Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – January 1996

Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – January 1996

Publishers Thoughts

Well it has finally arrived! A new year that promises to deliver changes that will touch and effect our very existence. Oh yeah…I almost forgot! It is our pleasure to present to you volume II – number 1, the second ever issue of Letters From Andromeda. While it was our intent to have mailed the newsletter out by the end of January, both the Collier’s and our ourselves found our respective lives caught up in many exciting tasks.

My wife and co-publisher Debbi, has the very hard task of putting together this newsletter. She recently purchased a new computer with all kinds of new toys and functions, that she has had to learn how to use. I can say with utmost assurance that future issues will take on new features and looks.

Our intent for this issue was to deliver more from Alex’s Andromedan friends, Vasais and Moranay. Over the years Alex has received a lot of information that he now feels needs to be shared. This is the basic intent of the life of this newsletter, to share with those of you who have a desire to learn more about ourselves, our ancestry, and our friends and foes from the stars.

January was an exciting month for Alex, who was invited to Dallas, Texas where Alex presented a two day intensive workshop, that resulted in a new five hour plus, video tape that mixes old and new information together in what turned out to be a very exciting event.

Alex recently was contacted by Valdamar Valerian of The Leading Edge Research Group and was informed that Val had received a copy of the Dallas video tape, and that he had transcribed the entire five hours of tape. Val’s purpose for the call was to ask for permission to publish around 39 pages of text in an up and coming Leading Edge Research Journal.

Latter in the month, Alex did a two hour lecture for a organization called Global Sciences. Carla informed us that in her opinion, this lecture was Alex’s absolute best. And guess what, we have video! What makes this tape so exciting is that Alex’s latest New Moon & Mars slide presentation is included. This video is a must for those who are interested in what Alex is currently sharing when he makes a lecture appearance.

Another exciting development we wish to share with all of you, is that Alex was invited to contribute articles to the very popular and internationally circulated Connecting Link Magazine. We feel very honored that Susan Konikov, Connecting Link publisher, caught Alex’s Andromedan lecture during November’s Las Vegas – Wholelife Expo both fresh and informative. Look for Alex’s first Connecting Link contribution in March’s issue #32. I don’t want to give away the content of the article, but think about Motherships. Alex’s follow up article is going to be just as exciting, since it revolves around new Moon & Mars information and photo’s.

I want to take this time, to thank each of you who have sent in your subscription for this newsletter. It is our intent to bring to each of you exciting information from our friends the Andromedan’s. They have shared this information with the utmost love and compassion for us, even when there is no obligation to do so. On the other hand, we are giving to all of you our love in bring fourth this information so that we can all learn together and then share with others and so forth and so on, in the hopes that we can all make a difference as our world quickly heads towards a bold new change.

For now, we wish you all our love with the awareness that our shared intent within all of creation is indeed the glue that keeps each and everyone of us focused together in creating this beautiful reality.

Love, The Robinson’s

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