Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – November 1996 – Part 2

Alex Collier – Letters From Andromeda – November 1996

Editorial By Alex Collier

Recently, I've had a great deal of reflection on my teachings and experiences with the friends from Andromeda. I remembered the discussions regarding children and the teachers teaching teachers, the law of consistency, and the evolvement of all of race, as opposed to the few who consider themselves elite or other such crap. I've watched the Andromedans people.

They, as a race, consistently expect and offer mutual respect of and to, each other. The Andromedans are a healed race, whose pride is in everyone of their culture.

After spending time with them and having then to return to our earth, there have been times that I've been embarrasses by the selfishness and destructive nature of our planetary race. What I've learned in my many, but few, years on earth about our race is this:

– A human being whose heart show no passion, is a person without a life. A human being that doesn't give from the heart, is a person who will tell you lies.

– A human being whose heart is committed to nothing, is a person who doesn't try to achieve anything, and has no goals.

– A human being who is not willing to risk or take chances for love, is a person who is empty inside. These things I've learned with my own interacting with our race.

I'm saddened to say that many people on our earth, carry the denial of their self-royalty. They, and all of us, are love; born of love, connected to love and created in love. Love is. And it will conquer all denial, in time. I admit that we all battle with fear within. The fear can rattle the soul, like a thunderous wind against a house.

We must hold on, in the belief that still unbroken, our souls trust the light of self to guide us through the night. All the while life rushes right by us, never ceasing to wait for any of us. I've taken the time to rest and listen to my heartbeat. I stand unbending in my commitment to our race and my family. But your all must do your part. And our part is to teach what know. It's also to hold onto your loved ones. Be eager to laugh. Be dedicated to family. And be dedicated to each other.

Every day is the sweetest day I know. And even when the memories have faded away, I'll still have the sweetest days, each day. My heart demands a change in our world. That is one of the reasons I share my experiences with you. Thank you, for your interest, and thank you for becoming the teachers you've always been.

Be at one with all there is.

You might as well. You already are.


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