Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – February 1997 – Part 3

Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – February 1997

A Plea for Consistency ‘Leadership' Empowerment

As a planetary race it is imperative that we work together in harmony while preparing to embark upon the next stage of our combined experience in this new year. We must show by our actions what it truly means to account for our own behavior and acts which must clearly demonstrate both our individual and combined intentions.

Now is the time when others must recognize our inalienable right to determine our own course of evolution by exercising our rights through the fundamental axiom of free will and sovereign self determination of choice.

My friends, when I sat down and wrote “The Call To Action” these ideals were on my mind:

– without self-confident determination and responsibility we will not achieve what is our combined destiny this life time

– to genuinely be sincere and sure of oneself, not under the power or control of others

– independent and not burdened by obligation or confined by rules, conditions, or reservations, yet being absolute, in account of one’s behavior and actions without being confined or restrained by blind faith and/or force in believing in some lofty, superior power

I thank those of you who have chosen to pledge your support.

We have a long way to go and a short period of time in which to accomplish our tasks. Please continue to keep up your efforts in spreading the truth, regardless of the public ridicule you may face. Remember that each member of our race is entitled to their opinion and that all opinions should be respected.

During the month of December 1996, our group encountered many who sought answers from the Andromedans regarding subjects ranging from Hale-Bopp and its companion, a predicted mass landing, to a pending arrival of two Photon Belts. Prior to December, Moraney relayed to Alex that by December 5th, there would be those who would strike out in opposition to us. Sure enough, we received correspondence that resorted to ridicule because the Andromedan responses to questions posed were not what they wanted to hear. Some declared, why should we work so hard to achieve when others have promised that we shall receive based on divine intervention.

Other statements declared that the Andromedans seem to disappear just when predicted events of importance are about to happen. And finally, it all culminated with an outright attack by a reputable UFO researcher who derived his information through an unrecognizable source, claiming to be the inventor of the DRACO scenario whom Alex supposedly borrowed from.

And I quote,

“I think Alex is just another synthesizer, purveying false information for his own aggrandizement. This just hurts serious researchers who are just coming to accept these alien life forms and are searching for some truth about them.”

My friends, we’re not dealing here with the religion of Ufology or any other religious belief system. Nor is our intention to destroy anyone’s beliefs. What is being shared with you, is a reminder that each of us is a responsible leader.

Moraney once stated,

“Those persons who have done the inner work on the path of being a true human being, acquire wisdom and courage and are true leaders. They always have faith in themselves. Those who walk the path of heart will discover that through faith emerges wisdom. And this same faith enables the leaders to employ their wisdom effectively in all situations. Courage is indispensable to be a leader. Leadership is no place for cowardice. Always strive to advance wisdom and courage.”

Having faith in yourself, to have the courage and conviction in your wisdom that empowers you, and knowing that you are that power in action. Moraney summed up his thoughts by saying,

“Being a leader or becoming a leader does not mean you have perfect faith or wisdom. These are life-long pursuits. Being a leader is to help develop people, and to help people develop into self-responsibility; to be spiritually mature and free and to cultivate voluntary introspection.”

People, it really is not just all Love and Light awaiting us. Even those ET races that are labeled “Benevolent”, just like us find themselves in situations where they too must rely on offensive and defensive scenarios, to assure their safety and/or the safety of others they choose to defend.

The Andromedans shared with us, that if a race leans to far towards a positive direction that the race will eventually encounter overtly positive aspects that results in negative outcomes. And that the opposite holds true for those races that lean toward the negative direction as they will also encounter negative aspects that result in positive outcomes.

The only truly responsible path to take is one where you walk the middle ground. It is there that you will encounter your most challenging lessons of real value. Taking the middle path is the test of your empowerment and leadership tempered by consistency.

It must be realized, that by our actions now and in the near future, many of us can position ourselves for the transition to fifth density. This will be of great excitement to us all, and it means that many of us will have opportunity to go home to those races from which we came. For those races of a benevolent nature, our return will mark new learning and growth due to our emotions.

And those of the malevolent nature, we will bring with us that which they have avoided within our emotional experiences. In any event the Law of Consistency will prevail.

At this time I would like to address certain basic questions that have been asked of us through the month of December. First, Alex does not channel the Andromedans. Alex physically meets with them at a location of their choosing or he receives telepathic one-way communications, two-way conversations and sometimes messages left in lucid dreams.

Alex can place a call out to his Andromedan friends, but they do not always respond, usually because they are not in the area or are usually very busy doing other important tasks. For this reason, we can not always get answers to your questions until they once again communicate with Alex. Please note that even then the conversations can be short in duration, one-way, and with a focused topic.

Many have inquired about the Hale-Bopp situation. Please note that a photograph showing three moon sized objects in Hale-Bopp’s (a craft) tail support statements made almost two years earlier from the Andromedans when they stated that these moon shaped mothership’s would indeed be in the tail.

And now, regarding the Companion as it is being called, please refer back to the April 1996 issue of our newsletter when the Andromedans mentioned that another comet (craft) was seen quickly coming from the Constellation of Cancer, heading towards our sector of space and would arrive at about the same time or slightly after Hale-Bopp. Well the Companion just might be the reported craft we have been hearing about. It has been asked, “Are both comets (crafts) benevolent or malevolent?”

On 12/12/96, Alex had the Leading Edge Research post that as of September 1996, large mothership’s from the Andromedan Council began to take position in our solar system. As of 11/3/96, there are 7 large ships in our solar system that have been stationed here, and will remain here. Two of the ships are Andromedan (900 mile diameter spheres).

The distribution of the Andromedan Council ships as of 12/12/96 are as follows: One ship near Ganymede, one adjacent to Uranus, and 5 ships near Neptune. According to Moraney, “most probably” there will be more ships arriving in our solar system before the arrival of the Hale-Bopp Complex, which involve primarily the Orion Group and groups from Sirius B.

Additionally, it was noted that the ships seen in the area of Israel are connected with the Niburu Group (Jehovah has returned), who have interacted with upper portions of the Israeli government for decades in order to retain control of the Middle Eastern area, somehow connected with the control of the planet by the Orion Group.

To date no news has yet to come from the Andromedans relating directly to the Companion.

I want to share with you an incident that we stumbled upon during late summer 1996. We started receiving e-mail from the Hawaiian Islands about a gentlemen who was having contacts with some Sirian’s. Being the inquisitive one that I am, I started asking questions via e-mail through a contact person who’s job it was in helping the person circulate the Sirian information out to others.

Well first I wanted to know, from what planet were these Sirian’s from? The answer was Sirius B. For me, all my alarms went off! So now my quest was to ask a series of questions to see if I could provoke these so called “benevolent” Sirian B’s into proving their benevolence. I kept Alex in the loop to support and back my play. Between us, we started coming up with questions for these Sirian B’s to answer, paying close attention to how they worded their answers.

At first they answered straight forward, but as time went on they grew uptight about my incessant questioning of their stated answers. When the contactee started questioning their intentions, they finally showed their true nature and became violent towards the contactee. At that time, we had Alex call the contactee direct and recommended methods to block their influences, since they were no longer welcome and were getting quite harmful. Well the contactee was successful in turning them away.

During all of this, we learned that the Sirian B’s were setting up a base of operations in the Hawaiian Islands (near Maui).

Here is why I brought this up. Many of you know there is a group of Sirian B’s that are stating that a divine sanctioned mass landing was to take place during the month of December 1996. We received many questions asking if the Andromedans knew anything about all of this. We frankly had no answers other than the Andromedans past statements that the Siran B’s were malevolent.

We took a little heat over this, but decided it was best to keep quite. It should be noted, we had not heard any mention about this from the Andromedans currently or even before.

Well as we all know, the mass landing did not take place. We figured that if this was really to take place, then the Andromedans would have told us about it well in advance. We never heard a word on it, and since they did not rush to tell us anything, we felt it was best to hold silence. We figured if the mass landing was going down, then the Andromedan Council forces would be engaged in battle right now.

As a reminder, remember that the Sirian B’s walked out on the Andromedan Council when they were informed them that the entire Andromedan race and all Council races would stand up in force against any who would seek to deny us of our right to advance ourselves, on our own. Another source shared with me, that malevolent forces have infiltrated a segment of the Ashtar Command. Have we not always been told, to beware of those who would try and deceive us? This is why it is so important that you pay close attention to how extraterrestrial races word their statements.

Some Specific Questions: Why would the Creators divine timetable have to be altered because of our “illegal” governments actions? Are these not the same beings who said they would shut down all electricity and weapons prior to landing for everyone’s safety? Why do they keep changing the Creators original timetable? Were we not told that the Andromedans would be involved in the mass landing?

A surprise mass landing sounds more like what the movie Independence Day was all about. We should be aware of beings who say one thing, while doing another just like the campy movie Mars Attacks, where the Martians tell the people, “We come in peace.”, while they blast away with their so called superior weapons. If this were to come to pass, remember that the Andromedans have stated, that we only need to collectively change our intent through our collective conscious thought and the battle would be over before it begins.

What are we to make of the Photon Belts? The Andromedans have stated in the past, that they have not been able to detect any Photon Belts coming from any direction towards our solar system.

That has been our position. Besides, you would figure that they should have the ability to recognize a Photon Belt if they were to encounter one. Again, if something like this were to be coming, would not the Andromedans have told us prior to the event? So far not a peep! And guess what, it seems to have not appeared for the masses.

Now we are told of a protective hologram that is being used to protect us from the dangers of the void created by the collision of the two Photon Belts. First off, the Andromdedans have stated before that the Sirian B’s do not have the technical ability to place a hologram around anything or anybody. If they did, would that not be a violation of our free will choice? Did you and I say they could do that?

How could a hologram protect you from the effects of the Photon Belt since we have been told that the Photon Belt penetrates everything. Since our existence is a hologram within a hologram residing in a 21 trillion year old hologram, how can a race of beings that do not possess the ability to create a hologram, then have one placed around us that blocks the effects? (The Angelic Hierarchy, maybe.) Why would the effects want to be blocked since we have been told all a long that the effects are what we have been waiting for?

The closest the Andromedan’s have come to a possible Photon Belt like experience would be when on March 23rd, 1994 a color-sound frequency started to emanate from the black holes in our known universe, bring forth a 12th density, that is changing everything. In our holographic universe, nobody has control over this. It is coming from outside our universe and it is literally using frequency to evolve everything to a higher density level or plane.

The Andromedan’s shared with Alex that,

“those of us who have an intent to evolve, that intent would emit a frequency.”

While he can not honestly tell us for sure what the emotion involved is, let’s assume it is love.

“Those people who truly hold the space of love, what will happen is that they will be able to absorb more of the incoming frequency, which means that they will start to shed the physicality. The atoms in your body, will start to speed up faster and faster and faster, so you will literally be disappearing from third density and going between worlds.

Those who choose not to be in that space of withholding love, or they have fear; what will happen is that they will become more and more dense because they will not be absorbing the light, the sound or the frequency, and the soul will become encrusted or encased in the physicality.”

And at some point between third and fourth, or third and fifth, there is a threshold where the two will separate. So those who choose to evolve will migrate up to fifth density, while those who wish to remain in third will go through a black hole to a newly created universe of time where they will create something new. This is what we know. Now does this sound like the Photon Belt to you? My opinion is, you must take responsibility if you are to change, not just expect it to be handed to you.

As of January the Sirian B’s stated that the original time frame proved unacceptable to the Divine Plan, and a new date has been set for later in the year. (Hale-Bopp’s arrival?) They stated,

“Be aware that we are determined to achieve our first contact with you as soon as the Divine Plan allows.”
Further stated, “At the time of our coming, the full extent of this ancient wisdom will be fully revealed to all the various members of Earth’s many, many tribes. In any case, you must understand that we are your ancestors and most of all, also your parents.”
(Is this related to Hopi Prophecy?)
We are also told that our planets surface governments have been advised of their “intent and fact” of the landings coming up.

Since our governments have been covering up this information, they say they have “some surprises” for them in the coming weeks. They say our governments have some “chinks in their armor and we will use it to get our point firmly across.” The Sirian B’s top this off with the statement, “This ‘cat and mouse game', as you call it, is almost over, but what we like is a good final contest that sets the stage for our arrival.”

Well my friends, it was similar wording like this that triggered our discovery of the Sirian B malevolent intentions during the summer.

I can’t speak for you, but when language like the one’s I have highlighted above is used, I don’t get a rush of feeling a benevolent intent! I believe our governments have heard from them, but not the good natured message that we are being told. If it was good natured, our government should be relieved of there secret burden they have kept from us all these years, since this would be a force of considerable size for any malevolent races to try and challenge.

If it were a “good thing” don’t you think we would hear about it? But if it were a “bad thing”, now I could understand our government not wanting to panic the people, yet!

Now what are we to think of the words “surface governments”? Does this mean that there are governments under the surface, maybe? Or that those under the surface are on their side and are awaiting their arrival before coming out into the open. Let’s not forget the Grey’s (Dows) and Alpha Draconians, who have many bases underground. With the previous information from the Andromedans about the arriving benevolent motherships, does this give us that Independence Day picture, with a twist? Wait, I have more comments.

We were told that our illegal government knew about the Photon Belt but would not tell us about its coming. First, when did our government become illegal? The US government may no longer be looking out for our best interests, but from its conception it was not illegally conceived. The U.S. Republic’s challenge down through time would be to hold on to our freedoms and style of government, so declared Benjamin Franklin. Have we given up yet?

Another incident comes to mind that I must comment on. It was stated that the military has stepped up its alert status and that many have reported seeing jets streaking across the sky all over the nation. Well I do a lot of travelling and I always keep my eyes to the sky wherever I go. For years I have been observing military jets and helicopters all over the nation.

I have not noticed any more activity than usual to date, in my travels. What I believe is going on here is that others are actually looking up and paying attention to what’s going on overhead for the first time. To them, the action in the sky is new and could seem as if the prediction were correct. I can see how a “False Prophet” would use this type of tactic to convince others of truth by deception. How many people watch the military in the sky’s above?

Most recently the Sirian B’s Galactic Federation issued some decree’s about the upcoming mass landings.

On January 20, 1997 they stated,

“the Galactic Federation will formally change its policy concerning the treatment of any military aircraft who pursue any Federation vehicles who are occupying “air space” of this planet.”

It went on to state that our “fighter aircraft will be treated as hostile in nature” and “dealt with accordingly.”

“When the sweep of all aircraft from the skies before the landings, all military fighter aircraft are hereby put on notice that their escape/ejection seats will be fired before their aircraft are vaporized by our defense forces.”

They went on to claim that they have lost personnel recently and “will not tolerate” this action or the capture of their people pursuing peaceful tasks. They finished the decree by stating, “we will not continue to tolerate any further childish acts by your illegal and barbaric surface governments.” In their second decree dated January 22nd they stated,

“We are deeply honored that we will soon help you to end the most long and inglorious reign of your illegal surface governments.”

Are we to believe that this is how benevolent races act? Sounds to me like threats not love.

How about an invasion of our free will rights to protect ourselves from the unknown. Can’t they realize that a smaller diplomatic approach might be best with media involvement as a better way than just coming down in mass numbers. (Invasion Force!) What they are asking to do, is next to impossible without prior notification to the entire world population. Why don’t they take control of the media and bring fourth their true intentions.

And now our governments are not only illegal but “barbaric” surface (there’s that word again) governments. Again, our governments have much to be desired, but is this really the kind of talk you would expect from benevolent beings? I still don’t feel any love in the message. Rather I feel lots of anger and fear inducing taunting.

Maybe the Sirian B’s are implying that our underground governments are OK. How many by show of hands think the (Shadow Government) is good for the world population? Don’t be bashful now, lets see those hands. Isn’t the Shadow Government involved with preparing us for turn over to the Master Overlord Races? All I am trying to say is look at the statements made, especially the words chosen to be used (highlighted).

It is this authors opinion, that the Sirian B’s have proven again, that they are master deceivers. Maybe it was a test to see what numbers of our population would respond to this very “benevolent” sounding information. Be honest, how many of us fell for it? The Sirian B’s were offering us by divine intervention (plan) a gift of great importance. All we had or have to do is meditate, wait and just let it happen. All would benefit.

We as a race need to think about these issues some more and what they imply. The Andromedan’s shared with us in the last newsletter this statement,

“Religions become divisions of beliefs, and conflicts among your races took place. The worship of belief systems and idolatry came into existence.”

Does some of what recently happened regarding the mass landing and the Photon Belt issues sound like many of the old familiar religious belief systems? How about a Ufology “New Age” belief system that takes in all the worlds “religious” belief systems? Now where do you place your faith?

Let me continue with what the Andromedan’s have said,

“Now the technology of advanced races in higher densities have taken control of your evolutionary systems. By means of this system’s control, the evolution of certain dimensions and reincarnations are now becoming history and by this means, your races Alex, and others than yours, have a probability of directly attaining your full essences.

The reason for telling you this truth in all clarity is to free you of the conflicts and contradictions so your races can attain the truth as soon as possible. So don’t ask us about yourself, ask about yourself to your own self.”

This is why the true path to enlightenment is through our own empowerment by believing in ourselves. To know that we are each responsible leaders and through our leadership via the Law of Consistency, we can each obtain that for which we seek, our true full beingness.

I have said this many times before, but it needs continual repeating. No one source within our holographic reality has all the answers. Look upon all with an open mind. Look at the messengers and the messages given forth. If they seem too true to be real, then I suggest you study them closer before you decide. Many forces are out to make sure that we remain a deceived race.

Anything that strikes you as controlling or manipulative, my advise is leave it behind for it will not serve your true purposes. Watch out for offers of enlightenment and salvation especially where you do not have to do anything but believe. Truthfully, when in life has anything just been given to us without us creating some action for it first?

My friends, it was not my intention in this article to offend any of you, but if I did, then maybe it’s time to rethink how you fit within the whole reality of our combined holographic creation. Please learn to live in harmony with each other for we are but a single race. Never allow others to control your free will or sovereign right of choice.

Don’t ask of others what you yourself would not be willing to do. Love yourself first and then carry that love over to all others. The time has come, for each of us to be the true leaders that we were born to be. Are you ready?

With Utmost Respect and Love,

Jon Robinson

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