Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – February 1997 – Part 2

Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – February 1997

Editorial by Alex Collier

It is not enough that the Isness gives us the gifts of love, physical form, and gifts of talent, for these are only a few pillars in which we build the foundation of life and its experiences. The building begins at birth. Foundations strengthen over years, mending the hurts and pains. The soul weakened by a lack of respect. The quickness and strength of healing does depend on our perception, our confidence and our ability to give and receive.

Also on our ability to interact with ones own life. As Moraney has taught me, we must strive to remain sensitive and to fulfill our commitments, and always honor our word. We must build our character and strength to overcome our disappointments, because storms of the soul can destroy our foundation of self-reliance and freedom. The storms will also weaken our minds.

From birth to death these storms are constantly tearing down the foundation of the soul. That same soul can't build the strength to stand against adversity and tyranny. The major cities are full of these kinds of people.

The cities are the eye of the storm. So many are so stuck in their personality, to ever change. We as a race can learn knowledge without wisdom. It's time, NOW! To prepare yourself by going into silence. “Truth within us is silent.” Moraney once said.

He added,

“On your world, conditioning is the voice so often spoken. It is not by the word or thoughts that are spoken that reveal to us the soul. In our perception it is mans silence that we come to know him best. Human beings on your world become blind if they continue to walk as the shadow of their own enlightenment. Your race is so lonely. Your loneliness as we perceive is a lack of responding to your environment. In all things the Law of Consistency creates balance.

Remember your intent, whether honorable or fraudulent, truly your acts must justify your action. Alex, no thing of importance or living essence can be created unless there is intent. We refer to this as pre-existing. These things become reality in your world, with the ingredient of time. Tell you race to seek the honorable in themselves, and not the wrong in others. Be at one.”
One night I fell asleep in the grass behind my home in Malibu. I awoke suddenly to find Moraney sitting next to me. I'll never forget his words to me. He just spoke them, stood up and walked into the light blue, and left.

Here's what he said,

“We have become aware that a great majority of your races are unaware of philosophy and logic, understanding and knowledge of their soul. We observe many Terrans seeing and feeling what others told them or spoken, whom it appears were taught by former Terrans. Has your race lost the self-awareness of your own discovery?”

Friends, please respect each other.


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