Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – February 1997

Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – February 1997

Publisher's Notes

Our thoughts and wishes go out to all of you, in what is sure to be an exciting new year. Our Letters From Andromeda is now officially one years old.

Alex, Carla, Debbi, and myself can proudly look back and say that it has been a wonderful experience full of unusual challenges to bring to print, the messages of truth and common sense as shared by our Andromedan friends. For from the Andromedan Perspective we shall remember how to put into action our separate, yet combined acts, of self-determination and self-responsibility through Leadership.

Recently we received correspondence that stated,

“Sometimes it appears that you don't have adequate information to fill your 8 pages. The potent way in which Alex presented his material in “Nexus” should be the way you present your material. We need more specific information from Moraney and Vasais.

Why are you not giving it? You need to be less sentimental and more concentrated, serious; or else give this important work to someone who is! Time is very short! Don't you realize this?”

Letters From Andromeda strives to bring to you Andromedan information in as timely a fashion as our personal lives allow. And that includes the Andromedans lives too! Though all of us involved would like to be able to bring you information as readily as channeled information is brought forward, Alex being a contactee, does not have the luxury of on the spot contact.

Indeed, at times the probability of coming events may seem very dire, but if you are truly listening to the Andromedan messages, then you would instinctively know that our own Terran responsibility at this point in time, is of maximum importance to our outcome. We must each in our own way, say thanks to the Andromedans for having chosen to share with us their perspectives, based on our historic and current realities.

For with this information we can draw upon our thoughts towards the enlightenment of ourselves in relation to our immediate future. My friends, they are not here to be our saviors! Each of our races have both common as well as separate goals to accomplish. Now this may slap some in the face, but the truth is… they do not have any obligation to work with us.

They choose freely to do so, and for that, we welcome them to stand beside us, as our equals.

So you see, this newsletter is not designed to be a workshop lecture as “The Leading Edge/Nexus” article (Dallas Video) originally was. Information given to us by our Andromedan friends for release is not held back. Often we find it necessary to include some older material, that supports past released material for it brings fourth additional emphasis on issues of greater importance.

At times Alex and I contribute articles. This is done to share additional information and to motivate by example what it means to be a self determined and responsible leader. If this is not clearly understood by now, stop reading Letters From Andromeda; it's not what you're looking for.

[Note: To our Earth Today Friends: When the Procyon liberation information is shared with us by the Procyons or the Andromedans directly, rest assured it will then be printed.]

As you no doubt have noticed, this newsletter is a double issue, covering both our “96” year end and “97” beginning. While we have no new information to share at this point, please find Alex's article on “The Grey Agenda” loaded full of important information. The second half of the newsletter, is an undertaking I elected to contribute which took on a life of its own during its conception. All I wish to say about it is that each of us must take a critical look at all sources of information (this newsletter included) and determine for ourselves what we will believe is truth. In these coming times, you owe it to yourself to be truly responsible.

For those of you who seek additional information, check out our new revised order form. Gone are the audio tapes… but we have some new video tapes and we are extremely proud to announce the arrival of the book you have all been asking for. Defending Sacred Ground: The Andromedan Compendium, the amazing story of Alex Collier and his interaction with a Race from Andromeda.

This long awaited book was painstakingly and lovingly edited by our good friend, Valdamar Valerian of The Leading Edge Research Group.

Defending Sacred Ground takes in most of the information presented from the audio and video tapes, including special Leading Edge interviews. You will find the format of this book, very precise as only “Val” knows how to do it. Please take note that the index section is suburb! It will help you quickly navigate through the book to specific information that you desire to know or refresh up on. We can not thank Val enough for what he has accomplished for Alex and the Andromedans.

Within these pages you may go forward and confront the new and reconfirm the familiar, for all is truth and can only lead you to balance and enlightenment. Once you have taken the time to reflect upon the discovery of the emotions awakened within your being, there is only one last question to be asked…

What have you really learned today?

My Fellow Terrans remember, do not turn on one another, for only together we will triumph.


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