Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – January 1996 – Part 2

Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – January 1996

A Perception of Intent: Dictated by 4000-year old Vasais to Alex Collier

Please know that the intent and desire to hold and create your world is extraordinary, and incomprehensible at times.

We would like at this time to share our perception with you, regarding our ideas of your intent in creating this reality. Please note that everywhere in our universe there is specialization. The creation of physical life, as we perceive it, was the idea of experiencing a true physical impact of your thoughts, desires and your belief systems.

And how they extend outward into your world. You've been conditioned to perceive the outer reality, but truly it is only a reflection of the real inner reality.

Your physical world is only a projection, a holograph of your deeper inner intent and values. Through your patterns of intent you have formed a grid of ideas made manifest. Your intent and belief systems have come together to create and form all structure of matter.

Through your intent and values, and the medium of senses, you have duplicated a visible representation of your inner desire. What you see is only a copy of you, not the real intent. Your are only perceiving this reality as outside of you. A reality in which you control, are a victim, etc., etc., etc.

Your senses or perception is convincing you of the solidity, stability and permanence of your physical matter. Because in the higher dimensional levels, where your intent is created, no such physicality as your world exists.

The point of physical life, the lessons learned before the reincarnational cycle ends, is thought creates reality.

Every thought, desire and belief you hold form a vortex of intention, as you continually create yourself.

Time, is a construct, a parameter of your existence, a reflection of inner events, not an ultimate reality. In dealing with time some objects have virtually no permanence in time.

We have been conditioned to believe that our senses perceive outer reality, but truly they reflect in inner reality. Our perception of the physical world is simply a projection in dimension.
Example of Real Perception

What are the most important values in your life? What brings the deepest satisfaction/joy? Alex said love. The respect of children. The respect and esteem of my peers. These are important values in our world.

Vasais then said, Alex show me love? Give me a pound of self esteem? Toss over to me our dignity? Deliver to me the children's respect?

I can't!

What truly matters most in life can never be expressed physically. Your five senses for all of their exquisite interpretation of a physical world, are in fact meaningless when it comes to those values that give life its deepest meaning.

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    I’m confused are you meaning to say that emotion can’t be expressed through our 5 senses or love can’t be expressed physically. Or what I thin you are you saying is that what matters in life can’t be expressed by physical means but by spiritual means. I wish I could understand your philosophy or should I say advice? It’s so bad I’m asking myself what I should be asking

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