Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – August 1996 – Part 2

Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – August 1996

Vissaeus on the Physiology of Copper

(aboard scout craft hovering over Canada)

Please understand this Alex, for the interest of your races, there are basic reasons for your Terran skin tones. A blending of light, nutrition, hormones, and your diverse genetics.

I struggle to express in your tongue our thoughts of this matter. Progressive loss in stages of molecules of magnesium from your genetic melatonin cells and iron took the place in creating red blood. Now please understand your connection to your physical Earth.

Your atmosphere is a collection of complex fields. Your magnetic fields vibrate the same as your cells. This is caused by consciousness. All fields are caused by consciousness. Alex, many of your race are sick due to a factor regarding Vitamin A and a thyroid hormone.

This has caused loss of copper in your bodies and cells. This causes extended problems in your physicality. Some of your races have too much iron in your blood, and the iron mineral will only metabolize if proper balance of copper, vitamin C and your B 10+2 and folic acid. Copper as Moraney has tutored you is must needed to synthesize your blood hemoglobin.

Without proper synthesizing of copper in your blood, production of RNA and protein synthesis, cellular stability is erratic.

This correction will cause longer life in your physicality. Copper mineral declares color of hair and skin in your races. It also will help stop aging and the pull of gravity caused by sunlight. It will be important to remind your races that your physicality is, how do you say, Electrical.

And, because of your electricity in the body, you also create a magnetic field. The heart, liver, brain, and your nervous systems generate the largest forces of magnetics. Your physicality will protect itself from harmful magnetic influence. Your physical has adapted natural devices to shield magnetic radiation. Copper which is repelling of magnetics in your 3rd density, is lost, your adaptive physicality grew hair. Your heads have strong magnetic flows. Your darker hair types which contain copper and zinc, keeps your heads well protected. Body hair, we have concluded is containing mostly of iron, as your magnetic field is weaker.

Your bodies have their own magnetic force. Proper copper balance will maintain grounded body electric. This will protect you from outer magnetic influences. Your magnetic fields are very important to be conscious of. As your created food shortages start, please, be aware that if you could magnetize your seeds and water towards your southern pole, it will create greater growth abundance and chlorophyll which is important for cell health.

Your Earth carries a negative magnetic charge, while all the space about you carries positive. We are observing ways to correct this imbalance. I must return you now.

We are needed to return.

Be at one Alex.

-Vissaeus 7-1-96

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    • tron
    • May 26, 2023

    Where’s the update on this one or was it no more

      • Alex Collier dot org
      • May 26, 2023

      We can only upload the content that is available. Unfortunately for it being this old it’s unlikely we will find any printed copies for additional Letters From Andromeda.

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