystic journey and yet, there will be a few who will understand this wisdom very clearly, and what it taking place as they reflect on the purpose or reasons for life. It is here that O would like to address the true value of the Becoming process. The Andromedans feel that this is an area that is tremendously misunderstood, more and more every day. So, I would like to share this information to help set the record straight, about the myths and the realities of becoming human.

As spoken of earlier, we are all spirit. Spirit is an energy force that is separate and at the same time part of the one complete source of light and love. We are all free to experience any and all realities that we choose, or feel, that we can learn from. The Isness doesn't judge right or wrong, simply because in a very real sense all is just experience. And I understand that reality is years from mass voluntary experience.

That's O.K.!

Earth, like all other is evolving. There are many millions of incarnated souls who look to the sky every night, asking for release from their own selfimposed prisons. Sharing from the core of their physical selves, their fears, doubts, loves, losses, etc., etc.

Because of thousands of yours and many lifetimes of religious indoctrinations of one or all earths religions. Many human beings Earth have placed their salvation outside of themselves. Many of our races here on Earth believe themselves to be separated from the Isness or God. This is absolutely incorrect.

This falsehood has been taught to those who have been subjected to the censorship of thought. And it starts with our earth religions. The Andromedans have said many times how unique our religions are to this galaxy. They exist no where else. And they really mean it when they say no where else. There is some good in our religions but because of competitiveness, and the pressure for finances and new converts and the lack of true morality, the Andromendans see no future for our religions outside of the Earth. In fact, they are the prime factor holding humanity back from its huge spiritual leaps. They see our religions littered with judgments and misconception, of what earth is really all about.

This unfortunately is as much by design as it is by unconscious programming. Scientifically, earth is progressing at an astonishing rate, but mankind is not in harmony with our self creation or our original intention.

The problem lies in the nature in which mankind views itself. It also lies in the misguided teachings of religions, that state destructiveness and man will be taken off the hook, “as God will make all things new”. Dear friends, we all share the burden and the responsibility to heal our home, the earth. So many people are waiting for some dramatic divine affair to occur while our planet gets sicker and sicker. Our planet is at a point where she may begin to feel that her life is threatened. Also look at the fabric of our societies and civilization as a whole.

They are unravelling at the seams. There are so many reasons for this. Our systems of checks and balances were designed to fail, to create a class system of haves and have nots. THIS again has been deliberate. There is no such thing as chance. We have been betrayed. And the Andromendans and other races are trying to share with us the reasons and the causes. WE are all going to go through tremendous change; that's going to affect all aspect of our lives. Please remember that you're not going crazy. We've been crazy!

We must remember or real=self. We must honestly look at all the incarnational investments we've made in belief systems that weren't true and never will be. The truth can only help us and teach us, if we put ourselves on its path. To be in truth of who we really are will take a lit of courage. We've been told that the truth is the shadow of God. And in order to use it we must know who he is.

Well I would like to say here to all of you STOP LOOKING! The truth we need to hear is inside of us. We all are a part of one single incarnation in the eternal life of the Isness.

All of our experiences, regardless of any earth moral judgments we may place on the, will serve us in the times to come. Nothing is wasted, forgotten, discarded or given away. All experience is part of the stages of the true human being and the true human being is literally the recorded physical history of this particular universe, which in earth terms 21 billion years old.

The stages of the true human being are these:

-The Wandering; Where we come from, Why our purpose; Gathering our tools.
-Initiation; Preparing our own path. Each on different and purifying; Centering.
-Honoring; Understanding the source of our creation. Recognizing the sacred in one self.
-Stating intention; Realizing and acknowledging ones true purpose to create self.
-Surrender; Letting go of control, to allow vulnerability. To learn what is already known.
-Embrace our own darkness; Walking into the unknown parts of self. Being and becoming the void.
-Lighting the flame in the heart; connecting to higher self, and finding meaningful honest ritual.
-Transformation; Climbing the ladder of self responsibility. To hold a vision of being oneness. Being the vision that alters all perception.
-Becoming Human; Empathy and compassion toward all. Being in truly responsible relationships.
-Walking the Path; Integrating all of life's experiences. Being a teacher by being.
-Service; Discarding the illusion of separateness. Total approach to life in humility and joy.

The worship of the Isness is the creation of Self.

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