Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – August 1996

Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – August 1996

The Call to Action

“I could see, a new beginning come to me, let me tell you how, how I’ve lost love, and how I found love, in a world of broken dreams.” Julian Lennon and Justin Clayton – Cole’s Song.

For some time now I have been in search of the keys to unlock the truth to how and why I have approached this life so far. During this existence, I have reconnected the truth that consciousness exists beyond our boundaries of this beautiful planet we currently call home. Each of us brings our own personal Light and Love that offers us the experience to play out life within our combined holographic reality.

We now must bring about a new era of Purity and Peace, so that our true power of emotion can release the Love that will ultimately assist all dimensional realities ascend consciously in celebration of the Prime Creator, the Isness. Let us unite in the realization that realities, extraterrestrial and terrestrial, have brought us together here and now. Let our existence validate that we Terrans are a reflection of other galactic races and that we must join in creating the universal truth that we are part of the combined whole that is creation.

Let’s focus on the idea that we as a hu-man race have been toyed with for some time now and that we have been tricked into thinking patterns that have left us void of true reality. Space does not permit us to go too deeply into the ABC’s of why, but the bottom line is that we face in the near future the return, in strength, of regressive beings who consider us their property.

With next years arrival of Hale-Bopp this truth becomes our new reality if we don’t prepare now. Now is the time to make those critical decisions that we all came here for in the first place. Remember, each of us brings with us important Keys of Knowledge that unfold into endless variations of experience, both realized separately and combined. Our true power is so awesome that those who work to control us are afraid and go about their agenda hidden from us in the shadows. All that is required is a call to action, pulling together all benevolent beings throughout the universe to bring under control those who have deprived us of our Free Will.

Our benevolent friends from distant worlds and realities have come from far off places, and from the future. They have determined that this time frame and sector in the universe is the hinge pin for the anarchy displayed in their current reality. Realize that the concept of linear time involves the past, present and future running concurrently. Those races who are capable of time travel have shared with us that if we can change things here and now, it will greatly alter the future for all concerned. It sounds like a lot for us to bear, but the situation dictates that we must use all our resources and options available to us, if we are to celebrate a victorious outcome. Action speaks louder than words!

I have asked myself, “How can we go about this.” Instinctively, each of us know we have Free Will of Choice. Our ET friends remind us of this every time they state that they can not intervene on our behalf unless we ask (Universal Law). This is a key – we need to ask for assistance, but not for salvation. We are told that 10% of the worlds population must join together in asking. Further, our friends are concerned because of our belief systems (religions) that we just might worship them. They want us to be responsible for ourselves.

If we are to work hand in hand with our ET friends, we must learn how to recognize the players so that the proper protocol can be used in successful communications and coordinated efforts by all of us and our ET friends.

One of the keys is that collectively we must convey to our ET friends that there are enough of us who realize the consequences to our actions, and that we as a race have no desire for baby sitters. We already have more than enough gods to worship, so why would we want more or even new ones. We can use discernment and not look at ET’s as Gods; unless they portray themselves to us in that manner, which would be deceitful on their parts. We do have to be aware of infiltrators and wolves in sheep’s clothing. Many will see through this.

We are creating a movement to find allies, who will stand with us against the aggressors who found ways to skirt Universal Laws intended to stop such intrusions. In hindsight, the issue is not that we allowed it to happen, but rather we were duped by those who desire enslavement. The problem is that our greedy elite and “elected” officials do not truly represent the population of the world. It must be our collective Free Will that rights these wrongs.

Here is my proposal. We must start a serious drive getting the message out to our ET friends that we do require their help. Each of us must be responsible to put out the word given freely, from our hearts, of our Free Will decision to allow them to join us in turning back the darkness that is upon us. We have to do a lot of the work ourselves.

We know that there is technology that’s been shared by the regressive groups that give our own dark forces an unfair advantage. There are also regressive ET’s behind the scenes that should not be here, that prey upon us and our children, while controlling our leaders like puppets, to manipulate us. These are some of reasons that we need assistance. Why? Because now that we have become aware, we need to even the playing field.

Our cause is for Love to reign supreme, but we just can not expect others to do all this for us… It’s not right!

I have always stated to Alex, that it pains me to no end that everything is so stacked against us and that we just sit here and do nothing about it. What’s worse is that a small minority controls the whole show. WE ARE NOT SHEEPLE EVERYONE… SNAP OUT OF IT NOW, AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Enough of us have ample information to know that we need to act now. I am not advocating that we just go ballistic over night, but we need to dialogue now, as another means at our disposal.

My proposal is to request open full diplomatic relations with our ET friends, so that questions more in nature to the situation can be discussed. While the current information and teaching are a great start, we need more specific information. For example, we need to hear from the Procyon’s, one of the most recent races to break free. We need to learn how they became enslaved by the regressives and what were the regressives tactics. And, what was the sequence of events that lead up to the Procyon’s gaining their liberation. Further, we must embrace races like the Pleaidians so that they can feel more comfortable about our combined past. Why? Because some of them are out their putting their lives on the line for us and we don’t have a clue as to the lives that are being transitioned on our behalf. This has all got to stop, and we need to move into a position of responsibility now.

I propose that we start networking. That we locate the other Andromedan contactee’s, as well as, others who have contacts with races that are also involved with the Andromedan Council. These people will be our first wave of ambassadors. They will deliver our proposal so that our ET friends will feel comfortable enough to come down and meet the worlds’ true representatives, the common people – us. It has been a mistake for our ET friends to try and work diplomatically with our elected officials.

Our politicians have proven time and again that their allegiance can not clearly be interpreted as in the worlds best interests. If it was, we would have transitioned this world a long time ago.

We are the true leaders of this world, each and every loving being upon this planet. I am not saying that our ET friends must contact every person; I am suggesting that more than just the current contactee’s need to be brought into the bigger scope of events unfolding in this sector of the universe. The more contacted the quicker the network will grow.

Holding back from us because of our Free Will is fine, but once permission is given the playing field changes. We must be presented with other realities so that our choices become focused and we can use our Free Will more constructively. If we can’t meet face to face, then our faith will have to be our strength for us to make Free Will decisions.

I suggest we unite the contactee Ambassadors as best we can and start open talks in all directions. Our proposal must be presented to the Andromedan Council. We will encourage physical meetings with what I would term field captains who are aware and loving and who are recognized as common individuals from all over the world.

They will establish further dialogue and meeting points with our ET friends. This assures that our planetary regressive’s have a harder time keeping tabs on the meetings. It is at this level, that information will flow to gathering centers where it will be circulated out to all areas of the world. Other field captains will see to the dissemination and circulation of the information.

Let me emphasis that each of you receiving this information is a leader. If you believe in the vision of what I am sharing, then you need to go within and focus your intent freely, requesting assistance by those ET’s of a benevolent nature to come down and work beside us in turning away the darkness closing in around us. Be sure your focus is that we want them to stand beside us as equals, and that we fully understand that life will change with their acceptance of our request. Once we commit, we can not stop. Each of us must start organizing others of like mind to duplicate our efforts. You can bet that the regressive’s have a jump start on us.

You need to get out, promote your heart to others and take action now. Time is short… if you are a believer, then it is time to put your belief to the test. Speak your heart and learn to talk your walk. Each of us must do this. From the old to the young, spread the movement. Our ET friends will hear us, that you can count on!

If this information has moved you, action speaks volumes. Let us know of your progress, and if you need help. We must all be there for each other, even with thousands of miles between us. This is a call for a global effort of significant proportion.

Do it for yourself and the collective whole of this planet, this solar system, and for all those who have come with love in their hearts for our combined collective realities.

Love and light,

Jon Robinson

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