Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – August 1996 – Part 3

Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – August 1996

History, War and Human Physiology

In your linear time of 3rd density measurement, of 439,231 rotations ago, War on a grave scale occurred in your Solar System. This aggression occurred against those on your worlds that include not only you Terrans, but also those called Nibiru.

This invasion of your systems of those of Orion, (WAS) lead by a queen named Suttee.

This was very destructive on many physicality levels. We will focus most now tonight on your Terran physicality forms. It matters little if those who hear your message do not listen to you Alex. Please share regardless of emotion returned to you in challenges. When your science truly remove their own bigotry, they will discover the wisdom of it.

Many weapons of destruction of many types of atom-splitting have been used. The last grave conflict was most harmful to your Terran form. And is the reason for most of your skin tone races. We shall explain.

Orion was and is most interested in the females for your race. Because of the pro-creation and genetic strengths. We want you to share that much of your Terran history has been misleading in its truth by those who eventually conquered in control, in your solar system. Nibiru won but only a short battle, before they and other outposts were forced to leave because of genetic damage.

Your original races were green skinned. This was a result we know, because of large copper traces in your Terran 22 blood types.

Also, your races Thyroid and Pituitary organs were fully functional. The genetic damage to these organs was caused by radioactivity in air and all things of contact. For so many of your tears the air was angry. It caused in your races after the war, genetic memory of these organs being closed and almost atrophied. Your world experienced drastic changes in climate and massive magnetic frequency fluctuations.

Your different skin tone races are a result of an edema damage to your blood. It was necessary to create for survival self-sufficient and contained environmental habitats – above and below your Terrans surface. Much of the fossilization of your Terran remnants is caused by this radiation of your planet, about your star.

Your system contained 3 suns at that time; only two remain presently.

Your physicality in its original form contained a great balance of Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, and Iron minerals. Your true blood color was green, like your chlorophyll. Some even had a gold tint we have discovered.

As such, your physicalities could survive in a high carbon dioxide atmosphere because of the skin color of green. Your stars in your system only affect on your physical form were in the color spectrum of orange-red and blue and green of your suns. Many of your Terran races were stranded in the surface in various districts on your planet.

The genetic changes were the result of radiation damage. Your race went from color green, to red, to yellow, to black, then to white.

Your white races were considered then to be genetically the weakest. As such, the survivors and descendants of the war were genetically altered and became white through edema. They were persecuted and forced to live underground only to resurface 5508 rotations ago, to the surface of our world. Discover why your ancients draw green skinned rulers and kings of your past.

The copper blood line is a small race on your world, but it is the strongest genetically. Your native red nation race is very strong and easiest to discover and understand. it's the closest to your original form among you. Your physicality had a natural defense to positive and negative frequencies and that was the copper mineral in your bloods.

This lack of copper in your blood has caused partial loss of brain capacity and nervous system. Remember, your DNA contains cellular memory. It is possible to Unlock this memory with the use of minerals such as copper. Your blood systems adapted to Iron because of copper depletion due to radiation. We will share more, but we must return to district area now.

Be at one Alex.


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